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how do we find our own personal style, taste, and fashion preferences ? a very requested video, this one ! and a lot of fun for me to make, because i really had to think about something that i normally just take for granted. so a big thank you to everyone who has asked me to talk about this issue - it's very interesting ^.^ ___ how to look expensive on a budget : http://bit.ly/2g0A07R ___ follow us on instagram : @jennymustard - https://instagram.com/jennymustard/ @davidmustard_ - https://www.instagram.com/davidmustard_/ ___ i don't care what style you come up with - it will be gorgeous in my eyes if you yourself are happy with it. that's the beauty of style - that we all have a unique taste, just meant for us. so i hope that this video encourages you a little to dare to listen to your own idea of what's chic, stylish, fashionable, and beautiful. how you dress can be a wonderfully artistic expression of who you are - something we should all have the right to exercise. love // jenny ___ FAQ the camera equipment, editing programs, and music we use in our videos : http://jennymustard.com/etc-camera-equipment-editing-programs-music-used-in-our-videos/ my diet : http://jennymustard.com/health-my-diet/ how i became vegan : http://jennymustard.com/column-how-i-became-vegan/ where to start when going vegan : http://jennymustard.com/etc-how-to-go-vegan-my-advice-to-new-vegans-vegan-curious/ what minimalism is : http://bit.ly/29DxL5w ___ follow us on david's channel : http://bit.ly/2elHJIF instagram : https://instagram.com/jennymustard/ snapchat : jennymustard facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jenny.mustardx bloglovin' : https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/jenny-mustard-13102777 itunes podcast : http://apple.co/2bD0hqF support us on PATREON : http://www.patreon.com/JENNYMUSTARD‎
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Rebekah Avigayle (3 days ago)
You are a winter. True colors like black, white, true red, royal blue, grey look great on you.
Kathye Sargent (5 days ago)
I’m 67 and you make me braver thank you
Victoria Antoinette (10 days ago)
GIRL! that grey outfit towards the end made my heart skip a beat! you are so fuckin boss
Greta Smol (25 days ago)
I’d love an update on this
Mine is a mix really,goth,emo,grundge,girly,tomboy,ive wore all these styles and cant deside wich one i truly like
Kayden Wolf (2 months ago)
Your style seems very modern and androgynous and Im jealous 😞
Enthused Jordyn (3 months ago)
I've been looking into the Lolita style lately, but I feel a bit unsure about wearing it in public :/ I usually dress very strange anyway, and get looks for it, but the Lolita style is just so out there I'm gonna have to be brave out in public
Begüm Fidan (3 months ago)
I have gone through this phase and now i know that my “if only i were brave enough” wardrobe includes so many things but the problematic one is i like to accentuate my hips with mini shorts and stuff and i don’t accentuate my breasts at all to balance it out. I know I really do it for myself but people really give me a lot of shit about it and it’s really difficult 😣
077 Di (3 months ago)
The real issue is the bugget not any of this...if you have money you can test and try until you find it
Nanazarb (3 months ago)
My style is retro, simple, comfy and cute: I love wearing tights and stockings so most of the time I wear shorts or skirts, I like wearing a bit of colour and cute patterns like polka dots, stripes maybe flowers. My comfy side I guess is that I would never wear stilettos and it's difficult for me to find heels that I'm okay with but a few months ago I found some platform shoes that were quite comfortable: I could wear them a whole day: I just can't see the point of wearung shoes you're not gonna wear all day/all night at a party. And last of all if I wear accessories most of the time it would be hair accessories like flowers or a cute headband with a bow.
Made in Duwang (4 months ago)
My problem is the clothes I would like to wear don't look good on me
gerlindelang (4 months ago)
i took your tip for "courage style" to heart. it feels so good!
Adela Ionita (4 months ago)
I find your style impeccable. You really are an inspiration. Thank you! :)
PCLHH (4 months ago)
I love colour blocking: mixing solid unusual colours in one outfit. Also like the post-apocalyps punk style.
Ellu (5 months ago)
I know what styles i like, i just have a hard time mixing them. I like kinda alternative things most (idk how to describe it) but then I like hippie clothes too and some girly things like flower patterns and dresses and skirts and also vintage style a little. I used to wear more of those girly things but right now I wear more black, spikes, combat boots etc and i just ordered elephant harem pants that are more hippie style. I just have a hard time knowing how to mix all of these ☹
Jagódka (5 months ago)
i don’t know if this even make sense but like grungey-minimalis ?XD¿
Maryam Rustamova (5 months ago)
What is this black bag at the beginning? It is stunning
Toyon95 (5 months ago)
Hmmm what I feel most comfortable in... Unisex, casual, retro clothes in neutral colors with a fun pattern and some color of either orange, plum, mustard and dark green.
Noella Bezzle (5 months ago)
Eyeshadow stunning
J Lehman (5 months ago)
Great video 😊😍 I really enjoy colourful and epic urban, hipster clothes. I also love steampunk and avant-garde pieces as well x do you have any ideas for cool outfits in that style? 😄❤️
kamella lakkis (5 months ago)
the ones i would wear if im brave enough are the ones i never removed from my wardrobe, and maybe i started finding my own style since a year ago i started wearing those pieces mixing them with usual pieces and I can tell you it is the time i feel like im walking on red carpet even if im going to the supermarket. thanks nice advice
Valeria Ruiz (5 months ago)
Beautiful voice!!💖
Valeria Ruiz (5 months ago)
(And tips of course)
biojenmartins (5 months ago)
Jennyyyy, you're so adorable! Love your style, accent and tips!
mercedes vilchis (5 months ago)
everything looks well on you :(
Dovii Dalla (5 months ago)
I love your style, Jenny but it's become super clear to me that the number one start is comfort with your own body. I guess this was a given but, I didn't realize how uncomfortable with the weight I've gained over the winter and just how much my personal style has evolved to hide and mask how giant my stomached has gotten. Seeing you posing reminds me of how I have forgotten what it is like to try on clothes and feel free and pretty.
The Ambivalentic (5 months ago)
Jenny please tell me whose white shirt that is you are wearing!!!!
Iulia Iacob (6 months ago)
Maroulio (6 months ago)
you are awesome!
I love it. Especially the tip about what would you wear in a fantasy? I've been binging on your videos while cleaning house ever since the collabs with Justine Leconte. I love her too.
Maroulio (6 months ago)
same here!
thirstylikethemoose (6 months ago)
The older I get the less the care. For my casual style I dress 90's inspired with very dark and extravagant makeup. When I'm going out or want a more fancy look I dress 40's and 50's inspired. It's quite a shift but that's what I like.
tracy bownes (7 months ago)
Hi jenny, any tips for buying clothes when you are not earning a wage please, i am a housewife and dont have alot of money but want to change my wardrobe as i have finally found a style i like but none of my clothes that i have fit that style and now my children have left home i feel its time to dress the way i want and the clothes i have at the moment are just not me anymore ! Help needed ! x
Tanya Sehgal (8 months ago)
Even though I don't work, I'll call mine semi-casual drama. Cheers to your style Jenny :)
Natalie Love (8 months ago)
I'm not sure if I have a style :(
Karla Navarro (9 months ago)
I love dark boho style but I still need to work on being more confident in my body. I am very petit and curvy.....I feel like I need to lose some weight to be able to look good with boho style clothing.
Cristal Castro (9 months ago)
Love these tips! < 3
Madi L (9 months ago)
I would wear that dress with the shapes I love it so much where can I get it😍😍😍
Amber Manning (9 months ago)
Can you please do a hair care routine!?
autumnstreet (10 months ago)
you are simply amazing. thank you for your very easy and encouraging video!
Torgrim Gjertsås (10 months ago)
My personal style get much more colorful in winter, since i live in norway and everything is covered in white snow. And in summer i dont even wear color.
Robson Teixeira de Souza (11 months ago)
You're wonderful <3
Moony Monse (11 months ago)
Your so freaking beautiful
Kyra Marie (11 months ago)
I have the problem where I will wear something I love one day, like a more boho style, and the next day I want very sharp clean lines in solid colors. Then it switches the next day. It throws my friends for a loop every day. Most days I wear basic jeans and an old t-shirt because it's easier then trying to pick a preferred style for the day. I don't really like it, but it saves me mentally sometimes
S Naval (11 months ago)
Omg, you're so fit 😍😍 What's your workout routine? 😊😊 (love the video, btw. Keep it up! 💜💪)
Mendor Colosus (11 months ago)
Well, I used to torture myself by wearing dress and skirts. I couldnt let myself wear what i want just because it is masculine, but lately i realy dont care , i ve created a "uniform look" i keep it just simple and clear, thats only one thing about clothes that matter. But realy wear whatever you want to, i have shared wardrobe with my boyfriend because we have the same style, its quite fun :)
Nicole Hood (11 months ago)
I've had a sense of my personal style for years, but only put it into words a couple of years ago. Classic, professional, feminine are the main words I use to describe it. I feel most confident when a blazer, or collared shirt, or luxurious sweater, or fitted piece, or timeless dress or great classic pair of shoes is a part of my outfit. I favor neutral colors such as beige and black and white, and sometimes grey, or a small bit of red, and I rarely wear prints. I find that this kind of dressing allows me to accessorize really easily as well, without feeling overdone.
Sheralynn Veronica (11 months ago)
French minimalist chic
Robby Park (11 months ago)
You are so cool Jenny!!!!!!
Tena Galovic (11 months ago)
For me it was realising I really HATE trousers xD in high school I always wanted to fit in and not stand out, just like everyone else... and dresses and skirts were considered supper dressed up and fancy - people would literally ask you where are you going after school that you dolled yourself u so much. Oh, and everyone looked THE SAME, same trendy boots, same colours, ugh. But I'm a vintage, ribbons-in-my-hair and lolita silhouette type of gal! Only in uni, where no one gave a crap about who's wearing what, did I actually set myself free. Oh, and I'm constantly the only person around who wears makeup. But now, I no longer care :D
Rocio V (11 months ago)
Hi, Jenny! You give absolutely great tips! I've just found my style! I can describe it as a bit shabby, but mostly ethnic with antique details. I love accessories that look like ancient, or african or just handmade. Thanks a lot for your advice. Now I know how to feel comfortable! Greetings from Russia!😊
Chesterson Jack (11 months ago)
You are very pretty and have a very unique look. I am still striving and advocating for a world where people can confidently wear what they like and style themselves how they like.
Anybody else spot the twin peaks t shirt? :D
n o (11 months ago)
This is super helpful. Thank you Jenny!
RAMUNEsweet (1 year ago)
Simple. Delicate. Creepy. :) I love neutral outfits with some dainty and clean fabrics, but with some little creepy (or grungy or goth) touches
Laura S. (1 year ago)
I love your hair in this video. Great tips :)
Darlene W (1 year ago)
Omg I love it...how do I get in contact with you please?
Rachael Cox (1 year ago)
Love your style so much! Might have to be a bit more minimalist with mine aye? :)
Giordana (1 year ago)
pio. (1 year ago)
Toby Rogers (1 year ago)
pretty much my style: goth-ish witchy meets stereotypical lesbian + really vibrant hair
noMixedteajp (1 year ago)
I like fair trade and the classics.. Occasionally I would wear cuts stuff but Im a bit embarrassed for that now. lol
Gabrielle ? (1 year ago)
Even tho Im a girl, i love that kind of "90's skater child boy" style with oversized band tees over long tight sleeved tees , 501 Levis denim (pushes up my smol bootie) vans , non-matching socks and beanies :)
I feel the most comfortable with tomboyish loose clothes. However, people insist in giving me girly or/and sexy pieces. I understand this concept of showing off the female figure, but I really don't care about that. I pick comfort over stereotypes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You encouraged me to be more confident and honest with myself and others :)
chapachuu (1 year ago)
T-shirts, joggers, leggings, and oversize sweaters are my thing (preferably from thrift stores). I like comfortable, breathable materials (usually cotton), and a casual look. I own one suit for semi-formal and formal occasions, too. The funny thing is, I spent thousands of dollars on clothes I never wore only to go back to the stuff I liked as a kid: second-hand clothes and runners. Go figure.
tyraclark (1 year ago)
Jenny, thank you for using proper grammar and saying "couldn't care less". I'm always fighting for that term and my fellow Americans love to say "could care less".... So thank you for being so intelligent and beautiful! Take care!
overboardjulia (1 year ago)
I like to think that my style is "boho grunge" but most of my wardrobe is simple, classical pieces in black and grey. How do you change your style when shopping as little as possible and sticking to ethical brands?
Kimidog (1 year ago)
I am a girl with thick curly brown hair and I want it cut and shaved into a messy undercut, but I can't because my parents say I will look like a boy and it's not for girls and that I shouldn't waste such beautiful hair
D4ndyGames (1 year ago)
Are yoga clothes a style? Lol. I would wear tanks yoga pants and cute sports bras all day if I could.
DjRayz 98 (1 year ago)
t shirt and joggers for me, everyday.
Ren Dori (1 year ago)
I do really like your style. I have always been attracted to the Korean style but I do not think with my current weight and body shape I could pull it off. I am attending slimming world and have lost half a stone already and aim to get to a size 14. I realized recently that my taste is changing, what I am attracted to is changing. I have started a vision board on the pintrest under the name "Sarah Feest" If you wish to check it out. I a fearing though how my friends will react to my change in taste. Most of all I fear my besties reaction because she means the world to me, she has been through a lot with tme, supported me so much and I couldn't live if she didn't talk to m again because of my taste changing. So I haven't bout it up yet. Please, can you give me some advice on this? I'm also following your advice on starting to become a minimalist, about doing one or two things each ay day or week so that it not a dramatic change in one go and over whelming. Today I sorted through my tiny bathroom and my bookshelf. I took the donate stuff right down to the charity shop straight after so that it didn't come back into the house. I am also banning myself from emotional shopping and I'm not allowed to go out to town when I'm feeling like that so I don't tempt myself. I am also implementing a rule that if I bring something in, something has to go out. since finding your channel it's really helped me to see that minimalist lifestyle is for me, I think it will tremendously help with my mental health which is really bad right now. Not to mention the added bonus of more money saved up for important things and to live off once i retire.
Olivia Beaudoin (1 year ago)
Just found your channel...and you are just fabulous! Currently binging all your videos. haha. Thanks for being you :)
Miguel Trujillo (1 year ago)
Jenny Mustard Your a Kind Person for doing this for others and encouraging them and nurturing then to be all themselves it's very like a motherly loveing kind of gesture and love may the Goddes and God bless you where ever you are. As A Soul I love you and send energy of Love where ever you are thanks for the tips and encouragement and hope you have lot's Love in your life and a Great Good Life Blessed Be So Mote It Be Amen
Jordan (1 year ago)
My style is very minimal. I like plain and cozy clothes.
J.S.S. Records (1 year ago)
I love it . Silver Shirley,,,Vicksburg, MS USA
Priyanka Todariya (1 year ago)
Your eyes are beautiful
Rachel Wright (1 year ago)
+ Jenny Mustard You are one BOLD babe!! Love the crop top on you, you have beautiful feminine curves! Although our clothing styles are so far apart, I am so inspired by your ability to be comfortably you in anything you wear. I am just figuring out my style (realizing that the "trendy" stuff I buy and what mostly fills my closet is not what I love to wear) I am just discovering myself on this subject. I got rid of over 100 pieces in my closet this week. It was a huge leap for me, also considering I don't know what I will replace it with. I feel overwhelmed but excited. I am done buying 10 things I find *meh* to one piece I love. I want to love everything I wear - I tried the baggy t-shirt boho-ish style for so long but have realized that I hate it. I am petite, have an hourglass figure and love outfits that accentuate my small waist. Mostly neutral colors with an occasional deep wine red or navy blue. I love most when it is a bit more fitted - makes me feel feminine. I guess I need to go try things on and figure out what I will LOVE! Thank you for sharing, I have been checking out many more of your vids! Love from Utah!
ABitInsane (1 year ago)
I love this so much. I recently found what style I'm really comfortable in. I enjoy dressing in a gothic boho style. The flowy nature of boho mixed with all black and/or dark colors of goth really makes me feel like a desert warrior. When I was younger I would always have to chase what others were doing to feel like I was normal (I have ADHD and was a "nuisance" to others and I'm extremely tall so i was often excluded from what other kids were doing). I went through an emo phase, a swag phase, a bum phase, a neon phase, really anything you can think of, I tried all to appease people. I never really felt comfortable wearing what I had until I discovered gothic boho. Gothic boho is also great if you're a minimalist since you really only need a couple dresses, cardigans, hats, and pairs of shoes. I feel way more confident and my closet is thanking me since it's shrinking the more I realize doesn't fit my aesthetic.
LadyNikitaShark (1 year ago)
i love how this fashion advise turns in a love yourself vídeo.
Anna Strickland (1 year ago)
I love wearing anything that pleases my eyes. As long as I like it, I will wear it. My clothes range from super baggy jeans and hoodies to cute skirts and gothic dresses.
Jeongyeon Lee (1 year ago)
I'm trying to find my style ..I like simple and chic style including makeup. I love your style😍😍 This video makes me think of my style once again. I want to express true myself 👩Thanks 🙏
ashu eposi (1 year ago)
this hair color looks good on you
D.Y. K (1 year ago)
you're lovely ❤
m ag (1 year ago)
I love all your videos but I have a question about ypur look , is that any specific reason that you shave your eye brow?
Dahlia Cross (1 year ago)
I would have the best fuckin style would I be 10 sizes smaller
gabrielle fae (1 year ago)
I loved this video so much Jenny.....you have inspired me and I'm very excited to put your advice and tips to practice.
Patty Cake (1 year ago)
I wish I could afford fine fabrics. I'm stuck with not so stylish cloths around my area. around here I would probly be considered a bit strange, I do try hard not to dress like women my age, but I don't like to dress to young either. I like the white flowy button downs, with a shirt under it, and if I can get away with it no bra.I have the smaller chest, I call it my sheek look. I feel super sexy in it.
Julia Panas (1 year ago)
Color is a big part of my wardrobe/outfits. Also I love midi skirts and I wear them all the time (I no longer own pants). My favorite outfit is a midi green swing skirt and a cream body-tight top with orange detailing. So on my list of accessorizing options is green lips, orange earrings, white pom pons, etc. I love wearing more unique pieces and wild makeup, head turners of sorts. It really makes you feel confident about your self, when you realize that you don't care if anyone is looking. Thank you for the amazing video, Jenny! Let's spread the message!
Nie Fagundes (1 year ago)
mesmerizing eyes!
Tho Tran (1 year ago)
It sounds really simple, but it's difficult to do.
yue ma (1 year ago)
fell in love with ur style internally and externally immediately!
Janet Farnworth (1 year ago)
I love color and patterns and flowery, flowing fabrics. Did you ever see Isabela Blow's plastic bag coat? You can see it at the beginning of the YouTube video just called Isabela Blow. Wonderful!
Tristian Green (1 year ago)
Love all the pics of all your styles.
Tristian Green (1 year ago)
I would love to wear elegant Victorian style clothes. I'm not worried to wear something like this in public though, the problem is it's about 90-105 degrees all year long where I live. Eventually I hope to move but it is hard to convince my fiancee since he has a very good job here. I will be going through my closet a 3rd time to get rid of more though. I'm similar with the neutral colors. If I buy something bright I usually will wear it once and then never again. I hate doing that.
Rebeccanil (1 year ago)
I love your channel! So good content! Thanks for all the tips.
Sonja Koroleva (1 year ago)
I like some "ugly" style :D Orange jacket in L-size and green-pink shirt with red skirt. It looks good, but I'm a little too shy to go in this outfit in school. Triyng to be braver, thank you for inspiration!
Kasia G (1 year ago)
This is just so stupid how we feel that everyone cares about what we do/wear:D I mean seriously it is like the first day in new school when we assume that everyone is going to be arledy frinds and we are the only one who knows noone. This is just crazy as everyone in new situation is in the same place and on daily basis noone really carse about strangers that much to even remember they have seen someone dressed different day later :) Do what you want (as long as you don't hurt anyone) and feel free to wear what you want!
Chitown ShaSha (1 year ago)
Lately I have gained weight since I got pregnant and had my baby so I ended up buying a lot of stuff just because it was on sale. Nothing I really liked. I am not comfortable in my body now so I really don't knw what to wear til I shed the extra pounds.
undergroundparablist (1 year ago)
Bohemian vibe from the mid- to late 60's!!! ❤️🤗🤗🤗 It makes me smile! And I thrive in it!
Helena Younis (1 year ago)
the things i like to wear are white and cute but shows the shape of my body. i love white and light colours and light pinks ,tolle and Dantelle but some of them are not suitable for my age now...i try to make them work somehow.
Omneya Adel (1 year ago)
Desperately waiting for a My Style Evolution video.............
Mar Khorkhordina (1 year ago)
slouchy grandma 50% of the time goes hiking 50% goes clubbing is my look

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