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Скала Парус//The sailing Rock of Black Sea,Russia.

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The sailing Rock of Black Sea,Russia.
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thanks for sharing looks so pretty
Thanks For watching.
Beautiful. The water is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks For watching.
Shaila channel (9 months ago)
Great place 👌
Thanks For watching.
Hedgehog Comedian (9 months ago)
like +1
Thanks For watching.
salad n food (9 months ago)
Thanks For watching.
like 3 beautiful video 👌🏻👌🏻💕😍😘😍😘😍😘💐❤️🏵️💟💙🌹🌸💜💛💮💚🌺💝💞🌼💗💖god bless you dear
Thanks For watching.
des mercene (9 months ago)
what a beautiful scenery/view!! one minor suggestion, you should put background music or you can talk on your videos if you want :) all the love
Thanks For watching. Actually, there is background music.
Chocolate Mommy (9 months ago)
Nice video like 1st pls stay dear.
Thanks For watching.

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