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Text Comments (208)
Komal Khanna (6 days ago)
If walmart enter in india THEN think
Josh Becque (6 days ago)
And 1 used to be a hella legit brand. Id say those are the best at Walmart
FollowerOfJesus 101 (3 months ago)
I only wear And1 slides from Walmart. That's all I consider wearing lol
Jason Thamrin (4 months ago)
I saw a pair of the kind of famous knock off jordan called qiaodan that michael jordan is trying to sue...
Plebe_D 681 (4 months ago)
Ramy (5 months ago)
Once these brands hit Walmart, the perceived value drops but they are still good value.
Meininger102 (5 months ago)
This kid in my math class is wearing shaq shoes, I so wanna roast him for wearing fakes.
Johnny BH (6 months ago)
The Mesh jogger shoes
Travis Johnson (6 months ago)
3:15 who else saw him knock this shit down
Jorge Idak (6 months ago)
4:11 Balenciaga Track?🤔😂
The Crusader (7 months ago)
There was 75 cent flip flops
Khiem Pham (7 months ago)
ive seen a pair of avia's there a few months ago at walmart that looked like the triple white 3.0 UB. with a similar cage and stretch mark pattern and all
DJ CHEDDA (7 months ago)
And 1 is cheap but it’s the bom
UmmmPerfect (9 months ago)
Lies I tried those shoes they only last a few weeks
Bnard 1764 (10 months ago)
I seen you filming this video I waved but you didn’t wave back 😕
daniel ninio (10 months ago)
Can't you just oraganize what you messed up in the store , if you take a shoe out of is box can't you just put in back in I fucking hate that shit I fucking hate you you pecie of shit that can't organize nothing
Vibe corby (10 months ago)
I saw yeezyz
Id rock those and1 slip ons, had one back when and1 was hype.
itz Mike (11 months ago)
No thw cheapest were those $0.98 flip flops
Daniel Avila (11 months ago)
I buy them for work shows
omar perezchica (11 months ago)
Do you ever remember how big And1 use to be be
Mike Laufef (11 months ago)
fubu didnt fall off, only in america..they are huge overseas..do your research.
Mike Laufef (10 months ago)
America is a small percent of revenue..the manufacturer cares about it...thats who.
Krazy Kevin (10 months ago)
Mike Laufef who gives a fuck about overseas, we're in America. They fell off.
William Machado (11 months ago)
You sound like Paul walker
Barry McCoccinner (11 months ago)
I remember they used to have Voits. Spaldings. Mcgregors. But glad u said that about "you aint tryin to make fun of people who get their kicks there." cause that type of shit is earth shattering to a child. Nothin worse than a kid being aware of the whole wall mart shoes thing, going to school, and getting picked on cause his folks either aint straight or they just don't care about their kids' social life. I never had to wear Walmart kicks, but I wasnt gettin the top shelf shit either. No new j's for me growing up, till they retroed in 94. The black cements. Got picked on for those too. Imagine that.
XXX Conocido (1 year ago)
there were flippy floppy’s for 99 cents
norm paul (1 year ago)
Jack Straw (1 year ago)
I remember And 1 used to be like a mid tier brand when I was in elementary school, now they're selling for $15 at Walmart
Milton Toro (1 year ago)
I just got some running shoes for 9 bucks at Walmart and they're more comfortable than my 100 Adidas..
BBG Drippin Isaac (1 year ago)
0:10 got those sandals
I only know Fubu from Shark Tank.
Burgboy727 (1 year ago)
My Opinion I think Walmart shoes are better than pay less shoes
Shark Tooth Vines (1 year ago)
Walmart shoes disgust me...
macman gaming (1 year ago)
I'm a young shoe lover and I do like Jordans but I feel that Walmart has good shoes if you know what to look for such as AND 1 Shaq op And Osiris you just need to know how to pair them with the outfit And you can do this with pretty much every shoe yes even Skechers
Michael Mole (1 year ago)
Those fufus though!! Lol
bluedasher74 (1 year ago)
That's a lot of shoes! My local Walmart has a very small clothing and shoe section.
MOOSEPRIME98 (1 year ago)
Does anyone remember Route 66 shoes
Devil Jay Cry (1 year ago)
Erika Parker (1 year ago)
I used to wear stuff like that.. Well I think almost everyone had that time in their life.. 😂 All I wear now are converse 😂
im getting one pair for rough use
Landon Horne (1 year ago)
98 cents flip flops
NBA Goliath (1 year ago)
I saw a 2.98 pair at 6:58
John Zieman (1 year ago)
Dis dude need Walmart shoe slmao
Galaxy vlogs (1 year ago)
Dam I have $50 under armor shoes you can get ones like them for $2
Daniel Homero (1 year ago)
What are those
play time (1 year ago)
Those shoes are fake their plastic get shoes from kohls
Shark Tooth Vines (1 year ago)
play time Footlocker
tedkenne (1 year ago)
Git Ovr To Paylezz an pik up sum good shoos!! Thankz Homie!!!!
Gaming and Vlogging (1 year ago)
I saw one for 2.48 dollats
Manuel Hernández (1 year ago)
HJK (1 year ago)
my friend asked me to tell you to die
Sean Romero (1 year ago)
AND1 slip ons i want one so bad in my size like a 8.5
Shark Tooth Vines (11 months ago)
Sean Romero same
Sean Romero (11 months ago)
Gucci Designer my feet grew bigger I got it measured now I wear 9.5
Shark Tooth Vines (1 year ago)
Sean Romero why? Thats sad
Tony Kart Racer (1 year ago)
Do they have some Starbury's? I'd rock em'! :) BTW..... those no name brand sneakers are pretty good.
Hakeem Sd70M (1 year ago)
Tony Kart Racer I'd love a pair of Starburys myself!
Johnny Walker (1 year ago)
I love shoes from wallmart, cheap and neat. Definitely grab some more if i got the time.
tipofmytongue1024 (6 months ago)
+im dat guy mixes LMFAO
EmberFlaze (7 months ago)
+im dat guy mixes bruh you made a mistake too idiot
im dat guy mixes (8 months ago)
+Mike Laufef you're spelling is lame as fuck
Mike Laufef (11 months ago)
Johnny Walker walmart shoes are lame as fuck..as im sure you are as well..
jesus banuelos (1 year ago)
I saw one for 2 48 at 6 39
100 Dude (1 year ago)
jesus banuelos 2.48 and 6.39
Hakeem Sd70M (1 year ago)
Walmart got hella nice work boots.
tipofmytongue1024 (6 months ago)
My fiance works for the government street department and has several pairs of work boots from Walmart, they are legit.
MAX PAYNE (11 months ago)
Hakeem Mulholland THATS HELLA DANK! 👌
CB And RB Football (1 year ago)
I love and 1 shoes
Simon (1 year ago)
I recently bought a pair of Wrangler brand sneakers from Walmart, on sale for $9. The insoles are memory foam, and they're so comfortable.
Shark Tooth Vines (1 year ago)
Hakeem Sd70M (1 year ago)
Simon Score! most of the more expensive shoes don't even offer memory foam. Nice pickup 💯
Jay'nae deaye (1 year ago)
what are those
William Dadson (1 year ago)
Crash Bandigoon really wanted to say that
William Dadson (1 year ago)
Crash Bandigoon I know
William Dadson (1 year ago)
Something more than your life time
Kevin C (2 years ago)
I will always put comfort over price any day. I walk a lot so what good is a $100+ pair of sneakers/shoes gonna do if my feet aren't gonna be comfortable?
Akira Kush (2 years ago)
i'm not american but i love the idea of hanging out at like a huge walmart seeing all that weird random shit they have maybe get some chips and do like a toilet paper fort
max the cat (2 years ago)
i only buy sandals from there
Ryan Hensley (2 years ago)
At 6:42 there are some shoes for 2.48.
WhiteBoy WearingJ's (2 years ago)
I think it's just me, but I've always wished And1 would be more quality type of brand that you'd find at foot locker or champs, not a Walmart brand.
WARREN ELLIS (7 months ago)
and1's used to be in foot locker and everywhere in the early 2000's but they fell off then made a comeback as a walmart shoe.
YVNG_GETA Got The Sauce (7 months ago)
They was at one point
WhiteBoy WearingJ's ии
Lucas is Random! (9 months ago)
Yeah, I agree. The sad thing is you could be frowned upon for wearing SHAQ and1s for just wearing the brand!
Music n Thingz (11 months ago)
TitoCultist and1 did make it to champs and footlocker, they were second to nike years ago got bought out and flopped after that. Sucks because they were the next thing for basketball and street wear. Remember the diss tees?
Rayan Aka the goat (2 years ago)
They have yeezys at walmart
IJ Videos (2 years ago)
There was a pair of kids shoes for £2.48
joe rod (2 years ago)
Great vid.
Patrick G. (2 years ago)
Walmart has Jordan's online
Illy Samurai (2 years ago)
who the fuk cares about your shoes
William Dadson (1 year ago)
Who cares about yours
Itsyoboy G (2 years ago)
Finally hes a trip from walmart been asking all the channels to do this kinda trip
Ethaniel The Great (2 years ago)
I have the grey slippers at 0:05
Adrian Romero (1 year ago)
Ethaniel The Great same
DatGaBoy17 (2 years ago)
Walmart online sell Retro Jordans
Josiah Ricks (2 years ago)
Are you a Trail Blazers fan?
100 Dude (1 year ago)
Josiah Ricks No, they're bad golden state for the win.
Josiah Ricks (2 years ago)
nice i love the blazers
Hes Kicks (2 years ago)
only cuz of Lillard
Adam Lavelle (2 years ago)
Those Avia slides were sickkk 🔥
Alex Brickles (2 years ago)
Such a shit video
100 Dude (1 year ago)
Alex Brickles coming from you when you liked a video about a fish tank
El Compadre (2 years ago)
You showing up to the Kanye Pop up shop in Clackamas this weekend?
El Compadre (2 years ago)
I might check it out this weekend haha
Hes Kicks (2 years ago)
Doubt it lol. too hot for the kid!
Conor Jackson (2 years ago)
1:52 Air Mags for $2.99
TeamEPICv (2 years ago)
I think there was a pair of sandals for 98 cents
theraptorus (9 months ago)
Wal-Mart had an entire box of flip flops for $0.98 per pair.
ReactiBird (10 months ago)
TeamEPICv the title literally says sneaker shopping
DaddyFattSak (2 years ago)
Walmart is go to for house shoes and cheap travel flip flops
Shark Tooth Vines (1 year ago)
DaddyFattSak or that 1 poor kid in your class
Le (2 years ago)
6:41 a pair of crocs for $2.48 at the bottom left. Still, interesting vid.
PepeTheDuck (2 years ago)
Are crocks sneakers? The title is SNEAKERS SHOPPING AT WALMART
Tommy Glodo (2 years ago)
Next is Payless
Francisco Salazar (2 years ago)
You know they sell jordans at walmart but online only search walmart online for jordans and they have some cool ass jordans.
Hes Kicks (2 years ago)
I did that already
SSIILLIE (2 years ago)
Humble your kids
Geo4reo7458 (2 years ago)
they sell Jordan's on the Walmart website
DefinitelyNotNeal (2 years ago)
It's through a different party not directly from Walmart
Foreign (2 years ago)
Go to target and look at the shoes plz
Wet Paper Towels (2 years ago)
walmart sells jays now online
Daniel (2 years ago)
Flip flops in the beginning for 98 cents
Expurr (2 years ago)
Put a Jumpman on these shoes and watch hypebeasts flock to them
Music n Thingz (11 months ago)
You mean the shaq logo?
kicks is life (2 years ago)
+Undezyphered i know. but if u search how many pairs are being sold.......
Fleeqo (2 years ago)
+kicks is life which makes them less popular cause everyone can get them, Jordans are sitting on shelves nowadays
kicks is life (2 years ago)
+Deez Nuts yes they are. very. nike is just making a huge amount of pais so everyone can get a pair
robren (2 years ago)
I dont think jordans are as popular now
Brandon Lira (2 years ago)
I hope I never have to stoop this low.
Hunter Huffstetler (2 years ago)
You can buy the Mizuno Wave Rider 18 on Walmarts website lol
Noel Quiles (2 years ago)
Walmart is the go to for throw away chanclas anything else you can find same price with better quality at name brand outlets tbh. And starter needs to make a comeback with the clothing game don't do sneakers too much competition
Ethaniel The Great (2 years ago)
+Noel Quiles if it's your money no one can tell you what to do it with tbh, you can't roast someone because they spent their money on something they wanted. Preach fam
Noel Quiles (2 years ago)
And what's funny is the true sneaker heads don't care about if anyone wears Walmart shoes or fakes, if they wear them who gives a shit the only people that care are the ones that don't pay for the shit themselves. If you rock cheaper shoes or fakes do you fam 💯 no one but jackasses will care
Bryson Hursh (2 years ago)
where can i find your music?
BoughtCow13 (2 years ago)
Blue crocks were $2.48
PepeTheDuck (2 years ago)
Are blue crocks sneakers? The title says SNEAKERS SHOPPING AT WALMART.
Grizzly Animal (2 years ago)
Need them starters
RayLow92 (2 years ago)
when Walmart has just as good quality shoes then jordan brand but the sneaker heads aren't having it.
lvS U I C I D Evl (3 months ago)
Cheif. It ain't it. But for real most walmart shoes are shitty quality with the rubber and foam and upper but some are good quality.
Happy Kanye (2 years ago)
and 1 ripped off those slides but the foam basketball insole looks dope
AKings (2 years ago)
This guy sounds like Christian Guzman 😂😂
Zilla (2 years ago)
The exact opposite of Christian though
Manlet Fitness (2 years ago)
Meatheads and sneakerheads unite
Dom (2 years ago)
Sneakerheads don't work out
Sup diggiddy dooogggg (2 years ago)
+AKings no
AKings (2 years ago)
Like of u know him
Rob Kessler (2 years ago)
Cheapest pair is $ 2.48 at 6:40
Shark Tooth Vines (1 year ago)
Adrian G (2 years ago)
0:12- 0:13 blue flip flops
Le (2 years ago)
+l l Daniels l l time stamp?
Daniel (2 years ago)
Did u not see the 98 cent flip flops
Rethink (2 years ago)
Nick Pagan (2 years ago)
I've seen $100 boots at Walmart before
OMGitsZech (2 years ago)
Wal-Mart sells Jordan's btw
Spooky Skeleton (2 years ago)
bro $69 for off brand boots I got a pair of times for $69 don't ask how
thetylife (2 years ago)
I got a pair of Timb Chukkas for $40.
+Spooky Skeleton Timbs*
A R (2 years ago)
I got timbs for $50 when they were having a crazy steal
Spooky Skeleton (2 years ago)
Spooky Skeleton (2 years ago)
+Edgar Martinez XD autocorrect is a bitch
Blaze Bui (2 years ago)
hey so early
VeZus Clan Gaming (2 years ago)
This guy...
XYZ (2 years ago)
I truly enjoy these videos Hes! Please keep it up!

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