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What's inside Lonzo Ball's Shoes?

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We CUT OPEN $1,000 Big Baller Brand Z02 Shoes! Are these BBB shoes worth the money? See Lincoln unboxing his CUSTOM Nike Air Max shoes here: https://youtu.be/Mn26OpZhm_Y We post a new video EVERY WEEK, so, if you liked this video and want more like this then SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT on what you want to see next! Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/whatsinside Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatsinside/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whatsinsidethings Filmed in 4k on this camera: http://amzn.to/1UnXI82 WARNING: Cutting open items can be dangerous. We do not recommend you try what we do! Only do things the we do in our videos IF you are assisted by a qualified adult under proper safety measures. Always think ahead, and remember that any project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Remember our motto "We cut things open so you don't have to." so we do not recommend you try anything we do. Title: Spitfire by Infected Mushroom Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0pxvLitYHCi35ROD26oElV iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/spitfire/1303849562?i=1303850950&uo=4&&app=itunes&at=1010ls5U&ct=LFV_83e4e2566d43e94a02e9661432bb3f55 Music for this video is from http://share.epidemicsound.com/pcFwF
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Text Comments (9426)
Leonard kasongo (3 hours ago)
Gareth Ward-stevens (1 day ago)
Bbb should be ashamed of there selves, bunch of pricks
Mnisterflores Guide (1 day ago)
Whats inside why not zero .2 allstar
Alvaro ROA Abad (2 days ago)
You guys are funny, and thank's for show us this ugly basketball shoes. Congratulations for this video, I love it. Gretings from Guadalajara México city.
Jammalmurray 10.0 (3 days ago)
Where’s the 🧱 in this bull 🔕 shoe
carlojose cardenas (3 days ago)
thats a very cheap trash can shoes.. lonzo ball is not a good player. he doesn’t enjoy playing basketball..
Dante Howse (5 days ago)
Yaul haters
Ari Nunez (6 days ago)
Lmao “How do they repay him” at that moment that’s when you knew he’s a Trump supporter af
Nickolas Martinez (9 days ago)
Who says it is not sticky anymore
Kev Doe (9 days ago)
Those or the ugliest shoes ever bbb
Cau Hips (11 days ago)
Lonzo ball shoes no good
Dylan Del monte (11 days ago)
Not with the autograph one
cs9 cs9 (12 days ago)
I don't wear any nba playera shoes
cs9 cs9 (12 days ago)
bruh lamelo is the best in the ball family
Vasya Onofriychuk (12 days ago)
Big Balls Brand
Cat Nado (13 days ago)
Why don’t you guys combine a half cut shoe with a half cut shoe
Sasuke Uchiha (13 days ago)
If you need better shoes just to be good in basketball, it means you whack
cs9 cs9 (12 days ago)
i wear nike infuriate
tcolbert32 (13 days ago)
They should get a hellcat and cut it in half to find out what makes them so fast.
Yong Wilson (13 days ago)
No, don’t like the shoes! Like Lonzo but not his middle brother is done, n Lamelo might have the highest ceiling. The father has ruined or made it harder for his sons! The shoes were exactly what I thought cheap, expensive looking knock offs! Shame! Aloha n started following you two, from Waikiki, Yong
Ben Bui (14 days ago)
did he just call the curry 4's 3's?
Unofficial Fortnite (16 days ago)
Did he just say curry 3 I’m dead 😂
premiere (18 days ago)
I want to punch this kid in the face so bad
Mr (18 days ago)
Ayyy the kid doesnt know what hes talking about
Mr (18 days ago)
Sketcheres who wears sketchers. Its like kanye wearing reebok.
Darkninja519 (19 days ago)
Warrior Z3 (21 days ago)
Lamelo is the goat
Joey Hernandez (24 days ago)
Only 9hundo
Dylan’s yt Channel (24 days ago)
Lavar = crackhead Lonzo = trash 🗑 Leangelo= I forgot abt him Lamelo = over rated
David Ford (25 days ago)
You’re paying for the signature not the shoe
John Robinson (25 days ago)
I wouldnt dare buy those
OCM_ hicksy777 (26 days ago)
Of course their are no air in them
Brooklyn Pantojas (26 days ago)
The BBB shoes are garbage really trash
Paul Rains (27 days ago)
The box looks better then the Shoe , That’s tough
Daniel Chibaya (27 days ago)
Bros did everything to rate this shoe but actually wear it 😂😂
420FISHERMAN 420 (25 days ago)
No need to. 1000$ Id rather buy a QP of stank
Not wroth the money no matter how good he is .......
Anthony Juarez (28 days ago)
I’ll tell ya the most important thing that’s not in those shoes!!🤔 Lonzo !!! 👀😳🤫🤣😅🤣🤣😅😂🤣🤣🤣 see ya in Walmart Lavar 😎!!
premiere (18 days ago)
Anthony Juarez you definitely smoke meth
Cedrick Pablico (1 month ago)
What's inside your son's head?
Gage Lejour (1 month ago)
Way over priced, Lavar must of been the only one who is buying his own shoes. You gotta be dumb to pay that much.
PES 645 (1 month ago)
U should of test them first
haru720 (1 month ago)
They Look Like Kitchen Non-Slip Shoes.
Cozmic Kermit (1 month ago)
Lavar dint ask for an endorsement deal
Yusuf Ahmed (1 month ago)
If they were $40 I'd buy them
darian (1 month ago)
White bastard hating get out of here
Frankie Garza (1 month ago)
Omg. And 1 is better than that by far and there 34$. Who in God's name will by a 20$ shoe for 5 bills, dude needs to get in another Lane.
ET (1 month ago)
They cut open the signed version? The disrespect
dillusioned (1 month ago)
LaVar Ball had delusions of grandeur. He expected everyone to drink his kool aid. Sold snake oil while the curtain was pulled back and he was still in denial.
Theo (1 month ago)
I sometimes wonder what's inside those two?
DeTron Williams (1 month ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Annabel Muir (1 month ago)
I don’t watch much sports
Dina Sherwood (1 month ago)
Watching those things be destroyed is a dream come true
SpazzOutTV BLAZE (1 month ago)
kingmar reacts (1 month ago)
ot doesn't have to feel grippy or just has be grippy on the court
Russell Evans (1 month ago)
What’s in Lonzo’s shoe? 🤔🤔🤔 GARBAGE.
Monette Gal (1 month ago)
Maybe your shoes wasn't that original... thumbs up if you agree
Monette Gal (1 month ago)
Because you bought it online
Michael Traywick (1 month ago)
Th e BBB shoe sucks like lonzo sorry he is better than his dad big mouth lavar
Mike Johnson (1 month ago)
They going to brake there ankles wearing BBB it looks like
Benoit Crevier (1 month ago)
Totally sht shoes.. You should of ask 10 000 000$from BBB and if they dnt pay, you release the vid
Benoit Crevier (14 days ago)
Premiere ur dumb
premiere (18 days ago)
Benoit Crevier you have no concept of life
Super409 409edge (1 month ago)
No more deal with BBB now
Willie Brown (1 month ago)
😲 😲 😲
Tory Cards (1 month ago)
Cheap shoes and player🤮
Thomas Duran (1 month ago)
U said balls so much
Jaamal Epps (1 month ago)
If you're going to promote the shoe destroy the shoe don't be trying to talk about his background his background has nothing to do with the shoe.
good stuff i think i like the other shoe better!! Black Brand
Bobby Clemente (1 month ago)
Must be loaded with loot to cut up a thousand ducat shoe, which looks like trash.
Maceyee (1 month ago)
Those cannons are arsenal football club ensignia
Johnny Buckley (1 month ago)
Those are not the 3s bruh!!!
Mumford (1 month ago)
Who else loved it when he roasted lavar
stickshiftt (1 month ago)
Trump didn't get the Ball kid out of prison in China.....go look it up
Mr Mean (1 month ago)
Lincoln didn’t score on him come on now
JMise (1 month ago)
Big Bollocks Brand
Warrior Panda 7 (1 month ago)
if you look up the BrandBlack Future Legend Low it says the same description as it does with those BBB Zo2
Grayson Clemons (1 month ago)
Ajeng Tunjungputri (1 month ago)
lakers must have seen this vid
EnVy Amplify (1 month ago)
Did I just here him say their not grippy like KDs wtf now I can tell this kid does not ball
Lil Rajeem (1 month ago)
It’s not worth $5
Jason Baker (1 month ago)
Marlone Pegan (1 month ago)
You all wrong about the shoe, The shoe is good to play but you need to be careful when playing with it
Juan Ayala (1 month ago)
You can tell this Trump lover really appreciates trump
lotzie 101 (1 month ago)
I love how u think u know everything about basketball
Digital Nerd Project (1 month ago)
You could've tried it on the court first before slicing it, and then tell us if it's comfortable to play or not!
Martin Flores (1 month ago)
White ppl smh
j glover (1 month ago)
Not worth the money thanks for the info
ATHIF PROS GAMING (1 month ago)
I see the zo2 remix in bbb website is 400 dollar but the self lacing new future nike hyperadapt bb is 350 dollar yeah lavar kill michael jordan in shoe price
Gene Wallace (1 month ago)
Thats why lozo keeps getting hurt
AK_ DunKa69 (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who wants to beat Lincoln up
Native Jedi (1 month ago)
Nige Vargas (1 month ago)
That’s an Arsenal fc shoe box re used 😆😆
kieferrr nguyennn (1 month ago)
“it’s the curry 3” definitely a golden state bandwagon
Betnn (1 month ago)
+kieferrr nguyennn lol and im not saying hes not a bandwagon he could be tho just saying ur statement doesnt make sense
kieferrr nguyennn (1 month ago)
Betnn well he cuts open all the curry shoes so
Betnn (1 month ago)
Ok.... he doesnt know the name of the shoe so hes a bandwagon....lol
Josey Diesel (1 month ago)
What’s inside of zo 2s bricks because dats wut he shoots
Miserable Goat (1 month ago)
When you have Money, to Throw Away...
Quintin Denny (1 month ago)
Those shoes are ugly like 💩
286mic (1 month ago)
I'll never understand why people got up in their feelings when Lavar said he'll be better than Steph Curry. It's his dad, of course he'll say that. What's the problem? Are you related to Steph? Steph is light skin but he's black dude. 😂
SO CAL (1 month ago)
RIP OFFs more like a wynitos K mart shoe
DIART ZALLQI (1 month ago)
It worth it about (70€)
Kenneth Petovic (1 month ago)
Kenneth Petovic (1 month ago)
Team Thunk ‘n Dunk (1 month ago)
Calling a show bad because it doesn’t have the things other shoes have. That’s because they are completely different brands and DIFFERENT SHOES!!!!!!!
Team Thunk ‘n Dunk (1 month ago)
“No air at all” It’s not a fuccin Nike🤯
Team Thunk ‘n Dunk (1 month ago)
These people have no idea wtf they talking about, it’s painful.☹️
Wboys Rc (1 month ago)
They copied daily driven exotics or dde
Ethan 13 (1 month ago)
What is wrong with lavar

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