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The Eye (by BRBDENIS)

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A tiny film made from a spotaneous video, which (combined with imagination) became "The Eye"... Symbolization: As you experience and discover new fields, you are provided with informations and knowledge. If you notice they are converging and the create a single one. This lead to the creation of the Truth that in the depth of its soul, there is a wonderful galaxy. There the heart of the galaxy with a supernova explosion spreads the Truth all over, recreating your world... THE PHOENIX COLLECTION: The Insanity The Hookery Party La Beauté du Mystère The Eye Marmalade De Somnium Vana Satyrum Eerder Megiddo Féinmharú Ealaíne Directed by BRBDENIS Truth: A.Ouzounidou Soundtrack: Style of Eye - Girls & Nikos Katsoulis - Life Find BRBDENIS also at http://brbdenis.tumblr.com/
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