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Chasidim dancing at a wedding in Israel

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dancing to the traditional Boruch Hagever/Yidden dance
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rnaor (11 days ago)
Great choreography love the little dude and his moves
wommokie Balur (21 days ago)
parents: “that means money!“
Terrence Banks (21 days ago)
slick willie (22 days ago)
what the jew
Thomas Nappo (22 days ago)
Bing Bong (22 days ago)
35 seconds I can't get back.i hate dancing.oompa loompa shit
davygraham (22 days ago)
where is the women
aspince laframboise (21 days ago)
Segregation eh...
Steve Wiles (22 days ago)
Doin the nutbush?
Dam A (22 days ago)
JD Harmeyer has to be Jewish right? Go Israel!
MudShark (22 days ago)
Many hook noses
BrrZrrKrr (22 days ago)
Just for that night, it was a synthogogue.
James Sanchez (22 days ago)
Incestuous bastards. Rat fucks.
Bobbi Conrad (22 days ago)
Fucking creepy.
AnytimeNigguh (22 days ago)
Allahu akbar
Dean Dombrowski (23 days ago)
I'm impressed
L V (23 days ago)
The Jewish Electric Slide. I love it
Naser abuasba (23 days ago)
Almost thought this was an 80s VHS aerobics tape
LDNballer (23 days ago)
Line dancing basically lol
Serginho Athirson (23 days ago)
Jason Wallace (23 days ago)
Jewish harlem shake😂
Sheik Yo Booty (23 days ago)
Sheik Yo Booty (21 days ago)
john scimeca (21 days ago)
+Mr.Bill.Fold you mean the country they stoled
aspince laframboise (22 days ago)
+Mr.Bill.Fold The country is PALESTINE!!! And "they" are Nazionist squatters eh...
Mr.Bill.Fold (22 days ago)
Don't start no shit; won't be no shit. They don't fucking play around when it comes to defending their country and citizens.
Sheik Yo Booty (22 days ago)
+aspince laframboise Backward ass chosen mofos,,,lol
Jaydee REVENGE (23 days ago)
Kharza empire celebrating !!!!!
amasoak47 (23 days ago)
So Jew Think Jew Can Dance.
Robert Miller (23 days ago)
Fake jews!!! The negroes in America are the real Jews and that's a fact. Identity theft!!! Amalek babies trying to have rhythm like the true sons of Jacob. Lmao!! We are waking up in these last days devils
C Cot (23 days ago)
Cappadoccia04 (23 days ago)
There’s no way this kind of dancing was being done by the Jews mentioned in the Bible...
Julio Arroyo (23 days ago)
Damn I'm diggin this cha-cha slide. Where all the girls at thou?
aspince laframboise (21 days ago)
Segregation eh….
Lisa Godin (23 days ago)
This as good as the bottle dance in Fiddler On The Roof during the wedding scene.
Captain Merica (24 days ago)
Brandon Velasco (24 days ago)
Imagine they would dance this before showering in the ovens
Anon Nimus (24 days ago)
Where’s my nigga hitler when you need him 😔
aspince laframboise (24 days ago)
Yeah!!! The inbred dance eh…
Bing Bong (22 days ago)
aspince laframboise ,, LMFAO
aspince laframboise (23 days ago)
+Lisa Godin; Nobody cares, cuz an antisemite used to be someone that disliked jews. Today an antisemite is only someone the jews dislike. But hey, your zionist rabbies will be quite proud of you eh...
Lisa Godin (23 days ago)
aspince lafrsmbois you're anti semtic slip is showing under your skirt! Careful!you may fall flat on your face!
Aharon Skurnik (24 days ago)
Garcia (24 days ago)
Why is this in my recommended ???
biff shiff (24 days ago)
Looks like the thriller video
HiddenTreasuresEnt (24 days ago)
the Israelites are negroes according to the scriptures. Deuteronomy 28 explains some of the curses they would be under. If look at verse 68 in particular no one has gone through this except negroes vs 36 and 64 says they would be ready to all countries. That's us during the sub Saharan and transatlantic slave trade. Zechariah 11 5 explains why cops get off when they kill us and Isaiah 42:22 explains us populating the prisons and we not all are guilty. Christ was told to HIDE in EGYPT how sway? Unless he was black (rev 1:14-15, Daniel 10:5-6) like the Egyptians. Moses was raised under pharoah and he didn't know Moses was an Israelite that whole time in the book of Exodus and Joeseph's brothers couldn't distinguish the difference between the Egyptian and their own brother (Genesis chapters 42-45) then Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian by European soldiers (Acts 21:37-40) I have tons of proof and souces in and outside the bible.
DjRawd0g (22 days ago)
nick beam (24 days ago)
Sharif A (24 days ago)
Wtf did I just watch the Jew is Macarena?
44enko (24 days ago)
The goyim know!
Trent McDowell (25 days ago)
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Gekyumes Circumsition
Scramblieggs (25 days ago)
Somebody should introduce these folks to dance dance revolution
Peter Marcinko (26 days ago)
Hitler #1
Jan (25 days ago)
Peter Marcinko fuck you. And rot in hell.
Peter Marcinko (26 days ago)
Fuck all jews
Sister Mary Clements (26 days ago)
If people only knew the truth :(
aspince laframboise (21 days ago)
+Lisa Godin; What's the difference between that jewish holocost and a cow? You can't milk a cow for 75 years...
Sister Mary Clements (23 days ago)
+Lisa Godin you always make assumptions? You're a mind reader are ya? I happen to love the Jewish faith. Have many close friends and even went to Sunday school :) shalom! You think the way you do because that's what Jews are known for. And I didn't have to say it. You did.
Lisa Godin (23 days ago)
If people only know how anti semitic you are.
Thomas White (26 days ago)
They're so happy because they've all eaten a plate full of foreskins.
Lisa Godin (23 days ago)
Showing a little penis envy Thomas White? Shame on you!
Aharon Skurnik (24 days ago)
That's a lot of shit coming from a gay guy.
crownbock123 (26 days ago)
0:00-0:03 is their form of crip walking
Brian T (27 days ago)
Pay Day
Vangthy Memes (27 days ago)
Popped Up On My Recommendations, Thanks Youtube
aconte163 (1 month ago)
Can't someone dub in some hip-hop?
muad dib (1 month ago)
omg...what is this stupid hip-hop?
HUMAN RIGHTS (1 month ago)
koutej (23 days ago)
HUMAN RIGHTS (24 days ago)
+Aggressive Democrat .. U SHUT UP GOYIM...🤐
Aggressive Democrat (24 days ago)
Oy Vey, shut it down.
codzydee (1 month ago)
Cool 😊
Xng Bya (1 month ago)
It's lovely when you see a religion let people dance and being happy, but where are the ladies?
aspince laframboise (21 days ago)
Segregation eh...
Robert Farkas (23 days ago)
Xng Bya they dance on the other side with the bride
GoDzSufian (1 month ago)
World is colorful and no one of us is pure and perfect so stop hating jews. Shalom from a Muslim.
танцы идитские...Евреи ничего не могут мастерить, лишь малышей и молиться по Торе!
Jane James (1 month ago)
space elf (1 month ago)
Jewish Cupid shuffle. Chasid shuffle.
michel vansteenberge (1 month ago)
Des rabbis Jacob
mundiazteca47 (1 month ago)
What song is? Que canción es?
Sutello (2 months ago)
Like in zoo🤮
Light Bringer (2 months ago)
Jewish Flash Mob?😂😂😂😂
Neri Cohen (1 month ago)
I think they waiting for you to come and show them some twerking 😈
Breakeven Bernie (2 months ago)
Jesus.Christ was a Jew Period.
Angry Kulikoff (2 months ago)
Тьфу бля! Глисты!!!
Jaffa Lior (3 months ago)
B2 Super battledroid (4 months ago)
189 Arabs disliked this video 🙂
If your party doesn't look like this, don't invite me.
Pure evil...
Yitzhakhazak (2 months ago)
La primera cosa que perdiste fue tu cerebro.
Peter Vallo (4 months ago)
slovanisti oslavujú víťazstvo nad Hornými Orešanmi !
Alim M (4 months ago)
*Music intensifies*
THEFIREGRIFFIN (4 months ago)
TRUMPY THE CLOWN (6 months ago)
You're kidding, right? IS this after the loan clears?
Lila Popcorn (6 months ago)
My life isn’t even this in sync
GÖKER d (7 months ago)
marc k. (7 months ago)
Fucking bastards
R33C3 (7 months ago)
South park had it wrong they do have rhythm
idk what's better, is it the sufi muslims or this?
Adnan Raghib (8 months ago)
Islam peace
Adnan Raghib (8 months ago)
Fuck you Jewish
Uzi Ben Israel (8 months ago)
Look at the children of Satan; a bunch of damn CULTURE VULTURE ASS DEVILS (Revelations 2:9, 3:9). These bastards are not the Biblical Israelites the Bible speaks of. They fit not one curse that was put on the Israelites by the Most High in Deuteronomy 28:15-68. When did whites go into captivity by way of ships (Deuteronomy 28:68). This is all out of the Tora; the books they claim to believe.
LisaK71000 (8 months ago)
Did they study aerobics, like I did?
Marleni Torres Caytano (9 months ago)
Por favor vivo en Arequipa Perú mándenme el vídeo completo de esta danza. Mi correo ave_fenix0197#hotmail.com. Gracias marleni
torus (9 months ago)
No wonder that they don't have a coat check.
Bcha 100 (9 months ago)
Excellent dancing and they are soooo good looking. Great bunch of people. Love them all xxxxx
Darci Huddleston (10 months ago)
Kinda like doing the Electric Slide. Peace to all, enjoy life!
highjinxwillie62 (10 months ago)
Every time I watch these I always think of fiddler on the roof
Ivan Will (10 months ago)
Yet the chassadim deny the lgbtq community the right to love and marry. I'm surprised more faygelach don't exist in this backwards sect if Judaism. I've never known from such a shondah.
-ED- Bitcoin SV Channel (10 months ago)
And people think Muslims are fucked up?
Debbie McGovern (10 months ago)
MC Hammer eat your heart out 🤪
James Johnson (10 months ago)
no women
aspince laframboise (21 days ago)
Segregation eh...
Mashi Q (10 months ago)
I wish more dances are created like this
Bcha 100 (10 months ago)
lovely boys
Awfully_coolCl0wniiX I (11 months ago)
Michael Garcia (11 months ago)
Damn they have no damn rhythm they don't know how to dance at all. Must be that RH positive blood line
kapil laturkar (11 months ago)
Love from india keep it up👌👌👌
o p (11 months ago)
Spartakiáda v čiernom...
Andre Acosta-Davis (11 months ago)
The song is nu nu nu from Avraham fried. However a Singer at the wedding is singing to a slightly different tune so it's not the same as the original. -Native Israeli.
דוד טוביאן (1 year ago)
השם יברך את הרב אמנון יצחק שליטא אין כמוך בעולם צדיק יסוד עולם נחל נובע מקור חכמה רבינו אמנון יצחק
Maor M (11 months ago)
דוד טוביאן יהוה לא קיים במציאות
Scott Blum (1 year ago)
Where can i get this version of this song
Phat Cat (1 year ago)
Cool. Do they choreograph these? Just wondering.
PopeEdward (1 year ago)
These guys are great. Excellent moves. G-d bless you all.

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