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5 Secret Physiological Ways To Tell A Girl Is Into You

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http://www.KateSpring.com/Free --- 5 Secret Physiological Ways To Tell A Girl Is Into You Have you ever noticed a chick staring at you and wondered what she was thinking? Does she think you’re cute? Has she spotted some leftover lettuce in your teeth from lunch? If your fly is down? Trying to tell if a woman likes you by looking at her is like trying to teach your cat a backflip. Pretty unrealistic. Women have mastered the art of mixed signals and playing hard to get. So trying to tell if a woman likes you just by a glance is a pretty difficult, if not impossible, feat. Women will, however, send subtle signs that indicate that they’re interested in you with more than just a look. And that is what this video is all about: The subtle physiological signs that let you know what a woman is thinking about you. Hey guys, for those of you who don’t know me -- I’m Kate Spring. A dating and relationship coach from the west coast of Canada. If you’re new to my channel, welcome. And for those of your returning, welcome back. Before I dive into the nitty gritty details of this video, be sure to subscribe to my channel and ring the little bell where you can stay up to date with my latest videos and you can then leave all of your questions in the comments section below. Quick question, how do you usually tell if a woman likes you? If she looks at you? or if she smiles at you? Take the poll and let’s see how you all tell if someone likes you. If you haven’t got a clue, relax because women have been encouraged to be coy and play hard to get for centuries with the notion that romantic uncertainty increases attraction, and it does. But don’t remain uncertain. There are signs that give a clear indication of interest because today body language is a topic widely observed and studied. In fact, we’re now able to interpret slight changes in a woman’s body that can reveal her true feelings and motivations. Unlocking the mystery of a woman’s attraction can be as simple as looking for these 5 physiological indicators of interest. 1. Her pupils dilate when she speaks to you: You know the saying that “the eyes are the window to the soul.” I think it should be, “the eyes are the window to the libido.” I once thought that this was a fallacy, a myth circulated by one of the original pick up artists, but, upon looking more deeply into the topic, I was pleasantly surprised that there is considerable research that supports the idea that there is a biological response to attraction. The studies found that our pupils dilate up to three times the regular size when we see something stimulating, exciting or interesting in order to take in more of the pleasing surrounding. In fact, women in 16th century Italy would take this medicine named “belladonna,” which would keep their pupils dilated because dilated pupils were seen as more attractive and seductive. It follows, then, that when you want to tell if a woman likes you, see if her pupils are dilated when she’s talking to you. It’s also important to note here that if you’re in a dark room, her pupils will enlarge as a simple fact that there is not enough light in the room. So try to see it in different lighting. 2. Her feet are crossed: One of the physiological ways to tell that a woman is interested in you, not that she wants to marry and have children with you, but that she’s interested in at least talking to you, if she is standing facing you and her feet are crossed. When someone is uncomfortable their feet generally don’t point towards the person with whom they’re speaking. Their feet tend to point away, and only their torso is facing their conversation partner. Subconsciously, their feet are preparing for them to exit the conversation. However, on the flip side of this, when someone’s feet are pointed towards you, that means that they are engaged in the conversation and are in no rush to get away. And an even better sign is when a woman’s feet are crossed. When her feet are crossed, it’s much harder to make a quick getaway. This is a sign that a woman is essentially planting herself in this spot and is engaged in her conversation with you, which is a great sign. So look at her feet, are they pointed towards you, or are they crossed? If so, take note that this is a subconscious response that she is interested in you and this interaction. More at: http://www.KateSpring.com/Free
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Orlando Flores (5 hours ago)
Kate my question to you is this, are this are signs that womans knows for pure instinct or learn on books or from other womans, the reason for my question is this, how a woman seat and knows to cross hers legs pointing to me, are this are coincidental or she can simply be comfortable in that particular position, like when they touch there hair. woman always are touching there hair at almost all time. and yes probably extra when are in close range from a guy that I know, but everything else, I am just curious Thanks. like they you project your self is appealing.
Orlando Flores (8 hours ago)
OMG. one more observation that I was missing... her eyes but is hard to notice unless you are close enough to notice..yes woman are definitely the most beautiful things that God created but the most complex, emotional complicated souls on earth. there heart is a Galaxy of billions of feeling and trillions of emocion, no wonder we have some much issues understanding them.
Bon Vivant (1 day ago)
I think I am just watching these videos because Kate is so cute / crush <3
Bon Vivant (12 hours ago)
@+Kate Spring you mean besides that your decent make up matches your top and compliment your green eyes, ^ ^ well, yes a lil bit, but honestly I couldn`t fully focus on what you were saying tho *gg*
Kate Spring (12 hours ago)
Thank you. Hope you learned something while you're at it 😉
Ahmad (4 days ago)
Wait.. Then all of this time I was.. Naaah that can’t be right.
Leo Yuan (11 days ago)
6:34 you're so cute when you try to pronounce "imagine"
Kate Spring (8 days ago)
Thanks... I guess? 😅
micro aggressive (14 days ago)
Hey Kate. I like your natural hair color better. Brings out your skin tone and eyes.
micro aggressive (12 days ago)
+Kate Spring I also love the fact that you don't wear a lot of makeup. I know you don't have to. You're what I call a natural beauty.
Kate Spring (12 days ago)
Thank you! 😍
Javon Williams (16 days ago)
Wow you’re beautiful
Kate Spring (15 days ago)
Thank you Javon! 😊
ASAP TANK (16 days ago)
You got gorgeous eyes ms.spring 🙏🏼 I’ve felt & seen towards me by a girl that is married to a relative & I feel wrong.
ZuluHan (16 days ago)
Just trust your gut feeling most of the time it’s right
Tempor Rage (17 days ago)
What if one day she shows all these signs but the next she doesn’t.
Kate Spring (15 days ago)
Women in general don't like to be very obvious about their feelings to someone they like. It's all got something to do with wanting to be chased and it's pretty rare for someone to display these signs in perfect consistency. I have another video(link below) that talks about other signs you can look for to know if she's into you. If you notice her do one or two, then I suggest you go for it and make your move! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7-09X9aKg8
starlight122012 (19 days ago)
When has anyone noticed a girls pupils dilate?? if you can see that from across the bar, then wow great vision!
VJ Vijay Iyer (20 days ago)
What if she touches me with her feet while sitting next to me when in office?.. I know she does it on purpose but says sorry later, this gets me all the time
VJ Vijay Iyer (18 days ago)
+Kate Spring 😀 I don't like to touch anyone but I'll keep that in my mind -just in case,the next time this happens I should ask her out,would that be right?
Kate Spring (18 days ago)
Hard to tell with just that. Why don't you flip the tables on her and *you* touch her with your feet the next chance you get? Flirting is a two-way street and this is a good way if you can get any reaction from her. You might also want to watch this video and see if you can get more signs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7-09X9aKg8
SALKA AHSINA (26 days ago)
write this because i don,t understand spoken english
Kate Spring (25 days ago)
Good thing I had it posted on my blog too Salka! You can read the written version at https://www.katespring.com/psychological-ways-girl-likes-you/
nathantimes (1 month ago)
Right so, what if I'm getting all of these signs, but the next day none of them and it alternates like that. Also, on top of those she gives proper flirty comments to me, saying I have really beautiful eyes like a Disney character and saying I have a beautiful face and saying how I'm cute. She told me near the start of the friendship she wasn't interested romantically and it's been a while since then and we have progressed as friends quite deeply and I'm sending the best signals I can. What do I do in such a situation because I'm genuinely baffled.
Kate Spring (1 month ago)
That's all enough for me to say you should give it a go and try to ask her out. Yes she said she didn't want anything romantic but feelings change and she may have developed some feelings for you by then so go for it! Good luck!
Jorge Vera (1 month ago)
hi Kate! so what if I invited a woman out for coffee and her response was she would let me know. when her pupils would get big and she would always smile and carried long conversations with me. so yeah I'm confused
Kate Spring (1 month ago)
How long has it been since you asked her? If you asked like a few days ago then wait for at least a week and ask her about that coffee date again Jorge. Try not to be a little too obvious if she blows you off again and show her it doesn't bother you. You can ask again about 2 or 3 weeks later after that and if she's still doing the same thing, then it's time to take the hint that she's not interested and is just politely declining you. Good luck!
Mateo Querol (1 month ago)
There's this girl that I like, her pupils don't dialte but I notice she talks with a higher pitch than usual when talking to me. I make her laugh alot but I don't want to make a move😐. I'm scared of being rejected and don't know if she's really into me
Mateo Querol (1 month ago)
+Kate Spring do you have any videos to get over rejection?😢
Kate Spring (1 month ago)
You won't be making any progress if you keep that up Mateo. As I mentioned in one of my videos, *Rejection happens, but the fear of rejection is worse than rejection itself.* Who knows how many chances you could have taken and missed just because you let your fear take control of you?
YR peter (2 months ago)
How to kiss her
Kate Spring (2 months ago)
I got you fam 💪 Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl-qHxk8nrQ
Naqib Naderi (2 months ago)
Kate, you have been looking at me with dilated pupils the entire time you were talking, does that mean you are in to me????????
Naqib Naderi (2 months ago)
Kate Spring (2 months ago)
We were using my friend's camera while shooting this and I wanted to take that camera home 😍
Mohit Meena (2 months ago)
You looks beautiful in real rather than in edited thumbnail
Kate Spring (2 months ago)
Thank you Mohit 😊
jrocker152 (2 months ago)
For the last few minutes of the video, the app Bumble has taught me that I am very lucky, and also very unskilled at socializing 😅 very mixed feelings about that. Thanks a million Kate.
Raz Ols (2 months ago)
Here's a tip/disclaimer: Don't worry if she does not contact you first. Many girls interested may be a little shy or a bit pressured at first to contact you. In this case, just make sure to talk to her outside of the digital world and make consious efforts to notice other signs she might be into you!
Lilliam Pumpernickle (2 months ago)
Pretty hard to see if her eyes dilate if they're a very dark brown 😕
Kate Spring (2 months ago)
Tough luck there Lilliam 😕
Nathan Toth (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing video.
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
You're welcome Nathan! :-)
156 K (3 months ago)
You’re cute
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
Thank you! 😍
cjt74 (3 months ago)
Great video👍🏾👍🏾
Kate Spring (3 months ago)
Thank you! :-)
Dorman Davis (4 months ago)
Thank you Kate
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
You're welcome Dorman! :-)
Tim Wilson (4 months ago)
Forgive me for not being a gentleman but Kate you're on fire
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Aww, thank you Tim! 🔥❤
xxXHighTensionXxx (4 months ago)
hi Kate, there is this co-worker that i really like, but i dont know if she thinks the same and i want to ask her out. she is really shy and insecure and i know from other co-workers that she had some bad relationships in the past and now she is almost 3 years single. when i talk to her at work, we have normal conversations and when i make jokes she always laugh but smetimes she looks nervous. i m looking for your tips but the only one i sometimes see is the pupil one. when i text her she always replies with long answers and uses emoji's and sometimes we text for like 2 hours. a few days ago we had dinner in a restaurant with a group of co-workers. we met at a parking and she was the first to arrive and i was second. so i got out of my car and gave her a kiss on the cheek, but it was a little bit uncomfortable for the both of us. then when we wanted to drive to the restaurant i said i was driving and without thinking twice she said she wanted to drive with me in my car. we talked but her answers where short, maybe because the shyness (it was just us in my car. t,e other co-workers drove in another car.) so do you think she is in to me or not and if it's worth a shot to ask her out? sorry for the long post :p
EssTeeAySeaEeWhy (19 days ago)
TranquilDark180 it’s been 3 months
TranquilDark180 (2 months ago)
How'd it go?
xxXHighTensionXxx (4 months ago)
Kate Spring thanks a lot for the response and the link, it gave me more confidence, i will try to ask her out :p
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
You should totally go for it. Expect a bit of resistance on her part, especially because of the fact that you mentioned she's got some bad relationships in the past so you don't want to rush things and just take it slow. It could take a while for her to open up and trust again so you need to be a little patient with her. The shy ones are usually a tough nut to crack, so you might want to check another video of mine and see if you could get more signs if she's into you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7-09X9aKg8
Ronald Sprowal (4 months ago)
Ronald Sprowal (4 months ago)
Kate Spring Yea I really do
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Looks like you really do Ronald. You're welcome! :-)
Russell Mccune (4 months ago)
Actually I've successfully taught a cat to backflip
Tibor Osváth (4 months ago)
Kate, what if you tell a joke? Is it a sign that she is looking at you while laughing ?
Tibor Osváth (4 months ago)
Kate Spring Maybe I should tell some really lame jokes so that I can see whether she is still laughing át my jokes.
Kate Spring (4 months ago)
Definitely. Especially if there's touching involved, or say, if she still laughs even if the joke is *that* lame 😉
mumbus 27 (5 months ago)
Powerfully articulate Kate...nice work...
Kate Spring (5 months ago)
Thank you! Appreciate it 😊
Rough Traveller (5 months ago)
Most women are attracted to me.I am tall and have muscular build. The signs are always obvious and if she plays hard to get i move to the next one. Sex is good but most women are not even good at it. They think having a vagina is enough.
Doug _ (5 months ago)
I can’t express how much your videos have helped me. I feel like you’re a trusted friend. 🙏🏼
Kate Spring (5 months ago)
Glad to know that Doug! Always a pleasure to be of help my friend 🤗
scottdeaussie (6 months ago)
You should look at changing your reference clips, they seem to all be the same for all of your advisory videos!
Kate Spring (5 months ago)
Hey, thanks for the reminder! I actually thought of changing it a couple of weeks ago. Guess I should be doing it sooner than later 🤔
Edward Kennedy (6 months ago)
Hi Kate, that's a good video. A woman I know at work is doing some of the things you described. The problem is that I'm not interested; I'm interested in someone else. Can you recommend a nice way of letting her know I'm not interested?
Edward Kennedy (5 months ago)
Thanks Kate, that's good advice. I'll be discreet about it. 😉
Kate Spring (5 months ago)
Unless she's gonna confess that she likes you straight up, then I think you just leave it as it is Edward 😉
jeffthewhiff (6 months ago)
Another very good video, Kate! I actually like it when a woman will contact me first. I have been fortunate to have had women do this to me while online and it is very flattering to say the least. I don't think that the man should always be expected to take the initiative and make the first move toward a woman.
Chris Alonzo (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Kate Spring (6 months ago)
You're welcome Chris! :-)
Lucky Singh (6 months ago)
My pupils dilate when u tell girl stuff with that calming voice :) its relaxing when trying to understand some hard stuff :P
Saharsh Jordan (6 months ago)
Sexy spring
Kate Spring (6 months ago)
Thanks Saharsh!
Murli Nayak (6 months ago)
A girl look at me time and again but don't laugh and shows me some sings what does it means
RG11 (6 months ago)
I have a problem and don't know what to do. There is this girl at the gym that i like and see probably twice a week. I think that she is so pretty and I really like her. We tend to have eye contact with each other but not over eye contact. I don't know if this is because she is just cautious of me or because she doesn't want to seem too obvious incase I don't like her. So right now I don't know what to do whether she like a me or not because I'm crazy about her. Right now I'm on holiday so I can't do anything about it but still are unsure about whether she likes me or not. Anyone know what to do?
artissp (6 months ago)
My girlfriend does all these 5 but i am still not sure, if she just wants to be friends or something more. The fuck i should do?
1elimos (6 months ago)
Question for Kate. What does it mean if she ask or talk about your FB status/post in person, ( without liking it or commenting to it on FB) ?
Joseph Mpota (7 months ago)
Kate,can u make a video on how to get to ur heart?.....there is this aura abwt u....i dnt know hw to descrbe it,but its out of this world....um on ur channel jst to c u talk n talk n talk n talk.....u r great at this
Kate Spring (6 months ago)
Thanks Joseph! I call it the Kate-magic. Pretty effective huh? ;) Not sure about your video request though. Pretty sure my husband-to-be won't approve ;)
john jingles (7 months ago)
Kate your so hot!
Kate Spring (7 months ago)
Thanks John! ;)
Jared Sanford (7 months ago)
So if a woman asks to hang out with you and then ghosts would that be a sign she's not interested?
gokul krishna (7 months ago)
HI Kate, 3 signs are so perfect, but i have problem with 4th and 5th sign... She contacts me only at office and some personal issues of her @ office. She asks me only few questions about my personal stuffs...
Tracy Hawley (7 months ago)
Quantum physics isn't near as hard to understand.
Mike Cummings (4 months ago)
Tracy Hawley that's because physics is logical, women are emotional
Jeremy Hayden (7 months ago)
What if she reached out to you, but it was through another coworker's phone?
Jeremy Hayden (7 months ago)
Thanks, that is what I thought. Although this happened last Aug. I reached out to her gave her my number twice and she said first she accidentally washed it and then she lost it. Fast forward a few months later and she then said to get a life she was not interested and then to leave her alone and do not contact her again. That was November. So I have not. You can see she clearly was not sure what she wants/wanted. Keep in mind from Aug to Nov I let her know I was still around, but I still lived my life.
Kate Spring (7 months ago)
No need to overthink it. What matters is she reached out to you. Make your move ;)
Nick (7 months ago)
I taught my cat a double back flip
EssTeeAySeaEeWhy (19 days ago)
Nick she probably likes animals so I bet she’ll be all wet if you get the chance to get in her underwear
Nick (7 months ago)
Kate Spring thanks for your concern,my gf is more of a dolphin person though. It would be nice to make a video that explores what would be the biggest flirting turn-offs for a girl when you meet her for first time..what to avoid in other words but by avoiding I mean in a genuine manner... As I type these words my cat is doing another backflip just for the meow of it.
Kate Spring (7 months ago)
Good for you Nick! I bet your date will be quite impressed. If she likes cats, that is ;)
superwout (7 months ago)
Very simple and informative, it will be of help when I see a fine woman I've been going out with later on today. Most of these indicators I've been observing but not very consciously. You're swell, Kate!
Kate Spring (7 months ago)
Thanks! Good luck with your date :-)
Music lovers (7 months ago)
Kate my best relationship was with a lady who approached my started with a simple suggestion to join her her brother and his lady, this relationship only ended when her sister and husband were killed she became mother and father to three children and went back to her parents house, I adore children and stability wasn't a problem I just think she was overwhelmed and heartbroken her and her sisters were really close. She's still in touch however we never pushed trying we talked allot about it now her parents aren't able to be alone, it's very sad we were together 6 years.
le trouble fête (7 months ago)
You are a very beautiful woman with magnetism
Max Gio (7 months ago)
If a girls likes you, she will touch you, talk to you, smile, start the conversation. Seen it numerous times. The SAME girls that won't give ONE guy the time of day, will JUMP all over a guy they want and find attractive. That's why men don't approach anymore. They know that when a girl likes a guy, she WILL ACT. You don't need to do ANYTHING.
Crystal Ball (7 days ago)
Absolutely spot on Max.
Alejandro V. (8 months ago)
Very tough to tell, as once u r engaged in a conversation, one gets carried away and forgets to look out for these signals.... Trust me I'm soooooo soooo bad at this @ Kate Spring, that I need specialized customized help and sadly have never really experienced any of this , primarily the one where she contacts you first, except for maybe 2 instances or recently with my personal trainer, but had to do with our session, hahaha... do you do vids directed at individuals with inhibited social skills???... itd be helpful if you do!
Fisty (8 months ago)
Omg your beautiful
Fisty (8 months ago)
Kate Spring U should make a vid talking about how to talk to ur crush or open up. Be less shy...
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
Why, thank you Fisty! ;)
jncyj (8 months ago)
can I compliment her jewelry, like I like your earrings, that's a nice bracelet, great watch?Because she did choose to buy or wear those items so in theory I am complimenting her style or choices not on the material item.......is that correct? Because a girl did compliment my watch, "that's a nice watch" I said "thanks" I kinda wondered if she did just like to watch. if she just being nice?
Hoss Suleyman (8 months ago)
She also mostly is calculating the resources that will be available to her.
Richard Payne (8 months ago)
Kate, what if she doesn't necessarily contact you first, but shows up, unannounced, to your regular "hang out" spots looking for you? Especially if she's had a bad day, week, month, etc., and sometimes, just to say hi. For instance, I go to a particular pool hall on a regular basis. I have a lady friend who will show up, looking for me, and engage in conversation (usually venting, but then conversation followed by deep revelations). She will even partake in events or activities that she really has no interest in, or just aren't a part of her life... what could this mean? Do you need more details for a more accurate asessment?
Gerald gerald (8 months ago)
Great videos! Some kind of made me laugh 😉
Walter Romanoff (8 months ago)
Like your videos. Most attractive girls claim to have boyfriends. How about a video on how to approach friendly woman who have a boyfriend without coming across as creepy?
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
Thanks for your suggestion Walter! I'll surely consider making one :-)
Adrian Alpes (8 months ago)
You’re absolutely stunning
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
Thanks Adrian! Appreciate it! :-)
Hero21 (8 months ago)
I guess she just likes the chase.. she won’t cut me loose but won’t commit to a date. She says she’s interested in me and wants to get to know me better. I try, but her schedule/work always seems to get in the way. I’m at the point where I’m going to cut myself loose and focus on the other girls. Yup, I keep my options open.
Hero21 (8 months ago)
Kate Spring you are on point! I let her know this morning, I told her not to take this the wrong way but I need to know because I like to focus on one girl.. I told her I’m sure you have options as well, in which she said yes, she’s hit on everyday. She had her hair in a ponytail, then she undid it then back into a ponytail and undone once more all while never breaking eye contact with me. I kind of lol’d to myself. Anyways, now that she knows of the other girls, she was quick to set a date and time..
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
Good thinking John. If she realizes that she's not the only one out there, then she think twice about playing hard to get again ;) Best of luck!
Akash Misier (8 months ago)
I have a killer smile with amazing theeth so in my case it would be to smile and show my theeth and this works for me.
larry5200 (9 months ago)
Is this only for young people? Im 47 and havent been on a date in over 8 years. This is mostly because i feel women around my age want younger men.
Avenger Verde (9 months ago)
Are you hard to get? kate
C Zilla (9 months ago)
Eh! All, I know the signs. Keeping them interested is the problem. So if you like watering the flowers each day you shouldn't have a problem. 😙
Kate Spring (8 months ago)
Then avoid making her lose interest! I've got the video for just that! ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IEcTgdxl-c&t=61s
a10 (9 months ago)
Kate Spring Imma bout to Spring over there rn! Lol
Mikey Hackley (9 months ago)
Hey Kate thanks for the video! I do have another question for you though. I messaged a girl I am interested in and never heard anything back. It shows it has been read but no response. You think that’s my sign to move on or is there some way I can get her to give me a shot?
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Hi Mikey! Giving up just because of that seems like a bad idea. How about you watch this video and then give it another try? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1Ku9EwkjVA
Jessica Richards (9 months ago)
Sebastian Calderon (9 months ago)
no lie she's actually kinda hot
Hafiz Hayat (9 months ago)
We are classmates for one and half year. We often talk about assignment or notes. But never had Frank conversation. I love re her very much. How should I propose her??
Donald Piercey (9 months ago)
Hi Kate Don here, you already know that I find your advice very valuable and that I have subscribed to your channel and your videos are amazing and yet so simple! Please keep keep them coming. Don
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Thank you Don! There's more to come so stay tuned! :-)
MD. Arbaz (9 months ago)
One question why are u so sad I never seen yr smile ...🤔
Andy Cano (5 months ago)
Because men don't pick up on her subtle signals.
siuL Escu (9 months ago)
askwhateveru want - haha I was thinking the same thing. What’s wrong with her?
Jerry Liu (9 months ago)
This is one of Kate's better ones! I didn't like the pickup lines one, but this one seems much more natural for Kate's type of branding.
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Thanks Jerry! I'll be uploading videos similar to this one in the future so watch out for them! :-)
disciplined kid (9 months ago)
kate you r unbelievably beautiful. my pupils dilate for you. love youuu
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Thank you! <3
Conan Richard (9 months ago)
I'm watching all Kate's Videos so Far, things are Not on my Side : ( I really got Kicked in the Teeth with this Life. hehehehe
archangele1 (4 months ago)
Conan, You and about 95% of the rest of men out there. But, I have found that not being the super uber attractive alpha bad boy male is a positive. When I did finally find someone, the relationship was for real and not just some bimbo trying to reinforce her feelings of desirability by screwing around with me. I'm told by many women that I am physically attractive. Who knows. All I know is that I have a way of turning women off that is amazing. I hate sports, and most things guys seem to like. But, again, I finally stumbled into someone who likes me for the odd person I am. I found that if you keep looking for love in all the same places, you will continue to have the same results. You need to mix it up a bit. But, the most important thing, and one that is generally glossed over in these videos is to be true to yourself. Be yourself.. Having no relationship is better then a having bad one with the wrong person. I know. I have been in both places and being alone is infinitely preferable to being with the wrong person. Finding someone right for you takes time and it is going to be a road filled with pot holes and heart break.. That's life. You deal with it, pick yourself up and move on. I'm betting you are tough enough to handle it, Conan... Stay cool man.
baretillo (9 months ago)
all women do these.
Yvan Herrera (9 months ago)
you gotta attract the woman first before you start looking for those indicators of interest.
Ka Bum (9 months ago)
omg, the girl looking in camera at the first sec. of the video is like my dream girl. so nice, such a beatiful face. omg.
Kate Spring (9 months ago)
Yes, she definitely does look great! :-)
ManofValour76 (10 months ago)
very helpful, thank you!
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
You're welcome! Share this with a friend who needs it ;)
SCOTT N. JOHNSON (10 months ago)
Hey Kate I just had this exact thing happen to me in a store the other day and thanks to your video I kind of knew what she was thinking. In the past I wouldn't have known what signs she was sending me. Thanks for the uploads. Scott
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Hey Scott! I'm glad you found this helpful. You're welcome! ;)
Bugumir (10 months ago)
That feeling, when you realize that you didn't miss any signs, they just weren't there... stings like a mothafucka'.
Tempor Rage (17 days ago)
Bugumir don’t worry man. Same over here
markj6700 (2 months ago)
Being honest with yourself is always a win.
LRN88 (4 months ago)
Right there with ya
Josh S (7 months ago)
sorry man.
Teven Weven (10 months ago)
You get better looking!
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Why thank you Teven! :-)
The Prince of Freedom (10 months ago)
Thanks for making these videos. You're helping out a lot of young men like me. I've never had a girlfriend, so I'm hoping to build myself up physically and mentally so I can be the ultimate boyfriend when the time comes. Thank you. Also you're very beautiful😎
onfeetnation (9 months ago)
Focus on getting your life together and reaching your goals and the right women will come along. Otherwise, you'll be single for a long time. And stop throwing compliments left and right; you're digging your own hole
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
I'm glad I can help young men like you. You're welcome! ;)
Joseph cordero (10 months ago)
Lol women don't ever look at me or talk to me
Crystal Ball (7 days ago)
If a woman is into you she well let you know it. If she teases, plays hard to get, get out of Dodge.
Superduty4me (2 months ago)
Smile more and look approachable, no resting bitch face
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Maybe you just need to initiate more Joseph :-)
Hendrik S (10 months ago)
BASED ZEUS!!! He’s everywhere …
John Behneman (10 months ago)
Thanks, that was awesome. I learned a lot. I have a friend at work that has a crush on me. Now I see how serious it is and how bad she wants her in her life. Thanks
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
I'm glad I could help John! Good luck! ;)
V-taper No Longer A Vegan (10 months ago)
When I go to the gym I usually just have my headphones in, keep to myself and train w/ full on drive and intent. If a girl I find attractive is training in the same area as me and I can see her eyes or face I will crack a friendly smile between my sets and usually get one back or they look away quickly and if they look away quickly, I usually catch them looking at me again multiple times in the mirror or in some other covert way. It also seems like they will sometimes follow me to the next area I move to in the gym when I change exercises. But the strangest thing that seems to happen the most is they will start smiling and dancing around between their sets to whatever's in their headphones or playing in the gym between their sets. Should I approach? I feel like the only good place to approach at a gym is the pool or sauna area and have a conversation. What are your thoughts on this??
Cranjis McBasketball (10 months ago)
you sound like a douche!
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Looks like you'e off to a good start with all those signs. Watch this video and I hope it helps! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh0q4ETqyc8
иван иван (10 months ago)
KATE, you pupils are very small. Does that mean you are not into me?
Michael Piasecki (4 days ago)
иван иван (10 months ago)
labito))) hello from russia. LIBIDO!
jrocker152 (2 months ago)
This Ivan Ivan dude is right about that spelling, if you weren’t Canadian; land of freedom to spell anything however generally gets the message across! I used to work for a Canadian, as a nephew of an old DuPont secretary. She was so rigorous about spelling, that this issue naturally came up. Thanks for your videos. I have gone from the frying pan to drowning in the sink; I now don’t want to hurt the feelings of women whose interest I have garnered. Thoughts on doing a video on how to break disinterest in a woman to her in a way that is not discouraging, but clear? Last thing I want to do is go around crushing self esteem...
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Hello back from Canada! :-)
Jackie Richards (10 months ago)
My ex girlfriend tries to get my attention. She'd laugh loudly when we are in the same room, her friends are NOW friendly with me, and on top of that, i'd catcher looking at me from the corner of my eye. Thoughts????
Donald Trump (9 months ago)
Grab her by the pussy.
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
I think she might be interested in getting back together with you Jackie. If you've already completed the rule of absence, it wouldn't be a bad idea to text her. Have you seen this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyf0arU09WY&t=33s
benamare dz (10 months ago)
the new color looks good on you.
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Thanks! I figured it was time for a little chance :-)
tugaine yorstus (10 months ago)
Any single word that you speak out is true i like you
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Thank you! I'll make it worth your while ;)
Imran Khan (10 months ago)
Hi Kate i am waiting 4 ur new awsome video
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
More to come soon Imran ;)
herc213 (10 months ago)
Number 4 keeps happening to me lately since a good friend of mine I knew for 5 years keeps inviting me to hang out with her and I even went on a retreat with her
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
That's great! Good for you ;)
AXL xavier (10 months ago)
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
sagar galange (10 months ago)
Hey Kate, video is so useful. One compliment for you that you are gorgeous...
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
I'm glad you like the video. Thanks Sagar! ;)
Glenn Davis (10 months ago)
Hi Ms. Spring, always a pleasure👍 just an update - still doing what I'm doing so I figured this would be a great opportunity to ask her out this past Friday ( after work .) She told me that "something came up" and she would not be able to go out with me after work.(this would be the 2nd time I've asked her out and she declined) My question is that as I mentioned previously she stated that she does not have a boyfriend and is apparently not seeing anyone . However why do I keep getting a vibe that she is? Mostly because she seems really "chummy" with another guy in my dept. She comes to his desk frequently and I've observed them taking breaks together recently. Here's another thing - the guy is MARRIED and has a daughter and definitely fancies himself as a "ladies man." Should I be concerned or am I just overassuming? Thank you.
Kate Spring (10 months ago)
Hi Glenn! Maybe you're just overthinking things :-)

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