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Tele thinline kit build - first test

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I've spent the past week building a unbelievably cheap Tele thinline kit from the fretwire store on reverb.com. Honestly, a decent kit, but only if you're handy replacing parts and modifying guitars. If you were to simply build it out of the box, you'd hate it, but after some sanding here, some adjusting there, and a lot of curse words and bleeding, it made a really decent guitar. audio is recorded straight through my phone, but it still sounds decent. i suck at making videos, but people wanted to hear what this beast sounds like, so here ya go. I'm not done messing with it yet, but here's a quick demo of the completed build. going to do some more bridge adjustment and try to get it to intonate better, but i think it might just be too light a wood (it's basswood) to get a good solid sound. we'll see though.
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James Reilly (2 years ago)
Nice job stranger I don't know!! You know what would be really sweet on that? Scalloped frets!
Chris Haskell (2 years ago)
Next up - how to put scallops on your fretboard.

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