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How To Make A Paracord Thin Line Solomon Bar Survival Bracelet

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Learn how to braid an easy thin line solomon bar paracord bracelet with no buckle in this step by step DIY video tutorial. This basic bracelet is tied with a simple loop and knot closure. Very similar to the classic cobra weave or cobra stitch bracelet it is a fusion of the macrame square knot and a simple weave. Uses: Paracord bracelets are often used in the survival and prepper communities for emergency cordage. How to tie a diamond knot: https://youtu.be/33xGFi3CbU0 Related weaves: Cobra weave: https://youtu.be/3u8rNXVKn6k King Cobra weave Two Color Cobra Weave Stitched Solomon Bar Solomons Heart weave Triple Cobra Weave Caged Solomon Bar Double Solomon Bar Crisscrossed Solomon Bar Solomons Dragon Weave Solomon V Bar Cobbled Solomon Bar Advanced Solomon Bar Ascending Solomon Bar -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Splicing three strand rope is easier than you think. learn how in my most popular video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeYBkMCQ8WY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (7)
King Julius (1 year ago)
If you use black paracord pls don't use dark background! Thx!
SpiritAtBay (1 year ago)
Love your instructions, clear and easy to follow. Thanks!
mia bettano (2 years ago)
the instructions are awful please go down at lease half way
Michael Stykowski (3 years ago)
Thank you , You have great teaching skills , patient , did it slowly , nothing blocking the tie , and since I am originally from Boston, your accent helped. ha ha. But seriously , I subscribed, so I hope there are more to learn. I think I have seen enough of the idiot lessons out there, that I care to. Again thanks, Michael
ammar king viet (3 years ago)
How to make a bracelet Jamaica plzzz if you can add video please ^^
barbara west (3 years ago)
Love this...is there anyway you could make a video of a cross made like this?
WhyKnot (3 years ago)
A knotted cross? Sure. I will put it on my video to do list.

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