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How To Fold A Suit Jacket In Depth Update

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How To Fold A Suit jacket Update In my second video on how to fold a suit jacket. I show the specific details in a follow along setting so you too can fold a suit jacket for your luggage without wrinkles. website: http://www.suitcafe.com twitter http://www.twitter.com/@suit_cafe Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SUITCAFECOM/716784375048235 Blog: http://www.suitcafe.com/blog/
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Text Comments (178)
dos dandelions (4 days ago)
Thank you! Super!
SUITCAFE (3 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed this. Take a look at my newest video on how to fold pants: https://youtu.be/OSp22o1vFBw
D Jason (10 days ago)
I watched this, and practiced a few times. It was great!
Pouya Iranitalab (26 days ago)
amazing thank you for taking the time to do this so many times! appreciate this gift - Got it right THE FIRST time! very clear instructions
SUITCAFE (19 days ago)
Glad you enjoyed this one and it worked well for you.
T M (2 months ago)
Every time I move I come back to this video
SUITCAFE (2 months ago)
Great to hear!!!
Rick (3 months ago)
Interesting that there are no results from this method after actually packing it in a suitcase. I tried this a couple of times and found that it does a pretty good job of preventing wrinkles to most of the jacket, including the shoulders (which are the hardest to iron). However, I did still get some wrinkles on the sleeves.
SUITCAFE (3 months ago)
Hi Rick, Glad this is working for you. Take a look at the most updated version here with some slo-mo. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Cyberdyne Systems (4 months ago)
didnt work wth
SUITCAFE (3 months ago)
Didn't work with what? Take a look at the latest version of this fold with a slow motion component. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Indian Lover (4 months ago)
I can't push those shoulder pads back through the other way .. 2.27 minutes of the video..
SUITCAFE (4 months ago)
OK, please watch my update top this video where I have the entire process in slow motion. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Squidward Tentacool (6 months ago)
Thank you for this video. Very helpful and informative :)
HKA (6 months ago)
See what happens when you turn down the music and focus on the subject? People like your video!!! Very nice. Thank you!
Ronny R (10 months ago)
DON'T follow this video! I did, and damaged my Canali travel jacket! You just cannot do this to a FULL CANVASED suit jacket!
SUITCAFE (10 months ago)
Hi, funny you mention Canali. This is actually the best way to fold a Canali jacket or suit. I was the largest retailer of Canali in NY for 30 years. Sold more product than Bloomingdales in all of my stores. My father was the first importer of Canali back in 1978 before they called the company Canali, which is the owners family name. A full canvas garment, Canali, Kiton, Brioni, Corneliani, and others cannot be ruined by cleaning or folding. That is why they are so expensive, its hand sewn full canvas. It bounces back from anything, including getting fully wet in a rain storm. Just dry clean or press and full canvas garments snap back into shape. Now a fused garment is a different story, but this fold works regardless. I have taught many of my Canali customers over the years to use this fold to great success.
El TMG (1 year ago)
Where do I push the shoulder in? “Back the other way.. which way? I can’t push it any way because I’m keeping the collar closed with the other hand
El TMG (1 year ago)
SUITCAFE Thank you.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Safe travels.
El TMG (1 year ago)
SUITCAFE I think I got it. Taking off in a few hours, kinda had to try until it worked. Thanks for the reply, will definitely check the video out too. Thank you :D
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi, yes. As you are holding the collar closed use the other hand and push on the shoulders so they go inside the opposite way. Here is an update to this video with the complete fold shown in slow motion. I think it may better explain what to do. I hope you enjoy it. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Bob Howard (1 year ago)
Left-hander here. Just inverted the technique and it worked great. Thanks so much. Now using my suitor section to hang pants and just fold the jacket on top of them and zip up. Works far better than the modern suitor section design.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Bob Howard Glad you were able to use the family fold. Please review my update to this video with s slow-motion component. I think you will enjoy the detail. Be well, https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Ronny R (1 year ago)
You fold shoulders one, then padded through after clearing the lapels, you basically rotate the folded shoulders. Why do you need that? Is it redundant?
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hello. The point you are speaking of is when the shoulders get pushed back through. This is an important part as it effectively flattens the shoulder pads and allows for the jacket to be folded half way vertically. Creating the flat shoulders is the main reason this fold really works well over many hours of a jacket being folded. Hope this helps. Be well.
Malcolm H (1 year ago)
Great video.. better than the 1st one. Thanks!
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Glad it worked out for you. Take a look at this video. It has slow motion as well. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
Erich von Hauske (1 year ago)
Unbelievably effective!! 5 suits and 3 sport jackets in a 24 hour trip, and very few wrinkles if any!! Wow!!
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Here is a new version of this just released. Please share. https://youtu.be/gQFwepmvL7A
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Wow, fantastic to hear!!! Can I have your permission to use your statement as a testimonial? Thank you.
CzaterXarax (1 year ago)
This guy after doing what you do, in the end rolls the jacket instead of the final fold. Comment? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMS405f9_wM
CzaterXarax (1 year ago)
SUITCAFE my intuition exactly. It did seem, even in the video, to be forcing the shoulder pads. Thanks for your reply.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Yes, I have seen that. Rolling a jacket is the worst thing you can do. The goal is to make the jacket flat and not because of the fabric, but because of the shoulder construction and the chest piece. If you roll this part, that is never meant to be rolled, it may never come back to life as it was when the jacket was made. Hope that helps.
Zeeshan Rizvi (1 year ago)
Dude I have just done that and fearing should not be a wrinkle tomorrow morning 😇
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Great to hear!!! When you need some new clothing you can find me here: http://www.suitcafe.com. I ship worldwide and have the best suits for the money.
Zeeshan Rizvi (1 year ago)
Thanks mate it worked
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi, It should come out great. Hang it up for a couple of hours if need be after your trip. Enjoy! http://www.suitcafe.com
Jasper Luiten (1 year ago)
haha, nice one. However, a proper wool jacket will not wrinkle, right?
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Actually, any material, even good wool will wrinkle if creased long enough with pressure on the fabric. Such as sitting on a long flight, wool pants will wrinkle in the usual spots. Sitting in a jacket in a car on a long ride, etc. What better wools bring is the ability to have those wrinkles fall off the fabric after hanging for a few hours. Many times these better garments do not even need to be pressed. Enjoy! http://www.suitcafe.com
Adhesive Boi (1 year ago)
This is excellent.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Glad you enjoyed it and hope it is working well for you. Tell your friends and follow me on Instagram @suitcafe.
Scott Owades (1 year ago)
Makes sense after many attempts - seems that the detail you didn't mention is that you want to put both shoulder pads through one arm, and back through the other.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi Scott, glad you understand the pathway to better folding. This was the update I did a while back, but coming soon is an in depth, close up, slo mo version, so stay tuned and subscribe.
tdlistberger (1 year ago)
Sorry. I misspoke. The last fold makes perfect sense. It's the third fold that I am curious about. The one where the shoulders are pushed back through after lining up the lapels. It seems redundant to do that.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Ah, OK. That fold is a very important one. At that point in the process is where you are making the shoulder padding and interior structure associated with it into a flat fold and simultaneously creating a vertical fold in the process. Be well.
Robert Omans (1 year ago)
Didn't work for me. Had about a 10 hour flight. When I took it out, it was all wrinkly on the back and sleeves.
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi, Sorry to hear about this. Was it the first time you tried it? What material was the jacket made from? Thanks.
Wendigo (1 year ago)
lol during the fold at 2:18 I rewatched it many times and slowed it down to 0.25 and turn my back away since I confused the left and right. Did it though, thanks!
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Hi, so glad to hear it worked out. So you turned to be in the same positioning I was in, so not to face the screen. Good thinking!!! Be well.
Harry Fu (1 year ago)
great channel love it!
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
Thank you for the great compliment. I have some new videos in the works. Be well.
Venkat Rao (1 year ago)
Thank You.. I have just folded it and packed as shown by you. Will have to check on the wrinkles once I reach my destination. :)
SUITCAFE (1 year ago)
No problem. 1000s have been using this fold for generations. I have all SuitCafe clients use it when they travel Takes a few tries to get it down, but it works well. Safe travels.
Joseph Dawisha (2 years ago)
This is great. Thank you
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Great you were able to master the fold. Now you can use your existing luggage and no need to spend on a fold over piece just for your suits. Take a look here to see my real area of expertise,. http://www.suitcafe.com Be well, Phil
David Conn (2 years ago)
This is awesome. I'm going to try it on my next trip. I think you just saved me a great deal of money by sparing me the need to invest in expensive luggage! Thanks so much.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hi David Conn, great to hear you saved a bundle by just folding your clothing. Have a great trip, Be Well.
Luis Fernando Sanchez (2 years ago)
awesome! I will try it tomorrow. really appreciatte!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Luis Fernando Sanchez Thanks for watching. It really does work. The original video has almost 500k views. Be well.
Ozan Ertem (2 years ago)
I feel like my life until this point has been a waste. You, sir, deserve a medal.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Ozan Ertem Thanks for the kind words. Use this fold well.
masonke1 (2 years ago)
Great set of instructions. Clear and easy to understand. The first time I tried it, my error was letting one of the shoulder pads slip from my right hand. Once I figured that out, it was extreemly easy. After several practice runs, it becomes muscle memory, just like tying a tie. Thanks for sharing
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Excellent that you were able to achieve this helpful fold quickly. I used it myself last week. Not only that I did not unpack my luggage for 3 more days and my blazer was great to wear just hanging it up over night. Be well, Phil
Nate R (2 years ago)
Thanks for the thoughts. Grabbed your video from a Maxim article. Also, not sure what people are talking about below, this video and your other were extremely easy to follow. There are only 4 steps!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Nathan R Could you direct me to the Maxim article where you saw my video? Thanks and appreciated.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Excellent that you were able to use this technique. I know the more times you use it the faster you will be at folding. You clothing will thank you for it. Be well, Phil
Martin Štefanský (2 years ago)
Hey Suitcafé :) what is the background music in the video? Shazam can´t catch that ;) thanks a lot!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Let me look into to it and get back to you here, stay tuned....
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+J. Obando I saw your comment in my email, but not here at the video. Glad the fold is working for you and you were able to take another jacket on your trip. Be well.
eminencespeaker (2 years ago)
Just bought a new sport coat and found this video very helpful. Thanks!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Eminencespeaker eminencespeaker Great you were able to learn the fold and use it. Works for me every time. I almost never press a jacket.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
eminencespeaker Great you were able to learn the fold and use it. Works for me every time. I almost never press a jacket.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+J. Obando I saw your comment in my email, but not here at the video. Glad the fold is working for you and you were able to take another jacket on your trip. Be well.
J. Obando (2 years ago)
Hello, Phillip, thanks for the video. I often have to travel for a one-night business trip, wearing the same sports jacket for two days in a row just because I didn't know how to pack another sports jacket. Thank you very much. By the way, I am now wearing custom made (made to measure) shirts; I always choose a spread collar, so I can wear them with / without a necktie. Any advise on this subject? Thanks again.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
J. Obando Don't know why this message was stuck in the approval section, but I see it now. I agree with you on the semi-spread collar. I sell it exclusively to all my clients in custom made shirtings and I also wear it myself. Anytime you want to make a shirt send me a note, [email protected] Be well, Phil.
Rohit Nair (2 years ago)
thanks Phillip!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Rohit Nair No problem. Glad to be of help. You may be interested in something new I just started. http://www.suitcafe.com/premier
Logan Haney (2 years ago)
"In depth" This is very confusing and poorly explained
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Logan Haney Hi, try pausing the video after each step. I am sure you can get it. 1000s are using it successfully since it was taught during 4 generations in my family. Check out the original video, this is the update. Be well.
Joe Alvarado (2 years ago)
Thanks a ton, now my traveling will be a lot easier, you've earned a subscriber 👍🏾
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Joe Alvarado Glad to be of help to you. I have been using this fold for years. Keep going.
AM (2 years ago)
fam what the fuck happens at 1:59, this dude pulled some voodoo magic bullshit
Beautiful Couple (1 year ago)
AM Bro your commet made me laugh😂
M K (1 year ago)
Doesn't work. Flew 11 hrs to the UK, pulled my suit coat out and it was all wrinkled. Should have folded it the normal way. How about the other video where you can't even see him do the folds. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Avoid at all costs
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+AM Take it slow. The most important part is pulling the two shoulders back out the opposite side. That's the part that allows the shoulder padding to be flat when you finish up with the ending fold. You won't have any wrinkles packing after that. Be well.
AM (2 years ago)
i feel like it wrinkles i dont know how to get it even any tips?
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+AM practice makes perfect. No need for David Blaine on this one.
vax1111 (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+vax1111 Glad you are able to make use of this traditional family fold.
newweaponsdc (2 years ago)
Thank you, good sir!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+newweaponsdc Glad you enjoyed it. Keep using it and try to teach your friends. Be well.
Salah Addeen (2 years ago)
Wow, I master it in few minutes, great man, you saved me from just buying a new garment bag, thanks a lot
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Salah Addeen Sorry for not responding sooner. Glad to have saved you some money. For more info you can catch me live on Periscope @SUIT_CAFE and at suitcafe.com. Teach this to your friends, they will appreciate you. Be well.
Annette Sy (2 years ago)
is this recommended for long term keeping of the suit jackets or wool coats?
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Annette Sy Hello, You could fold it for long term storage, but all fabric does eventually wrinkle, so over a long period of time it may need some light pressing afterward. Be well.
Steven Lee (2 years ago)
do the sleeves stay unwrinkled as well? it seems like it doesn't matter if they lay flat in the technique described?
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Steven Lee The sleeves also do not wrinkle with this fold. Yes they are laying flat. just hang up when you take it out of the luggage. Be well.
Leyo (2 years ago)
No really, I couldn't manage to do it, I'm so mad, I don't know if it's a problem of my suite (wool aspesi jacket)
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Papa Leyo It will work with any jacket, men's or women's actually. I also responded to your other comment, thanks.
Leyo (2 years ago)
I can't do it... Muuuuuum
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Papa Leyo Give it another try and possibly pausing the video as i do each step may help. I am working on a video that is a much longer closer look at each step coming soon. Be well.
Kevin Durette (2 years ago)
If I'm understanding correctly, when you're done, one shoulder will be inside-out, and the other will be right-side-out, correct?
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hi Kevin, when you are done, one shoulder will be inside the other and inside out. I am working on a close up, in depth step by step of this video. Be well.
Joseph Liu (2 years ago)
You're left-handed, correct? I think it may be easier for people who are right handed to switch hands when making the folds.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hi Joseph, I am right-handed. Always do everything righty. Does that help? Thanks for the comment and be well.
Daphne Le (2 years ago)
This was so helpful, thanks for the video!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Daphne Le Glad to be of help. Be well.
Sabina Talibzade (2 years ago)
Thank you so much!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Glad this great fold worked well for you. See you soon.
Mr. Ken (2 years ago)
Please get a videographer who knows how to use manual exposure so your videos do not keep getting brighter and darker. Otherwise, thank you for an excellent presentation.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hello +Mr. Ken, Thank you for the advice. This was shot using an iPad Air and an app called Filmic Pro. You may know it. I also have a few light boxes around me in the shoot. I think the limitation was the iPad camera, since Filmic Pro allows for exposure control. I hope the video helped out. The summer sale has just begun on custom suits at SUITCAFE.COM. Prices start at $140 for my famous CashLana™ fabric. Check it out when you can.
Lamine Keïta (2 years ago)
Hi, My cousin just tried it and it worked very well for him ! Thanks for the great technique. I also wanted to ask if there was any way I could contact you because I need some advice for my suit and the choice of color and shoes (as you are a professional, I have the guarantee that they will be good advice). Thank you
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hi DId you see my reply below from 3 weeks ago? Thanks.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Great to hear +Lamine Keita. I have shown this fold to thousands of my customers over the years. I can be contacted at http://www.suitcafe.com. Be well.
Oliver R. Weber (2 years ago)
Thank you for this simple and effective technique. I'll try it when i travel to LA. I also heard that afterwards you can put a hot shower on, hang it in the bathroom and let the steam unwrinkled the suit for about 10 minutes :)
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Hello +King Libra, glad you enjoyed the video. I think it's best not to hang your garment in the shower because its not really pressing and the humidity from steam in the bathroom without the heat and weight of a pressing iron could cause your clothing to lose it's crispness.
israelcorporan (2 years ago)
This was very helpful! Thank you!!
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Glad to be of help.
uzaer ahmed (2 years ago)
instructions weren't clear, I got my legs caught up in the ceiling fan.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Haha. I get it. It takes a bit of practice, but it works and has for the last 100 years. I am working on a very in depth detailed close up follow up so subscribe please and stay tuned.
Janez Krnc (2 years ago)
Works great :) Tho I managed to do it neatly by the previous video also. Great Video! Thank you so much.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Janez Krnc Thank you. Glad to be of help. You can watch me live on Periscope at SUITCAFE Official.
Steven Muncy (2 years ago)
I think this fold comes from the time when travel took days by train and ship, it seems to have been forsaken. My father showed me this exact fold over 30 years ago. He found it in a magazine long before that. It always works. Shake the jacket twice and good to go. Thanks for sharing.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
Steve you could be very correct. As I say in the original version of this video, the fold was handed down from my great grandfather, 4 generations ago. He started the family in the men's clothing business back in 1908. Now I show his special fold to the whole world on the Internet. Thanks .
vonnivf (2 years ago)
would have been really helpful if you would have shown how the top part of the collae looks when folded, because my collar is folded at the top at the end and im not sure if that's correct.
SUITCAFE (2 years ago)
+Vonnivf Thanks for watching. To better explain, the collar and lapel should both be up and then you line up the notch of the lapels when they face each other. I will be making a step by step close up very soon.
Jo-Lynn Teh (3 years ago)
What about the sleeves? Do I have to worry about lining up my sleeves? When I tried it, the sleeves go all over
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Jo Lynn Teh Hi Jo, When you make the fold by pulling the shoulders together and grabbing them from the inside on one side with your right hand the sleeves should be on the interior of the fold. There is not need to do anything with them other than letting them lay flat on the interior of the fold. Then you should be at the last step of folding everything over your arm. Try it again and get back to me.
Shiv Maverick (3 years ago)
Hands down, the best technique. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Shiv Maverick Hi, thanks for the compliment. This has helped so many people. It saves space too. I am putting togther a very in depth update of this to show every part of the fold so stay tuned. Join my group on Fb. http://www.facebook.com/groups/StyleScopers
appmia1 (3 years ago)
Amazing,, just amazing,,,, thanks a lot,,, just unpacked and the jacket is perfect,,,once again thank you ....hope you posted more advice on suits and shirts ..
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+appmia1 Thank you so much. Glad it worked out really well. New videos on the way in a more vlog type style. Thanks for subscribing. Join my facebook group StyleScopers here : http://www.facebook.com/groups/StyleScopers
Vamshi Noora (3 years ago)
I am folding my suit as u described.... I am going collge I packed it in my bag pack........you will set like and subscribe if works...!
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Vamshi Noora That's great. Good luck in school. Hang up your jacket when you arrive for best results. Be well.
mathnerdm (3 years ago)
Thanks for the awesome video! Going to need to use this for a couple suits next week during a flight to California. Hopes it works as well as it has for all the other commenters!
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+mathnerdm Thanks for watching. I know your two suits will travel well using this technique of folding suits in your luggage. This fold goes back more than 100 years to my great grandfathers time. When you return from your trip send me a note at SUITCAFE.com and I'll create a coupon code for you to buy one of my great suits made to your measurements. Be well. Philip- Founder.
Emanuel Eni (3 years ago)
Trying this right now. I'm going on a 15h flight. Will post back when I get to LA with the results
Emanuel Eni (3 years ago)
+SUITCAFE thank you. it was a wool blazer. I was satisfied with the results. normally for short flights I would have the blazer on, and the creases would be worst. I will try looking for periscope. Thank you for the tips:)
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Emanuel Eni Hi Emanuel. I'm glad it worked well for you. I am sure you have high quality garments. Hanging them overnight in the closet should take care of any small creases. Be well. I'll make a video for you on dress shirts. You can catch me live by following on Periscope SUITCAFE Official. Fold the same way for any piece of luggage. Even a plastic grocery bag.
Emanuel Eni (3 years ago)
+SUITCAFE Well, it had a few small wrinkles and a vertical line on the back but I think it was pretty good. Thank you. You have a thumbs up from me:) do you have a video for dress shirts? also, could this be used for backpacks/roll away carry on?
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Emanuel Eni Hey great. I get lots of great feedback about how this fold really helped people when they travel. No need for big bulky carry on fold over suitcases. Keep in touch. Sometimes when I return form a trip I don't unpack for a week and the suits inside are still good to wear. Phil.
Joshua Mwaniki (3 years ago)
Which city is that?
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Gitonga Mwaniki During the intro?
Ashish K (3 years ago)
I tried it and works very well, thank you!
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Ash K Yes it works great, glad you tried it. Snapchat suitcafe.
Koa Stephens (3 years ago)
Thank you this is very useful. I am a piano tuner. I often take my motorcycle to appointments. If I'm not wearing a suit, I'll don a sport jacket. Many of my peers arrive in casual wear which to my eye, appears sloppy. I have found that moderate elocution and dressing well eases the minds of my clients about having a motorcycle riding, tattooed bohemian in thier home.
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Koa Stephens Thanks for your comment. You are correct in that people do treat you differently when you dress better. I have proved it all through 2015 and recommended to my FB group StyleScopers (feel free to join) to do one thing to dress better in 2016 and you will realize a difference in service and how other perceive you from all different areas. Watch me on Periscope @SUIT_CAFE. Be well, Phil.
LateToTheParty7 (3 years ago)
Great primer.
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+LateToTheParty7 Thank you.
Jennifer Lin (3 years ago)
How do you make sure there are no wrinkles on the sleeves if you're not folding the sleeves directly?
Jennifer Lin (3 years ago)
+SUITCAFE Thank you!
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
Hi- you will see that the sleeves just do not become wrinkled. They are effectively only being folded in half at the elbow point and when opening up after your trip they are perfectly fine. Please read some of the other comments here and in the original fold video on my channel and you will see there has been great success. Be well, Phil
Christopher Aldo (3 years ago)
Somehow you made me proud of myself
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Christopher Aldo That's fantastic!!! I'm so glad it worked well for you. Many people have used it from this YouTube video with great success. Thanks, Phil.
illienn (3 years ago)
This is not working for women's jackets...
illienn (3 years ago)
+SUITCAFE well okay, it didn't work for me.. but maybe I have too small hands to do the whole right hand thing! I'll try harder and let you know!
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+illienn Hi, sure it can. Just follow slowly and pause if you have to. It even works well for shirts. I will demonstrate live in a week or so on Periscope @SUIT_CAFE so please follow.
Armando Galeana (3 years ago)
Just folded 2 blazers as instructed. Flying from San Francisco to New York to Paris to Zurich. Will let you know how effective this technique is in some hours.
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Armando Galeana I'm glad it worked well for you. Please follow me on Periscope @SUIT_CAFE and could you possibly call in on one of my Skype Session shows where followers call in live? Skype ID suitcafeofficial
Armando Galeana (3 years ago)
+SUITCAFE It works better than any other technique I have tried ever. 2 blazers in my really packed luggage got almost 0 wrinkles. I will definitely stick with this technique. Very helpful and already passing over. Thank you!
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Armando Galeana How was the trip?
Michael Kelem (3 years ago)
The ONLY way to do it! Nice job.
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Michael Kelem Hi please be sure to follow me on Periscope @SUIT_CAFE to see these videos done Live in real time and ask real time questions. Phil.
Coltsin14 (3 years ago)
Perfect, thanks!
chris orchard (3 years ago)
Great second explanation - Thanks just about to fly with small suitcase and suit for business meeting really helpful ! Thanks
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+chris orchard Glad to be of help.
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
Join me live on Periscope App @SUIT_CAFE.
Chris Marshall (3 years ago)
Got it :)
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Chris Marshall Glad to be of help. Watch me on Periscope for fashion and business advice @SUIT_CAFE.
SUITCAFE (4 years ago)
http://youtu.be/h_dwqicn5No #menswear #fashion #fold #howtofoldajacket #suitcafe #suitsguranteed  
Adri0815 (2 years ago)
Sie to side
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Tomas Ma Great is all worked out. Send me a pic if you want and Ill post it on the Fb page.
T M (3 years ago)
+SUITCAFE Thank you so much for your quick response. I just managed to pack everything (5 suits and coats) the way you showed and I'm really happy with it. Thank you again for your time and consideration. Tomas
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
+Tomas Ma sorry for not including your name properly in my answer. It is above, Thanks, and be well. Philip Pravda
SUITCAFE (3 years ago)
Hello Tomas, please do not fold with the hangars. After everything is folded in the luggage or suitcase place the hangars on top. Put a piece of paper or plastic under each hangar to be careful the hooks do not damage your clothing. In regards to folding: yes please fold as I have shown all of your suit jackets and coats included. Place them flat one on the other with trousers in between. Since you have 8 or so pieces I suggest alternating the side you place the shoulders in the suitcase so it does not pile up too high on one side. Keep things even. Please find my original video on folding on you tube channel Suitcafe to see some more detail. Glad to help. Please visit me at www.suitcafe.com I have more information there in my blog.

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