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How To Be A Sneaker Designer For Nike and Jordan Brand: Jobs Unlisted with Speedy Morman

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Speedy Morman takes viewers on an in-depth look into some of the most aspirational and unexpectedly cool professions that you won’t just find in a job search. On the premiere episode of Jobs Unlisted, find out if Speedy can or even wants to make it as a Sneaker Designer in the world of Nike and Jordan Brand. Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: https://goo.gl/43ac5w Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/Complex https://www.facebook.com/complex http://instagram.com/complex https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (1425)
guy boi (7 days ago)
Dis doods hairline
Triggered Millennial (8 days ago)
Lol you guys stop hating on speedy so hard, he’s probably just nervous and his way of offsetting his nervousness is being kinda cocky/mean. Also he was asking the guy to hurry up cuz it was like an hour until his presentation.
ludecia sansing (8 days ago)
Man, that guy looks like Julian Newman.
Cris (8 days ago)
Complex how can I work here
Not even 2 minutes In and already brought race into it. Wow.
Burton Styles (10 days ago)
Damn I wanted to see the shoes on him
Eli ! (10 days ago)
Wanted to punch him when he tried to rush him to finish
Sam (10 days ago)
Can this guy shut up? 🤐
rafu jefu (10 days ago)
Gotta appreciate the mental strength this guy had when he told his barber to fuck him up real bad.
Ethan Smith (11 days ago)
That guy is sayin hurry up when he did no work
Sal G (12 days ago)
Proud to be from Inglewood and love the arts. Great vid and inspiration to the city.
Random Dong (12 days ago)
I wanna go there
g w (13 days ago)
Nobody's drawing on paper there
why not? (13 days ago)
meh I feel like I'm the only one that didn't like it
Max Stone (13 days ago)
this guys an arrogant fuck
BEN FRANKDALIST (14 days ago)
How do I apply
Tyreslaya8668 (14 days ago)
we now know why our nikes are shite
Sooraj Sharma (14 days ago)
Such an Asshole!
Bill Kahn (16 days ago)
@10:45 *"I am both black and white"* When you are a bi-racial - you are always black. And that with whom u usually hangout with. Sorry but IMO that's the reality of our world. And yes, there could be a few exceptional cases here and there.
LiftOrGTFO (18 days ago)
Those look like shoes I'd find at the local Walmart. LOLL.
E.B Benjamin Beats (18 days ago)
what an ugly ass shoe
Haroon Ahmed (18 days ago)
Can I have the orange one thank you
Haroon Ahmed (18 days ago)
thatgirllNancyy (18 days ago)
Not a coffee drinker but has a mocha which is 50% coffee. LOL 😂😊💖
derek 4real (18 days ago)
Fuck this guy shooting hoops taking credit for another mans work.
ChicagoShaun (19 days ago)
Those shoes are UGLY those are Payless shoes
Tynan Collins (19 days ago)
These joints look like a gahdang pair of SHAQS
howdyyallitssydnr (19 days ago)
oh man that designer is good
Tug Thawj Vang (20 days ago)
How you going to get a job with pasta
Disban (21 days ago)
5:39 lmao she be lookin so dissapointed
The Retro Hotdog (21 days ago)
I know my future job!
Nova Wolf (21 days ago)
Wade Wilson (22 days ago)
Boohoohoo. There is not much sneaker designer that look like me. Wtf is that suposse to mean??
Jordan Brand sounds like a cool name
Justin Jones (22 days ago)
Why is this dude so cocky when his shoe is trash🤦🏼‍♂️dumb asf
KO_SAUCE (22 days ago)
Look like Julian newman
Stram Kusse (23 days ago)
Ayyyy there's a Pensole in Denmark
lucky Luciano (23 days ago)
Looking like some walmart shaq shoes lol
El Mehdi RHINDI (24 days ago)
its all acting
Cameron Navarrette (24 days ago)
I honestly would where those and I almost never where Jordan’s or anything like them
TheDrew3523 (25 days ago)
Oh and the shoe box is cooler then the shoe it’s self LMAOOO😂🤣
TheDrew3523 (25 days ago)
Lol your job is YouTube bud 😂😂🤣
Rolfio Olivia (25 days ago)
damn fam, this might be my new career choice.
Cesarini77 (25 days ago)
They actually look good. I think i would buy them but maybe not at retail price.
Ben Woods (25 days ago)
That shirt 🔥🔥🔥
Andrew Teague (25 days ago)
This kid has one of the shittiest haircuts I've ever seen lmao. Looks like he got a fade and then said " fuck my shit up in the front"
O Perez (26 days ago)
I know that I'm late to this but those shoes looked like that Shaq shoe from Payless! 😵😲
KK Singh (26 days ago)
Where do I sign up
Illuminate (26 days ago)
this nigga mentioned pasta in front of world class designers
Ghaffar Ellis (26 days ago)
These are dope!
bbgdiosa (26 days ago)
Dinan Niole (27 days ago)
Sliding into them dm's starter pack 4:04 YUURRRRR
CHICO JAY36 (27 days ago)
Why tf did i think he was julian Newman
Codeine Crayons (27 days ago)
Tell this nigga to work for fubu.
Lindsay Roberts (27 days ago)
that shoe ugly af. lol
winterdemon's channel (28 days ago)
Ugly af
Em (28 days ago)
155? Those are TRASH BOI!
Evan Lang (28 days ago)
Good will looking shoe 🤧
TM Riffic (28 days ago)
He is FINE honey!!!😍😍😍😍
Bang Olufsen (28 days ago)
Any bullshit shoe would be a hit in scamerica... people there have an issue called lacking of taste... all crackheads of us and a would see those shoes as ‘woooow’ but a normal person with fashion taste would consider those clown shoes..
RyanGold (29 days ago)
Blackout Bl!tz (29 days ago)
wow that shoe was fire tho
RiAnime (29 days ago)
Personally it was horrible, all of it, because he has no talent for it or creativity but i guess he didn’t have much time. Just saying the two people examining it at the end were just being nice.
Not TwoWays (29 days ago)
Who names their child speedy?!?
The Combat Wombat (29 days ago)
Illustrator is fun smh
Super Gamer (29 days ago)
if i was Speedy i would of used suede
ZUCC MY OWN NUT (29 days ago)
Frozenkex (29 days ago)
as a design student, the illustrator portion was cringe and fake as hell. She just enabled a layer of a finished shoe, which looks like a raster of the shoe in 3d. Lmao.
Kirayy (29 days ago)
It's Nike not Niik-ee
EJ Jazzkill (30 days ago)
nigga watch you got on? the SM1s NIGGA
Liam Lyons (30 days ago)
U should have done a lighting bolt for the logo, since ur name is Speedy
Mappers_dox (30 days ago)
say dang
Mappers_dox (30 days ago)
say gosh
13.49pm (30 days ago)
most bland shoe i ever seen
Terry Dacktill (30 days ago)
Playboi X (30 days ago)
Nigga said he was black and white? Fuck no😂💀💀
Mr. S (30 days ago)
I want a pair of those
Oofnugget Productions (30 days ago)
You need an Off-White x Nike shoe!
cash love (1 month ago)
I want this job no lie where I got to go portland lol
Rommel Aquino (1 month ago)
What coffee shop is that?
Duke Wright (1 month ago)
he looks like lil pump
Tyler Wolfe (1 month ago)
@0:47 there’s the lebron 11s
Kels (1 month ago)
My bad if this is offensive but do they look like Walmart Shaqs or is it just me?
Lame Gamer (1 month ago)
Stop making everything about color damn.
OmegaMan (1 month ago)
I hate that they says “look like me”. Stop beating around the bush and be direct with what you mean. Do you mean black? Bald? A minority? Males? Be direct and straight forward.
J G (1 month ago)
Did that nigga say 8/6?????
bush Wookiee (1 month ago)
what a wanker, no skills himself, wanting the man to hurry with the shoe..
It's Coco (1 month ago)
number 1 rule in sneakers never get a white sole: its gonna last you tops 2 days before it turns grey
Kenny McCormick (1 month ago)
Imagine they say its trash, then take the idea and copy it and take credit.
MarkellMTB (1 month ago)
pasta is yellow not red....
TommyGplayZ (1 month ago)
He said Adidas is from Oregon...
Mask Kid (1 month ago)
I wish I was a sneaker drawer Ik how to draw but I ain’t trying to go to college but if yall wanna check out my Instagram with my art its kid_art11
Niall Mullally (1 month ago)
A full blown job yea?
Simon Chavira (1 month ago)
I understand that he wants to design shoes, but if he’s not willing to put in the work like with the Adobe programs, or work on an actual presentation for his work, then people are not gonna want someone like that working for their company.
Young Aze (1 month ago)
Who cut this nigga sideburns 😂
Jojo JN (1 month ago)
He was a bit disrespectful tbh... :/ Idk, maybe it was just me...
Log Dog (1 month ago)
kolton ruvalcaba (1 month ago)
That shoe is worth $60
Connor Neal (1 month ago)
Those might be the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. FOR 155$
jbrunnez (1 month ago)
man i can't stand morman. hearing him present is like listening to a 13 year old.

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