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What Makes This Song Great? Ep.18 MAX MARTIN

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In this episode of What Makes This Song Great? we feature the music and production of Max Martin. BUY THE BEATO BOOK HERE → http://bit.ly/2uTQFlo **Advanced Harmonic Concepts for Composition and Improvisation Video Course** → http://bit.ly/2nl5Qky GET THE BEATO YOUTUBE TRANSCRIPTIONS VOL.1 HERE → http://bit.ly/2jfkyaB SUBSCRIBE HERE → http://bit.ly/2eEs9gX BEATO MUSIC FORUM → forum.rickbeato.com —————————————————————————————————————— My Links to Follow: YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/RickBeato Artist Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rickbeatopro... Personal Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rick.beato.1 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rickbeato1/ Follow On Twitter - @rickbeato www.nuryl.com
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Text Comments (1215)
Jimmy Hansson (7 hours ago)
What a great breakdown of the track! Genres aside, this is so freaking well produced and mixed. Really enjoyed getting an insight into Max Martins genius attention to detail.
IngeBall (13 hours ago)
Clicked the wrong link and now subbed! Awesome breakdown, thanks =)
Jim Byrne (16 hours ago)
A total classic episode Rick.
Oscar Estrella (2 days ago)
I think he's using sidechain compresion on the reverb channel, so the reverb tail only grows at the end of each frase.
Plainglasswindows (2 days ago)
I hate this fucking song, but damn the track is impressively produced. It’s like a well-built luxury vehicle.
redel37 (3 days ago)
'90 eurodance
Erik van zanen (3 days ago)
i also use a 'ghost note' for the sidechain. usually just a synth with an envelope. this way you can completely control the shape of the sidechain and the lenght and pump
David Duffield (4 days ago)
This is so awesome!!! Can you do more pop ones?!!!
YouCanBeTheBass (4 days ago)
Do more of these with other pop songs
Eden Meidan (4 days ago)
dude these episodes are great!! how the &#@% did you get the stems!????
sgim43 (5 days ago)
you're way over emphasizing Max as a producer. He's actually a songwriter first. He's not some producer that gets songwriting credit bc they're adding a lot to a song that's already written, essentially making it into a hit, which happens a lot. He's a songwriter who does production as well.
Cambodia69 (7 days ago)
This is the kind of music that will ensure humanity will never progress to a Type I civilization.
Daniel (8 days ago)
Rick, can you please do more dance and electronica. I do love your stuff!
Pat Lajoie (9 days ago)
Hmmm nice lesson about the production wiz, shame about the song!
N A U T I C (9 days ago)
15:10 Rick turns into DJ Beato.
N A U T I C (9 days ago)
How do you get the tracks???
Mike Charidemou (9 days ago)
Hi Rick. Absolutely LOVE you YouTube videos. I'm sure you've been asked a million times. Where do you get those backing track with separate streams. If it's a trade secret, I'll understand :)
hq409 (10 days ago)
Anyone else feel like BGV 3 sounds A LOT like Halsey????
Peaches Chrenko (13 days ago)
This was a fascinating, educational & inspiring curtain pullback look into Max Martin tracks! Thanks alot Rick🙂 This really inspires me to be even more creative with sounds & vocals in the studio . I love all of your 'What Makes This Song Great' eps (and All your vids) and would love to see another Max M tune analyzed. Don't know how people like me would get to hear these stems if it wasn't for you.
Jarran Zen (14 days ago)
This is great! thank you so much for using stems and really diving deep!
mike anderson (14 days ago)
Great video!
th3giv3r (14 days ago)
This is the first YouTube channel I've rung the bell for, and I've been on this site for almost a decade.
Flux Cluster (16 days ago)
Well bugger me. Is it wrong to say Im now a Grande fan? Cheers, Rick. Amazing as always.
nebstaism (17 days ago)
Rick where to you get the pro tools session files of all these big songs with all the stems in them from ?
wifimanboy (17 days ago)
Does anyone know how he gets these stems?
jneiberger (18 days ago)
I wish I could "like" this video about 20 times, because that's how many times I'd have to watch it to really get a handle on all the things Max Martin did on this track. It's genius, and Rick does a fantastic job breaking it all down.
Ludovic Diaz (18 days ago)
Hi Rick, I love your videos... But this one kick my ass!!! It's awesome! And by the way, where do u find the track? Tks you so much.
Scott T (19 days ago)
I love it when Rick does these. I am split on the creative contribution of this kind of pop music. Sure, it's not my cup of tea, I suppose, but it makes people lots of money. Most pop music like this is extremely formulaic musically speaking (only so many diatonic chords, etc) - so, it really NEEDS a clever producer to make it sound so appealing and consumable. So, the musicality or musicianship is not there for me but I do see the great value of a clever producer like Max Martin, even if his songs structurally are rinse and repeat.
Tommy Moore (20 days ago)
you should do an episode on Clean Bandit!
Big Family Homestead (20 days ago)
How the heck do you get all of these Iso'd tracks? I mean, I know you are the BOSS, but are you getting the original tracks?
Will U (23 days ago)
This video is 5 years of studio experience in 30 minutes...nice job Rick!!!!!
Danky McSwag (23 days ago)
Do Pitbull and Redone.
Pimento cheese (25 days ago)
Ridiculous production.....holy
erand droory (25 days ago)
Rick don't forget a big part of this song is the mix done by Serban Ghenea..
Hal Apeño (25 days ago)
A friendly suggestion for a song you should definitely cover on, ViVid by LOONA
Maurer Aleixo (25 days ago)
hey rick where do you get the track files from? is it like copyright friendship or a friend of a friend ? pleaaase lol
Hans Baier (25 days ago)
Where do you get the separate parts from?
Kere Amohau (25 days ago)
How did you get the stems for this track?
Sarahtonin (26 days ago)
Frank Ryan - "Almost"? :-) Sorry, man, nothing against Rick, but I've watched the steady degradation and sad homogenization of pop over the decades, and the music biz's profit-driven substitution of technology for talent and creativity. I LIKE pop music, when it's based on actual songwriting, which I would hate to see become a lost (as in ignored) art. Hypnotic, predictable, quasi-sexual pubescent squeaking over an electronic, formulaic "wall of sound" seems to be the current mode, along with vapid rap. Where are the songs? I'm just tired of all the auditory junk food, so I think my comments are appropriately "reductive" and deservedly "contrarian." But I appreciate your comment. Definite food for thought. I could be wrong. It's all opinion, isn't it?
Marcos Racca (27 days ago)
God Man. You're truly gold. I wish i had a teeacher like this in my music conservatory.
Eddie Wagner (27 days ago)
so this is how it sounds like when womerns get ready for LOVE.
404-E (28 days ago)
This dissection of Martin's genius work is one of the most inspirational things I've ever come across on youtube as a producer
Enrique Vidal (29 days ago)
How are you getting the stems for this songs??????
Alex Mercy (1 month ago)
Hey man, thank you for the video! Wonder where did you get these tracks? )
F. Valguarnera (1 month ago)
I’m sorry, but this is the first video in the series that has convinced me that this song is far from great. Yes, Grande is a good singer, but the music and arrangements sound uninteresting to me.
F. Valguarnera (1 month ago)
@Rick Beato It wasn’t meant as criticism to you. I really appreciate your channel and the series. You have taught me a lot of interesting things about music and I am better off for it. That said, I don’t think that this song is on par with other works you have rightfully labeled as “great”. Sometimes you have managed to make me appreciate songs and genres that I usually would dismiss (Green Day being one example). In this case, you breaking down the song just made its banality more obvious. That is my opinion and you’re right: Max Martin and Ariana Grande don’t care. But I honestly don’t care that they don’t care. I’m here to discuss with other music enthusiasts, not to hand over notes to musicians. To summarize: I am a great fan of your work (in fact I am going to buy your music theory book as soon as I come home from some work related traveling), I didn’t mean my comment to sound offensive and I hope you will take criticism less personally in the future.
Rick Beato (1 month ago)
Nobody cares bro especially Max and Arianna.
Skyler Felix (1 month ago)
I love the comments that always start with “not my favorite music genre, but.......” “I didn’t vote for him, but......” “I don’t agree with his policies, but......” Can’t we just comment without useless disclaimers????
mi o (26 days ago)
Yes... I think Max Martin is a scourge on music. His effect on the market has been detrimental to variety and diversity.
Skyler Felix (1 month ago)
Max Martin is one of If not the greatest modern pop producer of all time. He’s responsible for *NSYNC, BSB, Britney.... he only writes hits, it’s insane actually.
BerringerVids (1 month ago)
The keyboard layering is tbh common practice for any producer, pro or not. I would say he has used the same technique on the kick aswell. Max Martin have ears most of us would want, he could undoubtedly make any kind of modern music genre sound great. Ok if you do not like pop, but that can't have anything to do with the production it self, it's more likely about the commercial part of it.
Hugo Örn (1 month ago)
Could u do an episode on the weeknd? <3
Junnu Naumanen (1 month ago)
Absolutely phenomenal video.
Veronica King (1 month ago)
This is mind blowing 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
chris kemp (1 month ago)
however good the production you have to admit the song is empty shite
Kent Noble (1 month ago)
This song is not great. Gimmicks. No heart!
Dan (1 month ago)
More max!
Rico Domonkos (1 month ago)
Excellent again! Let me ask one question: How do you get these stems for these songs, Rick?
David DiMuzio (1 month ago)
Love hearing the breakdown of this mix. Total masterclass in pop production.
Sarahtonin (1 month ago)
Is she really that great a singer, or is she thoroughly compressed and autotuned? Production tricks and effects do not a great song make. Ear candy. If you just break it down to chords and melody, is it still a great song? Is anyone going remember it 20 years from now? No? Not a great song. Like most vapid whiney female vocal 4-on-the-floor pop songs, the appeal is to pre-teen libidos, not to music lovers.
pianosand (22 days ago)
+Sarahtonin I'll readily admit that my comment that you're referring to did a horrible job at getting my point across though, which was that a lousy singer won't sound like a better singer simply because auto tune corrected their pitchy notes - just like an out of shape person would struggle to win tour de france even if they are using performance enhancing drugs.
pianosand (22 days ago)
+Sarahtonin You said that people devoid of talent can become pop stars simply by using auto tune. I'm saying you're wrong, people with useless singing voices will not suddenly have a desireable voice because of auto tune. Their pitch will be corrected (and the more auto tune has to correct, the worse it will sound), but that's about it. It's not magic, and even if you might disagree, that's sort of what you implied. Your somewhat aggressive tone tells me you're offended and angered. I'm sorry about that. Your first comment did come across as somewhat pompous though; you didn't simply say that you dislike the content of the tune or the video, you also specified that those who disagree with you - the "true music lover" - are vapid preteens. I don't really have a stick up my ass, I'm just a random internet stranger giving you some slight pushback on your absolutist and possibly less than thought out comments. That's kind of how this comment section thing works.
Sarahtonin (22 days ago)
+pianosand  pianosand  So, let me get this straight - correcting a vocalist's out of tune pitches "will not, in any way, make that person sound any better." Do you read the incredibly stupid things you write before you post them? And I just told you, I don't use auto-tune, which doesn't mean I haven't seen what it does, or haven't heard that stupid, overused robotic effect you can get with it. Do you have a problem with reading comprehension? You have no idea what I know or don't know. But I know something about you - you're a fucking moron with some kind of stick up your ass.
pianosand (22 days ago)
+Sarahtonin Oh, and by the way: slapping auto tune on a crap vocalist will not, in any way, make that person sound any better. If you've ever used it, you'd known that.
Daniel Sinclair (1 month ago)
Ariana has such a stunning pop voice. Like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston before her, she is one of those rare artists who has managed to marry virtuoso vocal ability with absolute universal appeal
ab saloj (1 month ago)
I found my new favorite production technique YouTube Chanel. Thank u Rick!
innerrevolution1 (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to hear the parts! This one blows my mind - the groove, it's textures, dynamics strategy and ethereal elements are colossal, and I get very bored / irritated by a lot of chart-breakers. A masterpiece. A lot of M.M.'s other stuff while carefully crafted, is too samey and musically limited i.m.o.. I guess he needs to churn out what the industry wants to promote with their low-risk, status quo plans. Would be great to see him branching out into new territory where creativity is of highest importance.
J B (1 month ago)
This is one of the most interesting videos I've seen in literally probably 5 years! Thanks!
Wessel Molenbroek (1 month ago)
10:41 Minecraft on the left, lol
This is the epitome of how music today is "created" rather than "recorded". But this is nothing new - bands like ELO, Boston, YES and Supertramp were doing these kinds of heavily layered music tracks in the 70s - but with a HUGE difference - people were actually playing the instruments. My issue is not the music itself but the way it's created. It's not spontaneous, it's not inspired - it's planned from start to finish with a formula. Aside from the vocal (which is HEAVILY affected, quantized and autotuned), everything is created by MIDI, samples and a computer. The fact that so many people can create similar sounding track at home tells you how uninspired this stuff is. This doesn't take away from the talents of Ms. Grande - its the genre of music I have an issue with. What makes music great and timeless is the "human feel" of it. The wandering tempo, the slight intonation imperfections of the instruments, the oh-so slightly off pitch vocal here and there. It's interesting to peel back the layers and hear every little detail put in there as ear candy, most of it is just noise and sound effects to layer or pad music which doesn't have much "meat" to begin with. While Max Martin has created very popular and widely sold music, I don't think he's created anything of lasting value in the long term. And that's precisely because its conceived and produced with using a formula of production with almost no "humanity" behind it. I highly doubt anyone will be requesting a lot of Ariana Grande or Britney Spears at their wedding 20 years from now. It'll still be classic rock, pop and disco.
Lorraine Ming (1 month ago)
Cool analysis , Rick, are the stems for sale ? please list them on your website
nimrodmotion (1 month ago)
Just brilliant
Peaches Chrenko (1 month ago)
Awesome ! Love these breakdowns. They're so helpful!
Travvis Todd (1 month ago)
It isn't necessary in the slightest to like every single song Mr. Beato analyzes in order to learn interesting and useful things from every single one of these videos. This is what a truly ecumenical approach to sound really looks like, and complaining about choices just makes you completely blind to FREE TUTORIALS FROM A DANG GENIUS.
BUSTAcap (1 month ago)
Is a "sidechain" used for other affects(e.g. Send a lead guitar track to a sidechain with moog), or am I just creating extra tracks to keep track of?
Pman4cosmo (1 month ago)
Wow Thank you for this great analysis of this masterpiece, subscribed your channel :)
Bluey Sport (1 month ago)
I wonder how he gets the sessions, I love being able to peak in to it . max martin is the goat
Colin Cayvz (1 month ago)
No matter what you think about the song as a whole... this is a fine, fine example of good orchestration.
Colin Cayvz (1 month ago)
Everything just fits like a glove. And his gain staging is superb. Inspiring!!
Dafyd Maddøx (1 month ago)
Holy smokes.. Did I just become an Ariana fan?????
CentaurusRelax314 (1 month ago)
I'm one who admires the craft and production and writing, but hates the finished product. Not sure how that happens. There's just something completely 'interchangeable' about the product. You could substitute any competent vocalist and get the same result. Not that Grande doesn't have a 'good voice,' but it's IMO not going to be an enduring signature. It's a 'pop' voice, with quality. But, again, give the same track to any of the other pop starlets and you get the same thing. That's where the standard criticism, that all pop sounds the same, might come from. And i'm not anti-technology, anti-pop, or anti-dance music. I have loved all that stuff since the 70s. But, certain acts have 'character' of their own devices. Kaskade, for example—sounds like Kaskade. BT sounded like BT. If you want to hear an amazing all electronic 'album,' go back to the early 90s for Electribe 101. That entire cd was spectacular, and nothing before or after it has sounded like it. Same with Massive Attack, Faithless, etc.... *Groups* that collaborated and created an individualistic sound, not a producer that shops his own 'song factory' to any ex-disney kid with a budget. // That all said, you bet i'm going to use some of Max Martin's techniques, but realistically, they've all been in use for a while, by other people. That sidechain thing—the first time i was aware of it was from Madonna's "Get Together" (the whole Confessions On a Dance Floor cd). Great production there.
PARIS ROSES (1 month ago)
P. Saraiva (1 month ago)
this producer is a genius, not only the fact of using the side chains, but the musicality of the arrangements!
verifiedpig (1 month ago)
this is an amazing analysis, thanks! kind of pity not every track of Max Martin is this good!
bo bobo (1 month ago)
She is so cute! Thank you!
Mister Slow (2 months ago)
Anyone else that hears the Vengeance sound FX packs all over the track? Its great to hear these sounds in such a massive hit :)
Josh Hickman (2 months ago)
Do a Sounding Off with Max Martin please!
Fred Barnes (2 months ago)
Fantastic! I’d love to see more contemporary pop. Thanks Rick.
Fire Away Productions (2 months ago)
What a brilliant video
thesun collective147 (2 months ago)
Enormusly useful to see what the track is made up of...wow thanks Rick
Kennard Watson (2 months ago)
I love how Academic this is! Its so cool and very interesting
Keiland Cooper (2 months ago)
How do you break the song down into the individual tracks?
Buddhi Audio Paradise (2 months ago)
thank you rick.! Do more!
Christian Pauchet (2 months ago)
This is pure music design genius, it's like a solved puzzle made for the brain applied through the ears. Thanks Rick... this video was extremely good.
Scott Brady (2 months ago)
Where do you get the whole project like this, like is there a website for it and what do you call it? I can’t find it anywhere 😭😭
DaddyChronic (2 months ago)
an awesome video, thank you
Matt Hughes Music (2 months ago)
My favourite video on YouTube ever! Obsessed with learning about Max and Rick guides us through the techniques so well. 💪🏻
otiagomarques (2 months ago)
thus composition really reminds me those 2014 EDM classics
MANUEL XAVIER (2 months ago)
I am sorry, but i can't understand the worshipping for these kind of producers. They are responsible for the decline of music as an art form today.
MANUEL XAVIER (2 months ago)
Max Martin. please where's the talent I'am still looking
Dem MusicVideo (2 months ago)
Her vocals are on point. Thank you for breaking this down!
Connor Russell (2 months ago)
Please do more videos on Max Martin. I've watched a ton of videos in this series and this video has blown me away. It's by far the one that amazed me the most.
ironheadfm (2 months ago)
Where do people like Rick got the midi master files and samples to the songs from?
Red Red Blue Music (2 months ago)
1:08 one of the best things I've seen on the internet in a long time. That look at 1:15. Then that giggle.......priceless
Tarek Wayne (12 hours ago)
I thought the same!!! Adorable!
KENNY PAHINA (3 months ago)
ha ha haha haha imma muthafuckin star boy
Big Brand Records (3 months ago)
Hey I just have a question, where did you get the stems for this song ?
Brax1982 (3 months ago)
First time I was ever tempted to just skip to the next one...and that has nothing to do with hating pop. I don't. I like a lot of Ariana's songs. She is a great vocalist and many of her songs have very nice beats. I like a lot of Max Martin's songs and it can't be denied that he has a knack for making catchy tunes. It's just that a combination of watching this sound board plus listening to the chorus again and again almost put me to sleep. It's obviously not necessarily easier to build a song like this, but it's visually a lot less appealing to explain it, I think.
F. Valguarnera (1 month ago)
Brax1982 I couldn’t agree more. It’s not easy to produce a song like this. However, no single element of the production is really musically interesting.

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