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E46 Vanos Rebuild What Not To Do #m54rebuild 6

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I began my rebuild when I did a compression test and noticed I had poor compression in cylinders 2-6 (about 142 psi, the bottom of the service limit). Cylinder 1 head 160 psi. A leakdown test showed leakage into each adjacent cylinder. Of course my engine also had the oil consumption problem (1 quart every 1000 miles) that every M54 engine has, which is caused by the oil rings which wear down prematurely (the M52TU used different oil rings which did not have this problem). There was also coolant loss, which I didn't measure precisely. To see all the videos in the #m54rebuild series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqJG4ZyPIF6OflXtgLWJOFdsiuc-UrZJX To view all the specs and torques for BMW M54/M52TU engines: https://goo.gl/jLvcgR I made this video for a specific subscriber when I noticed I could solve his problem during my engine rebuild. I'm putting it out there in the hopes that it may help someone else to runs into trouble. This video is for entertainment purposes only. 50sKid assumes no liability for any repairs or modifications performed by the viewer as a result of the information contained in this video.
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MrSfash (5 months ago)
So you don't need to lock the crankshaft to do the vanos rebuild?
Ffs ive just put new seals in my spare vanos unit to put on my engine so i didnt waste time just straight swap units. I dont really see a problem because the pistons will move inside the unit to match the cam positions ?? Am i right & so now you just done it also how did you go about it ??
Erickthepro 2008 (7 months ago)
Hello!! Thanks for your great videos I have a problem with my 2004 530i when I m driving lose power and the rpm jumps! No check engine light or service soon apear!! I replaced the ccv, sparks plugs,coil are good camshaft intake sensor,mass air flow sensor,clean vanos solenoids,clean camshaft exhaust sensor,fresh oil,and nothing happened I have the same problem I just take a diagnostic from bmw and they said i need to renewing vanos and I think the problem is vanos solenoid the engine sound good they said the resistance oh the intake solenoid valve is 12 OHM can you please help me
Abdulla Jaafari (9 months ago)
Hey man, I finished the vanos rebuild, and I ended up with misfiring on all 6 cylinders. Still trying to figure out what went wrong.
Edvinas1599 (9 months ago)
Hello!! I changed my VCG yeaterday and did my vanos seals. After putting everything back together car ran alright for 20minutes or so then i felt a rough idle and rpm increased to 800, was 700 all the time before. Power loss is felt and rough idle. I scanned codes and theres p0014 code confirmed. I havent rotated my engine, i was aware of all those timing things. That p0014 comes right back when i delete it, right after car is started. No engine lights though. Any ideas?
Dibnah (9 months ago)
also to add. never turn your engine backwards without checking the timing afterwards. you can easily jump a tooth doing that.
Dustin Drew (10 months ago)
I rebuilt my vanos and during the attempts at fan removal I rotated the engine. All went back together well but now I have a rough idle and misfires. (had a P0203 and P0403 as well as two chassis codes prior to the install, now the chassis codes are gone but the P codes are still there as well as a P0600) Could having rotated the engine caused a timing issue if I never loosened or touched the timing in any way? Please help I'm so lost right now.
Dustin Drew (10 months ago)
50sKid I use the obd 2 fusion app on my iPhone with a elm327 WiFi reader and those are the codes I get. I have screen shots of the codes I can email to you if I can locate that. Thanks for the help. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
50sKid (10 months ago)
+Dustin D p0403 isn’t possible on these cars. They don’t have an EGR system. Please confirm the codes you have. Anyway if the cones didnt come out then you should be fine on that
Jose Bracero (1 year ago)
Great, job.
John Doe (1 year ago)
I have a boggy sluggish throttle response after a vanos rebuild. the only time anything in my engine moved was during the torqu ing of the left hand t30s. should that even matter? because both t30s were tightened down hand tight before the torquing. Also I read somewhere that adaptations must be reset after to smooth out the engine. but that procedure is not consistent a cross the board.
matias rico (1 year ago)
Greetings from Argentina, I am disarming a bmw 328i year 2001, thanks for the videos I always see them, it is very modern work always with vw1500, renault 19, peugeot505, and cars of those types
Raul Serrano (1 year ago)
I strip and broke bolt....😭😭😭😭
Yoshi1u2 (1 year ago)
those bells that sit inside timing allows vannos to retard or advance timing with oil pressure
javier fuentes gomez (2 years ago)
Hello! Thank you so much for your videos!! But i need your help! I have a bmw x5 2003 m54 engine It was the installation of the Vanos again, when the screw t30 of Vanos was broken. So .... What can I do now to be able to remove the broken screw from Vanos? If I make marks on everything with a pencil, to put everything in a correct position again as it was, and remove the broken screw Is this a correct job? Or I need the Vanos timing tools Because I do not have this !! As an extra information ... I have not rotated anything in the engine ... everything is in the same position as when I remove the Vanos
Custom Car interiors (2 years ago)
javier fuentes gomez you need the vanos tool if stripping the timing down. If you remove the camshaft cogs and spring plates to get to removing the splined shaft and the broken t30 bolt, your need the tool to put the 2x spline shafts back in the correct place. All the tool does is allow you to set the two spline shafts at the correct distance from the camshaft, then once the shafts are correct you tighten down the nuts in the spring plates. All the tool is, is a jig! If you can take that broken t30 out with out stripping down the timing then your good. Try using a screw removal tool that has a reverse thread. You drill in and then remove by screwing out.
Jose Castaneda (2 years ago)
I did that when I was installing mine lol
JT (2 years ago)
Great tip! Thank you.
jefftc14 (2 years ago)
Another specific Vanos issue I had when I replaced my seals and bearings using the Besian systems kit etc, was I got misfires and rough idle after installing everything. What it ended up being for me, was that BMW also upgraded the Vanos Solenoid pistons and their springs as a new part. I have a 99 and therefore had the older weaker springs. Replacing those with the new part after the vanos rebuild and cleaning the solenoids up fixed that misfiring and everything. Just a heads up!!
50sKid (2 years ago)
Very interesting. Did not know that!

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