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Very Funny Old spanish man laughing hard flv

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Very Funny Old spanish man laughing hard
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Text Comments (398)
When you are sitting in class and you remember that joke you heard earlier
Ardi Daanish (13 hours ago)
Why is this is on my recommended?
V-bucks chan (18 hours ago)
When i play a roblox obey that has no checkpoints then i push someone off on purpose to make them rage quit
Slash The Gamer (2 days ago)
0:06 thank me later
Cesar Quevedo (2 days ago)
When you tell your friend a joke and...0:02
Armored mecha (3 days ago)
My reaction to bethesda in a nutshell.
mr cow (3 days ago)
When your teacher says Hitler was evil This is a joke
Dookia Sunny (4 days ago)
JM FIRELORD (5 days ago)
We can make so many fucking memes with this
Jack Fawcett (6 days ago)
Teacher:"next person to say something goes to the office" Friend: looks at me Me:
tzuyuing gum (7 days ago)
is it weird that this is how i laugh?
Draw Onics (7 days ago)
Obsidian reacting to fallout 76
FleiFlou (10 days ago)
When my mum is telling me, that I will find a girlfriend one day. Me: 0:06
FleiFlou (10 days ago)
Dez man is killing my depression- thank you, I love you old man :)
xxxtentacion my guy (12 days ago)
When someone talks about something serious
Beetle Juice (13 days ago)
When people tell me that ill find love after 6 years of looking
Amazing Technology (15 days ago)
Psycho Uchiha (16 days ago)
His laughter is contagious
FUN IS ON (17 days ago)
Ha ha ha
ღToy Foxyღ (17 days ago)
When you're watching a try not to laugh, and you hold in your laugh until the end or middle of the video
Andres Arellano (19 days ago)
Whoever laughs next is outta my class
Puz Button (19 days ago)
When your friend tell you something funnier than 24
Isaiah Navarro (21 days ago)
(Kid in class makes a joke) (Everyone laughs) Teacher: ok thats enough if any else laughs they are in big trouble. My friend: (coughs) Me:
Isaiah Navarro (21 days ago)
When your mom says to go outside instead of playing fortnite
Christian Crusader (22 days ago)
The school shooter when the autistic kid charges him with safety scissors.
The Golden Hat (23 days ago)
Player:"has a gun and almost killed me" Me:"smacks them with my pickaxe due to having no weapon" Player:"dies to pickaxe" Me:
Hope Martel (24 days ago)
when you hear kids moms yelling on fortnite in the background for them to go to sleep
KakashiPlayz (25 days ago)
The one The only *The Meme*
Nathan Zhang (26 days ago)
Ceeday anyone?
Venancio Enriquez (27 days ago)
Joseph RP (27 days ago)
Joseph RP (27 days ago)
WillTubE (27 days ago)
0:02 when I get a triple kill in COD
The Stalking Chicken (28 days ago)
- to anyone watching this in 2018 -
B33biker (28 days ago)
Fruitty Tutti (28 days ago)
"What would you do if a starting child was infront of you??"
Kevin Guimond (28 days ago)
*Hears one slightly funny line in movie* The audience:
ROCKM4n15 LR (29 days ago)
Una paellera xdxdxd
Jawlesscheese (1 month ago)
What is he saying
ElichTV (1 month ago)
Thats me when I heard about Diablo Mobile game.
el cracka (1 month ago)
0:08 "noob"
smileynybs (1 month ago)
When your teacher asks you to do eight grade summer homework but you’re going to a different highschool
KingCarllyod (1 month ago)
When u get into trouble and your siblings watch u get beat
iHarvest 123 (1 month ago)
Ceeday anyone?
Meme Boi yep
bluelighter23 (1 month ago)
bluelighter23 (1 month ago)
ceeday anyone
Its Spot (1 month ago)
Mr. MEME (1 month ago)
Whenever i see someone say fortnite is good
JOSHUA WILSON (1 month ago)
Jeremiyah Phinney (1 month ago)
When your blue pump hits a headshot for 120 and he hits your for 180
Wade Mercer (1 month ago)
SJW: There 112 Different Genders -Me: 0:06
Team Pan!c h0rizon_ (1 month ago)
When you give your friend the awp and he dies in mid
fvsvn TM (1 month ago)
when someone throws a smoke grenade on you in PUBG
Soul Child 20 (1 month ago)
Ninkendo brought me here lmao
Natani (1 month ago)
Crayon: "Negro"; 3rd graders: 0:01
Hope Martel (1 month ago)
*when somebody trips you but your friend trips them back*
Kyle Amann (1 month ago)
When you steal your teammates scar
FamousAntt2k (1 month ago)
He sound like courage the cowardly dog after he gets hurt🤣
FBI (1 month ago)
Me when I watch Ceeday’s videos.
When the default keeps running in the wall
Tcb2000 (1 month ago)
Ceeday Anyone?
Temptest Hound (1 month ago)
when your Mom is now asking for money
OMG billy (1 month ago)
0:10 auavaiahsosvsifvfjfnopie
OMG billy (1 month ago)
By theway i type every leteer he said0
MrSproot (1 month ago)
bruh give him an inhaler he finna die
Cascade Gaming (1 month ago)
When they said "double pump is back in Season 6". Seriously though. Bring back Double Shotgun.
xxxtentacion my guy (12 days ago)
+Raptor Wolf na
Raptor Wolf (12 days ago)
xxxtentacion my guy What about a bbc
xxxtentacion my guy (12 days ago)
+Raptor Wolf nah fam I dont need a PhD std or HIV or suv
Raptor Wolf (12 days ago)
xxxtentacion my guy Yeah no shit. Need a PhD for that one Doc?
xxxtentacion my guy (12 days ago)
When you see people still play fortnite
Call Me MJ (1 month ago)
Ahahhahahhhhhhh.. hE Doo
TheDaxter11 (1 month ago)
DE when the same publishers who said warframe would fail come to them asking for advice on how to make a free to play game for the western audience
Logan Schmidt (1 month ago)
When Ohio state falls to purdue
Jorri Tremain (1 month ago)
When you ask for medium in top 10 and he says he has none
Kendrick Mather (1 month ago)
Late night “comedians” - “Orange Cheeto man Drumpf tiny Hitler hands muh Russian bots” Liberals:
Daxz Kun (1 month ago)
Me: you play kingdom hearts Her: yeah Me: really? Her: Yep, I played it on the Gamecube. Me:
When your girlfriend want to see how long is your penis, she go
Woid - Gota (1 month ago)
ur friends when u come 2nd with 25 kills
Phoen1x Yakumo (1 month ago)
My reaction when 9 shells from the Yamato ricochets off my Moskva at 10 kilomters. Zero Damage.
Confident (1 month ago)
May i use this video for my video?
Blen dy (1 month ago)
Anyone here from that Pokemon meme? If not, here's the link to it. https://youtu.be/Y8lyh4yHUlU
sad man (1 month ago)
i have finally found it
bubble hek (1 month ago)
Pubg exes brought me here
It Hurts To Live (1 month ago)
When the exam says "You may use a calculator, but show your working."
Lipid Lasagna (1 day ago)
That happens everytime
Demonblade (1 month ago)
sayori how the fuck did u get here
Kilotv 541 (1 month ago)
Trickz Clipz (2 months ago)
When mum tells me to do my homework before she leaves
JAMMINJPLAYZ (2 months ago)
toga ! (2 months ago)
Rashay Kenway (2 months ago)
When someone asks if you’re still friends with the snakes you used to call your squad
Mikado Mikaela (2 months ago)
I just used this in a wattpad comment "Whenever Shallura is in a klance fanfic something bad happens. I remember reading one where Keith turned into a zombie but he was like a puppy and didn't do anything. Then Allura killed Keith. The really sad part was that Keith's grave was dug up by Zombies and there was nothing left of him. I cried. Then, in another fanfic, Allura was blaming Keith for her parents death when it was his Mom. He didn't even know anything about it. I'm so glad when Shiro is gay in fanfictions. As for Lotor, he doesn't get involved with Keith in the fanfictions I read. It seems to be Lance really. Lotor liked Lance in the Klance Twilight fanfictions and in another fanfiction Lotor was dating Lance's crush but it turned out she was a slut and when she started dating Lance she fucked Lotor. Lance came with chocolates man. He fought with Lotor then when he left he smashed her phone and took the brownies she made and I was like: https://youtu.be/eVFd46qABi0" But like, Me when someone gets a detention. Me when my Geography teacher is savage. Me when someone in my Science class had a bottle of water and the teacher took it off them and poured all the water out.
Zyllon (2 months ago)
When bae say she home alone but you playing Minecraft
When you ask the gas station cashier for condoms:
Gylenis Lamberty (2 months ago)
_W H E E Z E_
Lara (2 months ago)
When you find out your enemy's weakness.
Gay Dumb guy (2 months ago)
My reaction to nintendo switch online
RoyaleClasherZZ (2 months ago)
Big Boi Chicken Strips (2 months ago)
When the teacher catches you jerking off while watching a documentary about the holocaust
LegendaryDevon (2 months ago)
xxxtentacion (2 months ago)
Joey (2 months ago)
Me when my teacher tells me that I have homework over the summer
営offickeke (2 months ago)
Teacher: the word but is- 3rd grader:
Chris Rios (2 months ago)
Dallis Marko (2 months ago)
Does anyone have the link for the song someone mixed from this guys laugh?
leongamer160 h (2 months ago)
When you see bacon hair

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