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jerry (9 months ago)
Russia says, "Your kung fu is no good here!"
haix ь т я л б (9 months ago)
Putin did not like your comments about ruski faked missiles. You got thumbs down. Another prove, that you're right on the money. Great job Brian.
Drago Istr (9 months ago)
The podcast flows better! Sorry
Kenneth Crips (9 months ago)
Yes Chima's whole economy is based on sand
Kenneth Crips (9 months ago)
Watch the YouTube channel ADVChina you learn more about China than any place else.
haix ь т я л б (9 months ago)
Kenneth Crips my favorite ..... SERPENTZA is great too.
Kenneth Crips (9 months ago)
What difference does it make in China they have had a the same autocratic goverment for the last 1500 years

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