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Hilary Duff - All About You

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Hilary Duff "BREATHE IN. BREATHE OUT." Available Now! iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iBIBO?iqid=yt Amazon: http://smarturl.it/aBIBO?iqid=yt Google Play: http://smarturl.it/gBIBO?iqid=yt Spotify: http://smarturl.it/sBIBO?iqid=yt
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Text Comments (7480)
Aaron McPherson (1 day ago)
Lara A (2 days ago)
She’s amazing
Lara A (2 days ago)
2018 anyone ?
sad sushi (2 days ago)
She reminds me a bit of Britney Spears.
Angizzz Kanyon (2 days ago)
2018 anyone
laeu (3 days ago)
t amo
Capital B Channel (3 days ago)
I'm so glad this song finally hit 23 million, I'm so proud my childhood is coming back.
Jessi Duff (9 days ago)
Dezembro 2018...??
Jamie Jacob (10 days ago)
I keep coming back to thissss
Andrew Gusttavo (15 days ago)
Essa música é tão maravilhosa e tão injustiçada ao mesmo tempo. Ela merecia todo o sucesso do mundo.
Andrew Gusttavo (10 days ago)
+Victor Aguiar simmmm!!! Amo muito. Amém Tove Lo por ter escrito essa música maravilhosa. Outras maravilhosas são "My Kind" e "Tattoo", essa última co-escrita pelo Ed Sheeran, já dar pra perceber a baladinha romântica.
Victor Aguiar (11 days ago)
+Andrew Gusttavo Sparks tbm devia ter bastante visualizações. Já ouviu?
Andrew Gusttavo (11 days ago)
+Victor Aguiar não só esse, todos os outros dessa era também.
Victor Aguiar (11 days ago)
+Andrew Gusttavo sim, esse clipe deveria ter alcançado os 100 milhões de views
Andrew Gusttavo (12 days ago)
+Victor Aguiar finalmente alguém que me entende. ♡
Sweet Disaster (20 days ago)
Lizzie McGuire ❤️
Katie Fedele (23 days ago)
She is so freakin beautiful
she is a hoe too
Josho Show (24 days ago)
2018 to 2019?
Lokesh Jain (26 days ago)
sweethoneyx (28 days ago)
I remember this song as my favourite 2 years ago ♥️
srini srini (1 month ago)
I am you're biggest fan in India hillary
ana belen Díaz lara (1 month ago)
Fitz Dha (1 month ago)
As long I got paid.....??
Régis Alexandre (1 month ago)
All about me in my channel
Marco Alvarez (1 month ago)
2018 and still Love ti ❤️👸🏼
Koffi Martin Kra (1 month ago)
Tes chansons me plaisent beaucoup 😘😘😘😘
harold sthormes (1 month ago)
Steal in 2018?
Alique Lockhart (1 month ago)
Christine Seetaram (1 month ago)
2018 Anybody💞💞
Ro Jo (1 month ago)
I don't know why but this song always reminds me to love myself. <3 <3
laniyahxo (2 months ago)
2018 still listening!
Andy Urie (2 months ago)
Naomi De Craene (2 months ago)
i really love this song, it's a little cowboyish
Chuck Bryner (2 months ago)
The only thing that would make this video better is when she's swinging the towel it'd b the steelers terrible towel. The original. 😁
نجمة عبدربه (2 months ago)
Patricia Mak (2 months ago)
Awsome song! 😎
Dulce Romo (2 months ago)
❤️❤️❤️ HD👑 2018 🎶🎶🎶🎶
estrella Fugaz (2 months ago)
I ❤️ this song
Paris Delove (2 months ago)
It’s been four years since her music comeback and she needs to return! Again!!!!!! 💕
Yury Menezes (2 months ago)
miss it
bia maiia (2 months ago)
Musica live chile 2000 2018 hoy
R R (2 months ago)
Love hilary...only good one hu hasnt done the crazy stuff....she has a voice...at least she doing it instead of dreaming....
Paty Beka (2 months ago)
Monika Verma (2 months ago)
I am totally obsessed with hilary..love u..
Laura K. Herrera (2 months ago)
I love so much Hilary
Tellingyadarce (2 months ago)
Always will be my fav bae from my younger days
Laura Oviedo Oviedo (3 months ago)
I love hilary Duff
Mo Lo (3 months ago)
I said Twitter do you know this song?
Gage Sivils (3 months ago)
julissa medina (3 months ago)
She’s improved so much I haven’t heard this live but she used to sing so wooden the songs were catchy and all but no emotion in her voice it was almost robotic
nicky Hinojosa (3 months ago)
turn the ligths down let me show you it`s true <3 :3
EV0CIUM (3 months ago)
I’m getting Taylor Swift vibes & I’m here for it
EXO is the Empire (3 months ago)
Its so Beautiful people needs change their mind !
ananya sharma (3 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Simran VEVO (3 months ago)
Anyone 2018 ❤️
Anne T (3 months ago)
She went around town for someone she didn't know🙄
Ali Short (3 months ago)
this song is never on the radio eveeerrrrrrrr
Melanie CruXes (3 months ago)
It’s been a couple years, I remember this song!!
Eden Ruthenberg (3 months ago)
you are so fucking amazing actor signing
This song is underrated because it is too short.
Ashley zhakenbel (3 months ago)
Te amo mi amor♥️ hoy soy mas feliz que ayer. Hoy estas tu y mi hijo a mi lado los adoro mis grandes amores👪
mebs au (3 months ago)
2018 🍉🍉
Trucker Cotton! (3 months ago)
Bianca Vitorelli (4 months ago)
Maravilha de Musica <3
Sara Ali (4 months ago)
Omg !! Love this girl 4ever
Lau (4 months ago)
pąńdïta marīsčąl (4 months ago)
Lau Hablas español 😍
Mattea Marians (4 months ago)
Moodboost all the timeeee
BlastoiseBoy 1 (4 months ago)
Still Great🥇
Rachel Marotte (4 months ago)
It's all about you. The violence of society. And drug powers.
Rachel Marotte (4 months ago)
It's a metaphor in my mind. I don't play with it. I have sexual intercourse with it.
Rachel Marotte (4 months ago)
The violence of society.
Rachel Marotte (4 months ago)
With it.
Rachel Marotte (4 months ago)
They don't want to BE violent for society. We accept it in the air. We can play with that. Don't imagine in your mind. But go with it. If it's there.
Matej Dezelak (4 months ago)
What a Beautiful Song, I love it ;) P.S. I also do covers So, can you please listen to mine too & tell me what you think? Have a nice day, Matej ;)
pedro guti (4 months ago)
I fell in love with you as a young man and I'm still like that
eu sei que Deus nunca vai me trair
Never here this song
Loki Paradise (4 months ago)
Loki Paradise (4 months ago)
pąńdïta marīsčąl ?????
pąńdïta marīsčąl (4 months ago)
Позновательные факты всё коротко и понятно Star vs the forces of eviñ
Strawberries For life (4 months ago)
You will always be my “lizzie mcguire” the most respectful disney star.. i love u hilary 💜
Aparna Jaiswal (4 months ago)
loved it 😘😍
Fernando Huizar (4 months ago)
More, more, more hilary duff 2018😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭♓
Izzy Bella (4 months ago)
Love this girl
Lauren (5 months ago)
What's this dancing? 🤣😂😂🤣
Hoz madrigal (5 months ago)
11/07/2018 love
Harendra Chaudhary (5 months ago)
who is listening this song in 2018?
Blackii Bunny (5 months ago)
Notorious Ring (5 months ago)
Underrated but why
Anam Tij (5 months ago)
Hilary, there are you? I miss you!😢
Ghez Sam (5 months ago)
She s a princess
GM H (5 months ago)
Did the low-key sound before the other artists did..as usual ahead of the curb..just like her previous album..
farhan Fadhlurahman (5 months ago)
I like this song omfg😭😭❤️
Cray Berry Kelly (5 months ago)
she earned one subscriber in 3 minutes...🤗
Jasmine Adamson (5 months ago)
I keep on listening to this song like 100 times I love it so much
Maha Sabir (5 months ago)
I 💞💖 this song so much
Lps Rainbow Star Kitten (5 months ago)
An amazon phone?!
Dixit Rajput (5 months ago)
Love it
Sravani Chowdary (5 months ago)
Love u hillary
Jessy Brusso (5 months ago)
Who else is all about the miss Hilary Duff😍😍
trisha Magar (5 months ago)
2018 ❤
Kumar Jadeja (5 months ago)
Fall in Love with song and u 😍
Danny Garcia (5 months ago)
Samantha Hotton (6 months ago)
So nice to see a music video where the girls arnt half naked! Love this song❤
Sofia Beate Danielsen (6 months ago)
Loved her ever since Lizzie years and still do. HILARY <3

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