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What Makes This Song Great? Ep.18 MAX MARTIN

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In this episode of What Makes This Song Great? we feature the music and production of Max Martin. BUY THE BEATO BOOK HERE → http://bit.ly/2uTQFlo **Advanced Harmonic Concepts for Composition and Improvisation Video Course** → http://bit.ly/2nl5Qky GET THE BEATO YOUTUBE TRANSCRIPTIONS VOL.1 HERE → http://bit.ly/2jfkyaB SUBSCRIBE HERE → http://bit.ly/2eEs9gX BEATO MUSIC FORUM → forum.rickbeato.com —————————————————————————————————————— My Links to Follow: YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/RickBeato Artist Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rickbeatopro... Personal Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rick.beato.1 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rickbeato1/ Follow On Twitter - @rickbeato www.nuryl.com
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Text Comments (1060)
Mister Slow (11 hours ago)
Anyone else that hears the Vengeance sound FX packs all over the track? Its great to hear these sounds in such a massive hit :)
Josh Hickman (1 day ago)
Do a Sounding Off with Max Martin please!
Fred Barnes (2 days ago)
Fantastic! I’d love to see more contemporary pop. Thanks Rick.
Fire Away Productions (3 days ago)
What a brilliant video
thesun collective147 (4 days ago)
Enormusly useful to see what the track is made up of...wow thanks Rick
Kennard Watson (9 days ago)
I love how Academic this is! Its so cool and very interesting
Keiland Cooper (10 days ago)
How do you break the song down into the individual tracks?
Buddhi Audio Paradise (10 days ago)
thank you rick.! Do more!
Christian Pauchet (12 days ago)
This is pure music design genius, it's like a solved puzzle made for the brain applied through the ears. Thanks Rick... this video was extremely good.
Scott Brady (16 days ago)
Where do you get the whole project like this, like is there a website for it and what do you call it? I can’t find it anywhere 😭😭
DaddyChronic (19 days ago)
an awesome video, thank you
Matt Hughes Music (20 days ago)
My favourite video on YouTube ever! Obsessed with learning about Max and Rick guides us through the techniques so well. 💪🏻
otiagomarques (20 days ago)
thus composition really reminds me those 2014 EDM classics
MANUEL XAVIER (20 days ago)
I am sorry, but i can't understand the worshipping for these kind of producers. They are responsible for the decline of music as an art form today.
MANUEL XAVIER (20 days ago)
Max Martin. please where's the talent I'am still looking
Dem MusicVideo (21 days ago)
Her vocals are on point. Thank you for breaking this down!
Connor Russell (22 days ago)
Please do more videos on Max Martin. I've watched a ton of videos in this series and this video has blown me away. It's by far the one that amazed me the most.
ironheadfm (23 days ago)
Where do people like Rick got the midi master files and samples to the songs from?
Red Red Blue Music (24 days ago)
1:08 one of the best things I've seen on the internet in a long time. That look at 1:15. Then that giggle.......priceless
KENNY PAHINA (27 days ago)
ha ha haha haha imma muthafuckin star boy
Big Brand Records (27 days ago)
Hey I just have a question, where did you get the stems for this song ?
Brax1982 (1 month ago)
First time I was ever tempted to just skip to the next one...and that has nothing to do with hating pop. I don't. I like a lot of Ariana's songs. She is a great vocalist and many of her songs have very nice beats. I like a lot of Max Martin's songs and it can't be denied that he has a knack for making catchy tunes. It's just that a combination of watching this sound board plus listening to the chorus again and again almost put me to sleep. It's obviously not necessarily easier to build a song like this, but it's visually a lot less appealing to explain it, I think.
Troy Samson (1 month ago)
Great video Rick - would love to see more current songs (i.e. Twenty One Pilots, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran) like this in future WMTSG posts. Really dig how you showed the screen shots of the pro tool stems on this video as well. Please do more of that. It's cool to see the layers and detail of these masterpiece productions. Your musical insights are invaluable. Love your channel...Thanks for a great post!!!
smahalko (1 month ago)
What a difference this song is from ALL the other songs done in the past...todays music just seems like hi tech noise. No offense to Mr. Martin or you Rick.
Kings Of Valencia (1 month ago)
Please do more on Max Martin. His ability with TUNE is very special and is what separates him from so many writers and composers. I would love to hear more on the melody, vs production. When i say melody, I mean TUNE.
martyisabeliever (1 month ago)
Rick, where did you get the stems?
Peter Muller (1 month ago)
You're a real music lover when you can listen and appreciate like this guy. Killer!
michael hausted (1 month ago)
Hi Rick! Thank you so much for this mix walk-through. Please make more of these with modern pop songs :D !!!
Mahalia Jean-Pierre (1 month ago)
Ariana doesn’t do her own doubles 😮😮😱
Aksel Randlepp (1 month ago)
12:03 Lead vocal (middle) 12:27 Vocal double (sides) 12:31 Background vocal
Viranimedia Kenya (2 months ago)
Animal wah texture... sweet pumpy palpable groove
Richard Filtter (2 months ago)
Es increible la verdad poder ver este tutorial tan profesional, sinceramente me voy a subscribir y voy a seguir viendo todo, estoy tan impactado encontrar esta masterclass en YouTube tan completa, tan bien explicada, diciendo cada cosa que se utilizó a la perfección y con anotaciones, me encantan los sonidos de basos utilizados jejej GRACIAS POR ESTE EXCELENTE TUTO, amo hacer música electrónica pero como dicen, de todo se aprende un poco y prácticamente aprendí demasiado viendo este tutorial WHO!!
young kim (2 months ago)
Hello Thank you very much for studying music through good video every time! If you'll excuse me, can I ask you to caption this video?
Zebulon B (2 months ago)
Some EDM please. Deadmou5e 'Remember' if you can get the PT Mix. Joel would probably be cool with it. EDM is a whole genre of music that currently attracts more live audience per year than any other and is treated as garbage on channels like this. Can't be garbage it everyone is listening to it ;-)
Zebulon B (2 months ago)
Why, back in my day we played guitars through shitty amps and we liked it. Woodstock was the most amazing event ever. Eric Clapton is the best guitarist of all time. Get off my lawn you dang kids!! Max Martin, bahh!
Timliu92 (2 months ago)
I do not get why the downvotes for this video are quite a lot. Pop music is still a valid style of music regardless whether you like it or not, and I am actually glad that Rick is doing this video to dissect Max Martin's style of production. It does not matter whether you enjoy or dislike Max Martin's style, because it does not change the fact that he is a huge and significant part of mainstream music today, and accordingly his work deserves to be analyzed because nearly everything he produces is guaranteed to sell - there has to be a winning formula somewhere!
Danilo Marques (2 months ago)
Rick, i just luv your videos. A huge wisdom for ALL. Thank you!
MrDenizen (2 months ago)
Ariana Grande is an MK Ultra beta sex kitten. She’s in on the Manchester Arena hoax.
Morbs (2 months ago)
WOW I saved this in my "watch later", but seen it only now. I'm very always impressed by Max Martin works, he made many cool hit songs for the new millenium and he has great knowledge. I stopped the vid in that "glass percussion" and "guitar groove" part, to share a thought (even with Rick he would lie to answer): I make myself electronic music, i'm an amateur, I always try to learn new stuff but I'm not doing it professionally, but working with stems and listening carefully to some tracks I develloped the opinion that people add tons of layers of added sounds that, yes, you would say "it's there and you can hear it if you pay attention", and often it's true, but myself, when those cool cool synth tracks are then turned back on, those guitars and glass and that tiny stuff disappear. Why a producer won't valorize new came sounds and only leave them there to "make fat" (we say something like this in Italy) to the track? Is this genius producing or it's only a common way to work "adding everything it comes in mind" and mistaken for genius? (you can understand better my thought by watching a very interessing video of track by track of "Heroes" by Bowie, and it's full of inaudible things that are in the mix only to make a 'wall of sound'). Peace
syakirkhalid (2 months ago)
At first, I thought the song was just OK.. what stuck with me was Ariana's shift to a more rauchy image. But after this video, I came to really appreciate the music and production. Makes me like the song. A good reminder to dig deeper to find the positive in music.
Bobby Phillipps (2 months ago)
I'm about 9 months late to the party on this, but man, the production is insane. There's always something there for your ear to focus on, even in between vocal lines. Holistic Songwriting did a video covering a similar topic when he talked about Bruno Mars' 24K Magic, how if the vocal isn't front and center, something else usually is - never a dull moment in the song. I don't much care for the lyrics, but man, there's always something to learn. I love when you break down songs I'm not too big on, and I find stuff I like. Thanks, Rick!
Cncgarage (2 months ago)
This is the greatest breakdown you have had of a pop tune, any chance more of this is on its way? Love how you got the original audio tracks !
B1cam (2 months ago)
Has anyone heard the version by Tronicbox on YouTube. Better in my opinion.
Michele L. Egerton (2 months ago)
What is the software you use to decompose the music? I've always been curious. I love watching this channel, love your work
Andrew Shupe (2 months ago)
Wasted talent
Andrew Shupe (2 months ago)
Really good singer brilliant producer... I don’t care
Pablo Contreras (2 months ago)
boohh... real music please.. rock.. try Queen..
Aaron Kessler (2 months ago)
Thanks for making these! I'm learning a lot from watching your videos
Bruno Ferreira (2 months ago)
12:32 I wonder who did that because it definitely doesnt sound like her
Bruno Ferreira (2 months ago)
AtoM6 Music (2 months ago)
brilliant. thanks for breaking this down. more pop tunes please!
Alexander Diaz Larsson (2 months ago)
Lol didn't know u could use that much distortion & reverb, back 2 work i guess :P
hornbytrainsets (2 months ago)
"this song is awful"... Can't wait for a video where he does a genre that *you* like so we can spoil it by commenting how awful it is
Bruno Ferreira (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video, it's fantastic. And everyone who thinks less of a song because it's pop music needs to stop. There's no problem in liking a pop song. Look at this masterpiece.
Michael Hotten (2 months ago)
How is side chaining different than gating?
Alex Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Like many here, I'm not a huge fan of most pop but I love her voice and the production on this is amazing. As someone who has only been producing for less than a year, I think this video is a goldmine of information. Thank you.
Alfonso Perdomo (2 months ago)
People must understand something before seeing this. Yes, pop may be empty, repetitive and cliché. I enjoy pop, but just as light entertainment, as I like a blockbuster movie from time to time. Nevertheless, the production techniques used in this type of music are amazing, really difficult and hard to do and this is what the video is about, not the music itself. If you don't like pop, that's pretty cool, but that does not mean that you can't learn these techniques or giving no credits to it. Learn them and use them in the type of music that you like. I'm a beginner composer and I do not like to compose much pop, I like classical musical, nevertheless, this type of knowledge is really neccesary as a composer, no matter what kind of music you make
(((Only_ZuuL)))) (2 months ago)
i love all music and i absorb and take in everything i possibly can from all music.
SecretSauce (2 months ago)
Thanks Rick. Would love to see a Kpop breakdown of Black Pink or Twice! Korean pop lately has been doing a great job on the production side. Hearing the swells is this reminded of them.
ipsurvivor (2 months ago)
This music does absolutely nothing for me... Perhaps I should say less than nothing. The mix is bad because everything is “upfront” just like in most modern production. This doesn’t move my emotions or my sacroiliac. If my sacroiliac moves I know it’s good to great... It’s not just about the beat but the whole thing.
Harvey Andruss (3 months ago)
Hi Rick, big fan of your channel. How to you get access to the stems for these videos?
AndreVlaamsValle (3 months ago)
What Makes This Song *Grande*
Petey Bell (3 months ago)
He (Max Martin) got most of his inspiration from seeing a Public Enemy show in the 80’s. Say what you want about modern pop music, but he’s an absolute genius!
Maurice B. (3 months ago)
this series makes me appreciate music so much more. all the small elements in this song are fantastic
Hector (3 months ago)
Rick, where do you get all of these deconstructed songs for the WHAT MAKES THIS SONG GREAT series?
sulaco33 (3 months ago)
How far (or how close ) is this song from being overproduced? How does the effort put into producing this track translate to a live performance? Is it even possible to achieve a similar effect live without having to use pre-recorded tracks? What is the point in all that? Just a thought.
Nathan Murdoch (3 months ago)
Epic production.
axlrio (3 months ago)
Are you teaching your girls like you taught Dylan?
Sim Rybak (3 months ago)
thats amazing!! thanks for that
Jimmy (3 months ago)
I'm 80% sure that the "tapping a cup with a pencil" sound is a muted triangle virtual instrument. There's one similar in HALeon Sonic
Weatherfields (3 months ago)
I love this video! These production techniques aren't usually laid out so clearly for the beginner, while still remaining entertaining for the more experienced. I will recommend this to anyone who is starting out in modern production. I just caught on to your channel ... I look forward to watching more vids later.
Rune Fagereng (3 months ago)
It´s really great to hear all the element that makes a track of a top producer like Max Martin. Great job, Mr. Beato!
Michael Nielsen (3 months ago)
It's all crap! Think how much better it would be with real instruments and musicians.
Alexis Brille (3 months ago)
How did you get the stems to the song???
A Mack Classic (3 months ago)
He's got the stems!
amber (3 months ago)
inyourfaceicity (3 months ago)
This shows how there is a massive difference between ProTools used by semi-competents to cover up the shortcomings of a bunch of other semi-competents, and ProTools used by a master to create something that could not be produced by playing regular instruments no matter how good you are. Love your channel Rick & really appreciate the work you put in educating us.
M.W. (3 months ago)
awwww...she's sooo cuuuute
HighChief (3 months ago)
You're the man, Rick! Though it sounds to me like manual volume ducking/automation as opposed to an actual sidechain. Tip for producers on average laptops/computers, to eliminate another plugin taking up cpu. Learnt the trick from Jaycen Joshua who is another dope producer today
Nicola Moretto (3 months ago)
Everything is done in a daw... plug-in and swedish house Mafia settings applied to a pop song...nothing but this!
aichi337 (3 months ago)
it's so interesting how all these little elements together form this masterpiece
chubsmcfly (3 months ago)
thank god for rick!
Vernon Zimmerman (3 months ago)
Well I did learn about something... side-chaining... first noticed this with Benny Benasi... his beats just had this punch that you didn't normally hear. Probably on a lot of other songs, but not as clear.
Vernon Zimmerman (3 months ago)
I got almost half the way through the video! Honestly, the lyrics are the worst part. I don't know what that says about me, but the entire thing is ruined because of the lyrics (not the singing itself). Blah. What is the next video? RUSH! -_- I'm glad it's Rush, I'm sad it's next to this.
siemek (3 months ago)
amazing video
Le Mode (3 months ago)
Thank you!!!
Remote God (3 months ago)
Candy pop music isn't my favorite, but the *sound* of this track is just sooooo good. Excellent breakdown either way, Rick. lots to learn for aspiring songwriters and producers of all types. Max Martin, while not my hero, is certainly a God... perhaps an evil one [EDIT] Jesus Christ, by the end of this video my mind is fucking blown. So many incredible moments and grooves in this track... what a fucking production. I cannot physically get any more erect...
Aerotek Music (3 months ago)
my goodness, I enjoyed every single second of this. Great job deconstructing and analysing.
Pots and Pans (3 months ago)
is the high part of the airy keyboard considered an arpeggio or is it just an instrumental melody playing over top of the chords?
Alicia Spurlock (3 months ago)
I appreciate you ❤️
NeuLawrence (3 months ago)
NeuLawrence (3 months ago)
NeuLawrence (3 months ago)
Rolf Hansen (3 months ago)
A*teens did a lot of similar stuff :-)
I Farted On You (3 months ago)
Max Martin is a troll and a cancerous cyst on the music industry...I hope someone kills him along with his family
ryanedwardmusic (3 months ago)
More pop! Especially Max Martin!
Quickscope One Eighty (4 months ago)
I think I dont like modern Pop music because how perverted (both the lyrics and production) sound and how it appeals mostly to a younger demographic...
Lördberg (4 months ago)
Hey Rick, how do you get access to stems of all these songs you break down, do producers send you the stems?
Gabriel Sisanda (4 months ago)
his daughter doesn't love this song, he does😂😂
Vikotnick (4 months ago)
Yeah, what most people don't understand is how Max gets the best out of simplicity. Was it not Mozart that said the silence between the notes was the important thing? So this production has air and calculated rhythm. I really like what he has done with the song even if I don't agree sometimes with Pop. hehe
Anand Prahash (4 months ago)
How would a mixing engineer handle all the transients in these stems? Compressing the transients out of the supporting elements and letting the main elements' transients cut through?
Adam Hume (4 months ago)
A truly fantastic breakdown, I'm a big fan of Max Martin's work and unashamed to say I love pop music. Even if some consider "pop" a dirty word, I still think it's a fantastic piece of writing, and I think your dissection truly shows how much of an intelligent writer Martin really is.

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