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High-Fashion Sneakers for Men AND Women! Greats Brand Royale Review + On Feet

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Colorway: Blanco / White Size: Men's 4 / Women's 6 Runs: Full size big Buy here: http://bit.ly/1U68ujx Retail: $159 If you're looking for a high-fashion sneaker that doesn't break the bank, check out Greats Brand. They use quality materials on their product and offer it at a great price-point. Most silhouettes are under $200 retail. For women, try the Royale or Wooster. Both models are available in small sizes starting from a Men's 4 / Women's 6. http://www.greats.com/ Follow me: http://www.youtube.com/jennizerr http://www.instagram.com/jennizerr http://www.twitter.com/jennizerr
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Text Comments (35)
Bernard Tan (1 month ago)
That shoe's sillhoutte looks bulky just like an Adidas Stan Smith. It's not sleek.
jennizerr (1 month ago)
i don't think the stan smith is bulky. maybe round in the toe box. the royale is a slightly thicker version of the common projects achilles low.
andrewmartin1984 (1 month ago)
great video ;)
ELOTE- MEN (2 months ago)
THEY RUN BIG. GET ONE SIZE DOWN. Refer to their sizing it’s accurate.
forealz18 (4 months ago)
Dope kicks
purplekiwi (8 months ago)
Hi! Great video and super informative. How does the size compare to sports shoes like Stan smiths or AF1s? Really wanna get a pair but can't decide what size I should buy. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks in advance :)
jennizerr (8 months ago)
hi! they run bigger than stan smiths and af1s. these are a men's sz 4 and they're still roomy. a 3 or 3.5 would've been better. for reference, my true size is a men's 5.5/women's 7. btw, i'm not sure how the women's line runs though since i bought these when they only had a men's line.
MAPLE SAUCE (1 year ago)
Stan Smith with better leather
Đá Đen (11 months ago)
MAPLE SAUCE in ur dream
Yatin Jhamb (1 year ago)
Collin K (1 year ago)
This girls voice is monotone and annoying.
Honda Game (1 year ago)
they changed the design a little sadly
linkinduck94 (2 years ago)
I just got mine and they were an inch too long, so not sure whether to return them or not. How did yours fit?
jennizerr (2 years ago)
they're a little big on me, but i grabbed the smallest size they came in.
Michael Russo (2 years ago)
Best kicks ever! I've owned mine for about 3 months and pretty sure I want another pair like now just in case they somehow sell out or increase in price! Oh and you have sexy bottom leg/ankles lol😘
Chingmong Noklang (5 months ago)
Nice subtle way of letting people know you are a pervert
Luke Hodson (3 years ago)
looking forward to coping a pair of these
Julio Chazaro (2 years ago)
+joevannie amador Can easily run for $170.
Joven ThaGreat (2 years ago)
how much are they???
jennizerr (3 years ago)
+Luke Hodson you'll love them...
Jack Hilde (3 years ago)
How comfortable are they, like after a day of walking around do your feet hurt?
jennizerr (3 years ago)
+SortableWheatGames i haven't worn them for a full day. i'll update you when i do. i've heard that they're comfy all day. all day.
nauticaboy25 (3 years ago)
Dope...im a new sub...keep it up...
jennizerr (3 years ago)
+nauticaboy25 thank you, appreciate you!
Michael Nguyen (3 years ago)
Made in Italy
pj eung (3 years ago)
that leather looks legit!!!
jennizerr (3 years ago)
+pj eung 2 legit...
bob bob (3 years ago)
Bruh, they look like creative recreations without the logo
bob bob (2 years ago)
not sure what i was thinking when i wrote that
Terrell James (2 years ago)
Ahahahahahaha you're hilarious the quality on greats can easily be compared to shoes prices at 450 right now...Recs are literally plastic trash that hurt your feet plus these look more like adidas than recs
bob bob (3 years ago)
Not sure if sarcasm or not 👀
jennizerr (3 years ago)
+bob bob agreed, if creative reaction uses veg tan leather, margom soles and makes their product in italy.
ian broughton (3 years ago)
Absolutely killing it. You deserve more subs
jennizerr (3 years ago)
+ian broughton appreciate you watching and the compliment!
ANGEL (3 years ago)
#YouLikeThat Bang*Bang*

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