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Style of Eye - Ona

149 ratings | 46638 views
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Text Comments (18)
La Parrillada Paisa (7 months ago)
ekualo08 (5 years ago)
I feel bad vibes from this one. Almost like a paranoid/ wired type of feel that makes you stick your tongue out with your eyes rolled back. Too trippy for me to handle.
Federico Severin (6 years ago)
New style of eye remix in my channel!
wobbelskanker (7 years ago)
ona means wank in estonian:D
Seth Sullivan (7 years ago)
This is just ridiculous, this shit's awesome!!!
Psy Chill Baba (7 years ago)
@eLeCTrOoShiT if u my son only knew what trip is ...
nothinbutgza (8 years ago)
oh my god this song is beyond nuts. im seeing this fool tonight and gonna get so nasty
Rokkhard (8 years ago)
ultimatesexypant (8 years ago)
thats to nasty. like way to nasty.
sayulke melformator (9 years ago)
DAMN! Sooo wicked sick track! 5*
Sven Bakker (9 years ago)
michellees (9 years ago)
tsss NICE!
Erik (9 years ago)
Ear candy!
Alejandro Hernandez (9 years ago)
ye<aahhh fuckin awesome minimalizeit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trippn
o0MadHouse0o (9 years ago)
seein style of eye at matter in london 2niteeee!!
Davitzko (9 years ago)
thx for the upload, i've been searching for months.. Great!!
rnrinc7 (10 years ago)
MasiFantasie (10 years ago)
unbeliveable...so special..so great..a masterpiece sending me somewhere

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