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Top 5 Fall Men's Jackets for 2015 - Paragon Sports NYC

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Paragon Sports' top 5 picks for Fall Men's Jackets. Canada Goose Macmillan Parka http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/canada-goose-macmillan-parka Fjällräven Greenland No. 1 Special Jacket http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/fjallraven-greenland--1-special-jkt Marmot Mountain Down Jacket http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/clothing-5003466--1/outerwear-20499--1/marmot-mountain-down-jacket-5006-71640--1 The North Face Fuseform Dot Matrix Insulated Jacket http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/clothing-5003466--1/outerwear-20499--1/the-north-face-m-fuseform-dot-matrix-in-5010-nf00cky1--1 The North Face Polar Journey Parka http://www.paragonsports.com/shop/en/Paragon/clothing-5003466--1/outerwear-20499--1/the-north-face-m-polar-journey-parka-5010-nf00cql3--1 --- Paragon Sports 18th & Broadway New York, NY http://www.paragonsports.com
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Marc Bolding (3 years ago)
That Mountain Down Jacket is the Answer to high windy cold days, and Ideal for Blizzards. It Runs a little big so if you're normally a Large try on a medium to compare the fit.

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