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Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe Demo

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Lee gets a great tone out of the Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe in his Review. For full details of the axe, look here. http://bit.ly/2AVzwJN
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Mark Chaplin (1 month ago)
Just picked up one of these bad boys after meaning to get one for ages. Couldn't be happier. The neck pickup sounds fatter than a swamp raised possum. Was all set on changing out pickups and electronics, but having heard it all I will say is I am 100% happy with how it sounds. There is no need to modify it in my view. And I am very fussy.
Intonation issues there - thats the prob with cheaper mass produced instruments, they are never in tune with themselves as you play up the neck.
Picho (6 months ago)
My mom got this guitar for me as a gift because I wanna learn how to play guitar. Except I don’t know where to start lmao. I mean, i can read music since I played tenor sax. Someone pls help.
Guitar Man Tra 68 (3 months ago)
Nice guitar to learn on. Start here you tube
D Barrett-Boatright (6 months ago)
They're alot of learning videos on YouTube. After you've picked up some knowledge, pay for some lessons. Teachers know from experience, where you're having trouble. Learning scales is a good start.
Sandra Galvan (11 months ago)
Thath guitar ir Made in china???
maxime petit (7 months ago)
Sandra Galvan yes it is
Mark Chaplin (11 months ago)
How is this a modern player? The oldest mass produced guitar design, paired with the oldest mass produced pickup design. Nice idea, strange name.
MattWhatsGoinOn (9 months ago)
Not to mention the fact that it still has six strings like so many older guitars. Go figure. But it does have a modern 9.5” radius fret board, which is what you play on; hence, “modern player.”
Mateo Romo (1 year ago)
This guitar is made in China?
Lalairu (8 months ago)
Mateo Romo yes ;)
Mark Chaplin (1 year ago)
Not sure I get the 'modern player' designation. After all, it's based on one of the very earliest electric guitar designs, and it is fitted out with one of the oldest pickup designs.
dsg152000 (1 year ago)
Does this guitar have a whammy ?
Travis Godin (1 year ago)
dsg152000 no
Ste Ro (1 year ago)
Does it have a treble bleed?
Mission-13 (1 year ago)
I wish the color wasn't transparent. It looks brown, and I do NOT like that color
By Thomas (1 year ago)
Mission-13 then get the sunburst one?
maverickbrw (1 year ago)
my lord tune the guitar
Brandon Wright (1 year ago)
I dig the color
abraham3ub (2 years ago)
Can I install Seymour Duncan Hot P90 on this guitar?
ahiddenoddity (2 years ago)
This guitar is either out of tune or has intonation issues. Sounds really bad.
Alexb1096 (2 years ago)
good guitar, good sound but i'd prefer a more "single coil" sound
mcdee56 (5 months ago)
P90's ARE single coil!
Neuche Dom (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for sharing
TheSimonsCrew (2 years ago)
meh, Its got a good sound if it wasnt a tele. To me it just does not have the telecaster sound. I get that fender wants to make cheap guitars for people who dont want to pay that much for one, and squire is great for that, but it sucks when the make one like this and put their name on it. This should have been a squire crappy guitar (Which is perfectly normal) Not a fender crappy guitar, (which shouldnt happen!)
Nathan C (1 year ago)
TheSimonsCrew if you want a tele sound, how about you get a tele with tele pickups? This isn't a tele for people who want a traditional tele. This is a tele for people who don't want a typical tele sound - they want a p90 sound! And by your own admission, it suits that purpose!
ChrispyGingerPie (2 years ago)
The bridge is quite bright, you can see by your face expressions xD
RACHEL ANNE Taylor (2 years ago)
I bought this guitar and it just wouldn't stay in tune.I replaced the tuners with vintage Klusons but it's still going out of tune when I bend the strings.Ive thought about replacing the nut which I hope will make a difference.The pots in this tele are only 250k and I'm planning on swapping these out for 500k pots which people tell me are better for P90's and replacing the caps for 0.33 orange drops.
Drifting Dwarf (2 months ago)
Instead of upgrading the parts first try to visit a Luthier and have it serviced rather than guessing and spending game instead of taking it to an expert.
Ben Asslick (11 months ago)
It could be the way you're stringing the guitar.
Kaleb at MGW (2 years ago)
RACHEL ANNE Taylor May be a little late but... if you haven't already replaced your pots try a set of 300k pots or low value 500k pots. I'd personally stick with .22 orange drop caps as the caps only change the taper of the tone pot and not the actual tone when the tone is on 10. Wire that bad boy like a 50s Les Paul with 300k pots and .22 caps and it would be amazing.
KassperT (2 years ago)
Rarely can tuning problems be traced back to the tuners, instead it's usually the nut as you mentioned. A new nut might be a good idea if you prefer a certain type but a cheaper route would be to just have the existing nut filed to where it isn't making the strings bind. I know this is a few months old and you're probably attended to the issue by now but in case you haven't..
Joshua Fraser (2 years ago)
RACHEL ANNE Taylor the caps would be a good idea, but remember, changing the pots to 500 will make the guitar brighter.
I think I'm in love
T-W Chillin (2 years ago)
I have this guitar, play punk/grunge/heavy stuff, check my channel :)
Diakonia Muzyczna (3 years ago)
does it have standard Fender's scale or maybe this is shorter?
Matouš Červenka (3 days ago)
Standard fender 648mm
B0rnles13 (3 years ago)
good demo, I have this guitar, had a bit of an obsession with the Thinline design, but the tuners on this guitar are a big problem firstly with keeping in tune, then to cap it off the [email protected] "vintage style tuners" are a nightmare to behold as I've only discovered as I had to change à g string, 1st off they have no holes to put the strings through, the string goes into a hole on the top of the tuning peg, and it took me ages to manage to string 1 string and I'm pissed off with how fender can get away with this crap pos guitar, yeah it looks good but big problems in the tuning area, including the string trees which bend the strings at an acute angle which definitely puts a dampener on the first E string plus the B and G strings, made in China by machines I think, cause if it was made by a human they certainly don't want you to play the guitar. it's total shite, my cheap Squire tele sounds better and has much more sustain than the "Fender" model. I've bypassed the string trees and it's slightly better but not much. I woulda sent it back if I had noticed it when I bought it online, never again that's the 2nd "Thinline" guitar I've got (the previous one was a JA-90 and I sent that back due to massive fret buzz) I don't know why they are making guitars like this. I want my money back, they should pay me for testing the guitar out, end of rant for now.
Andrea Pasillas (1 year ago)
I'm looking into getting new tuning machines for this guitar. I have never had a guitar before that went out of tune after playing just a few chords or notes. I like the sounds of this guitar but Fender created a nightmare for those of us who purchased this guitar, a guitar that just won't stay in tune.
B0rnles13 (2 years ago)
+B0rnles13 Now that I've had it quite a while now I love this guitar, still goes out of tune sometimes, but I don't care now it just means I have to pay attention to it more. I might still get a new nut but don't want to keep modifying it. I think for the price it's a bargain and a beautiful guitar. ;-)
B0rnles13 (2 years ago)
+RACHEL ANNE Taylor I can't find it now, but you did mention the nut in an earlier notification and I remembered the luthier saying about the nut that he didn't like it or he would change it if it was his guitar, and a few days ago I started getting some fret buzz on the A string 2nd fret. I did manage to fix it even though it maybe only temporarily. I loosened the string and pulled it away from the nut, then re - tuned it and it worked, but I would like a harder material for the nut as the plastic is too soft. I hope that makes some sense
Cristo Pohodolus (3 years ago)
p90´s are noisy ............. but ............ Who cares !!!!!!!!!!!! t(-.-t)
Stephan Bernardes (3 years ago)
Super kudos for playing rhythm guitar! Very nice demo.
Rodney Cham (3 years ago)
sounds quite heavy for a semi
Miguel Rodriguez (6 months ago)
+bandawhat33 you sly dog
Prophetic Rain-Maker (3 years ago)
+bandawhat33 10/10
bandawhat33 (3 years ago)
+Rodney Cham I'm getting a semi just thinking about it.
Christian Cotton (3 years ago)
Couldn't help noticing the guitar was out of tune :(
MrHinkey (3 years ago)
+Christian Cotton | Punk and Alternative Guitar Covers No it isn't...
Dunster (4 years ago)
Great sounding guitar! Granted, you could put p90s on an egg crate with aluminium strings and they would sound good!!! Teles are such wonderful guitars, and tweaking a Tele by using a hollow body and then skirting in some p90's is a nice twist. Comparing this to Gibson Melody Maker 2014 which also has p90's would be interesting I say this as a guy who owns several guitars, none of which are either a Gibson or Fender, ironically
bokchoi75 (4 years ago)
Picked one of these up based on your demo (unfortunately not from Dawsons as I'm in the USA). Just wanted to say thanks and awesome demo, this guitar is fantastic!
Andrew Ragon (4 years ago)
Sorry, what song is this? I really like the chord progression.
Ian N (1 year ago)
Seth Davis The last bit of the review is full blown “Gimme shelter”
Nathan Cox (2 years ago)
sounds alot like bohemian like you by the dandy warhols
Seth Davis (4 years ago)
Close to Gimme Shelter. The Stones.
ALREGO (4 years ago)
what amp did u use?
Prophetic Rain-Maker (3 years ago)
Black star HT5R I think?
matreames (4 years ago)
haha, I suppose I am one of those Eagle Eared types you mentioned.

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