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Finding my Style | Look Book

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After having been overweight, i was never confident to wear what i wanted so now i'm finally having some fun with my style! ♡ Outfit 5: Lovely wholesale ♡ Blush pink dress: http://bit.ly/1dotQos sandals: http://bit.ly/12l7gso Tea set earrings- Little Doe ♡: http://goo.gl/pchWFT By- http://www.youtube.com/user/ScarletSaintOnline Outfit 4: Long sleeved crop top- Primark Jogging bottoms- Primark Black plimsoll shoes- River island Tea set earrings- Little Doe ♡: http://goo.gl/pchWFT Outfit 3: Rose Skull top- H&M Skinny jeans- Love label: http://goo.gl/eTEW2P Flats- F&F Earrings- Miss Selfridge Bracelet- a gift Outfit 2: Paisley white crop top- New Look Paisley trousers- Primark Black plimsoll shoes- River island Grey rose earrings- Aldo Outfit 1: Black high neck crop top- TopShop High rise floral trousers- Primark Flats- F&F Necklace- New Look Watch- Guess Gold hoops- Vintage ________________________________________­­______ LINKS & STUFF :) Facebook- ScolaFitness Instagram- ScolaDondo Twitter-ScolaDondo My Other Channel- http://youtube.com/scoladondo Blog- http://www.thatfitnesslife.com/ ________________________________________­­_________ Business inquiries- [email protected]
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Text Comments (162)
Joy Musy (2 years ago)
This is so beautiful Scola
Jajareem Art (3 years ago)
I love how you remind me of getting my green tea lol
iampaxo (3 years ago)
Scola you're beautiful xx
Anjaleen Princy (4 years ago)
Like your natural eyebrow compared to this vedio. Still my favorite ☺
mixedracedghanagirl B (4 years ago)
Loved all the outfits as you did them justice. So happy that you are now able to dress like your friends and feel girly as you look stunning and as for that smile of yours it is simply enchanting. 
Katie Goes To Brazil (4 years ago)
love your style, be confident with yourself. your soo pretty it resembles your personality. :)
SUGARBEAR911 (5 years ago)
Your parents should be Truly proud of you! Your a young lady who speaks well, dresses for your age and your quite intelligent. I truly enjoy watching your videos. Well Done! Your so beautiful and a breath of fresh air!
Anita Benson (5 years ago)
the out fits I loved were1,2, and 4. now am not saying that the rest were horrible or anything like that but am just stating my favs. and yes plz do make more look books videos, cause I need some tips and upgrade in my looks too. keep it up. ooh and I love your figure.
Anita Benson (5 years ago)
yeah and iam not a fan of dresses but I admire dresses on others instead. am more of a tomboy that loves jeans and stuff mainly the reason why I chose 1,2 and 4
imnosey21 (5 years ago)
Oh my god that dress on you gave me life. So beautiful and Marilyn Monroe-ish yet age appropriate
Nicole J (5 years ago)
Oh my I'm exactly the same! Even my mother told me I look like a boy. 😢 I don't want to buy new clothes the ought my journey because they won't fit soon. But umma go cray when I get to my goal!
Jana (5 years ago)
That dress is gorgeous on you! The soft colour just matches you dark skin perfectly*-* Sometimes i wish i would have dark skin,so i can wear this dress. I don't really think it would go just as perfect with my very light skin:(
i69edurmum (5 years ago)
Jennifer Alcantar (5 years ago)
You are SO amazing Scola!
Austin L (5 years ago)
that dress is so beautiful on you. stunning!
Anime Girl Sora (5 years ago)
I really like the 3rd one a lot
CatMoca (5 years ago)
The dress is made for you!
Marlene Guerrero (5 years ago)
The dress for sure! :D The color is a very soft color and pretty and it has a nice flow. ^_^
arsine (5 years ago)
That dress was made for you!! When you said winter though, I was like "No.." I forgot winter here is freezing cold, where as it's nice in the UK  (P.S.) My bday is October 4th!
Vivi Joy (5 years ago)
You`re so preeettttyyyy !!!!!!!!!!! <3
orinpax1 (5 years ago)
Your beatiful I mean you look like a godess
Sudath Ranmuthu (5 years ago)
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Zionna Walker (5 years ago)
you should totally do an eyebrow tutorial
breeettienne (5 years ago)
Keiske1 (5 years ago)
Omg You Are So beautiful
crazylj108 (5 years ago)
All 5 were beautiful on you. My favorite was the dresss. Seriously beautiful. Also inspiring. Maybe I can lose the pounds.
tanja nedic (5 years ago)
5 outfit
Katterina Barnes (5 years ago)
You look gorgeous darling....Big Hugs!
Lauren Cudjoe (5 years ago)
The dress was my fave hands down. And I love look books! Please make more
Lauren Cudjoe (5 years ago)
I can't wait to have my daughter, and start my weight loss journey. :)
Breana Rodrigues (5 years ago)
Happy late birthday
Felicia Estrella (5 years ago)
ur a cutiee
prettyfacebundles (5 years ago)
Congratulations on your weight loss Young lady!!!
Chinamere Uzoeshi (5 years ago)
you look great!!, you should make more of this videos and your so pretty, i'm trying to lose my stomach fat, im not big but I have a fat stomach and it borders me a lot
Kami Elmekki (5 years ago)
Wow you're hot,
Fatima Delgadillo (5 years ago)
You watch scarlet saint too?! Jesus all my favourite youtubers either know or watch each other xD
emiy tadros (5 years ago)
HAHAHAHA LOL i was drinking green tea while watching it !!!!!! and u inspired me to start drink in it!
Ho Jya Syn Amelia (5 years ago)
You are an awesome and amazing person and I love your confidence! Keep on inspiring Scola♥
Mya Carter (5 years ago)
My hair style comes from Ariana Granse and shes my insperation. :)
Kitbaloo24 (5 years ago)
Im the same sizes pretty much :) I love new look+ top shop!
cumensu (5 years ago)
You naturally have Aegyo Sal. This is a desired feature in S. Korea. Aegyo Sal is the pouches beneath your eyes.
jaime toubeau (5 years ago)
Losing the weight was the best thing u could hv done u got ure confidence back u can wear anything u want now. kudos to u
udntknome101 (5 years ago)
Ohhh yeaaaaa ur bday is the day after mines Scola!
Ellie (5 years ago)
you are so beautiful
jarrax3 (5 years ago)
where do you get your outfit inspirations from? :)
vi3torious (5 years ago)
07:28 beautiful pose... Modelina!!!
Yevgenya Antonian (5 years ago)
love the dress !!! the shoes!!! you have lovely legs !!!
Sioux ZQ (5 years ago)
Kaira727 (5 years ago)
the dress looks amazing on you!
Arle Co (5 years ago)
Call a brotha when you turn 18.
acyline (5 years ago)
Sandjua Darda (5 years ago)
loving the dress hmmm vry pretty
tbaby124 (5 years ago)
so cute love the dress
divinetheory20 (5 years ago)
you should make these shorter!
ruth bradley (5 years ago)
did u ever have bra trouble ???
Jo Sa (5 years ago)
watch her videos on her channel...thats what they are mostly about :)
Lizzy (5 years ago)
Your hair! Omg I love it so much!
SilverLining1989 (5 years ago)
I'm pretty sure that dress is on SheInside. In case anyone is interested, it's called "Pink Spaghetti Strap Backless Chiffon Dress". It's 20 something dollars
Diana Shchepina (5 years ago)
What are your ways to lose weight?
Hannah (5 years ago)
you're so cute and pretty, scola! :)
panicatdx (5 years ago)
we don't actually have the same style but all of these outfits look adorable on you! my favorite is the last one. you look gorgeous! :)
Leah Whysall (5 years ago)
You are an absolute inspiration. And an absolute babe.
shakiwel (5 years ago)
You look great in all the outfits, I especially loved the dress on you. You exude a lot of confidence.
Godis (5 years ago)
Scola, what a beautiful ray of light you are! You are adorable!! Please continue to inspire women! I love outfit #2 and of course #5.You are the epitome of beauty and grace...keep on shining!!!
Carèle Vanz (5 years ago)
Thank you scola for this beautiful video. !!!! You look amazing :) i would be very happy if you would check out.my channel were i sing for my best friend :))
Gabi Merp (5 years ago)
I love all the outfits(: How tall are you?
Christina Adams (5 years ago)
Do you have any tips or advice as to how you went about deciding what your new look would be?
livebeyondthewind (5 years ago)
dammnn girl. you look great!
Joseph Parker (5 years ago)
you should be a model your beautiful :)
Dlytistuxocyhsh (5 years ago)
OMG, you're so cute :33
semlohyllek11 (5 years ago)
I like the first one the best :) it suits you really well :D<3
beccaxxx (5 years ago)
can you please post more before and after photos
KRISTEN KELLER (5 years ago)
Autumn Thornhill (5 years ago)
That dress is absolutely gorgeous, especially on you, and I love the high heels too !
Selena Marie (5 years ago)
threeeee for sure <3
Makiya Cameron (5 years ago)
that dress is so stunning on you
Magatte (5 years ago)
THAT DRESS wwwwoooooww
Nialuv24 (5 years ago)
3rd outfit was my fav. Loved the cute orange skinny jeans.
feastTHEbeast ejn (5 years ago)
Love ur outfits .. Maybe u shud do a tutorial cause I love your hairstyles on your your videos.Keep up the good work.
hazel-jade vasiri (5 years ago)
i know exactly what you mean! iloveyou <3
ItsVeronika (5 years ago)
My favourites are 1st outfit and the dress:) btw, u are too cute:)
Stella _Alexandra (5 years ago)
I'm sorry I couldn't pick they were all too pretty :) <3
Stella _Alexandra (5 years ago)
LillianKami (5 years ago)
You are very pretty and absolutely cute!!!
Danni SANCHEZ (5 years ago)
You're so inspirational! Love your videos. :-) :-)
fiora master (5 years ago)
i love your style,it fits very well your body shape,but can i ask you pleaseif you'd excuse me on another topic of beauty you have already talked about in one of your previous videos,it's stretch marks,can you tell me how they are now ? i know u saw imporvement i am just curious how much they became better now with persistance and thanks
Lauren Jade (5 years ago)
FINALLY someone who lives in England and has the shops I go in! All the other people are from america and I have no idea what shops they are going on about but, you do! :D
Charlotte Taucher (5 years ago)
Also, add some leggings/tights, a cute jacket and knee high boots and it be a cute fall look.
Charlotte Taucher (5 years ago)
Love the dress and shoes from Lovely Wholesale. Every thing looked gorgeous on you but the dress is my favorite. It looks awesome on you. The color goes great with your glowing skin. :-)
Toya S. (5 years ago)
Beautiful dress! Look-5 was my fav. More lookbooks request.
silkngold (5 years ago)
this was lovely, small hint sharpen your eyebrows in the front instead of rounding them. It will really suit you :)
Scola Dondo (5 years ago)
17 going on 18 in a month :)
Signorina Danielle (5 years ago)
Can I just say that this is absolutely fabulous!. You look flawlessly amazing <3
Lia Carb (5 years ago)
#3 and I love the dress
Parkr (5 years ago)
get it scola
hyacinthnights (5 years ago)
Also, have you heard of ShirleyBEniang's channel? You could watch some of her fashion videos for inspiration... I feel like you guys have similar body types and she lives in England as well (meaning that if you got inspired by a look, you could actually check out the shop she got it from easily)! Hope that helps! =)
hyacinthnights (5 years ago)
Aww, the beginning of the video made me feel kind of sad because I still feel the way you felt about clothes years ago to this day. =( But I am glad you are gaining the confidence to wear what you want... it gives me hope that maybe one day I can finally feel free to wear what I want too! Your outfits look really cute and I'm sure you will find the perfect style for you in no time!
kglove2013 (5 years ago)
I absolutely love all of them on you, you look very nice. My favorites were the 1st, 2nd, and the last dress. You should do more of these look books your style is great and gives me some ideas for my own style.
Ajali Affairs (5 years ago)
awww, how inspirational. love it
ElleToThe J (5 years ago)
My favorite is at 5 48--the black top and white pants are a super cute look for you!
Faith Teberen (5 years ago)
please make more of these videos , they inspire me and i i cant wait to see my results soon :D

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