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10 Dark Secrets Sesame Street Doesn't Want You To Know

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10 Facts about Sesame Street that will surprise you. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are Bert and Ernie gay? Was Roosevelt Franklin really a racist muppet? Was there an HIV positive muppet? Did Snuffleupagas’s parents get a divorce? Did Grover go too far making fun of Spiderman the Musical? “Sesame Street” is known for addressing difficult subjects, and introducing a wide range of characters from different cultures, backgrounds, and abilities. So it’s no surprise that the show has ruffled some feathers in the past. The biggest secret is that “Sesame Street” has historically been way ahead of its time, causing discomfort for those stuck in old belief systems that no longer serve society. These dark secrets are really about the antiquated views some members of society have imposed on this progressive, all inclusive, honest and relevant show. So who are the people in your neighborhood? When the muppets on your show have the power make politicians and bigots nervous, you’re doing something right. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (2874)
lalala alalal (9 months ago)
Im gonna have nightmares
Sarah Elizabeth Vogt (3 months ago)
+TheThings Hi!!!!!!
Denny Epperson (3 months ago)
your right
Charley Bubb (3 months ago)
🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 you ruined my child’s you ruined my child🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 oh Shane
Douglas Haber Jr. (3 months ago)
i have nightmares of the thumbnail!
Jaxtyn’s Gametime (4 months ago)
lalala alalal p
ItzAdamIsNoob (3 days ago)
Pok3y (4 days ago)
Bert and Ernie = puppet Dan and Phil
Nicole Gordon (9 days ago)
They Gay
Abby's World (18 days ago)
Sesame Street is my 4 year old little sister favorite show her favorite is Elmo
Ree'sTV (19 days ago)
The creators confirm recently that Bert and Ernie are Gays! I'm happy for them!!
yoegirlautt b (26 days ago)
Lies sesame street is a christanity ✝ show
Jamie Vankirk (28 days ago)
i din't know sesame street din't want you to know that there really on there dark side
Sue Vang (1 month ago)
Y’all need to colm down
Vision (1 month ago)
Tell then what happend in 1845
challudym (1 month ago)
Im thinking bert and erny are just...well brothers
I know Elmo is tho the others are awesome but Elmo is creepy
Taran Caffarella (1 month ago)
Did you have to use mindchop's thumbnail? It's terrifying!
Dylan Seaborn Diaz (2 months ago)
I’m just saying children will start crying if they see this
Dylan Seaborn Diaz (2 months ago)
I don’t mean it
Dylan Seaborn Diaz (2 months ago)
This is a stupid video even tho I never even watched it
Everyone from sewage street:imma kill you Me:yo guys I just know my childhood is dark
Everyone from sewage street:imma kill you Me:yo guys I just know my childhood is dark
ivan plush (2 months ago)
The thumbnail ruined everyone's childhood
GD RixtyIsMyCity (2 months ago)
And Mk (2 months ago)
It just came out that Bert & Ernie gay
CreeperMaster 22 (2 months ago)
That image of Elmo and the other with shape teeth is scary. Edit: I also forgot to mention that the have black eyes the.
Epic PHail (2 months ago)
Fuck I don’t remember clicking on a video looking for YOUR views
Kailiah Seekings (2 months ago)
Sesame Street had death scenes?!
iwannaseeit1979 (2 months ago)
In other news: Bert is Dominican and Ernie is Puerto Rican (or the other way around, not sure)
Jackson Olshovsky (2 months ago)
That racist
Aaron Fisher (2 months ago)
So that is why Kermit Kermit suicide
Aaron Fisher (2 months ago)
Bert and Ernie are brothers.
Natalie Castallante (2 months ago)
Ever since I watched elmo. I always had a nightmare about cookie monster eating me :p
Click 4 Cringe (2 months ago)
Fuck the thumbnail
Melvin TheNerdgamer (2 months ago)
This is so stupid 🤣
Vice TOLUCT (2 months ago)
This video stole this thumbnail from another YouTuber! But I forgot which YouTuber.
Paddy Barr (2 months ago)
my dad used to have the new yorker bert and erny cover up on the wall but now its a bob dylan new yorker cover
Nathan Roblox and more (2 months ago)
Nixon JP Trebejo (2 months ago)
please dont make sesame street the next hole for sjws to drain the fun out of
Cutemixgirl Nikianddrake (2 months ago)
She need to calm down with the racist puppet thing like their are puppets not human
peggu (2 months ago)
Kristian Rojas Rivera (2 months ago)
so dark i almost panicked
1onedollar XXX (2 months ago)
I skipped all the way to the end
Spades 231 (2 months ago)
Kermit is a muppet not Sesame Street
Alex YT (2 months ago)
I watched South American sesame Street and never saw that HIV puppet
Scott Peterson (2 months ago)
Why do people want Bert and Ernie to be gay so badly? What’s wrong with a straight bromance?
Kyd Wykkyd (2 months ago)
The hiv muppet should have been the gay muppet.
Terry L (2 months ago)
Hippy PC bullcrap makes me sick "mainstream" more like mainlyretared
Cubing Master (2 months ago)
Sesame Street is dark.
mlp movie magic (2 months ago)
Bert and Ernie are like Leonard and Sheldon
thetauhidgamer 25 (2 months ago)
Soon is this going to end
WeegeeTheGabumon (3 months ago)
The internet sure had a huge field day with Bert and Ernie.....
Lady Lydia (3 months ago)
The picture was removed from the internet? Yeah right.
Sarah Elizabeth Vogt (3 months ago)
They are FRIENDS why be so inappropriate 😐
cloudsweapon567 (3 months ago)
Of course it was Cookie Monsters fault that lazy parents let their kids over eat junk food.
XxDarkHallsxX /Josh (3 months ago)
First logo is joey trap sesame street its a Rap
Why did Disney have to take the Muppets from Sesame Street?
Christine Kalinowski (3 months ago)
Your complaining about people throwing a tantrum about poor cookie monster...but didn't complain about everyone else throwing a tantrum over the other muppets?
JoshSomerton (3 months ago)
that last one with Bert with Osama Bin Laden is an attack on Sesame Street Please like this comment if you agree
The Dark Raptor (3 months ago)
I fear no man But that thing (points at thumbnail), it scares me
ItzAdamIsNoob (3 days ago)
Yep... but just think about it... its a puppet that has been photoshopped... its not real... dont worry.
Jose Parcenary (3 months ago)
Kami : "Walker told me I have AIDS".
Trophy Man (3 months ago)
how does the teacher promote racism even though a good 99% of the people were black just because they were the reason racism started doesn't mean they get to call every single thing they don't like on a TV show is racist.
Jan Schescke (3 months ago)
Brenton Ryan (3 months ago)
Progressive Programming
GabeN The Great (3 months ago)
TheCatestOne (3 months ago)
That thumbnail....i feel uncomfortable
tamara gacirua (3 months ago)
Add daddyg died😿
Charlotte LikesHamilton (3 months ago)
Oh. My childhood is ruined.
Limey Boye (3 months ago)
I honestly hope that sesame street parodies hamilton. Oh wait it's cancelled.
Bert (3 months ago)
*>Ya was not supposed to see this <*
Karen Kiernan (3 months ago)
Stop with the gifs please.
Edward Bruggeman (3 months ago)
Blacks determine what is or isn't racist? So noone else can be discriminated against? Ive me a break what is or is not racist is fairly obvious to most with common sense and different things will b seen as racist by different peoples.
FB I (3 months ago)
Oh shit they got out
Leganzar (3 months ago)
uh... black people decide what's racist?... no they don't.
Edwin Govea (2 months ago)
Wym they don't ?
Wilhelm Dietz (3 months ago)
I'd like to think Bert and Ernie are gay
Did you guys know Elmo was my favorite mupet from the mupets
jakobi kornegay (3 months ago)
Everything Disney touches turns to poo.
brayden (3 months ago)
i am going to freak out
Emo Bob (3 months ago)
I couldn’t sleep because of that thumbnail
lady bug (3 months ago)
My son love Elmo I don't know if I'm going let my son watch any of Sesame Street of those characters are shady
LaBelleDame DuManor (3 months ago)
Regarding Roosevelt Franklin, I think they jumped the gun when whoever made those accusations had done so. You must bear in mind that many American Cities had Crime riddled neighbourhoods & even if you weren't a criminal, you HAD to BE TOUGH in order to defend yourself should you be a victim of crime. I reckon the School that R. F. taught in was in a rough neighbourhood & the town's atmosphere rubbed off on him. Wouldn't surprise me if he'd been a constant target of muggings & assaults. I do however think that the show's producers DID GO TOO FAR with the violent outbursts & temper the character displayed.
LaBelleDame DuManor (3 months ago)
I have a question/theory. Where are Big Bird's parents & family members? Well, my theory is that Big Bird may be Mentally Handicapped in 1 way or another & that the Sesame Street citizens are sort of caretakers for him. I have a cousin who has autism & is in residential care. I came up with this theory since Sesame Street has been around since the 60's & Big Bird's way of thinking did not change with the passing of time. Although I did once see an episode where he talked about his Granny Bird & her love of travelling. He even showed photos of her at famous world landmarks. Yes, I do know about that old movie 'Follow that Bird', where Big Bird gets put in a Foster Home because he didn't live with any parents or family members. He gets miserable there & tries to run away back to Sesame Street where he WAS happy. You see, that question was on my mind since I realised he did not live with any relatives, no child ever does. If they did it would be suspicious.
Charles Mitchell (3 months ago)
Bert and Bin Laden - "the image has since be removed from the internet" - says a video on the internet which repeatably shows the image... nice!
Tanya (3 months ago)
nothing was as dark as the thumbnail
Owen Driscoll (3 months ago)
this channel needs to hang itself
Jakeapc (3 months ago)
Thanks for giving kids nightmares like you gave me
David Gonzalez (3 months ago)
They're brothers. Need I say more?
Sabrina Nascimento (3 months ago)
Sometimes Sesame Street should leave something’s alone.
Sabrina Nascimento (3 months ago)
I like Roosevelt. Franklin
Lil Yatchy (3 months ago)
Jim Henson not dead????
LPS Pinkylollipop (2 months ago)
Lil Yatchy Yes he is
Sian Blackmore (3 months ago)
If the photo was taken off the internet how did you Guys/gals get it?
Spike Shadows (3 months ago)
when I was a kid I always thought Bert and Ernie were brothers - they lived together and fought like brothers and Ernie is like a younger brother annoying his older brother Bert
Willreaper133 (3 months ago)
Good video, but wtf is the intro?
And that is why I had nightmares of Elmo when I was 6
Kevin Hopkinson (3 months ago)
Great! Bill's going to have another rape victim on his hands (2:47 moment)
Susanna Bruwer (3 months ago)
That’s weird!
Mike Lucero (3 months ago)
I will never watch Sesame Street again
Nikita Nopants (3 months ago)
"Those people understand he's just a puppet, right?" Do they think kids are fat because Cookie Monster eats cookies? Do kids really do all the things puppets do? Cookie used to eat everything. I saw him eat phones and tables. Maybe parents should take an active role in their kids' lives instead of forcing a puppet to teach them good eating habits.
Sonagi Something (3 months ago)
Who let this dumb cunt fuck up Sesame Street. No, Bert and Ernie aren’t gay, they’re friends. Stop trying to push your fantasies on shows for five year olds. You fucking sjws ruin everything
Brevard Smith (3 months ago)
Where are they now? The kids that witnessed the Divorce?
LaBelleDame DuManor (3 months ago)
If you are referring to the Snuffalupugus parent's divorce I don't know. I do have a suspicion as to why they did. I believe Snuffy, Alice & Mrs. Snuffalupugus were fleeing domestic violence, you can see it in Snuffy's character as he would be mentally scarred from witnessing what he would have seen, unlike his baby sister Alice who would have been too young to remember anything as she is a bubbly cheerful toddler. Regarding Abby Kadabby, I don't think the reason her parents divorced was the same as Snuffy's. It may have been due to money/job trouble or any other reason that did not involve abuse.
Brevard Smith (3 months ago)
Roosevelt Franklin too purple, too strong.
FreedomforHaiti (3 months ago)
The creation and demise of the Roosevelt Franklin segments is discussed in the book Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street by Michael Davis, starting on page 247. To address complaints from some parts of the Black community that the Muppets weren't relatable to them, Matt Robinson (who I believe was black) created the characters and wrote the installment (I think he performed Roosevelt, too). However, other black people, who tended to be more conservative, didn't like it. Show creator Joan Cooney saw merit in both sides of the argument but tried to stay out of it. However, the conservative element won, even though they were smaller in number.
James Lane (3 months ago)
This a load of bollucs
John Tiggleman (3 months ago)
I HATE ELMO. that constant giggling shite. The only muppet that should go away. Annoying character.

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