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Old man laughing hard

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A pretty old video showing an old spanish man laughing hard - Very funny laugh very funny funny videos laughing
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Anil Kumar (4 days ago)
0:27 when someone says that despacito is still the trend in 2018
Joachim Ardiles Jukie (17 days ago)
I'm expecting a compilation though...
nirav065 (23 days ago)
Irakli Tsirekidze (1 month ago)
god bless you
Alex (1 month ago)
When you hear Trump wants to build a wall
Ali Aseeri (1 month ago)
So funny
Maxime Desmarais (1 month ago)
Highly contagious laughing material.
Aden galang gaming (1 month ago)
This is an example for an idiot
vaishnavi shahu (1 month ago)
Natural reaction to ali-a intro
Pratibha Shahu (1 month ago)
T Series vs Pewdiepie......This is the reaction when someone say pewdiepie is gonna win
Kyle Hayze (2 months ago)
Anyone else cry in laughter at his laugh?
george Arce (2 months ago)
The laugh is funny in slow mo
george Arce (2 months ago)
Salo C (2 months ago)
The best thing is that I live in Chipiona lmao
Да, конечно листай далее
Ninja GT (2 months ago)
haha a pig dying at 0:53
Gigatony (2 months ago)
00:18 Me when Trump won.
Daniel De Ruvo (3 months ago)
He's probably laughing so hard at the bet BERGER made with Louis.
Millso Gaming (3 months ago)
0:27 when you hit him with a shotgun and it do six damage to the head
asifa. rbphrservices (3 months ago)
TheGrandSamux Gameplay5! (3 months ago)
0:27 Dalas Review :v
michi live (3 months ago)
2:06 Best Laugh
Nikadz (3 months ago)
зосто купувас компьютер за цртанје
My friend told me this laugh sound like a dog sound
OnlyBoof (4 months ago)
iToRReZi (4 months ago)
I'm here because... NINJA.
Filthy Hilthy (4 months ago)
I was wondering what accent bc a friend of mine posted this vid on a discord server
LaBounti (4 months ago)
The Evolve version is insanely funny.
Santino Wavez (5 months ago)
John 3 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son(Jesus), that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
iLikeTrain (5 months ago)
This man can end all wars
Valknut (5 months ago)
I wonder where this guy is now
Squad Squeaker (5 months ago)
Valknut (5 months ago)
I wonder what he was laughing to
hudibitekthesecond (5 months ago)
Pls somebody make a parody with this video on Germany - S.Korea 0:2
Mytur-Bin Izderty (5 months ago)
That's an Ultrabright smile!
Zacman2347 (5 months ago)
0:26 dead 0:38
Moom Bobby (5 months ago)
😂 😂 😂 😂
Haziq Haikal (6 months ago)
Naufal stp (6 months ago)
Clorox bleach (6 months ago)
1:10 when someone says there vegan
文铨Adam (7 months ago)
A. T. (7 months ago)
Spanish people have the best laughs lol
Halo Grunt15 (7 months ago)
Dora must have told diego a pretty dam funny joke
loni zeka (7 months ago)
His laugh is so infectious lol
Ivan Horvat (7 months ago)
Smoke herb with this guy....bingo on the lottery!!!
Nikhil Karnam (7 months ago)
add fake subtitles to this from whatever and it becomes even more funny.
EarthSonicBound (7 months ago)
He must not be spanish, more like latin american.
Daler Kurbanov (7 months ago)
The mexicans when trump said he gonna make them pay for the wall
EdgyEdgelord (7 months ago)
When it says sex in the textbook. 4th grader:
Miss Jade (8 months ago)
That man will live to 210 with that laugh.
Ethan Swift (8 months ago)
What to watch when your having a bad day👍
Ivan Salazar (8 months ago)
Music&FXMaster (8 months ago)
This guy is andalusian from Sevilla in the south of Spain... and he's a very folksy type of southern spaniard. It's very hard to understand what the f--- he's saying with the exception of a few words... and I'm fluent in Spanish! Anyway, he was a dishwasher at a restaurant in Sevilla and it looks like he left some big paella pans tied to some rocks by the beach to wash themselves with the help of the continuous sea water wash (it's very hard to get the rice stuck on paella pans). But the tide rose overnight and the next day the pans were all gone with the exception of one... He showed up with the one he found and made sure the owner/cook saw him making it look like he was bringing all of them back... It was pay day so he took his paycheck and never came back to the restaurant. if you hear his version in spanish is absolutely hilarious... By the way, part of the reason why it's funny is because he was called on an emergency basis to retrieve the paella pans to prepare the dish for very important clients coming at 2pm that day.... so he explains how he had shown up in his swimming trunks and flip flops to get in the water..... but the pans were gone
Rob Medies (8 months ago)
He looks like MARIO from super MARIO bros
Dis Boi (8 months ago)
0:19 mazda engines
burn1none (8 months ago)
When the textbook says "sex" 4th graders: 0:25
Luis Duran (9 months ago)
DiamondDogs 26 (9 months ago)
Grade 3 students be like
Rob Medies (9 months ago)
His laugh sounds like the toilet seat in my bathroom
eon denilansa (9 months ago)
ntah apa cakap wawak ini ku dengar, tp ngakak ajlah aq
juve 4ever (9 months ago)
David Hendriks (9 months ago)
Is a door sitting on that chair ?
This sh*t had me died
• ItsMrRogue • (10 months ago)
Fuck I speak Spanish but i cant understand him im laughing so hard
fender71983 (10 months ago)
Why does the guy in the suit look like bob from that 70s show? Lmao
illuminati boi (10 months ago)
0:19 when some body says that woman are mistreated
DirtyQwerty Official (10 months ago)
i love this dude, i mean man, i dont understand a shit what he is saying but its funny as hell xD
Vincenzo Marra (10 months ago)
"The Last of Us 2" NEW TRAILER
UltraWarriors (10 months ago)
Zareth Suazo (10 months ago)
Never gets old I laugh like that lol
Zareth Suazo (10 months ago)
When u say IM RICH NIGGA 0:19
Zareth Suazo (10 months ago)
When ppl say im the best 0:19
Zareth Suazo (10 months ago)
Dis dude laughs retarted
Comi Sve Lomi (10 months ago)
Brute 1985 (11 months ago)
Damn. I jerk off to this
Mr kenshin (11 months ago)
XxStriderxx (11 months ago)
I speak spanish fluently and there are some words he says that i just cant seem to understand. Probably the way he speaking.
senpai xD (11 months ago)
I almost chocked on a life saver
hooe y (11 months ago)
Aaro Kangasniemi (11 months ago)
Put on the 0.25 speed. 😂😂
ツyLukeh (10 months ago)
Ebet Editor (11 months ago)
Shittt.. i can't stop laughing... HahahahhahahahaahhahaaWKWKWKWKWK
PyroArea30 (11 months ago)
When you see your ex new bf
CM Punk (11 months ago)
0:19 when people tell me wrestling is fake
Benzerox (11 months ago)
0:21 "He noob" 0:29 "Noob"
El Gordito Kim (1 year ago)
i literally died oh men my stomach oh men ahahahahahahaahhaahahahahhaah
Mittz The Trash Lord (1 year ago)
This is me in the middle of the night either playing Cards Against Humanity, after drinking a can of Full Throttle, or both. XD
spriteman CZ (1 year ago)
fucking best laugh ever my mom laughs like this too XD
RalphMan (1 year ago)
What's funnier this or the laughin baby
0omania _o_0 (9 months ago)
RalphMan This
RalphMan (1 year ago)
About trump n the wall
gamingxd (1 year ago)
I can't stop laughing
Me laughing at libtards who say "not my president". :D
SirSirupy (1 year ago)
"Pfft, Trump will NEVER win!" /pol/:
Eva K. (1 year ago)
thats fuckin stupid XDDDDDD
spooder man (1 year ago)
It sounds like he is crying
Vanity Blaque (1 year ago)
Me in math class...
Alexandros Pap (1 year ago)
Can I USE THIS!!!??? PLZ!!!
DaVinzie (1 year ago)
0.5 Speed bruh. Try it guys lmao.
ghost flowerr (1 year ago)
I was eating spaghetti and this guy started to laugh and *I LAUGH SO FUCKING HARD* and I chocked and I cannot eat my spaghetti for 5 days and I need to go to theraphy to remove that video out of my head

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