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The Secret of the Dark Side of the Moon

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Earth's gravity is so strong we only see one side of the orbiting moon. Modern exploration to the mysterious dark side revealed dramatic surprises and revised theories about the moon's formation. Catch new episodes of HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS Tuesdays at 10/9c on Science! | http://science.discovery.com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/ Watch full episodes: http://bit.ly/HTUWFullEpisodes Subscribe to Science Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sciencechannel Check out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. Every day. http://bit.ly/SCI2YT Download the TestTube app: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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Text Comments (4344)
Ibn Johnson (2 hours ago)
Dirty lies 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤦🏾‍♂️
Rylee Tolentino (10 hours ago)
2:51 or maybe like how you said, the earths gravity makes the moon face us, so...earths gravity focuses on the front we see, not the other side
S J (1 day ago)
Now this is scary, when I was around 10 year old, I had a dream of 2 moons, one big and other small. The smaller one somehow got pulled towards the earth as it could not resist the gravitational force due to its light weight. It was stuck in the ocean creating circular waves while spinning. People were visiting the place for sight seeing. No one knew what would be its impact though. This video reminded me of that dream. Ofcourse I was a child and may be was attracted towards galaxies or something that I had this weird dream. In no way I am psychic though 😅
Nurjahan Begam (1 day ago)
I love NASA
dennis kinuthia (1 day ago)
Almost everything these scientists say is a lie. That's why they have to keep on referring to a BILLION YEARS AGO as if they were there watching things happen. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, beyond that nobody knows anything that's why they are called THEORIES
Mr Matt (2 days ago)
We can't even truly know what's in our oceans depths but yet we analyze this planet with a voice over from dirty jobs enriched enthusiasts computations?!!
Steve Sunset (2 days ago)
It is a lie. The moon was pulled in to place to stabilize us so we could live
David Chavez (3 days ago)
Click in the video below. It has been posted all over. However gets deleted almost second's after being uploaded. read more.
Steven Weaver (3 days ago)
Sone people know precisely what is there https://youtu.be/9LQzZPnVgNk
Richard Ring (3 days ago)
With all that volcanic activity,why are there no cone volcanoes visible on The Moon like there are on Mars eg:Olympus Mons or Pavonis Mons?
Love the comment section, I can see how many people have started to realize how fake nasa is, dumb cunts want explain in such detail how something occurred with zero evidence.
Michael Skewes (4 days ago)
Baby got back! That's about all that they were saying! GO BACK! Space X will be back there before you know it! I hope to take a tip there before I die,there is no reason why they can't do it!
Flaming Warrior (4 days ago)
Pink Floyd lives on the dark side of the moon.
orionism42 (4 days ago)
Just theory and conjecture. No one was there when it formed. Your just guessing.
Billy Albert (4 days ago)
The Moon is a Alien ship 👽
Loren Niwa (5 days ago)
Plausible theory....one of being moshed into the other
Jay Edwards (5 days ago)
Wow i thought science was absolute fact..not random unproven Theories ..
Amir Anwary (5 days ago)
okay.. How the heck does "the Earth's gravity hold on to one side of the moon"??? I don't understand, we have planes and even cars, yes cars that fly (When loosing control and going over a cliff) that "defy" the laws of gravity. The moon is supposedly 23000 plus miles away. How does Earth's gravity hold it "down" a certain way??? Maybe this is some complicated scientific stuff that I have no idea off...
Joe Ceonnia (6 days ago)
how come everytime science tries to explain the universe it's always planets either crashing into each other or meteor showers or something cataclysmic, just another made-up story like once upon a time
Joe Ceonnia (6 days ago)
more bull crap garbage in garbage out that's what a supercomputer will get super stories
Adam Cortez (6 days ago)
jeremy pipkin (6 days ago)
What a waste of 5 mins.
Corrine Tsang (7 days ago)
The secret that there are Helium-3 on the far side of the moon and China is going to mine it.To protect the shipment of Helium-3 ,China has developed a hybrid bomber  since 2015
MaxPSi DT (7 days ago)
The moon did indeed clip earth! Why is that one side on the moon is thicker than the other? No it''s not due to a smaller moon striking it then merging. Its because at the time of the collision w/ Earth the moon was still alive/active. The magma from the core caused the abnormality.
Jesse Duzz (8 days ago)
According to NASA & Friends, SPACE VIDEOS "As the Space Station passes into a period of night every 45 mins video is unavailable - during this time," and "The ISS passes across the dark side of the earth for half of its 90 minute orbit - during this time no video is available," NASA @AstronomyLive "The ISS passes into the dark side of the earth for roughly half of each of its 90-minute orbits. As the Space Station passes into a period of night every 45 mins video is unavailable" and "The NASA HDEV video stream shows spectacular views of the earth from space whenever the International Space Station is in sunlight - which is about 46 minutes of every 92 minute orbit 24 hours of every day. That means for half of the time the official NASA HDEV video feed is showing nothing but darkness." Let me help you to see a lie in the works using common high school mathematics like geometry, trigonometry and calculus too. I have reasons to doubt Nazi scientists that founded NASA, want to address a couple? An 8000 mile wide ball according to "science" with a dubious ISS orbiting 1/32 (.03125) its diameter above it yields more than 20 degrees on both sides beyond halfway (for an additional 40 plus the 180) is over 220 degrees in sunlight meaning 144/360 or .4 X 90 mins EQUALS 36 mins in the dark for the imaginary space station, not 45/45 as astrophysicists claim! NASA lies!!! Space is imaginary! NASA busted again and again! But wait . . . there is the safety/risk factors too. Compare Mt Everest is 5 miles above sea level, and quite a favorite destination for devout mountaineers. Over 297 people have died since 1922 trying to climb it. Only 5 miles of dirt, rock, ice and snow. The last year without known deaths on the mountain was 1977, a year in which only two people out of seventeen hundred reached the summit. Just two! How many unrecorded deaths remains a mystery. Another mystery is that the ISS has never had a single fatality. 250 miles up in alleged "SPACE" of low earth orbit going ten times faster that a .38 pistol fires its bullet at! That has to be some OSHA record, wouldn't it be?! Never even appear to have a life threatening tragedy like a power loss, cabin depressurization, structural degradation from stress as any airframe experiences by wear and tear but the whole thing was built during a six year span when chip cameras were widespread. Not one video exists of the construction phase, at least, none without air bubbles! Are you really so blind as to be afraid to open your eyes YaHUaH gave us to look? Millennials are especially gullible, right behind kindergarteners! You are either in on it, or dumb as a stone! The earth is not a spaceball, kids! Automated processing in the Apollo era consisted of punch cards, readers, sorters, stackers and keyboard punchers on these 80 col cards! They couldn't safely get to the summit of Mt Everest over the last 50 years without 300 dead climbers, while their IMAGINARY Space Submarine never had a fatality in over 20 years?! Give a guy a break! NASA lies.
Bill William (8 days ago)
Shouldn't the other side that we are seeing now be much harder, because the sun light doesn't shine on it and space is cold...... I really don't know can someone explain more to me..... Thank you
If anyone believes that a lunar sphere that suffered a major lunar impact with another object that’s nearly the same size resulted in an imperfect, imbalanced perfectly rotation-less moon unchanged lunar orbit, you have to be either crazy or stupid! This was a ridiculous hypothesis that totally negated common sense and basic physics. The earth’s gravitational pull isn’t strong enough to stop a 180 lbs. astronaut from spinning or floating away uncontrollably during a spacewalk 250 miles above the earth, but it’s strong enough to keep a moon that weighs 73.477 yottagrams locked in a motionless fixed position 239,000 miles away??? Smh. Scientist claim our largest tsunamis were strong enough to change the speed of the earth’s rotation and shift the axis by an inch and we’re supposed to believe two planetary bodies colliding resulted in a perfect motionless sphere? Think about that — the earth is 4X larger than the moon and a wave moved the entire earth but another moon or thousands of massive meteor strikes couldn’t move the much smaller moon??? Something’s not right or logical about NASA’s explanations of the moon. How can an object that has been peppered with large meteor strikes remain motionless in the gravitational grasp of a spinning planet with an irregular orbit path? https://www.livescience.com/32120-can-a-nuclear-blast-alter-earths-rotation.html Even the largest earthquakes have only a miniscule effect on our planet's spinning. Scientists calculated that the colossal tsunami-causing 2004 Sumatra earthquake caused a slimming of the Earth that shortened the day by a few millionths of a second and shifted the North Pole by an inch. Not only would the moon NOT absorb another relatively low-speed solid object, it wouldn’t be a perfect sphere after that fairytale impact! There would be clear visual cracks from the surface being compromised and the other object would have dislodged the moon from its motionless state and lunar orbit and the earth would’ve had a meteor shower that obliterated plant and animal life along with the atmosphere. If the moon is responsible for the oceans tides, it’s disrupted orbit would have resulted in it moving A LOT closer to earth and displacing the earth’s water into massive unrelenting tidal waves that would rip apart the earth’s tectonic plates causing unsurvivable earthquakes and volcanic eruptions ejecting toxic gases and heat that would perpetually rage on for eternity — similar to the storms of Venus. It would be easier if scientists would just say they don’t know anything about the moon or its origins instead of insulting people’s intelligence with theories a weed-head thought up.
FLEETWOOD fleet (8 days ago)
7viper5 (8 days ago)
What a joke! This is fukn hilarious!
koslim (9 days ago)
Does this thing rotates or not? If it does then there is no side that cant been seen.. Wtf?
MrBjochi (9 days ago)
After billion years the warmth of sun could make the surface more thinner there, the theory of an impact seems weird, because the moon should have a different shape or even been detroyed.
Rob Wonham (9 days ago)
What a bunch of nonsense
Trevor Capstick (9 days ago)
If you hold up a shield and someone shoots you with a paintball gun doesn't the side getting shot get thicker? Especially over billions of years? And if the Earth has such a grasp on the moon to stop its rotation doesn't it also have the power to pull objects such as asteroids into the moon....which is the unseen side. I'm not a Scientist but at the same time 70 yrs ago I wasn't telling you to hide under a mattress in case of a nuclear attack.
Dutch Schultz (9 days ago)
Somehow I'm just not convinced that 2 giant size rocks that orbit the earth,"slowly"morphed into a bigger moon. No evidence,or anything like it in the solar system,or universe
Kwame Freeman (9 days ago)
What is this fuckery
Hans Geiger (10 days ago)
4 B years ago??????????? You repeat like a little child. The world was 6000 years ago CREATED !
angel dewolfe (10 days ago)
What a load of tosh 😂... " how could the far side of the moon look so completely different"... Maybe nobody bothered to make the backside pretty being as we were never going to see it. 😂 is it any less believable than another moon slo mo'd into it creating a 30% thicker crust 😂 the line between science fiction and science fact has definitely been crossed. Its become my go too for comedy. Its all so laughable. Nobody ever landed on the moon but plenty American actors landed some great jobs. Why don't many people ask... Hmm why is it only America has put men on the moon? Because its tube home of Hollywood. Stanley Kubrick ~ dark side of the moon 👍
angel dewolfe (10 days ago)
I might also add IMO... Russia are the world leaders in the space race. 👍
P.R. Mathews (10 days ago)
4.5 Billion years??? PURE BS
SStarlust (10 days ago)
I'm inventing the "flat moon theory".
Against All Odds (10 days ago)
The far side of the moon isn't dark. The sun shines there also
earth and moon were Siamese twins that were separated by motion?near side is the scar ?
95 yolles (11 days ago)
China Steal USA technology but make it wrong side, hence landing on opposite side of the Moon! Trump will make USA great again. They just made a Hollywood video put it on YouTube!
Tim Clifford (11 days ago)
Load of shit . The moon faces 1 side .... lava .... where?
Neil Barc (11 days ago)
Earth is motionless, enclosed and flat!!
Blah Blah (11 days ago)
Seems reasonable that the molten (heavier) iron core was pulled towards Earth, leaving a thicker rock crust on the dark side. This would also explain greater lava leakage on the near side AND the geosynchronous rotation.
peter peter (11 days ago)
distorted . China now arrive at it. and the reason that USA don't go to moon again must be that they are short of money.
Gusmusic music (11 days ago)
well ,,, U Guys R #Niggas and DON,T Know ,,, Main Stream
garrett toney (11 days ago)
It's no secret it's where my mom lives
Florence Gomer (11 days ago)
Mark P (11 days ago)
Mike Rowe,it's a dirty job!🌎👽
Steve Wiles (12 days ago)
Who has a thick backside?
Steve Wiles (12 days ago)
Such a good album
John Pulaski (12 days ago)
....Because that's how God created it!
greg bakley (12 days ago)
lol why 4.5 billion years why not 450 billion . made up numbers , people quit believing such garbage
greg bakley (12 days ago)
maybe God made it that way to take impacts from hitting the earth
Sérgio Luz (12 days ago)
Now we can, thanks to the Chinese.
Robert Sample (12 days ago)
Fantastic, amazing stuff.
le zak lol (12 days ago)
I hope they find toneri with hinata having sex
Trevor Mendez (12 days ago)
Try not to be a rocket science they are lying start using your common sense
R B (12 days ago)
Quite fascinating - there’s so much we don’t know and may never will.
Jim NORRIS (12 days ago)
Hmmm the other side of the Moon.every one has a goofy Idea there's something on the otherside of the Moon. There's nothing on the otherside.that side gets No Sun.
Read the news my friend, there's light on that side, but nothing there.
SystemCrasher113 dlp (13 days ago)
Could it have something to do with the impact the gravity of the Earth has on the moon?
clayton delanie (13 days ago)
I thought this was a Pink Floyd thing.
Jonathan Murray (13 days ago)
If it was a problem the other side not the moon don't you think we would no by now if they are building why is it a bad thing the built it on the side we can't see so they are not concerned about us.if they were they would not care where they built it.and that would be a problem at least there trying to hide the base .and not be open about it. I've never seen a alien have you the reason you see ships at night is because our government made them from stuff they shot down sounds like we are the problem never heard of a flying space ship attacking us have you so if they wanted to they could vet ride of us pretty fast if they wanted to
David Lafaye (13 days ago)
The narrator sounds like the guy from Dirty Jobs..Is it?
Yes, Mike Rowe
Fred Jacobsen (13 days ago)
Once an for all can we stop using the "dark side of the moon" when talking about the "far side" The dark side of the moon is from Pink Floyd.
Liberty Warrior (14 days ago)
This is rubbish.
Bullshit. How did the moons line up in the same orbit that perfect. And who gives a shit about the moon or space. The secrets on here deep in Earth that we need. End all Space programs and NASA! Use that money to feed starving children you fools
Don Won (14 days ago)
Leroy De Leon (14 days ago)
Lost some brain cells watching this .
Jamichael Thornton (14 days ago)
They dumb as hell the only reason is cause there’s no life which would make it impossible for the fire to live
Jman (14 days ago)
What a bunch of total BS
Gavin (3 days ago)
They should put a disclaimer on this video. For entertainment only.
Jared Jones (15 days ago)
Reading some of these comments hurts
Lamster66 (15 days ago)
Bugger I thought this was going to be about the arguments between Roger Warters and Dave Gilmour in the studio!
Our moon, at one time belonged to the planet that is now the asteroid field. The asteroid field is just on the other side of mars. the asteroid field was at one time a planet that got smacked by an asteroid or commit. The explosion propelled one of its moons, toward earth, and now belongs to earth. The back side of the moon is the side that took the brunt of the explosion.
Tejas Dhamnaskar (16 days ago)
I used to think that dark side may have very very low temperature as the sun light never reach there
The Circle (16 days ago)
These idiots are so dumb, clearly the back side gets hit a lot and thickened it with debris over a looping time while the front was not hit much at all
Micheal Gill (16 days ago)
the earth don't move. believe that
Michael Massaro (16 days ago)
so on which side of moon armstrong landed?
Kt233mm (11 days ago)
Near side
Hi-Fi Life (17 days ago)
Come on this is thrash I should say,cause practically think when u hit an object with other body Newton’s 3rd law is applicable where ACTION AND REACTION should be happening but it is like swallowing does it mean that moon is swallowing other moon without atleast had some friction or some kind of reaction with it WHERE THERE MUST BE ATLEAST A CHANCE OF DEFORMITY BY THE MOON and ur assumption is like the sibling moon is the only one which hits it literally which is fake....nope I completely disagree with this thrash...
Dead Pool (17 days ago)
It would make more sense that the heat of the sun harden the backside of the moon while being pelted by asteroid which merge with the moon making it a thicker crust. 2 Moon doesn't make any sense to me since there no evidence that we have 2 moon. But there plenty of evidence that the Moon got hit by asteroids.
Strider LS (17 days ago)
I wonder when they will tell the truth about what they have found there? Probably when it doesn't matter anymore. If only we could see the faces of those scientists when they realised what they saw actually is 😄
Steven Benedetto (18 days ago)
Not real images. The earth is a flat circle and the center of everything. There is no space just the ground the water the sky and a blue firmament. Watch Eric Dubay 200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball
Steven Benedetto (18 days ago)
Steven Benedetto (18 days ago)
The earth is flat and stationary and the moon is close and revolves in a circle.
Steven Benedetto (3 days ago)
+Gavin this world is jacked up
Gavin (3 days ago)
SHHHHHHHHHH Don't wake up the monkeys, let them believe their monkey mans science fiction. Next week will be another Theory. Let the monkeys sleep.
nicoya barcelona (18 days ago)
Two planet crash noooo imposible, maybe 50 millions years before , thousands meteorite is a solid crash to moon
Mr Quack (18 days ago)
As I Walk Thought Fire (18 days ago)
You are so full of shit you stink
Spaceflightengineer (18 days ago)
Sorry- no "dark side" exists.
Ismail Hassan (18 days ago)
Those guys are full of sports😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tommy Robles (19 days ago)
Chris Anthony (19 days ago)
The back side of the moon has such a thick crust because it is a hollow spaceship. The far side needs more protection because the front side is protected mostly by the earth.
Chaka Shakur (19 days ago)
The dark side is thicc
Andrew Mills (20 days ago)
bunk. pure BS
Thomas Schock (20 days ago)
Bob Sacamono (20 days ago)
Two moons. Man they are reaching.
Maurice Ben-Oduro (20 days ago)
4:08 In the name of science 🔬 I’m trying to figure out why your backside so thic like the moon 🌝🌝 🤔🤓😜
Das Boot (21 days ago)
It's like getting a pancake and putting syrup on the top, it's going to be thicker because it taste so good and especially when adding melted butter and grape or strawberry jam. Either way it's thickest at the top and fluffy in the middle and bone dry at the bottom and nicely darker when left on the skillet longer, wait what we're we talking about. Fuck it I'm hungry now, I am gonna eat me some pancakes and sausages and drink me some 2% milk, goodbye.
John Walker (21 days ago)
What B.S.. How about the other side gets peppered, often and recently, hence the MANY craters in that condition. And the earth's gravity pulled the magma close, keeping it dense and warm, while the backside cooled and thickened to crust. My humble opinion.
Law Pickett (21 days ago)
What was up with the kite?

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