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Stihl Pro Saw vs. Farm/Ranch

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I go over the differences between the Stihl pro saws and the regular "homeowner/farm/ranch" saws.
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Eddie Alvarez (2 days ago)
Excellent job, on the details! Please keep it going.
Big Daddy (7 days ago)
Love my new Farm Boss. Best Saw ive ever used. All my buddies have them which is what sold me on buying this model. We use firewood for heat so we cut anytime a tree falls and for need and these Farm Boss models are bullet proof so far. We all use the premix Stihl Gas 93 octane non ethanol. Cuts like butter..
Human (6 days ago)
Should try a 261 😁, not bashing the 271 at all, you're right, it's a great saw. The pro saws are on a whole different level though.
onlychain saw (8 days ago)
Awesome video buddy. I like it. Make more on blower please.
yotehtr1 (9 days ago)
Sounds like the farm saw is all plastic, that's the reason I avoided the Lowes junk Husqvarna saws.
Garrett Bessette (11 days ago)
We run both of those out on the fire line, great saws!
Caleb Willhelm (13 days ago)
Tim Travasos (15 days ago)
Good review
Da Barboza (18 days ago)
WORNG!! Their is definite significant deference's between the home owner versions and the Farm and Ranch!! The bars and chains are thicker and heavier, the bolts adjusting system are much stronger and better. The clutch system is better, all the internals are stronger and heavier. So get your information correct before you make a video
James Carr (23 days ago)
I own a 271, I personally think it's a great chainsaw, never had any problems with it
Dennis King (25 days ago)
Exodus 6:3 kjv
Brandon thomas (1 month ago)
This is one of the reasons i'm subscribed. Lol
Craig Hanson (1 month ago)
Those are both pro saws based on the white handles aren't they.
michael knight (1 month ago)
Stihl should sponsor you ! Your a Subject matter expert on their equipment , that's the least they can do
Jim Wesselman (1 month ago)
I have heard that the pro saw has 2 compression rings where the homeowner saw has one. Is that what accounts for increased compression?
Jim Wesselman (1 month ago)
Thank you 🙏
Man Man (1 month ago)
Slightly. Having two rings helps keeps the piston "square" in the hole making it harder for the skirt of the piston hit the cylinder wall.
Radu Adrian (2 months ago)
There is no difference except the homeowner ones are made in China.
Harry Rambo (2 months ago)
261c is my everyday saw here in the uk, i like it
bucketheadrox (2 months ago)
I love my 261. One time a guy said it wasnt a pro saw and then immediately said "this is a good saw"
- YosemiteSam357 (2 months ago)
Between the MS 291 at $520 and the MS 261 CM at $800 which would be a better choice for firewood, clearing trails and property maintenance?
Noah Ranker (1 month ago)
- YosemiteSam357 291 is a much better deal
Cody Dimke (2 months ago)
Can you run a ROLLOMATIC E SUPER bar on a farm and ranch saw or can you only use the rollomatic e standard?
Craig Hanson (2 months ago)
Aren't both of these pro saws, they both have white handles? The cheaper saws have red handles, like the ms250.
9 car Cottrell (3 months ago)
Ill keep my 660 magnum skip chain dual port muffler 31 inch bar
Bill Wessels (3 months ago)
I own several pro and consumer saws big and small. They will all help you work up a sweat. The old saw (pun intended) wood heat will warm you twice.
dozer- Am-I (3 months ago)
If you could listen to the saws run side-by-side you'd hear the difference one is built for racing and was built for driving.. nothing performs like a Stihl Pro saw nothing...
puncher davis (3 months ago)
Doesnt the 261 have a super brake function I think its called and the 271 does not. With the side cover off on the chain side you can see it on the 261 on bottom little metal strip where the 271 does not have it?
Tech & life videos J (3 months ago)
Got the MS 460, 660 and 880. Mostly use the two smaller ones (460 and 660). 660 and 880 are extremely powerful but a bit heavy to carry around all day. Didn't know 261 was a "Pro" saw!
Human (3 months ago)
Lol, I know what you mean, only get out the bigger saws when I have to these days, not as young as I used to be 😂
Dan Vaught (4 months ago)
I had a MS271 and replaced with a MS291. I like the 271 better. I also have a 251 but it's only good for branch trimming.
david b (4 months ago)
im not a pro by any means, I run a 661cm with a 32bar, a 441cm with a 25bar, a 362cm with a 20bar, I burn wood for heat in winter, yes they are all pro saws because I got tired or buying new comsure saws every year or year and a half, I do have a 170 but just for limbing I love my stihl saws!!!
JOE CAPOZZIELLO (4 months ago)
That was a very very very good actually great review brother thank you
Mike Cook (4 months ago)
I was told anything with a 1 behind it was pro. Example 250 would be home owner 251 would be pro so I’m a bit confused
Darrell Bailey (4 months ago)
Hey guy you’re videos are great! I went a bought this saw after seeing this vid! I bought a ms291 4 years ago and it’s a amazing! So despite the opinions of some of the haters thankful for guys like you who lay it on the line
newcoyote (4 months ago)
Micro controlled. i.e. not serviceable in the field.
newcoyote (3 months ago)
Well another way of looking at it is, either it works or it doesn't. Solid state does not mean bulletproof. What do you do if it craps out in the feild? At least with conventional platforms, you can usually jury-rig a fix. Anyhow, I'm still optimistic. I just bought a new Husqvarna 550XP. We'll see.
MyCousinV1nny (3 months ago)
Solid state, not needed to be serviced and that's the point. Not macintosh, windows crap. Don't confuse high tech with low tech garbage.
Tim Henry (4 months ago)
I've noticed anything that say farm tough is junk.
Cody Welter (4 months ago)
Hows ms 260 compared to ms 291 stack up
Patrick Prafke (4 months ago)
I wonder how many parts of the pro saw would fit into the farm boss? Upgraded parts?
Northern Ninja Runner (4 months ago)
Version135 (4 months ago)
Love my 271. My first chainsaw! Seems to run better every time I take it out.
J.B. Hutton (4 months ago)
There is only one problem with these saws. Neither of them is a Husqvarna
MacQuiston (2 days ago)
rick devils luck farm (5 months ago)
wait till the fuel injected model comes out i see big headache
HDredneck (2 months ago)
I've ran the new 500i, and it's freakin amazing. Probably going to be the best thing to happen to chainsaws, ever. 7 horsepower and 12 pounds is wild..
Robby Clark (4 months ago)
I want one of the ms500’s. They claim 1 pull starting .....cold........
Col Sinclair (5 months ago)
Iv made money with both types.
Will (5 months ago)
What is the price difference between the two saws?
Dylan McCarty (5 months ago)
You asked the big question
Steval204 (5 months ago)
Ms391 or 455 rancher?
Freakingstang (3 months ago)
Look into the 545 or 555. Twice the saw of either of those
Andrew Ybarra (4 months ago)
I just got a ms 391 a few weeks ago. It's been great so far.
Gilitar (5 months ago)
Stihl's homeowner saws aren't competitive. Echo and Husqvarna eat their lunch in that category.
Aaron Rippstein (5 months ago)
Human, I am looking for a Stihl saw. Just for use around the yard cutting firewood, felling trees, and general clean up. This will not be used professionally, might sit for a few months between uses. I have my eye on the 362, but that's a lot of money. I want something that will be more than adequate and not be under powered. Is there a saw you suggest that will run a 20" bar, have plenty of power, and not break the bank? Is a Farm and Ranch model likely a better fit for me?
Marty Ross (5 months ago)
Cant spell homeowner without spelling MEOW
Eli L (5 months ago)
we got the 271 earlier this year and when i'm cutting harder wood with it it seems to struggle. Do you think putting the airfilter from the 261 in would make any difference?
3wrapframe (5 months ago)
I have the same Gm Goodwrench Plus sign and the matching late night drop off box sign too.
rock of ages xxx (5 months ago)
Why are they always trying to improve ? Damn !!
rock of ages xxx (5 months ago)
Farm Boss hands down
Kelly Joplin (5 months ago)
Do a vid on the ms 241 C
Fr. Bob Lacey (6 months ago)
Where do I find replacement torx screws for the cover on our Farm and Ranch (251c?)?
youtubeuser9927 (6 months ago)
Clear presentation, great video, I love that you included real stats. Would have been even clearer if the stats were put up in screen as you said them (in text)
Kenny Gavin (6 months ago)
What size bar do both those saws have on them and how much do those saws cost to buy
stricthvy (6 months ago)
Just got the husky 390 its a beast 88cc motor ,i love it i got a stihl 362 i took it back ,yeah those baby saws.
Zdunchyk (6 months ago)
Imperial crap. :(
HDredneck (2 months ago)
What? My Stihl is made in Germany...
Paul Akers Jr (6 months ago)
Good video, Question, I have an 036 pro, the plate on the side of the saw where the oiler is, I call it an oiler guide plate, takes 1 screw to hold it in place, the threads are stripped out of the housing and the plate is loose until you mount the bar on the saw . The problem I am having is, oil comes out the bottom of the saw and not on the bar, or very little on the bar. Replaced oil lines- oil pump- you name it, anything related to the oiling system has been replaced. Is the plate critical to placing oil onto the bar? and have you ran into this problem before. I guess I could tap it out and fix it that way. Just curious what you think. Thanks again for the vids. Thumbs up.
Human (6 months ago)
Thing I'd check next would be the bar itself, make sure the hole isn't clogged.
Their both good....used both professionally....and if they are both taken care of....they will last...there are + and - in both models really.... especially when it comes to buying parts (engine, injection,etc).....
kelsey smith (6 months ago)
*fantastic, cant say enough good about it.>>>**ur2.pl/723** It was shipped fast and was easy to assemble. Put it right to work cutting firewood and was impressed with the power.*
Chubbygold (6 months ago)
Key thing here is dont buy a stihl !!
Brad Phuck (7 months ago)
My Stihl 16inch homeowner saw has to idle for 10mins when first cracking else it bogs down and will die. The saw is new is that normal?
Human (7 months ago)
Not at all
adam clark (7 months ago)
Thanks for the vids
adam clark (7 months ago)
All the stihl saws that you can’t adjust the carburetors suck ass, I have quite a few I’m tired of wasting my money, they either rev high or low never perfect. Plus the twist on gas cap is an issue, they are letting the gas boil and when you open the gas tank it blows out everywhere. They need to fix that
Andi B (7 months ago)
Just bought a 261. Well impressed. That's even being measured against my 550xp. Never experienced a pro saw like it for weight and power.
Cody T (3 months ago)
Andi B have you had any problems with the 261 was going to buy one this week and are they easy and cheap to work on ?
Stan Reedy (4 months ago)
I just bought a 261c and totally agree
mattyboy7272 (7 months ago)
Mtronic is lame as shit, dont run for shit in cold weather, my 461 is an absolute beast with the regular carb
Kenneth James (7 months ago)
Hey. You could improve your sound by leaps and bounds just by hanging up a few of those Uhaul blankets.
Billy Mcclanahan (7 months ago)
Can you use the pro airfilter on the farm one?
TopgunExcel (7 months ago)
Get a oleo-mac comes in lighter & more hp better price. stihl your days of domination are over
Jeff Bang (7 months ago)
All Sounds good but will They Start? That is the big Question!! My new Stihl Farm Boss Never ran, Returned it and now looking for a saw that will actually work! What garbage, everybody has this Stihl garbage shoved up their ass so far that they wouldn't know a good saw if it cut them!
Anthony James (7 months ago)
What about the bars? Any difference in quality between the two saws?
East Coast Resident (7 months ago)
I would love to have the MS261 (pro) but the MS291 (farm) is on sale now and puts it right in my price range. The pro saw would be nice for several reasons including power and light weight but I can't justify paying almost $800 + 15% tax.
Chris Gilliam Man Stuff (7 months ago)
15% tax? Where the heck are you man?
Rodney Hanbaum (7 months ago)
Price difference?
Martin Hinkins (7 months ago)
So what your saying is the 261 is a better Quilty better all around verses the 271
tbasty (7 months ago)
“The crankshaft is part of the frame.....” Riiiigght.......
Rick Sanchez C137 (8 months ago)
If someone does a muffler mod on a saw with the computer controlled carb, will it adjust itself accordingly (or will the computer email the EPA and snitch, lol)???
Human (8 months ago)
lol, it adjusts itself
Aaron Helms (8 months ago)
I'm 23 years old and I also trim trees and fall them.. I have a lot to learn but I used a big 261 today for a climbing job on a pine and it was tough.. been watching your channel for quite some time and I have to say your my idle. I enjoy your work as well as your info and input in your work. I can only hope to be as good as you some day. But being low income I'm stuck with terrible equipment and a big trim saw lol. But thanks for your videos
Boxhead 71 (8 months ago)
Any parts interchangeable? When I replace the air filter can I put the more efficient 261 air cleaner on the 271? Or the clutch cover with the captive nuts?
Chris Gilliam Man Stuff (7 months ago)
I'd love to have the captive nuts on my old MS390, there has to be a way...
Human (8 months ago)
Not sure, though I doubt it
Kynan Milo (8 months ago)
Thanks for the info. It definitely help in making a decision on a new larger saw then my 170!
Del Holford (6 months ago)
Kynan Milo Funny, I just sold my 29 year old 038 AV Super to buy a MS170. 😃. That was after I bought a Farm/Ranch MS311. MS311 starts easy, runs great, is a lot lighter than the 038 and cuts with a full chipper much longer than I can hold it. I spent 3 hours cutting red oak recently, the largest pieces being about 24”. It isn’t as powerful as the 038 but powerful enough.
the witness (8 months ago)
Also i don't think he mentioned that most pro saws have a different cylinder liner (at least husky does), which helps with duty cycle times, that is probably why these two use different heads as well. "Homeowner" saws are not meant to be ran all day like a pro saw would be on a logging job. Good video though!
Donz Milky (8 months ago)
Can i drill my muffler baffles on my 271 like you did on your saws to get more ass out of it? Or is that for pro saws with electronics in em? Also do you reccomend that i let my dealer adjust carb? They said they do it free and i havent bothered since i bought it, seems to be running good but im not sure how much more potential it might have. Or if im just cooking the rings haha im not really a 2 stroke guy.
Frank Artieta (8 months ago)
If I made my living with a saw ! I might look at a pro saw ! I am just a ole boy that cuts tree off my place every now and then ! I have a husky 450 rancher ! I have little experience with a stihl ! I do not own still I had trouble trying to find one to buy when I bought my husky I have to say I do like my husky very much ! Never a problem that I could blame on the saw itself ! I try to keep my saw sharp clean and well lubricated ! First thing in the morning I sharpen my blade and lubricate everything check everything out ! I feel confident that both Brands a really good saws ! Anyone who claims Husqvarna or Stihl or junk don't know what they're talking about ! There's a bigger chance of you letting them down than them letting you down ! If you perform the maintenance and check everything out , everyday before you use it I can't see anyone having a problem ! The way I look at chainsaws is they're supposed to wear out ! Huge difference between wearing out and breaking ! if I were a professional tree monkey ! I would likely run a Stihl or Husqvarna and maybe both !
Ken Busch (5 months ago)
Mike Magnum (9 months ago)
You helped me with my next chain saw purchase with this video! Thanks!
Ivan Del Rio (9 months ago)
Get a microphone...
William Westrope (9 months ago)
Let's not forget that the pro saws run nearly twice the price of the farm and ranch saws.
Michael Power (9 months ago)
Sheet your a pro mate!
Terry Hale (9 months ago)
Thanks! I was curious about what the extra cost purchased.
greg kiger (9 months ago)
Excellent comparison that spans time and models. They cost more but they do more, both are great, just depends on level of use. One extra note, pro saws / big saws cut faster, but that can be a mixed blessing. Unless you use a saw a lot you may need / appreciate those extra seconds, pro saws make deep face cuts fast, cut through hinges, pinch faster etc. Everything is speeded up so experience and anticipation are needed. Ranch models are awesome and run forever so no shame there, still have mine. Lastly - pro saws with Mtronic carbs do better with varying quality of gas, like older gas. I have let gas get stale (more than 15 days) and my old saws would not run right at all, but the Mtronic adjusted and kept on. Obviously always using fresh premium fuel is the way to go but again, for the occasional user, that would be a plus of an Mtronic. Safe travels...
Mackenzie Waldeck (9 months ago)
I'm Mackenzie Waldeck and I endorse this video.
Del Holford (6 months ago)
Mackenzie Waldeck 🤨
Adam wiggins (9 months ago)
Did he just admit he can’t justify STIHL’s higher quality items? Speaking as a dealer....? Always push the higher quality item. Buyers remorse only lasts until your unit outperforms you co workers cheaper saw. And the thrill of a bargain only lasts till it’s first breakdown. STIHL used to be considered the best. Now they really seem to just want to sell home owner quality equipment. I grew up in a logging family and STIHL was always spoken of as a statement of strength and durability. It’s all go by the wayside now. M-tronic carburetors to get bugs and break down for a reason..... not a good reason. Just a reason. Husqvarna is the last saw worth buying 😢 I STIHL have my old STIHL saws... they always get rebuilt. But never will I buy one new.
Chuckin Norris (9 months ago)
I didn’t need any of this information, but I was still entertained through the entire video, and now I need to buy a chainsaw...
Thomas Bartley (9 months ago)
I’m looking for a used professional saw, but won’t be using it to make a living. As long as it is reliable and powerful, I’ll be happy. I found 2 saws: the MS660 for $500 or the MS461 for $800. As long as both saws are in fully working condition, which would you recommend?
Thomas Bartley (9 months ago)
Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
Human (9 months ago)
The 660 is a far better deal, at that price though, I'd make sure that the engine is sound. Otherwise it's a toss up, if you don't need to run a 36" bar, the 461 is quite a bit lighter.
Dan N (9 months ago)
Got this 261 as my first chainsaw - love it! Can't go wrong with this one and it can go from 16" to 20" Bar!
Cody T (3 months ago)
Dan N have you had any problems with it I was going to by one this week is it easy to work on ?
Karl The Fragr (9 months ago)
Just saying, we have an old Husky 42 Special which is a 2.9hp saw from the late 80's and it has pretty much all the things that pro model has... Magnesium body and bar cover, compression release valve and an adjustable bar oiler... It also has holes drilled through the cooling fins so you can access the screws at the bottom of the cylinder... The only things it doesn't have are the self-retaining bar nuts, the quick-release screws for the top cover and the automatic carburetor. As far as i'm aware, our 42 Special is not a pro saw. Probably more of a mid-range home owner's saw for de-branching and light felling. So how come the modern Stihl Farm/Ranch saw, which is a much bigger model than our old 42, doesn't have any of these things? Kinda makes you wonder... :)
Sean Angermeier (3 months ago)
Karl The Fragr My dad’s Husqvarna 55 is the same way, built like a pro saw but not sold as one. The new Husqvarna saws in the same class (455, 445, etc) are as bad as the 271, 291, etc. They’re almost all just cost-cutting moves. Both manufacturers make good saws. I really like Stihl’s master control lever, but the 372XP is my favorite saw ever built. Picking sides for pro saws is asinine. They’re both good enough to make you money. I picked based on dealer service. Where I live Stihl’s service is much better... Und zo I own a 441 and a 460. It’s not worth getting worked up over.
Matt Obermiller (9 months ago)
I've been using 100:1 synthetic Amsoil 2 cycle mix in my firewood business and absolutely love it! Less smoke, still great protection. I recommend it to everyone.
Derek Rudkin (9 months ago)
Now I have a question, I have a 029, year not known when bought, & a 2009 Ms260 Pro. The 029 I’m planning on selling & getting a new saw & I might have to do the same with the 260, it’s been worked hard for almost 10 years now. Now my question is, would a Ms251 & a Ms291 be two good saws to run & rely on in the woods? Likely running the 251 4-6 hours at a time & using the 291 for some bigger stuff or to get the other saw unstuck If stuck.
Human (9 months ago)
Wouldn't be bad, but they are fairly similar in size, wouldn't think you'd really need both since there isn't much difference in the two.
tom collins (10 months ago)
I'm not to sure about that buying a professional chain saw. i own two homelite chainsaws i have owned for over 8 years have only replaced the chains due to wear. i owned a five acre ranch and had to cut cottonwood trees and branches after a windstorm which happen quite often also volunteered to clear branches in neighborhoods after such wind and snowstorms. i bought the homelite saws from home depot and have had no problems with the saws all these years they are eighteen in bars at 42 cc's have no trouble cutting trees or firewood for the last 8 years that i have owned them. maybe i just got lucky with them dont know but I wouldn't trade them for anything. very trustworthy saws
ivanhamlyn (10 months ago)
How do you identify a professional stihl from a home owner stihl???
ivanhamlyn (10 months ago)
Human haha!
Human (10 months ago)
easiest way is look at the price tag, lol
JohnMac (10 months ago)
Just picked up a MS362 CM w/ 20" bar about a 1/2 hour ago! I can't wait to shred some wood! Thank you for your videos!
A Person (9 months ago)
That is one badass saw! I'm saving up for an MS241CM or an MS261CM.
Indian Giver (10 months ago)
Comparing a 261c and a 270 Farm boss is like comparing a Chevy cruise to a Chevy corvette...
Daquan Darell (7 months ago)
Damn good saw and not everyone needs the extras.
Daquan Darell (7 months ago)
Indian Giver more like a Camaro base v8 and a corvette with a 6.2
phi376 (10 months ago)
Excellent overview. Very helpful.
Dan Kruger (10 months ago)
I understand pro vs ranch   What gets me is the quality of the ranch version is so well made for the average guy.  I own a 455 rancher and it just keeps on running.  It could be used as a pro saw the way we abuse this saw.  they say it will cut 300 cord before needing help.  Well thats 30 years of wood cutting for me at 10 cords a year and I only use 5 cord.  For the price you can't go wrong.
Jason Jeffers (10 months ago)
Great review...thanks

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