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In Depth How To Fold A Jacket For Any Trip No Wrinkles Best Slow Motion

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Over 1,000,000 people have viewed my original video on how to fold a suit jacket. Many have asked for a more in-depth, slower description of the jacket folding for luggage or a suitcase. Here, the fold is done in a much better lighting where every step can be seen in its entirety including a close crop, slow-motion version at the end. Stop and pause each section of this tutorial to master the fold. It's a trick of the trade that's been handed down to me from generations of clothiers in my family. It really works!
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Text Comments (38)
Sganet (18 days ago)
What kind of sorcery is this!
Vishal Wankhede (1 month ago)
Most confusing part is how you grab shoulders in one hand
Noel Thomas (1 month ago)
Wow... thanks a lot bro!
Noel Thomas (1 month ago)
SUITCAFE yes bro! It’s really cool and worked out
SUITCAFE (1 month ago)
You got it, glad the fold helped out.
Spidy Duz It (2 months ago)
Is this method better than just folding the suit in half ?
Spidy Duz It (2 months ago)
+SUITCAFE thanks
SUITCAFE (2 months ago)
Hi, It is because the shoulder pads become flat and this is the key to avoiding a wrinkled jacket.
Preston Williams (2 months ago)
Great tutorial. Thank you, sir!
SUITCAFE (2 months ago)
Preston Williams I hope it worked well for you.
furthereurope (2 months ago)
SUITCAFE (2 months ago)
furthereurope Thank so much for the great comment!!!!
Eric Winn (2 months ago)
Just wanted to say this was very helpful! :) Nice and clear instructions for a wrinkle-free suit
SUITCAFE (2 months ago)
Eric Winn Glad you liked this video. I hope you had a chance to view a few of my others.
Aida M (3 months ago)
Will the sleeves be wrinkle free?
Ronny R (5 months ago)
This DOES NOT work for full canvased suit!!! I tried, and regretably damaged my Canali! The suit jacket was in the carry-on, and it will nver get back to what it was!!!
SUITCAFE (5 months ago)
As I mentioned in my response to your prior post, any real full canvas Canali suit or jacket will have no problem being folded this way or any way. That is the beauty of full canvas. That is why Canali suits start around $1895. I have had many Canali suits over the years, folded them all this way and sometimes do not open the luggage for 3 days upon my return from a trip. They use the best fabrics that allow any wrinkles to fall off the garment without pressing. This fold is able to minimize the wrinkling by making the shoulder pads flat. That is the key to this fold.
Efaon Cobb (6 months ago)
You are the best!
SUITCAFE (6 months ago)
Efaon Cobb great to hear Mr. Cobb. Im glad this fold worked for you.
lifeisgoodenjoydaryd (6 months ago)
I’m packing my suit for my 5th and final interview. I’m flying overseas with about 19 hours total travel time and was worried about my suit being wrinkled going into my interview, but I found your very great, step by step video and that’s one less thing I have to worry about. Thank you for posting!! I will let you know how it worked!
lifeisgoodenjoydaryd (5 months ago)
Update: Got the job! Suit was perfect after the flight and my flight was delayed and I had almost no time to get ready after I landed. If I did not fold it following your direction I would have gone to the interview with a wrinkled suit. I’m so happy I found your video!!!! Thanks!!!!
J T (6 months ago)
I'm headed to Japan tomorrow with 2 suits... total travel time before unpacking at the hotel will be about 23 hours. I will use your method and report back. Thank you in advance.
Rafid Chowdhury (3 days ago)
rip Mr. J T
amazingsnow (7 days ago)
J T is
Adrian Tate (1 month ago)
+FOT2010 is that man still alive lol. i wasnt expecting this lol
FOT2010 (2 months ago)
I guess he didn't make it?
SUITCAFE (6 months ago)
Thanks for the view. Please do report back. Looking forward to hearing from you. Safe travels.
Jason Costomiris (7 months ago)
Great info here. Appreciate the updates, taking into account suggestions from prior viewers (contrasting lining, slow-mo, etc.) Thanks!
SUITCAFE (7 months ago)
Glad you enjoyed it and all the updates. Thanks again for watching. Please subscribe to catch more upcoming videos and take a look at the website when you can: http://www.suitcafe.com
dasugo (7 months ago)
lol.. i was going to comment that you went too fast and didn't show enough of the suit but you obviously know that. great work.
SUITCAFE (7 months ago)
dasugo Hi. Hopefully its realized that this can be done quickly and easily. The slow motion really helps with each step. Thanks.
turbotj99 (8 months ago)
Maybe use a lighter color jacket next time...
SUITCAFE (8 months ago)
Hi, the lighter jacket doesn't make much difference, but this lighter lining seems to have for most viewers.
Marco Kropp (10 months ago)
I knew there was a way!! I've invented or discovered on my own, but not satisfaction until.... (I'll give this method a try next week) . Thanks!
SUITCAFE (9 months ago)
Glad you liked this video.
SUITCAFE (10 months ago)
Marco Kropp I think you will really like the outcome. I hope the slow motion at the end of the video was helpful.
damonrh (10 months ago)
Thanks for redoing the video!
SUITCAFE (10 months ago)
Glad you found it useful. I think the slo-mo at the end really helps.

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