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Elegant Blonde Anime Girls

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Pretty, cute, beautiful anime girls! Aren't they adorable?! I do not own the song or any pictures in this video. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! I hope you enjoy this video! edwardsbellaforeva
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JMsKEWERs x (2 years ago)
some of them had green hair some of them had grey hair some of them had link hair some of them weren't even anime!
Erorr 707 (5 years ago)
Who is the girl at 0:45? You gotta tell me! Please!
MsAbixxx (6 years ago)
BLONDE FOREVER!!! :D Completely and utterly natural, inherited it from my mum ;)
יצחק (7 years ago)
@LastOfAkatsuki if we were animated into anime characters my gf would look like Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist and I would probably look like Light from Death Note XD
Slushdog96 (8 years ago)
whos the girl at 1:17 to 1:120
panicmcrboy (9 years ago)
Toya Grow (10 years ago)
wow what beautiful anime! do you know all of them? i really like the one at 0.20 if u know what it is

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