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The Secret of the Dark Side of the Moon

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Earth's gravity is so strong we only see one side of the orbiting moon. Modern exploration to the mysterious dark side revealed dramatic surprises and revised theories about the moon's formation. Catch new episodes of HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS Tuesdays at 10/9c on Science! | http://science.discovery.com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/ Watch full episodes: http://bit.ly/HTUWFullEpisodes Subscribe to Science Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sciencechannel Check out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. Every day. http://bit.ly/SCI2YT Download the TestTube app: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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Text Comments (3871)
Yazole (12 hours ago)
All guesswork rubbish. We will never know, lava? What the hell are they going on about? About as believable as the moon landings.
Yazole (41 minutes ago)
max5250 Fuck off Max! Education? You mean repeating.
max5250 (58 minutes ago)
And what would you know about it since you are so poorly educated?!
S Webb (14 hours ago)
BS BS BS!!!!!!
max5250 (58 minutes ago)
Says expert for space exploration and Moon surface... ROTFL
Brenton Ryan (15 hours ago)
If the u.s wasn’t warned off the moon then they are definitely there with a base. Look at all the bases they have on foreign soil now, it’s their thing they do.
Robert Spreadborough (21 hours ago)
This is not science - this is show time for the brain washed - space cake for the masses - have a happy fantasy folks - its best to wake up before you get too sick tho
ZeuZLoD (22 hours ago)
Was so waiting for that last guy to say the moon topsy turvy'd that motherfucker.
Redjeeboy (1 day ago)
Why dont you just say that you have no f..... idea?
Anbarasu Loganathan (1 day ago)
This is because the liquid lava is easily attracted by earth's gravity. This is the reason lava of the moon is near the surface of visible surface from earth.
Kno Won (1 day ago)
What crap
Lusijar Plo (1 day ago)
zastanawiają mnie kratery ,które czy duże czy małe mają zbliżoną głębokość ... jakby coś chroniło księżyc pod spodem ... pozdrawiam serdecznie :) ..... ( I wonder about craters, which whether big or small have similar depth ... as if something protects the moon underneath ... best regards :) ) sorry English
Ina Kruger (2 days ago)
This is a lie & NASA is a hoax. You rather believe the devil than believing the Bible. The sun moon and stars are inside the firmament.
Jimmy Martin (2 days ago)
So much of the looney liberal nonsense, not even possible. Science in our society is totally biased for the pro- socialistic/communist agendas.
yodaman (2 days ago)
Bwhahahahaha yeah whatever. Carnt believe you think people are that stupid. NASA should be closed down their a waste of public funds
Ryan Montierth (2 days ago)
So a big bang created our galaxy and a big mush created our moon?
William Garcia (2 days ago)
Lucas alluded to the Moon being a battle star... maybe it is.
lyric gibson (2 days ago)
Hope you're reading this
lyric gibson (2 days ago)
My boyfriend Christopher does not like Greg and my boyfriend Chris do not trust Greg really wants to kick your ass
Paul Christian (2 days ago)
Even though the moon rotates we only see one side and the lamest excuse ever is to blame it on gravity..gravity this mysterious bs theory(not fact) that scientist use everytime they cannot logically explain something..how convenient. grow a brain..
max5250 (56 minutes ago)
They explained it logically, it is just you who can't understand it.
Melissa J Palmer (3 days ago)
We need to go back to the moon now. Before we attempt going to Mars. There are too many questions. I have a big one. What would happen if an "Earth Killer" asteroid were to hit the moon?
Dolan Duck (4 days ago)
Hey vsauce Michael here
Phil Engle (4 days ago)
Really? Gravitational pull from earth takes in the core of the moon and even changes the shape. This is all connected and obvious. So lame
Samantha C (5 days ago)
Hey don’t body shame the moon okay. The moon is thicccc af everywhere. Don’t be jealous
Trump supporter (5 days ago)
Affirmative action at the end
Byezbozhnik (5 days ago)
Perhaps is the magnetic pull towards the Earth that affects what's under the Moon's surface on this side versus the opposite one. Although, I wonder, if that was the case, would our satellite still be so evenly spherical?
Manuel Ray (5 days ago)
No other side to the Moon
Devaraj VJ Devraj (6 days ago)
I love univers. I love all stars
Devaraj VJ Devraj (6 days ago)
What a amazing.
Tom Solis (6 days ago)
The moon gives off its own light and there is no otherside to the moon u wonder y u see rite threw it in the day time
Kartikay Sharma (6 days ago)
That lady is a genius.😍
Richard Long (7 days ago)
The far side is facing towards outer space, where all the junk comes from. A lot more has hit the moon from that side, thus the extra thickness and the number of craters. Get with the program Astronomers, how hard can it be?
Jayden Bembry (7 days ago)
Hollow moon theory
Yacine Sb (8 days ago)
The moon is transparent, mean it lets light pass through it, we can see stars in the dark side of the moon, dont believe NASA, go grab a telescope or a nikkon powerful cam and just see it by yourself, nasa wants us to be pigeon
Oh yeah what did he do with the thumbnail Hmmm I wonder did he put mercury next to the moon and say thats the secret side? wow everyone's gonna fall for this clickbait thumbnail!
portcreditdave (9 days ago)
The moon doesn't have a "dark side". When the moon is "new" as seen from Earth, the far side is fully illuminated.
Scottish Steve (9 days ago)
credible explanation my arse
Efjayslim (10 days ago)
Phat Le (10 days ago)
Dear @Science Channel, can you please provide the name and title of 2 expert in the videos, thanks!
Danny Rodriguez (10 days ago)
They are extremely full of crap!!
Martin G (10 days ago)
At 0:10 - Four BILLION years ago? If the Moon were that old, it would have drifted off into space by now. Who dreams up this nonsense? Please report as Spam/Misleading.
Arctic Seraph (10 days ago)
This story is so terrible, it hurts my soul.
ممكن يفيد (11 days ago)
A thicker side to keep the moon ih one position by cintegeral force.it can't spin
Elite Pillows (11 days ago)
Damn the moon thiccc I’m gonna date it and brag about it to my friends how thiccc my girl is
SheshiBesh (11 days ago)
Guys, wanna see the alien activity on the Moon RIGHT NOW?? Here you go, the example coordinates on Google Earth / Moon: (Moon) 29º39'03.29" N 147º45'03.84" E - check this out, the ALIEN OBJECTS ON THE MOON CAN BE OBSERVED BY EVERY ONE RIGHT NOW. If you know how to use the Google Earth software, then switch to Moon on the menu bar and type-in the coordinates given in this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCs1eU5u5e8 - This is an authentic PROOF that a sensational alien activity REALLY exist on the Moon.
Khan Riffah (11 days ago)
If you want to know what's at dark side of moon Play super Mario odyssey
Stop spreading the shit about the Universe! The Universe is ElectroMagnetic!!! Morons!! And US never ever been on the Moon! Because of the Aliens who live there!!! So called Earth is under ocuppation of Parasite Aliens!Dark & evil The real name of this planet is Midgard( Mirgrad) There r never been big bang!! It is a bullshit! And Eistein was a little funny man,everything but not the scientist! And the pyramids were not built by slaves! AND WHERE DID YOU HIDE THE FUCKING STARGATES!!?? THELL THE TRUTH U MOTHERFUCKERS!
NASA Liars!!!
Are you aware that all of you are complete idiots?!
Boris Popovich (12 days ago)
I had no idea that imagination is also considered science :)
Lisa Davies (12 days ago)
The 'pictures' are created from data, they arent photographs. NASA themselves say this. Yet people are believing they are seeing real photos, and NASA are happy to let them. They arent even really created from data, they're just made up by some artist. These channels are irresponsible!
Seer (12 days ago)
Load of BS. No facts here. Bye!
Flat Earth Debunker (13 days ago)
Funny how the backside of the moon I’ve seen on NASA looks nothing like that. How strange two fake pics of the back don’t even match
worfoz (8 days ago)
True, we see the baked side. The moon is a giant pizza and on the other side there are toppings like pepperoni and lots, lots of cheese. NASA keeps that a secret, the liars!
Hank Roedell (13 days ago)
Sorry, you had to fill up the video with a bunch of jabbering crap.
thesupaone08 (13 days ago)
This is dumbest explanation I've heard in my life and I'm shocked at the "reputable" faces backing this uneducated theory
Olena Clifford (13 days ago)
Echo TV (13 days ago)
NASA said that they step in on the moon but they dont know back the back of it? Wtf seriously? 🖕
ThaexakaMavro (14 days ago)
pile of bs
daddicat yo (14 days ago)
Bull shit
TJ Devereaux (14 days ago)
Like I believe anything the US government says, it is theoretically impossible for one side of the moon to be 30 miles thicker than the other, it would affect the moons rotation and gravity, if you know anything about physics, even basic physics, then you know that this is a complete lie, need to cover up the truth, that there are indeed intelligent beings living underground on the Darkside, and on the side we can see. There’s 1 million conspiracy theories about this, so I don’t expect you to believe what I’m saying, but I do have some inside information from an incredibly reliable source, that has told me there’s a reason they never went back to the Moon, they were told not to if they valued their life.
Brian Lovell (14 days ago)
two moons slowly mush together  in orbit so why isn't the thick side on the side of the moon
Jun Cunanan (14 days ago)
Earth's shield is the moon 🛡️🌏🌕☔
lij (14 days ago)
I don't believe in "billions of years ago". Man has not been around that long, and EVERYTHING in the universe is the same age, because God made everything in 6 days.
worfoz (8 days ago)
evolution talks about generating but believers are regenerating Steve Jobs created the iPhone in seven seconds. Smartphones are not evolved from radio's, traditional telephones, letters, camera's, video's, calculators and what not, the iPhone fell from the sky, as ordered by Jobs
Martin G (10 days ago)
Hate to say it, but it's true. The Bible stories are turning out to be scientifically more feasible, and even more provable, than many of the theories we've been fed, such as "evolution", which is nothing more than a cruel joke.
XO _Vibes (15 days ago)
Guess the Transformers ain't getting credit for this one chief.
vic sevigny (15 days ago)
Maybe it's only a flat disc......
max5250 (51 minutes ago)
Sure, sure.... you are so 'smart' Ha, ha, ha....
Charles pulley (15 days ago)
There is no dark side....it gets light from the sun too.
Shelley E (15 days ago)
Or, perhaps, if it was a cover for an alien space craft inside, maybe the outter covering of the 'moon', was deliberately, scientifically created thinner on the earth side so as to be in sync with the earth - so it would travel at a believable rate around the earth. If it's going to have to look like a natural phenomenon, then perhaps the earth facing side needed, scientifically/structure-wise, to be thinner, to pull off a movement on that grand scale.
Fernando Martinez (15 days ago)
Why the moon landing was altered https://youtu.be/Zzx2YRkbjS4
Bombasy (16 days ago)
baby got back!
LYLATXSYSTEM (16 days ago)
*IMPACT CRATORS , MY ASS!!!!!* THEY ARE ALL HEXAGONAL!!!! What *HEXAGON* shaped thing, could be hitting it? I've seen up close..... THEY ARE ALL OF THAT SHAPE. Walk with me here...... Notice: There are so many of them and yet, all seem to be VERY close to the same depth... interesting. Here's a little of my take on it: Hitting *something* with a concentrated sound blast, over and over again, just might make the same kind of marks. Please go and look for yourself! Right now *ALL THIS INFORMATION; WE ARE ALLOWED TO SEE.... BUT YOU MUST FIND IT ON YOUR OWN* with help here and there. Also, if this is your first time questioning *this place* IT'S ABOUT TIME! *PLEASE STOP ALLOWING ANYONE OR ANYTHING TELL YOU WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ON EARTH!!! GO AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.....*
Hammed Olanrewaju (16 days ago)
Umm smaller moon...scientist is at it again....
Hammed Olanrewaju (16 days ago)
Umm how did they it's lava that cause the scars 🤔🤔
Barry George (16 days ago)
All part of the SOUL LURE SYSTEM 😳🙄😉
FamilyOfTwo (17 days ago)
if one side of the moon faces earth allways then its shielded from asteroids,not totally but it is to a degree,the far side will therefore get more inpacts,plus at the right angle it gets heat from the sun and reflected heat from earth,probably causeing,probably inducing lava to only erupt on that face as earth cooled,as there would have been a transition of only one side erupting as things settled down,for thousands of years,hence the moon we see today.
adven ture (18 days ago)
LoL, this is full of assumptions. If moon was melted and it collided, why would it make the other side thicker?, that doesnt make any sense at all. Two water balloons collide in space and they explode, would the other side be thicker........
이unit (18 days ago)
NASA is nutting but all lies NASA is saying every pic of earth is CGI Buzz is saying we never been to the🌑all the🌑videos are fake NASA lies right in ur face and people still can’t see it look into it➖🤙✌️
Dee Bee (19 days ago)
Oh really!.The little moon schmushed into the darkside and spread out.Glad thier being scientific about this.
D Jay (19 days ago)
LMAO they just making shit up... So the moon is cheese
Trusar Shah (19 days ago)
would lava in the moon imply something? like its a living body, not a dead rock, or its actually a planet, or somthing?
Kyle Pash (19 days ago)
Don’t know so we’ll make it up... History. His story.
Diaz Saiko (19 days ago)
What a load of Shit!!! Hahaha!!!
Bill Carson (19 days ago)
check out The Moon in Colour ebook, very interesting. The Moon is full of colour.
pascal mushayuma (20 days ago)
This is all lies..the Bible says that,GOD created two big light in heavens. The biggest one to give light during the day and the small to give light in the night. Which are SUN ☀️ and MOON.. there is no Saturn,Venus and so on...
Lia & Guram Art (20 days ago)
That’s very dumb and ridiculous
Solgali1000 , (20 days ago)
Another theory is that when the moon collided with the earth it weakened 1 side and not the other, b cause the other didn't experience the impact to a degree that the first side did
Bass Pro37 (21 days ago)
Nope, nope I won't some of what these people been smoking.
Bass Pro37 (21 days ago)
I have 2 balls
Alex Iphone (21 days ago)
There so full of shit
Iz Zan (21 days ago)
Proof or stfu
vidx03 (21 days ago)
we cant explain numerous things about our own planet, how are we supposed to come up with plausible evidence based knowledge related to our moon and other objects in space. Most of the knowledge we have is grasping at straws at best.
Sandra Waller (21 days ago)
N.A S A. Indoctrination for the weak minded ! Big Bang ,Trips to the Luna ! How can they say all this CRAP? All in the MONEY AGENDA to fabricate stupid LIES!😠😢😤😭👎😁😁😁😁
XxOmqItzKookiieChanii (21 days ago)
I've been running through the jungle I've been running with the wolves To get to you, to get to you I've been down the darkest alleys Saw the dark side of the moon Sorry I had to sing it ;-;
Gloria Norman (21 days ago)
Its a satellite they. Do have buildings on it ànd a lot of under ground bunker's .and so do mars
Jay Jay ingocnito (22 days ago)
so it could have been designed like that as a shield to protect its planet
Babita Bansal (22 days ago)
I am sorry, I do not agree with this..If the other body is merging, core of the smaller body still exists, it will also merge but with it's own inner temperature and characteristics it will still make the thicker side activated. I think it is the strong gravity of earth keeps moon's front side volcanic active. And the other side can be thicker due to this constant gravitational synchronization on the front side so ..Well I apologize, you are scientists and I am just a thinker. Thanks
Mike Lipitz (22 days ago)
I call bullshit
Dominic Orow (23 days ago)
More horse shit fabrication. If it were a slow ripping there would be rings!!!!! If it were fast there would be a massive crater! Or here’s one! Another chunk blown off! Sound familiar?
Bag Head (23 days ago)
its not abnormal. the earth without its water will have thicker areas than others... so looking at it like this its more like the other side of the moon is just higher elevation.
Lance (23 days ago)
The dark side is where the best night clubs are.
Bibek Reang (23 days ago)
Why there should be the sound of impact?
0sk0 (23 days ago)
The moon is flat , open your eyes people !
The moon is our secondary ancient sun now extinct !
sixq (24 days ago)
You know what really grinds my gears? Her saying lavas.

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