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How to grant execute permissions on a SQL Server Database?

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Learn how to grant execute permissions on a SQL Server Database. Also, while preparing this video I have experienced multiple issues and fixed them to achieve the task. Hope you like it. Check out my another article on, How to create Conflicts in Replication in SQL Server? https://youtu.be/nGuUPyla1Cw
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Selva R (7 months ago)
nice video sir, I like the way you troubleshot the issue when you ran into sign in issues.
zyrocks2 (1 year ago)
Whenever i make a new user, and assign him to a database, he is able to do everything... Even if i deny permissions..
Aero StartMs (1 year ago)
i make this same you now my db people can't hack and delete?
Aero StartMs (1 year ago)
with this people will can't hack DB and delete?

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