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Chasidim dancing at a wedding in Israel

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dancing to the traditional Boruch Hagever/Yidden dance
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Text Comments (533)
Light Bringer (9 hours ago)
Jewish Flash Mob?😂😂😂😂
Breakeven Bernie (5 days ago)
Jesus.Christ was a Jew Period.
Angry Kulikoff (26 days ago)
Тьфу бля! Глисты!!!
Jaffa Lior (1 month ago)
B2 Super battledroid (1 month ago)
189 Arabs disliked this video 🙂
If your party doesn't look like this, don't invite me.
Pure evil...
Yitzhakhazak (17 days ago)
La primera cosa que perdiste fue tu cerebro.
Peter Vallo (2 months ago)
slovanisti oslavujú víťazstvo nad Hornými Orešanmi !
Alim M (2 months ago)
*Music intensifies*
THEFIREKING j (2 months ago)
TRUMPY THE CLOWN (4 months ago)
You're kidding, right? IS this after the loan clears?
Toxick112 (4 months ago)
Fun fact: Mac Miller was Jewish
Lila Popcorn (4 months ago)
My life isn’t even this in sync
GÖKER d (5 months ago)
marc k. (5 months ago)
Fucking bastards
R33C3 (5 months ago)
South park had it wrong they do have rhythm
idk what's better, is it the sufi muslims or this?
Adnan Raghib (6 months ago)
Islam peace
Adnan Raghib (6 months ago)
Fuck you Jewish
Uzi Ben Israel (6 months ago)
Look at the children of Satan; a bunch of damn CULTURE VULTURE ASS DEVILS (Revelations 2:9, 3:9). These bastards are not the Biblical Israelites the Bible speaks of. They fit not one curse that was put on the Israelites by the Most High in Deuteronomy 28:15-68. When did whites go into captivity by way of ships (Deuteronomy 28:68). This is all out of the Tora; the books they claim to believe.
LisaK71000 (6 months ago)
Did they study aerobics, like I did?
Marleni Torres Caytano (7 months ago)
Por favor vivo en Arequipa Perú mándenme el vídeo completo de esta danza. Mi correo ave_fenix0197#hotmail.com. Gracias marleni
M S (7 months ago)
No wonder that they don't have a coat check.
Bcha 100 (7 months ago)
Excellent dancing and they are soooo good looking. Great bunch of people. Love them all xxxxx
Darci Huddleston (7 months ago)
Kinda like doing the Electric Slide. Peace to all, enjoy life!
highjinxwillie62 (7 months ago)
Every time I watch these I always think of fiddler on the roof
Ivan Will (7 months ago)
Yet the chassadim deny the lgbtq community the right to love and marry. I'm surprised more faygelach don't exist in this backwards sect if Judaism. I've never known from such a shondah.
-ED- Bitcoin SV Channel (7 months ago)
And people think Muslims are fucked up?
Debbie McGovern (8 months ago)
MC Hammer eat your heart out 🤪
James Johnson (8 months ago)
no women
RB Koha (8 months ago)
I wish more dances are created like this
Bcha 100 (8 months ago)
lovely boys
Awfully_coolCl0wniiX I (9 months ago)
Michael Garcia (9 months ago)
Damn they have no damn rhythm they don't know how to dance at all. Must be that RH positive blood line
kapil laturkar (9 months ago)
Love from india keep it up👌👌👌
o p (9 months ago)
Spartakiáda v čiernom...
Andre Acosta-Davis (9 months ago)
The song is nu nu nu from Avraham fried. However a Singer at the wedding is singing to a slightly different tune so it's not the same as the original. -Native Israeli.
דוד טוביאן (10 months ago)
השם יברך את הרב אמנון יצחק שליטא אין כמוך בעולם צדיק יסוד עולם נחל נובע מקור חכמה רבינו אמנון יצחק
Maor M (9 months ago)
דוד טוביאן יהוה לא קיים במציאות
Scott Blum (10 months ago)
Where can i get this version of this song
Phat Cat (10 months ago)
Cool. Do they choreograph these? Just wondering.
PopeEdward (10 months ago)
These guys are great. Excellent moves. G-d bless you all.
THUNDER SLAYER (10 months ago)
When you find a penny
Humdinger Dog (11 months ago)
El baile de los pingüinos
Humdinger Dog (11 months ago)
Man these guys are funny 😄
Daniel young (11 months ago)
The song is called Find me a Dollar
Wer Das (11 months ago)
Мрази протухшие, не длительно вам галопировать осталось. Скоро в реале ваз сжигать будем, а не в халакосте фуфельном.
Dany Orellana (11 months ago)
Muy bonito
Good Good (1 year ago)
KEBAPÇI DRAVEN (1 year ago)
KEBAPÇI DRAVEN (1 year ago)
İsrael people so stupid
Maor M (9 months ago)
OTTOMAN_KEBAP_TR CCC Death to fakestine DEATH TO Turkey
Adidas Boy (1 year ago)
Drop the gas wait what...?
tom conti (1 year ago)
looks very homosexual to me.
Zero Trace (1 year ago)
We have a name for that down South. It's called line dancing.
KARUNYA GIFTY (1 year ago)
Little Sweetie (1 year ago)
Wow, those are some moves! Pity this channel is marred with caustic comments.
HDH Ziz (1 year ago)
The poor have no homes for them but hell suits them😈
inconino inconino (1 year ago)
Fuk you jew
mcaddicts (1 year ago)
Dancing with the jews.
GodhatesEsau (1 year ago)
Look up chasidic songs
Jack Egan (1 year ago)
hassidic hip hop
Vasili Vroulis (1 year ago)
stomp the yard
song name please
steve randall (2 years ago)
The young fella at the front had his moves well coordinated. You could see that he was taking all that hard rehearsing seriously. Nice.
RawbThatPunk (2 years ago)
rather watch the Drum and Bass edit than this.
Isukaman (2 years ago)
America DOES have talent.
Shim Hun (2 years ago)
what a  talented group
Looloo S (2 years ago)
Those hasidics can get down. ...that was cool.
RAMBOJVR (2 years ago)
THE BEAT DROPS AT 0:13!!! I cant get it out of my head!!!! ARRGGHHHH
نيلسون / i M7 (2 years ago)
Tim Cliffe (2 years ago)
Not much diversity here, looks like a funeral undertakers ball
hank s (23 days ago)
An Hasidic wedding is quite a joyful event. The men and women party separately.
hank s (23 days ago)
Many cultures dress in black
Anamalece Beyonder (1 month ago)
Unity,oneness,no division
Anamalece Beyonder (1 month ago)
Different no good no different no such thing,just about all similar same
Anti Centrist (7 months ago)
Tim Cliffe Diversity for whites only!
chaton noir (2 years ago)
WHAT IS THE SONGS NAME ! EVERY SINGLE COMMENT ASKED THIS! come on guys we just want the jew song :(
Yorgun-Seyyah (2 years ago)
please write the name of the artist who knows if this music ?נא לרשום את שם האמן מי יודע אם המוזיקה הזאת
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
Oh shit, I thought us Kurds were number one with the wedding and line dancing but I now see that we have competition... bring it on!
Amineshoot (2 years ago)
can somone tell me the name of song :( peace from muslim :)
daniel tabin (2 years ago)
Peace from Judaism :) I have no idea what the song is, and wish I knew : \
is not NU NU NU
DMCLANDERS (2 years ago)
+DMCLANDERS yep it's Nu Nu Nu. I hope this helps.
DMCLANDERS (2 years ago)
It sounds like Nu Nu Nu by Avraham fried. You can get it on iTunes.
BrightBlue Glue (2 years ago)
Looks fun. But i cant find the song
Schwerer Gustav (2 years ago)
Fuck all jews fuck İsrael !!!
BrightBlue Glue (2 years ago)
Fuck you
Jordan K (2 years ago)
Ur muslim
fourteen (2 years ago)
line dancing?
brother yankee (3 years ago)
arrest The poisonous rich connected carpet bagging spy commie Jews in every financial and political sector worldwide and hang them. kick the rest to isreal except for the true Christian Jews.
XtreemMetalMan (1 year ago)
>rich >commie you're an idiot.
dark matter (3 years ago)
They can dance
Bcha 100 (7 months ago)
top dancers
I know the song is Nu Nu Nu by Avraham Fried, but it's a different tune.  Does anyone know what music it's set to and where I can get a copy? :)
Linda Jamison (1 year ago)
this is the version of Avraham Fried that they are playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOPUmrSw1gE the saxophone part is at 3:24
Skye kaysen (3 years ago)
What's the Name of That Song? Please
Victory1942 (11 months ago)
but this is an exclusive remix
Victory1942 (11 months ago)
Nu nu nu by Avraham Fried
senorbeast09 (1 year ago)
"Please Holler If You Find My Dollar"
*Frankfurt* *A.M* (1 year ago)
Skye kaysen collecting - pennies
MrShinigami01 (3 years ago)
OY VEY. You have to buy mods on steam now, good goy!
Lora Levy (6 months ago)
Sick Rantorum u r miserbal all u think all the is how u hate jews u will br in hell
Sick Rantorum (8 months ago)
Imagine being an antisemite and insisting on commenting about da JOOZ on every fucking video even remotely related to Jews. What a miserable existence. I feel sorry for your kind.
XtreemMetalMan (1 year ago)
Oy vey, you have to pay for things in life, there aren't just gibs me dats, fuck the jooz
asafapple (3 years ago)
Ozzy Mosley (3 years ago)
Where's the dubstep version of this video?
Mike R (6 days ago)
+Delta_Aurora Dance off! https://youtu.be/48laJC8wYl4
Anamalece Beyonder (1 month ago)
Ozzy Mosley (1 year ago)
Thank you, you've been helpful!
Delta_Aurora (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7xOEE7Hz18 This whatcha lookin for?
Ozzy Mosley (1 year ago)
So... where is that version then?
Samantha Jeter (3 years ago)
Someone please tell me the name of this song and how to find it
dakarus (3 years ago)
+Samantha Jeter oy vey
Brendan Jabbers (4 years ago)
Are these modern dance steps or something traditional? It looks quite modern.
G2 LTT (4 months ago)
Angel Woman (4 years ago)
Dance, dance praise God.
maximus_benny (4 years ago)
how did I end up here? I was watching worldstar hiphop vines dufaq?
Ricky Leiderman (4 years ago)
Line dancing, Chasidic style.
Vanilda Maia (4 years ago)
mandando bem no passinho
aliyah abraham (4 years ago)
Hahah 0:05, the guy at the right side. his expression is like "Oh shit wrong dance move,"
tm89brn (4 years ago)
anybody knows the name of the song????
s. mizrahi (3 years ago)
which is on the video*
s. mizrahi (3 years ago)
nu nu nu - avraham fried which is a different version because the one which is not on the video is hard to find
caughtme17 (4 years ago)
That one kid in the front is killing it! People out of his way and let him show to do the dance!
Ed Camp (4 years ago)
Im gay and  Christian and this was beautiful and we love Israel and  called what God wants for his people FREEDOM and gay or str8 be yourself and love others!
Ben A (7 months ago)
Toiras Chesed Lol ever heard of reform Judaism probably the most popular kind of sect in Israel , you can marry people of your same sex whenever you want in Israel
davehshs (9 months ago)
+ Ed Camp Many of these comments tell me that Judaism has as many hateful bigots as Christianity. Of course, the fact that Israelis are treating the Palestinians nearly as badly as Germans treated Jews in the 1930s also tells me that.
GenerAhuk Cap (11 months ago)
Rabascan (3 years ago)
+Albert Npomniachi 'Medieval times' and 'scientist' are two terms that already exclude each other, but fair enough. Chess is a global game in the sense that it's widely known but not that it's widely played - sure, there are chess clubs at a lot of places but it's rarely something for the common folks outside western cultures. And I'd like to see numbers about Jewish Go mastery, since there are numbers missing. And about medieval times, numbers are missing. Even so, there is a difference between education (which is linked to wealth) and intelligence. I'd reason that the Jews always focused heavily on education, which made them excel in many fields, especially as a minority, but I disagree that there's a biological factor involved.
Rabascan (3 years ago)
+Albert Npomniachi The problem is that for this view, we focus entirely on Western Classsical Music and Chess, which again is mostly played in Western cultures. I agree that many great people in those two fields come from Jewish circles, but what about Chinese GO-players - a game far more complex than chess, I may add - or what about Indian Raga, a form of music at least as complex (if not even more) than Western Classical Music, and far older too? The Jewish population, in the last few centuries, grew up under heavy western influence, and one may argue that certain traits they had caused for this huge success in this bigger culture circle. But what about Jews 500 years earlier? Not many achievenemts can be reported from this time - their current cultural elitism (or rather, their former cultural elitism, since that slowly starts to die out too) was a trend not based on biological factors, but on socioeconomic and cultural reasons.
ZoOmBo Z (4 years ago)
Тайна происхождения Шафла раскрыта ))
i really like this song
Bastiaan Kreuter (4 years ago)
I say: MC Hammer would wish he could do this ☺ 
REVISTA OIGA (4 years ago)
tobex1991 (4 years ago)
That was awesome
Gafitanu Maria (4 years ago)
Nu cunosc semnificatia acestui dans (probabil o petrecere a barbatilor inainte de nunta)muzica aceasta ma fascineaza precum si demnitatea ,rafinamentul acestui popor ales ,DUMNEZEU,mi-a ascultat dorinta si voi calca pamantul iubit pe 31 martie 2014

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