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Best Beginner Motorcycle Gear of 2017

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Are you a new rider and need advice on what gear to start with? Search no more we got you covered! Best Beginner Motorcycle Gear of 2017: 0:54 - Scorpion EXO-R410: https://frt9.co/y29o5h 2:33 - Joe Rocket Reactor: https://frt9.co/4wwt01 3:56 - Icon Hooligan Denim Pants: https://frt9.co/kcuyi1 5:07 - Cortech Vice Waterproof Riding Shoes: https://frt9.co/l94yiw 6:18 - Scorpion Klaw II Gloves: https://frt9.co/iewku3 Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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Text Comments (591)
adam aunya (1 day ago)
Love your video bro, from Indonesia
Tempest and a Computer (22 days ago)
robox91 (27 days ago)
Lol, I have my first lesson next week. (Biker school supplies the gear) I am all ready looking what to get when I have my license and for the helmet I come up with the Arai RX-7V. I'm still searching what other gear I choose.
Andrew Taylor (29 days ago)
Nice video. THANKS. Do 500 denier fabrics slide as well as good leather?
MsJoeyJody (1 month ago)
Coool! Very informative!!!
1 3 (1 month ago)
Tighter than a whales wetsuit
Forza Fox (1 month ago)
what if i decide not to wear gear? would cargo pants, a decently thick rain jacket, riding glove like shown, helmet like shown. and a good pair of vans hightops work?
Fallon Turner (1 month ago)
The helmet was discontinued. Next choice?
Do Hanh (2 months ago)
Off topic, you have a very nice voice!
Liga Ozolina (2 months ago)
Would be nice if there will be video like this for women's gear too 😊
Lucas Rocha (2 months ago)
top quality vids and info mate! appreciate the effort on the chanel, learnt so much!
Science Matters (2 months ago)
What do you reccommend for full waterproof jacket and pants?
Emiliano Velarde (3 months ago)
hello! great content, just pure joy watching it. could you tell me the size of the gloves?
Karim Alkhuli (3 months ago)
can you just wear like work boots or cowboy boots?
misamisatv (3 months ago)
Half of these items have been discontinued. Can we get a new Best Beginner Gear video pls? :)
bsodzz (3 months ago)
4:50 dat ass
Remu (3 months ago)
Cant find that jacket, must be banned from the uk
Bonniville Black Cherry (3 months ago)
DUDE you are a long string of sorrow. I'm 5'4 with a 42 chest and 31 ( wear 30's cause I cant find 31s lol) waist and I thought I was skinny lol. (My 13 yr old daughter for the past 2-3 yrs has been refering to my chest as man bewbs lol) You look young so assume you are young. Ride your bike to a gym 3-4 nights a week. Eat like a pig ( not junk food and I will say pizza is not junk food as if you selct the right toppings you have all macros and vitamins covered) and beef up. Your age (i assume) is favorable for packing on muscle. you hit the gym 304 nights a week, especially on a motorcycle you will have women falling off you in no time...but do mankind (or turdohs words human kind) a favor and avoid the dumb ass bitchs...go for the bitches that can carry a intelligent convo. We do not need stupid bitches creating offspring. Its how Chelsey Clinton was born lol.
Duncan Errington (3 months ago)
Nicely presented!
michael Atkinson (3 months ago)
Thank you so much Ryan really appreciate the video very informative I’m new rider but I’m riding a 125 scooter
3star2nr (3 months ago)
But what about ass protection
Lilly F (4 months ago)
What about beginner gear for women?
Samuel Thomas (4 months ago)
Great list! As a fellow 6'3" beanpole I APPRECIATE the sizing info!
Andrew Lawlin (4 months ago)
Can you please Update this List?!?!? Everything is out of stock or discontiued!
TheYoutubeGuy (4 months ago)
Well in the UK now you will be a rider before you can even ride on the motor ways lol.
lipsiej (4 months ago)
I would like a gear video for beginners with a little more cash. If you could spend some more what would you upgrade?
Khurram Shahzad (4 months ago)
Yesterday i fell from my bike at 60mph without any safety gear and now i am watching this😁
Sky.46 (4 months ago)
Pfff just buy a Busa turbo as a first bike and wear flipflops :D
Wai Wong (4 months ago)
Where's best beginner gear for 2018?
Evelyn Rayn (4 months ago)
Wish you would do one of these for chick riders out there.
Kams moto (4 months ago)
Do one of these for 2018
Meianju Naihatsu (4 months ago)
Thanks this is helping a lot, still considering wither to start riding a bike would help me save time with going and coming from work. Great video 👍
ZN Gamer (4 months ago)
waterproofing isnt something i care about, i plan my rides so i dont ride in the rain and if it starts raining anyway i take shelter and wait for it to clear up. and i allways have a poncho on me
Nick EPP (5 months ago)
"lessons" "safety courses" *WTF* I am so glad I'm not a weak little Canadian/European pussy. Took my license test on a '99 CBR600 and never wrecked once in Tampa Bay. Just don't be a scared pussy and use your God damn head when riding. I sire do enjoy many of this channel's videos. Very useful. The end.
Matthew Redekopp (5 months ago)
Have you ever (would you ever) run a video on gear for freakishly tall riders? I’m 6’8” and have no idea how or where to find decently sized gear.
Your First Four Houses (5 months ago)
As a complete newbie... that was EXACTLY what i needed - thanks Ryan 😃
Jewny Lestrange (6 months ago)
is the SCORPION EXO 510 AIR SOLID a good alternative?
BlackPaw (6 months ago)
what about wind? ive heard from people that riding a motorcycle is bad for the knees in old age?
MyWillToLive heh (6 months ago)
would some just regular work boots w/ a safety toe work for a motorcycle?
Trent Buescher (6 months ago)
You can get this plus a 10 dollar sticker pack for $500 on amazon if you look hard enough and I got a $20 more exspensive helmet and still got away with a $500 dollar budget
RAFFO THE BEAR (6 months ago)
Anyone know if that rocket jacket is vegan?
Edward Babkin (6 months ago)
I’m thinking of just getting a helmet a vest some knee pads gloves and maybe a jacket not really the pants
t5styles333 (6 months ago)
I bought the gloves after watching this video. After half a year the velcro doesn't work so well. Seems to me that $80 is the sweet spot for gloves. I also bought a joe rocket jacket which I'm really not happy with. The zippers are hard to adjust when worn with one hand and they break down too fast. Oh well, you live you learn. Best advise; get what you'll want to wear. I'm a daily commuter and Rev'it is now my go-to brand.
Jacob Ohlert (6 months ago)
I recommend making your first buy your last buy. Why buy something twice? I recommend Aerostich. My suit is over twenty years old, been in a serious accident, and although faded, still going strong. It's still rain, wind, and road proof while being well vented for hot weather.
Aadityakiran S. (6 months ago)
Please please make a video on the Diesel Enfield and all about how it works.
Josh Farrer (7 months ago)
He hooligan Pants aren’t available now, is there another similar recommendation?
Brave Boy (7 months ago)
You are GOOD at you job.
Ethan Denson (7 months ago)
When does the 2018 version come out? I need your help Ryan!
Ken Pinchak (7 months ago)
Do you have links to the equipment you recommend?
Hmm NoWay (7 months ago)
1+ year later, thanks for all your great videos. I used many of them to come up with my own "cheapest beginner gear setup". At today's Fortnine pricing, using many of your video reviews, I was able to equip my-self from the shoulders down for 565$(Can) and that includes taxes!!! Icon Overlord Boots Icon Overlord Jacket Icon Overlord Riding Pants Z1R 270 Gloves I know your opinion is 1 of many, but still... You saved me a lot of hassle, and likely saved me a ton of money on gear I didn't need, or gear that would have been lesser quality than what I was originally looking at. Thank you and keep them videos coming!
TheKingOfTheWorld (7 months ago)
Do one for 2018!!
David Hodson (7 months ago)
If your zip pulls break (and they do, they do) then I invented the perfect replacement - Zippydodah - www.zippydodah.co.uk
1% lowfat milk (7 months ago)
Some of these items have been discontinued, you should do an updated version for 2018! :)
PowerOfNow (8 months ago)
Clear and straight to the point. Well done my friend.
Keiran Marley (8 months ago)
Have they made Kevlar condoms yet? Normal ones aren't enough protection.
michael Ryan (8 months ago)
Perfect for us newbies!!! Thkx!!!
KokaKolaKan (8 months ago)
I cheaped out on my beginner gear and my knees got skinned to the bone on my first crash. Wear those kneepads kids.
Brady Blackburn (8 months ago)
Would cowboy boots be good to ride in
Sam Millar (8 months ago)
“Sweet Mother of Vulcan...” 💚I’m in love!💚
AUChannel (8 months ago)
We need another video for 2018, since the scorpion exo-420 is out and other few great gear.
Tim Liao (8 months ago)
Hey Ryan! Can you do an updated one for 2018? Thanks!
WTFx (8 months ago)
Hi Ryan. Are you going to do this again for 2018? Thanks!
Hart Weber (8 months ago)
I sympathize with you Fortnine. I also have the physique of a broomstick and can never find apparel that fits well.
arvin mendoza (9 months ago)
Any has the scorpion Helmet? How is it?
pyruleanfire demon (9 months ago)
I lucked out on my gear. $300 leather jacket with vault CE armor for $100. $250 hi viz helmet with drop down sun vizor for $89. $150 riding jeans with kelvar lined seat, thighs & knees with vault CE armor for $89. The only things i paid full price for was d3o armor to upgrade from the Vault & my full gauntlet gloves.
Mr Lucas (9 months ago)
Love it man 😂
Raffaele Stufano (9 months ago)
Hi Ryan, sorry for the lame request, could you please list the key clothing items on your vid? I'm hearing impaired, cheers.
arvin mendoza (9 months ago)
Hey sir! This is the beginner gears but what would say is a better choice or a beginner ? Ninja 400 or cbr 500r! If you would be able to reply it would be greatly appreciated! Fan from toronto !!
Levi Grafton (9 months ago)
I literally just passed my permit test today, thisnis a great video for great product. Thank you so much
FortNine (9 months ago)
Congrats! ~RF9
LONcreeps (10 months ago)
hey @fortnine, has this changed much for 2018?
eta1984 (10 months ago)
Hello there, might be a bit late for a question, but I'll ask regardless: Is there any helmet that compares to that Scorpion that is also ECE rated? I need it to be so as I live in Europe. Also, maybe you could make a video about the best ECE helmets like the one you did for Snell Thanks in advance. Your videos are awesome by the way, keep up the good work.
Richard De Nieuwe (10 months ago)
Loved this video! Reason I purchased my gloves and absolutely love them today! New video for 2018?!
CrazedMedusa (10 months ago)
I wish I took your advice when I bought my gear. They didn’t have my size in store (XS) for helmets so the worker ended up giving me a $830 Shoei helmet ... makes me look like an alien, doesn’t have sun visor and now I gotta cheap out on the rest of the gear...
Manoj Penumaka (10 months ago)
He looks like joeffrey
O(∩_∩)O (10 months ago)
Thanks bro! Gonna buy all of these things :)
Jason Wise (10 months ago)
Any way we can get a 2018 update soon?
Pa-nick Ermark (10 months ago)
Thank you
Jeffrey Bellavance (10 months ago)
Why is the jacket only available in large in xl if you wear a medium one
Cyn Lagos (10 months ago)
What about female gear?
JayMonstaR6 (10 months ago)
Green screen background?
Jeroen De Haes (10 months ago)
This guy is awesome! :D Thanks for the information. c:
INNOVV (10 months ago)
Wooh!! That's a great choice for beginners! I am gonna to recommend to my beginners friends!
jeeves555 (10 months ago)
I liked and subscribed because you didn't ask me to 😀 great, informative video. Thanks!
Spray OK (11 months ago)
this are quite expensive in my country but hell, safety is worth it
ammo (11 months ago)
I highly recommend the Scorpion brand !!! NO CONCUSSION SYMPTOMS OR LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS! I had the Exo R410 with only first layer paint chips after I was hit going 80km/hr by a car who cut me off... flying over his windshield (that my helmet smashed) and then landing on the pavement which was a soft flat on my back landing (in other words a miracle). The back spoiler has wear to the bottom from resting on the pavement I would assume. ***** Even though the medics didn't notice the emergency tab until I told them, the cheek pads came out without interfering with C-spine protocols! I did loose the visor somewhere in the chaos though. *****
DoomFinger511 (2 months ago)
This is the second motorcycle video I've seen where you left this exact same comment...
Faizan tariq (11 months ago)
love your videos im also from canada.. If money was no option what was the safest gear for street use. if you can list helmet ,jacket with built in protection ,gloves ,pants boots. also please also post links so i can buy them as well.
Ryan (11 months ago)
Thanks man. I am a newbie.. my friend is a responsible bike owner and has been pushing safety down my throat. And i agree with him.. cant wait!!
charlielouwoo (11 months ago)
FAT HEROBRINE (11 months ago)
screw it mostly links are out of stock.. piece of shit
Timothy Sexton (11 months ago)
To be a new rider in Summer 2018. Any updates for the listed kit in this video? Thanks
Jesus was a Carpenter (11 months ago)
Truly I have enjoyed watching this channel. It is my favorite youtube channel and I want to thank you for producing such valuable content PLUS in such an enjoyable way.
D3athduo (11 months ago)
Just finished my first season, put down over 9,000 miles in 6 months before putting the bike away, and I actually went with full leather. HJC FG17 Helmet (got it free with bike, so I spent the saved money on a bike lock) Alpinestars Leather Jacket Joe Rocket Leather Gloves AGV Sport Leather Pants Alpinestars Waterproof Leather Boots Total: Roughly $1,100. Yeah it's a real heavy suit of leather and armor, but I went down and slid in a turn once and didn't feel hardly anything but a bruise on my hip. Makes you feel pretty invincible, and actually makes it easier to control my bike for some reason. Cant stand riding with no gear, it feels awkward and unplanted. Some people will comment that you're wearing race leathers on a 300, I just tell them that 60 MPH+ on a 300 and 60 MPH+ on anything else is the same thing.
Deadshotchef (11 months ago)
Love to hear you talk about your favorite beginner motorcycles, have a feeling you may have more then the typical ninja 250 and honda rebel in mind.
roythearcher (11 months ago)
"I'm a 6'3" tower, I wear a size 32 in regular jeans", Well... I'm a 5'8" short-arse and also wears a size 32" with a 32" inside leg in regular jeans so make of that what you will! We're all different!
MusingRab (11 months ago)
I would always get a boot that restricts ankle movement as much as possible.
CanzZz (11 months ago)
there are people who say "this type of armor ist trash" "this jacket wont protect you" etc when it is about relatively cheap gear. i personally think if you know how to fall and youre a little bit focused on what youre doing you wont hurt yourself in a normal crash like highsider or low sider (crashes with cars involved are a thing of luck). you only need slight protection if youre not a street rossi. you learn how to fall in judo so do some of this and youre fine the rest of your life. my mom (50y) fell so often in her life from trailers, motorcycles, trucks etc and she never got badly hurt because of judo. i did judo too and i can confirm that it works. i never had a motorcycle crash but on skateboard, bycicle, ice skating and everything else i never got hurt because i know how to fall. also you will receive a reflex from judo that makes you never fall on your head. but as always driving predictively is the best way to prevent a crash.
ALL_BEAST (11 months ago)
I’m 13 almost 14 and I want to get into riding and can’t find any jackets in my size what do I do?
ALL_BEAST (10 months ago)
Voytec105 ok thank
ZacharyM (10 months ago)
Luis Ramirez 😂maybe. I would go to the dealership and see if they have any equipment that fits you well enough.
ALL_BEAST (10 months ago)
Voytec105 do you think I could use women’s lol 😂
ZacharyM (10 months ago)
Luis Ramirez Id still wait a bit, perhaps bulk up a bit lol. Or you could just go squiding, as long as youre careful.
ALL_BEAST (10 months ago)
Voytec105 in my state I’m old enough to get a bike as long as it’s under 250cc’s
Eddie Fassnacht (11 months ago)
You should review the tobacco jeans, they seem pretty legit.
Alex H Kane (1 year ago)
Poor pants advice for noobs bud. If anyone is going to throw the bike down the road it's gonna to be an inexperienced beginner. I wouldn't wear those pants to operate a weed whacker.
lol beginner (1 year ago)
I want to ask are there any good beginner one piece suit

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