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DSP 6/24

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Taylor West (1 year ago)
Did Chris Kyle at least get 150 kills? Or was that b.s. too?
Joe Smith (1 year ago)
does your sunday show have a podcast or video cast
Sawdust Caesar (1 year ago)
READY STEADY GO! And yes, even though I get BRYAN w/ iTunes, I use to rely on KFI for downloads to my iPod, then fing IHEART took over and blocked downloads to my iPod. Fkers. THANKS BRYAN for a good show and I am a big time liberal mFer! But open minded so there it is! OBAMA screwed the pooch again embarrassing my dying DEM party! fuck. Trump is still a PUTIN loving lying fuck so were even. Go ahead drop your bombs on my comments now HA!
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
60 min....can u please post the paragraph that u mentioned. Thank you
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
50 min. Could not hear the interview with the kgb guy. On the radio it was audiable, not podcast. Not complating, just sating.
Bryan Suits (1 year ago)
+John Kosinski That's the prob with livestreaming: if I don't turn off my mic, you cant hear the audio I'm playing.
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
Brian, we have only 6 illegals. They gave u 6 thumbs down.
Jim Healy (1 year ago)
Great watching DSP this way!! I don't have to hear the over used ad's and sound bites, from the crappy weekday shows!!
The Clintidote (1 year ago)
I can't understand why anybody would listen live to a radio station that has what feels like 20-minute commercial/promo breaks. If the podcast of a two-hour show is 70 minutes long, I'm grateful it exists.
The Clintidote (1 year ago)
Podcasts from June 17th and 24th are missing.
Jalu3 (1 year ago)
last spreaker upload od dsp is 6/17
Jalu3 (1 year ago)
The Clintidote that and the superhyperlocalsundays have not been uploaded for a while
Ham Dinger (1 year ago)
Good show Bryan. Thank you.
Ham Dinger (1 year ago)
Atonement by Ian McEwan is a great book.
Ham Dinger (1 year ago)
I really liked the long introduction. :(
Ham Dinger (1 year ago)
Hue 1968 is a great book.
Ham Dinger (1 year ago)
Cool video.
Jeff Davis (1 year ago)
Great interview? Too bad we couldn't hear it.
Jolene K (1 year ago)
😨🇺🇸🇺🇸best cast aside from John Thomas' And who gives a flying fuck about glitches when the content's excellent?
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
Ditto, no worry. Excelent show. I don't mind even if Brian has to do #2. :)

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