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6 Signs She's Not Into You (Abort!)

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http://www.KateSpring.com -- 6 Signs She's Not Into You Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot tell for the life of you whether or not the woman you have spent so much money and time on is interested in you??? I'm Kate Spring, and I'm here to share 6 signs that she’s not into you. Too many people are passive aggressive and have a serious inability to face their problems head on. When I was young, I would have preferred to write a Chemistry exam than to talk openly about my feelings. And, unfortunately, too many women are still like this today. It's not malicious. It's more of an act of self-preservation because we genuinely don't want to hurt people's feelings, and we surely do not want to deal with the guilt that follows rejecting someone. So I'm going to share 6 ways you can tell she's not into you. I'd say the first sign that a woman is not interested in you is if she isn't responding to your texts. This is the MOST passive aggressive way to let someone know you're not interested. Ghosting is such a shitty habit of our generation How have we evolved to such a place where this is now considered normal? If you’re not familiar with ghosting, it is the act of just not responding to someone. Urban Dictionary defines it as “fading, or quietly disappearing from someone’s life and cutting off all communication.” Horrendous. And If you yourself do this, don’t. Have more respect for people and their time. Ok, rant over. Another way to tell if she isn’t interested in you, which you can tell through text messages, is if her answers are short. If her texting is like those one-word fridge magnet poems where you just piece one word together after another. And getting a full sentence out of her takes longer than reading the Harry Potter series in its entirety, then she is not interested in you, and you would find your time better spent finding someone else. Another way to tell that she isn’t into you, which is even worse than ghosting, is if she makes out with someone else. This happens in dating today, and it is a very key thing to look for. As well, it doesn’t matter how drunk she claims she was. She is not thinking about you or your feelings; therefore, move on. Plain and simple. Involved in a go-nowhere relationship, having drank himself into indifference, I had this pulled on me once. The guy I was seeing started having a dance floor make out session. My response was brief: "See you later, see you never." Needless to say, I felt like shit and had to have a serious sit down talk with myself about the type of person I wanted to be with. It started with understanding that I had missed all of the signs and had refused to let my situation speak until I needed to hear it as a scream! I know that they say that love is blind, but, in the early stages, before your heart is invested, make sure that she is into you as much as you are into her. And that means reading the signs. If you want to avoid situations like I just mentioned, head over to katespring.com/free and grab a free copy of my attraction building handbook, which will help you get any girl you want and keep her interested. That’s katespring.com/free. And you will find the link in the details below. The third sign that she isn’t into you is if she hasn’t introduced you to any of her friends. This might be because she's embarrassed of you or sees no future with you. Or her friends just suck or maybe she just sucks? Regardless, move one. If someone doesn’t want to show you off, then I think we are entering the friend zone, or maybe she is just not into you. The fourth sign is a lack of eye contact. If she does not look you in the eye, you have a serious problem. Eye contact has to do with our level of comfort in a situation. If we lack eye contact, or it is sporadic, then that is usually a sign that someone is uncomfortable, whereas if someone has strong eye contact, then that usually means that they are comfortable. And, plus, if a woman likes you, she will look at you and probably won’t be able to take her eyes off of you. Do you guys have any questions yet? No, well when you do, don’t forget to leave them in the comments below. Ok, the fifth sign that tells you that you should abort the mission is if she puts no effort into her looks. Most of the time, women will dress up for any situation where the two of you are hanging out. It is a way for her to show you that she is interested in you without having to say it. So if she is putting little to no effort in, I think you have entered the friend zone, my friend.
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Text Comments (819)
Mini Mixers (20 hours ago)
This creepy guy keeps texting me after I explained to him I’m going send him this video....jk lol
Jack Worth (17 days ago)
I cannot concentrate at all what Kate is saying, she is so attractive and desirable, I only can see her big beautiful eyes and breasts moving around. What a sweet lady! Someone is a very happy man to be with such a beautiful and smart woman.
Chris Esca (2 days ago)
Jack Worth looser
Amin Limbu (24 days ago)
Tyler Blevins (1 month ago)
This boosted my confidence and made me smile
Izuke Deku (1 month ago)
Why am i here?
"I think you've entered the Friendzone my friend" Wow...double friendzoned hahahah jk I love your videos. They've helped me a lot on to be who I am at any time :D
Kate Spring (1 month ago)
Glad to hear it _my friend!_ 😉
paul cooper (2 months ago)
Can you tell me whats going on in this situation i went to one of my many opponitments at a hospital i usualy go the woman that i see there i was talking to her just ingeneral conversation anyway as i got dressed and turned around she was just staring at me like she was hypnatised or something and i notced her pupils were dilated which kind of freaked me out alittle because it caught me by surprise i wasnt expecting to see that anyway we locked eyes for what seemed a very long time neither one of us looked away then at some stage i thought il say something to break the stare so i asked her a question in which she continued to stare and more intensly before answering the question but also mentioning she has a boyfriend it was strange i would appreachiate any input of what you thing is going on there why stare at someone like that and then mention having a boyfriend.
Kate Spring (1 month ago)
It does sound a bit weird, but it's most likely just casual flirting. It's a positive sign that might have more meaning into it, but you're better off not wasting your time and move on.
TheRoderickbell (2 months ago)
That was real and to the point.
Kate Spring (2 months ago)
Exactly how I try to keep my video contents 😉
John Encarnacion (2 months ago)
wow your're soo hot
John Encarnacion (2 months ago)
+Kate Spring Anytime gorgeous :p
Kate Spring (2 months ago)
Thanks John 😊
Scott Edwards (3 months ago)
I’m in love with you Kate.
Kate Spring (2 months ago)
Sweet. Thanks Scott! 💖
Ultraman 70 (3 months ago)
Yeah, she's not into me
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
Look on the bright side. At least now you won't be wasting your time anymore and move on to start looking for someone else who likes you back 😉
Ultraman 70 (3 months ago)
100% confirmed
Thanos (3 months ago)
why are you reading?
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
So you'll listen and stop snapping your fingers 😉
Jeremy Langford (3 months ago)
Thanks Kate you're a beautiful and empethetic gal which is difficult to find these days. I thought generally all women ghosted guys and i think it just sucks.
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
Well I'm certainly not ghosting this comment Jeremy, thanks! 😉
BMan2Cool4U (3 months ago)
Ghosting happens to me with every single girl I text on dating sites, all I ask is what kind of hobbies they have. It's like if your not interested just say so.
BMan2Cool4U (3 months ago)
+Kate Spring sad thing is that it's not one specific girl, I just talk once to each girl who I think might be interesting.
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
It sucks when that happens, I know. There are times when it's unavoidable like when maybe she's busy or anything but if you notice she's been ghosting you a lot and out of nowhere, then I think you should just stop wasting your time and move on.
J W (3 months ago)
@Kate Spring I asked a girl that I liked out on a date and she said "Maybe once i get my business up and running" and then she proceeded to give me signs that she likes me like hugging me and touching my hands but when I ask her out via text she ignores every text. When I text that I miss seeing her she ignores this too but still text me if she needs something from me. What do I make of this?
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
I think you should consider moving on at this point Josh. The catch phrase is "...ignores... but still text me if she needs something from me." If a woman likes you, she'd jump at every chance to get to talk to you. If that isn't enough to convince you, I suggest you give it one last shot and ask her out. If she makes any other lame excuse to bail out, you should just really take the hint and start to move on.
Arbazz Khan (3 months ago)
Love you Kate sprng💖💗
Arbazz Khan (3 months ago)
+Kate Spring 😗😗😗
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
Love from Canada! 💖
davidromancelly (3 months ago)
Did anyone notice at 2:43 she said “get any girl you want and keep her interested” but the point of this video is to know the signs of when she’s not interested. So therefore if she shows the signs she’s not interested because she’s not attracted to you there’s no way it’s possible to get every girl to like you
davidromancelly (3 months ago)
Kate Spring hhmm, that’s interesting. I certainly wasn’t expecting a response. Thank you Kate 🙂
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
Except that the statement is actually about The Attraction Handbook that I mentioned a few seconds earlier, not about the video. Nice try though 😉
Bjorn Ironsides (3 months ago)
Kate, you made eye contact with me the whole video... So you're in to me?
Bjorn Ironsides (3 months ago)
​+Kate Spring haha, not a single finger mark on that lens.
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
The camera lens looked so attractive 😉
Bjorn Ironsides (3 months ago)
"Too many people are passive aggressive..." So damn true. Drives me nuts when my wife would get that way. The moment I ask the hard questions during a conflict, she breaks down or ends the discussion by walking away. Then claims I don't listen... pfffff. Easy out.
Mike Thomas (3 months ago)
Hi Kate-long term girlfriend has been off lately. Dismissive, shrugs of questions and makes up BS excuses. Doesn't listen to me anymore, share anything and hides who she talks to and gives dumb ass expalnationions. When i tried to talk to he she got immediately defensive, started answering questions with questions and overall her answers just didn't make sense. She says nothing going on, my gut says otherwise and she broke up because now that was too traumatic for her. Is this girl full of crap?!!!
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
I know I don't have all the details but based on what you gave me, I think you should just move on Mike. You're better off finding someone else than staying in a toxic relationship like this.
So what if she's doing the oppostie of all of these but you're still preety sure she's not into you?
+Kate Spring I've tried and I couldn't, before I could control it but ever since her birthday party I have literally not been able to focus on my studies, training or myself. Even though I meditate, have always been calm and been able to push down any types of emotions in the past I just can't this time. I just texted her that I need to talk to her tomorrow and whatever her response is I will come out happier, I just hope she doesn't get too sad.
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Well if you're pretty sure about it then there's no reason for you to give it more thought and just move on. You're better off not wasting more of your time and go on finding someone else.
Mr Saeed (4 months ago)
Lol, talk about stating the obvious😴
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Trust me, there's a lot of guys out there that just don't get it no matter how obvious it is!
Jorel Simpson (4 months ago)
What if I told you I am getting 3 signs shes into me, and three signs shes not. This really happened before. Please bust this riddle open for me. Commenters welcome to give advice too.
Jorel Simpson (4 months ago)
+Kate Spring Thank you
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
That means the guessing time is over and you should start asking her out Jorel. It's the only way to know!
Daniel Dubal (4 months ago)
Girls are just crazy dont try to understand them just love them.
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
I find this comment rather sweet 😍
Adesubomi Oshun (4 months ago)
Hey Kate Spring, i have a lot of questions and need a lot of advice. Is there any way i can talk with you privately(maybe instagram dm) case my questions are to much to type in a public comment space
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Head over to my website katespring.com and use the contact page 🙂
Darren Krock (4 months ago)
The woman I am speaking to has me confused as hell. Good: She establishes eye contact when we converse. She asked for me to call her and voluntarily gave her number. She always notices me when I walk in the room She said "Sure. Yeh. Ok" when i asked if we could chat more over dinner after she gets out of work. The bad: She ignores my texts She flakes when we make plans She doesn't ask me questions about myself. I've noticed I have to keep the conversation going while she says the bare minimum. I would rather a woman be honest with me when she rejects me, instead of playing games and ghosting me. Confused as hell. Help!
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
It sure looks like the negative outweighs the positive signs. I suggest you go try and ask her out one more time. Make sure there's little room for excuse for her to bail out. If she does or say, maybe ghosts you again, it's time for you to take the hint and just move on at that point. I wouldn't want you to waste your time and efforts with a dead-end Darren. Hoping for the best for you!
Ameen Sh (4 months ago)
Quick question.. what if the girl responds and you guys hangout and sometimes even train together.. how can you tell whether you're friend zoned or she likes you? It can be confusing sometimes
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
You can't just simply assume you're in the friend zone Ameen. You need to make your move to know if she actually likes you or if she'd just rather have you as a friend. Then you'd know if you're in the friend zone or not.
Bryan McCallum (4 months ago)
This makes perfect sense! Thank you Kate!
shinnidan (4 months ago)
Okay 3 of 6.....that's bad ?
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Pretty much, yeah. It would be best for you to consider moving on and start seeing other women at this point. Doing so might actually even work to your advantage since jealousy would sometimes kick in. If she sees you going out with someone else, she'll realize she's not the center of your world and would think twice about playing hard-to-get the next time!
Frank Gercas (4 months ago)
Money can't buy love.  I should have paid attention to the 'signs" but didn't. Met someone in a work related setting. There was casual talk, then exchanging phone numbers. There was an age gap I'm 60 she's 30. She mentioned that I looked 40s ish.  We worked at two different locations. Plus she lived  an hour drive or so from me in a different city. The texting continued , 4 or 5 a day for a couple months. One day she texted me and said she was in a bind and needed her car insurance paid. I gave her money to cover  6 months. I bought her a couple necklaces, a couple bracelets, earrings, and two rings. She bought a condo and told me she had no furniture. So I sent a couple gift cards via interoffice mail. Then we met up after she got off work (she worked nights) and I was heading in to work. I gave her a weeks vacation check I cashed in for 500 dollars. I asked her when we could get together for dinner. She said maybe soon. Then the ghosting started...I'd text and not get a reply...Maybe a text back like ohh I've been busy...this went on for a month or so....I finally just stopped texting...I asked someone who worked with her to tell her I said hi...but never got a response...lesson learned.....this wasn't my first rodeo but I should have paid more attention to the "signs"...
Frank Gercas (4 months ago)
yeah,...life's too short to be a "grumpy cat" lol
Frank Gercas (4 months ago)
Yes I have a positive way of thinking, I hope others can learn from this too...and thanks for your support!!
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
It's not like you did anything wrong but I'm sorry you had to experience it firsthand and learn the hard way Frank. Just look on the bright side. At least it didn't make you bitter(like most men would) and you finally know what you need look out for!
karlspel (4 months ago)
You made a bunch of good points. It's a good video. Apart from the self advertising but then you kinda need to. I dropped a like. Thanks!
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Why, thank you! Appreciate it! 😊
The Cowboy (4 months ago)
What about if she is super busy, and she mainly wants to get together, but late at night, and seemingly at her convenience. She has never brought you around her friends, even though you are acquainted with them somewhat, and when she sees them like at a bar, or club, she goes over and starts hanging out with them and leaves you sitting by yourself. She also knows that you have deep feelings for her, yet she still keeps having you over to have sex, gets jealous and sarcastic if she thinks that you're talking to other women, or hooking up with them, even if you're not, but will never say how she feels about you, that you're supposed to know, and will not really talk about the idea of commitment. (Seeing is she gets jealous if she thinks you're talking/hooking up with other girls, implies that she has feelings, yet she won't make any claim to you.) Yet at the same time she runs you down every chance she gets. She's extremely sarcastic, and a lot of times twists things you say. And finally, you come out and tell her that you love her, and you mean that with all your heart. And she says: "No you don't. You just think you do." So what's going on?
The Cowboy (3 months ago)
+Kate Spring - So I had a chance to read your reply, and you're right. And I have been a fool to let her do that to me. And I must say i think the whole notion of FWBs is a lie. To think you can be strictly friends, yet still participate in such an intimate activity like sex, and expect for someone; be it you or the other person, to not get emotionally invested at some point, is just foolish. Somebody always gets their feelings involved sooner or later. And normally those feelings are not reciprocated, so somebody winds up getting hurt. And normally when this happens, trying to go back to being just friends is impossible. If there are people who can actually do that, they're in the minority.
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
If it isn't too obvious already, she's trying to take advantage of you while also keeping you at bay so she can have still have the benefits without ever having to commit to a relationship. I suggest you keep your distance for now. You can also watch this video about escaping the friend zone to know more on what you need to do next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juo5zwRe3mk
Erik Anderson (4 months ago)
I like your videos Kate, but l haven't found some on starting, having, and holding a first conversation with a woman in a busy environment. In my case it's a Ballroom dance studio. I meet women of interest, but lack the social confidence to really get their attention beyond just dancing. I've recently thought that l could lead a woman of interest to a quieter area of the studio to sit next to each other to talk, since l am 6'4". This is where l am at now. Do you have any suggestions?
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Hey Erik! This video about mastering small talk might be helpful in your case, but the one important advice I'd like you to remember is to be yourself. A temporary built-up confidence will do you no good. Women can absolutely tell if you're just trying to fake it so you can impress her. Just relax, have fun, and most all, keep it real! Here's that video I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eGRGK48Sc8
Elias Van den Broeck (4 months ago)
You look Nice
Elias Van den Broeck (4 months ago)
Thx for you're reaction! Kate Spring! :) with my plesure
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Thank you Elias! 😊
Peter Johannsen (5 months ago)
everyone in the comments is bitter as hell LOL. Kate, you are gorgeous.
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
You'll get used to them if you stick long enough 😂 Thank you Peter!
Brandon Felder (5 months ago)
Good advice, good vid
Kate Spring (5 months ago)
Thanks Brandon! 🙂
Senor Sneaky (5 months ago)
Ok there's this girl at work that I think might be into me. She's crazy sweet but seems to also be sweet to everyone. That being said she has on multiple occasions found reasons to touch me or get my attention. Sometimes when I'm working I turn around and notice that she's staring at me. I'm very tempted to ask her out but here lies my problem. She told me when we first met that she had just gotten out of a long term relationship that ended badly so the last thing I want to do is take advantage of someone who might be emotionally vulnerable. Plus other guys at work have asked her out and have been shot down. She could just be a girl looking for a good friend which I'm cool with but if there is even a remote possibility that I could have a chance with her I don't want to miss it. This girls signals are all over the place and not knowing where I stand is driving me a bit bonkers.
Kate Spring (5 months ago)
If you don't want to miss your chance then why haven't you told her yet? It sounds like your fear of getting rejected is the one that's holding you back more than not wanting to take advantage of her. Just go and ask her out before someone beats you to it!
Brett Woodmansee (5 months ago)
Guys, pay close attention to #4 eye contact. This applies to flirting and or introducing yourself to her. If you can’t hold eye contact with her, move on! It doesn’t matter how attracted you are, the feeling isn’t mutual so don’t waste your time.
John Mangan (5 months ago)
I was ghosted pretty hard after a girl told me she was genuinely interested in me. I think she was trying to tell me what I wanted to hear, then ran the other way. Pretty crappy move, but, her loss!
John Mangan (5 months ago)
Kate Spring even though it went on for two months? I knew her for several months before trying to start an intentional dating friendship. Doesn’t seem fair.
Kate Spring (5 months ago)
You got the right attitude by not chasing her but we never know what the future holds or what her reason is so don't close the doors just yet John 😉
Justin R Varga (5 months ago)
I still have friends both male and female that take ghosting as a serious insult 😂. Who cares???? There are tens of thousands of great people out there. Sooner someone ghosts or tells you there not interested the better. The sooner you find the right partner and your time is not wasted but that’s the thing we can’t buy time.
JT Latshaw (6 months ago)
Marry me kate
Kate Spring (6 months ago)
Oh someone already beat you to it buddy 😉
cowkies _ (6 months ago)
Help me i am not interested in thing guy but i don't wnat to hurt his feelings
Joel Peter (7 months ago)
Question: I have a crush on this girl, she switched from long, interested texts to those short im-talking-to-a-wall texts without a reason and has ignored my last two text the past day. Is this a red flag or is she just busy? Honestly I got way too much into promising my support to her and I never break my word so I will still support her as a friend (and move on, im kinda over the crush already, this stuff turns me off real fast). Now the question is how do I honestly tell her that I have had a crush on her, but have noticed her behavior and accepted its meaning (if it indeed is a red flag as I fear), however will not reject her as a friend and continue supporting her. I do still want her as a friend. Shes going through a tough time rn and the last thing she needs is another source of guilt.
Joel Peter (7 months ago)
+Kate Spring thank you for your informative answer!
Kate Spring (7 months ago)
Did she say she was busy? If she didn't, then it's definitely a red flag Joel, though it's not exactly a deal-breaker for you since you said she's going through something right now. Just pick your timing right so she gets the idea that you're not just thinking about yourself, but hers as well.
Brysen Dale (7 months ago)
Lol I met a chick ended up spending the night with her and most of the next day but she doesn’t text often and leaves me on read but still wants to go on a date this weekend it’s really hot and cold.
TranquilDark180 (6 months ago)
+Kate Spring May wanna make a vid on that if ya havent already? I know I'm a horrid texter.
Kate Spring (7 months ago)
There could be a lot of reasons for that Brysen. One of the most common reason is that she's busy, but you also have to consider the fact that it could be because of the way you text. You wanna make sure to make your texts interesting and not just the usual hey and hi. Try to spice it up a little bit. Ask open-ended questions that would catch her attention and make her want to answer 😉
SHARPY (7 months ago)
Kate Spring (7 months ago)
Ooh tough luck there. You better watch this video ASAP to know more about escaping the friend zone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juo5zwRe3mk
Ron Lambert (7 months ago)
dam she's cute.
Pcb explorer (7 months ago)
I got ghosted. I met a girl at a sub shop got her number we texted nice long conversation for a couple days then suddenly no response. May be a couple weeks later I went to that sub shop and saw her she spoke to me like we never met before. I didn't question her or anything I just let it go.
Pcb explorer (7 months ago)
The weird thing about this is we were chatting on Facebook messenger and then suddenly she stopped responding and it shows my messages weren't being read anymore. I messaged her again yesterday and no read and no response. May be she put me on ignore. It's no big deal I just wanted to be friends Any way but wish she would have at least said something.
Kate Spring (7 months ago)
You can totally try and shoot her another message. If she suddenly goes out of the radar again, give it a week or two and try again If she goes dark on you again after that, then that's most likely a good indication that she isn't interested. It's a bit of a long shot but you don't want to waste a good chance 😉
Jose Flores (8 months ago)
I very much enjoy your videos. Thank you
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
Good to know that Jose. Stay tuned for more! 🙂
Cecca Letifer (8 months ago)
KATE SPRING....r u in a relationship right now or r u still single?
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
I'm in a relationship Cecca! Gonna get married real soon 😉
Daniel Salazar (8 months ago)
Wow Kate, What you just said is exactly what's happening to me. I've been seeing my coworker for almost almost a year and a half. Taking her out dinner and drinks. When she messages me I drop whatever I'm doing and go. When I tell her how beautiful and sexy she looks that I find her attractive she loves it. But nothing. When I tell her that I'm tired of being alone that I should out and meet women she tells me to wait that the right girl will come to you not to go out looking for women. I tell her that I'm ready for a relationship but she tells me she likes being single and I should do the same. Not to be looking for other women. It's sad to say but I beginning to realize that all I am to her is a friend to her when she has no plans on the weekends or only wants to company when she's having drinks. I have told her that I do have feelings for her but all she has is not now it's for us being single. I don't want that Kate. I want to have a relationship with her. It's a hard pill to swallow when but I guess I will have to go and move on maybe some other women will appreciate what i offer because I know I can make them happy.
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
Awww, so sorry to hear that Daniel. It's always hard when you're stuck in the friend zone. But not all is lost. Have you seen my video about escaping the friend zone yet? If not, watch it(link below) as soon as you can! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juo5zwRe3mk
Acharich Speaks (8 months ago)
Yay, thankfully the girl I'm interested in pursuing hasn't shown any of these.. lol she did ghost a lil bit, but I think she was genuinely busy & she wrote a lot when she finally replied.. 💭💭💭 - @Acharich
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
That's good to know Acharich! It really goes a long way if you give her space when she says she's busy. It shows that you're not needy and that's definitely gonna help you a lot! :-)
Zyzor (8 months ago)
So this chick I’m into keeps leading me on and she’s smiling when I talk to her and she always texts me back. She uses a lot of smiley emojis and when I talk to her I purposely look around and then look back at her and she never breaks eye contact with me. She also never really avoids me but since we just met she wants to hang out but didn’t want to commit to a time. She said she’s going away for a week but looks forward to hanging out when she gets back. I think I’ve been duped but can’t tell. I said she could block my number if she didn’t want to hear from me and she said she didn’t want to because she wanted to hang
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
She probably needs more time to get comfortable with you Zyzor. Whatever her reason is, she's totally got you in the friend zone and you need to get out of it soon! I've talked about that in this video so give it a look as soon as you can 😊 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juo5zwRe3mk
Zyzor (8 months ago)
Also she gave me her number right away at work even tho we had only spent two hours at work chatting
ARC 77 (8 months ago)
There is a girl in my class who I’m very attracted to. When I look her way she looks back at me. I tried to say something when she came in to class but she quickly left the room before I could say something. What does all that mean?
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
Does this happen everytime? If not, then try again and make sure you've got a better timing next time you do. She probably had to go somewhere urgent at that time 😉
Wyattsarus (8 months ago)
Seem to be getting alot of mixed signals. She's a co-worker. 7 years older than me but doesn't act that way. Getting all the physical signs from her that shes interested. Touching, deep eye contact, playing with hair, showing neck. Gives me reasons to come visit her. We have great conversations and I have no problem making her smile and laugh. But she does ghost sometimes and hasn't offered a good time for her to hangout outside of work when asked out. She's been single for a long time and maybe she's just not sure what she thinks yet? What do you think?
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
That could be a reason, yes. But by the looks of it, she's totally got you in the friend zone. I say try to keep your options open and start seeing other girls. I'm not saying you close the doors on her, but a healthy jealousy is pretty handy when used right. Maybe once she realizes she's not the only girl out there, she'd stop playing hard-to-get. If not, then you've already got a head start by seeing other women 😉
zombiekillin (9 months ago)
All these points are spot on, but it's just a little distracting watching you as you read your cue cards. Otherwise, good video.
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
Heey! Thanks for pointing that out. I'll try to improve on that part on my future videos and I really appreciate feedbacks like this! You're awesome! :-)
Guero Cruz (9 months ago)
Stephen Blackwell (9 months ago)
I'm 49 and basically have been in four relationships can take me back to 16 I'm super loyal and despise cheaters I have ended long time friendships after finding out my friend is cheating on their spouse or even if they are in a relationship that both have agreed to be monogamous This information is to give a small example of my personality Three of my four long term relationships have ended badly These three would not leave me alone after our break up The one relationship that ended before texting came about is slightly different She would leave nonstop voice mails call my house 100s times a day show up my work this went on for almost a year The other two did the same but would also sent nonstop text messages It would be so bad I would have to turn my phone off I was at my sister's house and bet my sister if i turned my phone on it would ring with in 5 minutes and it did this was at 3 am I'm going through i break up right now and dealing with nonstop text messages and phone calls If I block her number this does not help at all because she has an app that can generate new phone numbers My question is since this has happened three times then I must be attracted to women with a certain personalities that leads to this behavior but I cant figure out what this personally trait is I dont ever want to go through this again I'm so scared of making this mistake again that I have not so much as texted a woman since my divorce two years ago Thanks for any advice you can give me Stephen
Stephen Blackwell (9 months ago)
+Kate Spring Thanks for answering my question and your advice
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
I understand how what you went through was really tough for you, but you need to know that it wasn't your mistake Stephen. And I don't think it has something to do with the kind of women you attract. Instead, it speaks of the volume of quality that you have with women where it clearly shows they're having a hard time letting go of you, so stop thinking it's all your fault. Once you get over that fear, I think you definitely won't have any problem getting back to the game with the kind of quality that you have. Good luck!
karthik kalimuthu (9 months ago)
This is a typical one . the matter is that she used to like me more than anyone in my class and she used to even call me with some nick name . but all of sudden she stop avoiding me like anything , she doesn't even replay to my message too . may I know why she is doing like that .? but I am sure that I didn't do anything that hurted her .
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
It doesn't take rocket science to figure out she's lost interest with you Karthik. You can watch this video on how to avoid it from happening again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IEcTgdxl-c&t=61s
Ranshika Hettiarachchi (9 months ago)
What if she used to flirt when texting,and after some time she kinda trying to neglect.
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
That means she's losing interest Ranshika. This is a common scenario when women don't find it exciting as it used to be. I've got a video that explains why this happens so you better watch it to make sure it won't happen again! You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IEcTgdxl-c&t=61s
pete thompson (9 months ago)
there is this girl that works at a store down the street from my house. i go in there all the time to buy food since its close. she would always say hi hi hi made me feel uneasy. i go in there to buy food and the guy behind the meat counter over charged me . i told her about it and it was fixed. i go in there now she pretends like im not there. i was nice as could since i woked retail before. now the hi and smiling stopped, what did i do wrong she went from nice to mean to me over night what to do
pete thompson (9 months ago)
hi kate spring thank you so much for taking the time to write me back ill do this next time i go in there thx
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Maybe the whole "overcharging" incident caused this. She probably didn't want to be dragged into it? Asking her about it won't hurt though Pete. Just a casual "Hey, what happened to that friendly and beautiful girl who used to always say hi?" will probably do the trick ;)
brian jake (9 months ago)
Hey,I've got a situation.. so I have this ex girlfriend who we broke up like an year ago and I tried to get her back but she said she has a boyfriend,I let her go but after some months aroundDecember she texted and we linked up but then went along mute again for months.. two weeks ago she texted asking me to help her find a good quality TV which I did and later asked if we could hang out next weekend and she agreed though she strictly suggesting if I bring up relationship issues she'll ghost again.. should I invest any feelings or is there any hope in this?
brian jake (9 months ago)
Kate Spring Thanks for replying,I've watched almost all your videos and I'm getting some signs from some video you did,I never stopped thinking about my ex even after I tried it out with other chicks,.. so since that day we linked up,I was looking way good btw.. she has been texting me up first but making sure there's a reason for texting like *hey,the TV is working okay just need some aerial stuff but I ll buy*.. laughing alot on phone calls instead of being serious like when she was mad at me for whatever mistake I did.. You still suggest I should move on? You the pro here
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Nah, I think you're better off moving on Brian. As much as I'd love for you to get your ex back(if you still want her), I also don't want you to waste time and effort chasing her around. I'm not saying there's no hope at all but you deserve someone who appreciates you so I suggest you give it an extra thought if you're planning to give it a go with her again ;)
Adin DuBose (9 months ago)
Have you ever had someone use your handbook on you
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Oh you have nooo idea Adin. I see it coming a mile away ;)
Paco Mermelas (9 months ago)
Okay so I have this problem and I would like to know what you think , me and my girl have been dating for 10 months and lately she has been acting different she’ll be texting short and whenever I ask her why she told me that she’s busy and she doesn’t even like texting , Also every time I try to do something for her she’s like ...you’re cheesy or if I say ...hey I miss you ,she’s like okay and idk if she’s losing interest or what’s up with her , I asked her and she told me everything is fine but she hasn’t changed ...do you know what this could mean ?
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
It does look like she's losing interest. This is a very common scenario with almost every relationships Paco, something you can definitely prevent from happening again. It's good that you've noticed this on it's early stages before it becomes something serious in the long run. You just need to fire up that spark again and make her feel excited whenever she's with you. I've got a video that talks about this and you'll definitely learn a lot from it. Watch it here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IEcTgdxl-c&t=61s
Freddie Khawlhring (9 months ago)
Wow..all of the point is accurate..its actually very true..atleast from my experience
Freddie Khawlhring (9 months ago)
Kate Spring well that a relief..
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Not just yours Freddie. Including mine and a whole lot of other people I know :-)
gatorsinthebayou (9 months ago)
Your advice is correct, however, how are you supposed to get into that situation when women are forever absorbed by their phones 24 hours a day.. I can't remember the last time I had the opportunity to have a conversation with a female, they are more interested in their online presence than the real world
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
That means you've got to be more interesting than what she's doing with her phone. Pick an activity that both of you can enjoy or talk about a topic that both of you can relate to. There's lots of ways to keep her engaged and interested enough to make her forget to even check on her phone. I have a video that's definitely gonna help you with this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlM-jy6dJ7c
Vincent the Impressionist (10 months ago)
I want to talk about the fifth sign. ok, I met up with a woman who I'm talking to for coffee yesterday. she didn't exactly dress up, just a pink long sleeve shirt and white jeans. But she did put on eyeliner and glittery stuff on her eyelids and said she put it on just for me. But considering the fact that she didn't dress up and even admitted she didn't dress up, could that possibly be a sign?
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Definitely a yes Vincent. The sign doesn't exactly limit itself to just clothes but can come up in the form of makeups as well. The fact that she made an effort and told you just so you'd notice is a sign enough ;)
Federico Neumann (10 months ago)
What if she speaks crap about her boyfriend? Sometimes when she sees that I’m better than her boyfriend in some situations she complains about him...
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
If she does that, it means she's comfortable enough with you to be sharing these kind of sensitive stuff. That's both good and bad news. Good, because of course, she finds you trustworthy and as I mentioned earlier, she's already comfortable with you. Bad, because this definitely puts you in the friend zone. If you haven't seen my video about escaping the friend zone yet, I suggest you check out my channel, and watch it as soon as you can Federico!
joe36026 (10 months ago)
I have a question Kate what if you text your Crush and she text you the next day or if she text you late?
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
That means she knows her business Joe. I've talked about this topic on this video, so watch it as soon as you can to know more! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULa8Ty90IgU
Tim Norton (10 months ago)
69k subs , hot..
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
70k as of July 17th. You guys rock! Keep 'em coming 🔥
1inAtrillion (10 months ago)
Kate I wish I had of know this a few years ago because that's exactly what happened to me. Thanks for helping us guys out. I can't find the heartfelt emoji kiss so thumbs up xx
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
This one? 😘
Saad Mahmood (10 months ago)
hey kate, should you tell your partner about your past relationships, or just say no relationships?
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
I don't see any reason why you should hide your past relationships Saad. Being honest with your partner is a good foundation to any strong relationships 😉
k4mco1015 (10 months ago)
This explains SO much.....coulda used this years ago
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
At least now, you can use what you've learned moving forward 😉
NARENDRA Sonkar (10 months ago)
U r so sensible
Justin Thomas (10 months ago)
Hi. I met a girl on Tinder a few months back. Things were going great. Great first date. We started hanging out. All of sudden she goes rogue. Don’t hear from her for 2 weeks. Then she’s back. It’s all great. She even came to get me from the airport. Haven’t seen her in 2 weeks. She has brief or no text responses. The thing I don’t get is this girl talked a lot wanting kids and a life with me. I really believed her. We had such a great time together. I’m just so confused. She leaves for a few days to go visit some fiends I’ve never met and everything changes. What is up with that???
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Tough spot you're in Justin, but I think you should just tuck her into your "almost there" folder, and think about moving on. There's really no point in overthinking about it as she might not be *that* interested with you as she says she is. If you hear from her, great! Have fun and enjoy! If you don't, well then just shrug it off. Last thing you'd want is letting this get into your head when it's supposed to be *her* who should be feeling this way. Try going out with someone else. Maybe seeing you with another girl would make her think twice about ghosting you again. Good luck! 😉
Usman Mukaddam (10 months ago)
Hi My name is Usman and I wanna ask that there's this girl in my class basically she's a nerd but she's too cute and I haven't talked to her due to hesitation since the first day of my class but when I accidentally look at her she smiles back so please tell me how to approach her without hesitation?
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Pretty easy Usman! Work on your self-confidence! I know it's easier than it sounds, but the only person that's holding you back is yourself. I understand the negative side of your hesitation, but it's all about taking risks and trust me when I say you'd feel much worse if you didn't take your chance and find out that it's already too late. So *just do it*! Good luck! 😊
Kevin Allen (10 months ago)
Deep down I always knew she's not into me
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Aww, I'm sorry to hear that Kevin. But I'd rather you face the cold hard truth than waste your time wondering if she into you or not. There's someone out there for you but you can't find her if you fix your eyes on the wrong one, so look on the bright side! 😊
Annuar Zirene (10 months ago)
I love you girl. U are a queen. Keep up the self ✊
All I trying is get out of the friendzone but sometimes she give me mix signal and I get very confused
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
I got the whole "escape-the-friend-zone" topic covered in this video Gregory. Hope it helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juo5zwRe3mk
Marko Nation (11 months ago)
She was responding to my text until I called her bud 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
Wrong three-letter code bud. You could maybe try "bae" next time 😉
Goe Bann (11 months ago)
I have no idea if a certain girl is into me or not. I noticed many things but these could be interpreted incorrectly. I'm at a loss. I have no idea how to find out if she likes me or not.
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
This video's like, the opposite side of what you just watched, but I hope it helps you shed some light on your situation Goe. Good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7-09X9aKg8
Neil Parmar (11 months ago)
Great information, I'll definitely be looking for these things.
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
Sounds good Neil! There's more helpful videos on my channel so make you subscribe and check out the rest! 😊
Hannibal Lecter (11 months ago)
How would you be texting someone who isn't interested in you? Why would they give you their number?
Gwain Knight (11 months ago)
I know why you left me on the street last night Kate, and didn’t invite me into your home and Umm... bedroom - it’s because you didn’t want to hurt my feelings that you have Canada football posters on your wall, where as I support Scotland! I knew it. Well, I am hurt but not enough to not come round to your house drunk again :) see ya tonight babe :D
Bestest Inventions (11 months ago)
Kate i think sometimes it's perfectly good to not answer people if the conversation is not worth continuing. Silence is an answer.
dany m (11 months ago)
Why am i loving you? :3
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
🤔 Did you try googling it? 😉
yankee77 (11 months ago)
Idk... im pretty sure she's not into me coz im still a virgin now. D
Mike Buckley (11 months ago)
What if you asked her if you can be more than friends but she says she wants to know you better and it’s a possibility is that good or bad
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
Definitely good Mike. Take her word for it when she says it's a possibility because if it was me, I'd say no right away. This means she wants to build a foundation of friendship by getting to know you more before jumping in to a relationship 😊
MKforlife9 (11 months ago)
She has a very special vibe.......Compared to many women that like to tutor to guys on how to talk to ladies but use words like creepy, weird, childish, she actually doesn't put herself or other women on a pedestal and just says it like it is-which is awesome!!! Not many women are like that nowadays......What a shame Big ups to you though Kate Spring! I wish you all the best and much success, because you truly deserve it!
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
aloyce kalimba (11 months ago)
hello kate! please do help me with this, my girl is like sooo close with this guy whom she says tc just her friend and i shouldn't have to worry about them... so now tell me should i listen to her or this is like a warning sign already??
Michael Davids (11 months ago)
Yes, I have a question: Kate, are you single?
Dan Basta (11 months ago)
michael davids The guy probably is rich and has trillions of dollars in his bank account. If you've got the money, you get the honey. Otherwise, they want NOTHING to do with you. That's the defination of a broad today.
Michael Davids (11 months ago)
I’m very, very upset
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
Engaged 💍💖
Donovan Wright (11 months ago)
Thanks Kate
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
You're welcome Donovan! :-)
Luke, I am your father (11 months ago)
She’s into me, Wahoo!!
Alfredo Diaz (11 months ago)
There is no link to download the e-book on the site
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
Hey Alfredo! You can use this link instead: http://www.katespring.com/free 😊
justoldog (11 months ago)
Usually, when they recoil in horror and run away from me, I consider that some sort of sign.
Limuel Dela Cruz (11 months ago)
Thanks! :)
Kate Spring (11 months ago)
You're welcome Limuel! 😉
Jeff Guzman (11 months ago)
Girl likes me but doesn’t want a relationship. She says she only wants “something chill”. Today she texted me asking why I haven’t been texting her, thought I was playing her and said she’s not ready for anything serious but wants to be friends. So I agreed and she got mad blaming me for playing her because I wanted to be friends? What’s she mean? What do I do & why’s she like this ?
Jeff Guzman (8 months ago)
Feelfreetosayhi Me(23M) have Been dating a girl(20F) for about a month. She was supposed to come sleep at a hotel with me but she wanted to party for a few hours. She got really wasted and sat on guys laps, and flirted etc with everyone and I took her outside and broke it off. She started crying and apologizing / kissing me. She blamed it on being wasted and didn’t realize she fucked up. Then she threw up the whole night (alcohol poisoning) and I had to babysit her, she threw up on me. I had to carry her up to the hotel. She made me shower with her. I took care of her up until when I dropped her off. People were saying I should just block and ignore her but I like her a lot... what should I do? (She’s also dating a few other guys besides me) TL;DR: girl was being a hoe at party, broke it off, she cried. What do I do
Jeff Guzman (9 months ago)
Feelfreetosayhi I found a new girl who is way cuter and super cool. Makes my ex look like nothing 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Jeff Guzman (11 months ago)
I’m so scared to trust girls now.
Jeff Guzman (11 months ago)
Should I text her in a few months ? I don’t think she’ll text me. She’s the type to date new guys all the time
Jeff Guzman (11 months ago)
Kate Spring she played me. Broke it off and had a new guy next morning. I’m so hurt.
Tim Horton (1 year ago)
So, the girl I like a lot does the opposite of all of these things. Does that mean anything?
Kate Spring (1 year ago)
Why, yes of course Tim! And it means exactly the opposite of this video too! You might wanna watch the video on the link below and if you think she's really into you, go for it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7-09X9aKg8
Stirling Worden (1 year ago)
Very informative..thank you
Kate Spring (1 year ago)
You're welcome! :-)
Gregor9O9 (1 year ago)
Im gonna learn a lott from this channel, and then Im gonna try to seduce Kate Spring. LOL
Kate Spring (1 year ago)
While I'd be happy to be your practice buddy Gregor, I'm afraid it's not gonna work with someone who's engaged already. You might wanna try someone else 😉
Robert Collins (1 year ago)
I have more respect for a woman say she not interested because I'm ugly, then a woman say she wants a date then ghost me!!
SLIM MEEK (2 months ago)
Robert Collins Yeah, she would rather hurt me honestly, than mislead me with a lie.
Robert Collins (1 year ago)
Kate Spring Thank you ! I'm sure guys ghost too, I think it's a weakness in character to just ghost someone, just prefer a brutal rejection over lies and false hope :) I know is good people in this world too but there usually taken for a reason !! :)
Kate Spring (1 year ago)
It sucks I know, and I'm totally against ghosting too Robert!

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