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Demo Classical Guitar Gomez 004 CE Thin Line (Indian Raga Style)

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In this video John Kremer demonstrates how to use the classical guitar for meditative music in Indian style. This is an intuitive improvisation in raga style. You will see and hear how the classical guitar sounds and can be used for playing meditative Indian style improvisational music. The drone tone (basic tone on which a raga is build) is D 432 Hz. Hope you will enjoy. Namasté :-) Performed, composed, recorded and produced on the 23th of January 2018 by John Kremer. ℗ and © 23 January 2018 John Kremer. All rights reserved. If you'd like to listen to more of John's soundcreations then please visit: www.klankhealingconcert.nl Bookings: [email protected]
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