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How to use Google Web-fonts in Hindi | HindiDevTuts Tech Show Episode-04

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how to use Google web fonts in Hindi,in this video we trying to explain how u can use google web fonts in yr website project or website template,you lear about using google web fonts for heading and paragraph too, project file download http://www.mediafire.com/download/owic5muc90mh046/how-to-used-googleweb-fonts.zip hindidevtuts is a small team of web designer ,coder and marketing expert who always try to give you all webdesign and web-devlopment tutorials in Hindi.if u need any help from us for learning or for project we happy to help u. email- [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/gohindidevtuts https://twitter.com/hindidevtuts
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Text Comments (22)
Dean Usama (3 months ago)
si lanti bunda ha sida topic pr na ai valia hi mari ji
Arjun Rajpoot (4 months ago)
Ye jo online use kiya h font ko isse ab offline kese use krege....plzzz help
technical bro's (1 year ago)
सर, आपके पढ़ाने का तरीका बहुत अच्छा है , इस दुनिया मे आपसे अच्छा शायद ही कोई इतना अच्छा समझा सके ।। निवेदन है सर आप bootstrap 4 पर पूरा ट्यूटोरियल्स बनाये ।।
hindidevtuts (1 year ago)
madan nangliya (1 year ago)
हिंदी फॉन्ट जैसे krutidev के बारे में बताए कि कैसे हिंदी में लिखे और साइट पर भी हिंदी में आये बिना इनपुट टूल
Ashik Khan (2 years ago)
where description box show in your channel use for code.html in video
Google Hindi font not working
Himal Malla (2 years ago)
Mr Edword !! each N every tutorial prepared by U is really awesome......thanks
Bikal Suwal (2 years ago)
Thanks very much. How can we use hindi fonts in the same way ?
SUJOY BOMIK (3 years ago)
psd to html using bootstrap tutorial plzzzzzzzzzzz........
Kaushar Prince (4 years ago)
kya apke pas javascript ka tutorial hai ....?
hindidevtuts (4 years ago)
avitak nahi jald upload hoga
Kaushar Prince (4 years ago)
Dil khush kar diya sir G...
hindidevtuts (4 years ago)
+Kaushar Prince thank u for watching our show
sohel faruk (4 years ago)
Thank you very much! Ka banaya hai apne.....firvi thanks....
hindidevtuts (4 years ago)
Kulvinder Singh (4 years ago)
sir ji kya baat hai.............nice fonts........
hindidevtuts (4 years ago)
thank u
Kalyani Gopale (4 years ago)
Very Nice
hindidevtuts (4 years ago)
thank u
Mani dutta (4 years ago)
great work done !!!!
hindidevtuts (4 years ago)
thank u

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