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Ralph Lauren Sport Jacket Costs $325 Made In China

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This Ralph Lauren sport jacket at Belk Department Store is cashmere and retails for $325. Belk reduced it 70 percent to $97 before taxes. The tag in the collar reads "Made in China". If you think about the low labor costs in China that is one hell of a markup just to sell something that has "Ralph Lauren" on it. Why not "Made In America" but with a labor cost subsidy? - vlog produced by Zennie Abraham Zennie62 Blog http://www.zennie62blog.com - youtube video A Zennie Abraham YouTube Vlog Zennie62, Oakland's 1st YouTube Partner Channel, covers San Diego Comic Con, NFL Draft, Oakland Raiders, CES Las Vegas, The Academy Awards - CBS SF Bay Area Follow @Zennie62 on Twitter https://twitter.com/zennie62 オークランドの襲撃者 - (Zennie62 YouTube vlog) http://oaklandnewsnow.com/ Maria Ayerdi Kaplan - http://oaklandnewsnow.com/index.php/2018/08/26/maria-ayerdi-kaplan-developer-of-salesforce-transit-center-part-one-of-her-story/ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-dZt3rPjnk
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taco (3 months ago)
Carlino Carl (9 months ago)
Honest review
Jordan Reid (1 year ago)
Even if it was cashmere it wouldn't be "worth" that much to you, the item is "worth" what someone is willing to pay for it
padawanangelo (2 years ago)
It depends on what level Ralph Lauren it is. The RRL stuff made in Asia is good quality.
Terrell James (2 years ago)
RRL,Purple Label,Black Label,Ralph Lauren,Denim and Supply,Polo Ralph Lauren,And Polo Sport are the only Ralph Lauren owned brands...He also owns Club Monaco which is a subsidiary retail store based in Canada.
sjWiz (2 years ago)
What does RRL stand for?
Terrell James (2 years ago)
Lauren by Ralph Lauren is made by a different subsidiary and is no longer owned by Ralph Lauren he sold it
4q2pab (2 years ago)
But you are getting a "Deal" or a "Steal..." ha ha marketing
bob rew (2 years ago)
+4q2pab All RL does is copy fashions from the past - usually the 1930s. Not good value at all.

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