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Stargate Atlantis Pegasus Screen Saver

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Stargate Atlantis Pegasus Screen Saver http://www.TheWraith517.blogspot.co.uk http://stargatetributes.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/PegasusLogoSCR.html
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KaiLynn Darkpixie (4 years ago)
Ps I dont have Winows, but in Linux i can animate it around during work within system.
KaiLynn Darkpixie (4 years ago)
Is this loopable, cause I see it spins around but stops before the flat tornaround?
DrMoffet (4 years ago)
The video is shorter, each screen saver was exported from the shows MOV file into BMP files (then the static over hand frames where deleted) and then the needed frames compiled as an SWF.  The screen saver spins continuous with no pause or stutter :)

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