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7. Create Table in SQL (Hindi)

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Text Comments (31)
Manjot Singh (14 days ago)
Very informational
its me (1 month ago)
Is this be known as SQL command for create table with example?
Akash Gautam (1 month ago)
If I want to add a new column in the existing table ???
read education (2 months ago)
Let's do Differents (5 months ago)
Bhai tum bahot bolte hu yaar Ek hi chij ko baar baar repeat karte huu
Javed Munir (1 month ago)
koi bat nahi...its ok
Let's do Differents (5 months ago)
Geeky Shows I am watching continues but please don't repeat same thing again again
Geeky Shows (5 months ago)
I apology for that. You can skip video Thank You!
JAI MAHAKAAL (6 months ago)
nice video....but sir pls tell us way to solve questions in mysql.
Ishrat Fatima (8 months ago)
Good work....
Sanju YouTuber (8 months ago)
Me sql sikh raha oracle sql me alag function hai. Apka formula nhi use ho raha waha
Dipak Ghuge (10 months ago)
Hi.......i sir can you provide previous and basic videos of SQL
Geeky Shows (10 months ago)
Follow this playlist https://goo.gl/U4TcEX
sanjay kumar gupta (10 months ago)
Awdum video easy to understand😇
Snigdha Roul (11 months ago)
How to decide the size of datatype?
Mukesh Kumar (1 year ago)
Sir aap c++ ka ka video v bna kr daliye
Geeky Shows (1 year ago)
C++ k videos already available hai https://goo.gl/eRnwmC
Kamlesh Kaur (1 year ago)
Thank u sir ji
Learn to Change (1 year ago)
I am getting ERROR 1064 (42000): TABLE is not creating dear sir please guidance me
Prasad Katkade (5 months ago)
Geeky Shows I checked syntax also but still it showing me error
Geeky Shows (1 year ago)
This is a syntax error code kindly write your syntax correctly
Surendra Phogat (1 year ago)
Thanks you helped me a lot this video very nice and helpful
Sanju Choti (1 year ago)
Ankit Meena (1 year ago)
thank you so much sir
Tanzeel ur Rehman (1 year ago)
Saiyyam D. Chhetri (2 years ago)
MY Table is not displaying on cmd
Saiyyam D. Chhetri (2 years ago)
Can i Know Ur Name
Saiyyam D. Chhetri (2 years ago)
Thank You ... Your Video's are really Vry Interesting...
Saiyyam D. Chhetri (2 years ago)
i am sorry i have not seen this video full ... yeah u have showed in the Next Video "How to Describe Our Table..."
pari roy (2 years ago)
nic video sir
Ram Dass (1 year ago)
pari roy nice baba

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