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The Secret of the Dark Side of the Moon

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Earth's gravity is so strong we only see one side of the orbiting moon. Modern exploration to the mysterious dark side revealed dramatic surprises and revised theories about the moon's formation. Catch new episodes of HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS Tuesdays at 10/9c on Science! | http://science.discovery.com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/ Watch full episodes: http://bit.ly/HTUWFullEpisodes Subscribe to Science Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sciencechannel Check out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. Every day. http://bit.ly/SCI2YT Download the TestTube app: http://testu.be/1ndmmMq
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Text Comments (4543)
Vic Morrowshead (8 hours ago)
Don't fall for the this bullshit. the Moon is spinning but we only see one side.imagine that , Now imagine it making sense. - Bullshitters
Captive Exile (9 hours ago)
(Pssst: Hey Donald: don't tell anyone, but the backside of the moon is populated my MUSLIMS, and they just love to eat that "green cheese"! TOP SECRET, and uh, sir... Otto Warmbier was really an ALIEN of a spy mission. He lives, up there in heaven--- a place you and you buddies failed to believe in. Now this is an additional secret: the KKK have been infiltrating your base, they LOVE wearing those red caps and acting as your "VIGILANTES" . Shhhh. Keep this SECRET!
Moose (21 hours ago)
That’s where Syd Barrett went
Eckhard Schütz (22 hours ago)
dulli informations for stupidos to belive!
So, could it be that the gravity of the earth had such a hold on the moon that as the moon cooled most the molten rock pushed against the "back side of the moon"; similar to water in a bucket when swung in a circle. Of course, the slow integration of two moons is way cooler theory and makes for an intriguing visual.
Roland Espinosa (1 day ago)
Dueds have you see the spider web in are entire planet and the black globe of are solar system i was shock when i see that episode 😱😱😱
gil koronel (1 day ago)
Craig James Myran (2 days ago)
"Dark Side of the Moon"? Really? At least a couple of them correctly called it the far side. If one "side" is facing directly at us all the time, I doubt many space rocks are going to be coming from our direction to impact on this "side" of the moon. Seems more reasonable that a majority of space rocks would be impacting the "far side" of the moon. But I'm an idiot, so what do I know?
Kodak Black (2 days ago)
Thick ass moon
Joel W (2 days ago)
Bulllbullllllllllshhhiiiit .. The fact is everything they say is an ass wipe explanation They dig out from their armpits,, not science nothing supported with real EXPERIMENTs just fucking drivel that a 10 year old could come up with. That's about 99 percent of everything they say
Michael Serby (3 days ago)
The 'Dark Side of the Moon' 💖🌙🌙🌙🌙👽🌙🌙🌙🌙😱🌙🌙🌙🌙😵🌙🌙🌙🌙 bizarre thick crust 👽😱 2 moons oh my 😎 💣💥💥💥💥💣💥💥💥💥💥
Speed And Power (3 days ago)
I think the lava didn't come out on the back side because it was pulled by the gravity of earth to the front side of the moon
Terence Molloy (3 days ago)
This knowledge I'm pretty sure will enhance my life, take all theories with a pinch of salt, The outlandish theories scientists come up with, it must keep them in a job, poor soul's
Robert Abbott (4 days ago)
exactly right they have no idea it's all Theory one year it's Hollow the next year it's transparent the next year one side is thicker than the other what a load of crap
Proud American (4 days ago)
🇺🇲 Much love for our beloved moon, She's our protector. Without her, we wouldn't be here.
Kandi Klover (4 days ago)
Nah that's actually Jupiter.
Bama Sasquatch (5 days ago)
The one guy says they didn't expect to see so many craters.....What did he expect to see ? A giant smiley face?🌚
Bama Sasquatch (5 days ago)
If NO one knows anything about the dark side, then how was Pink Floyd able to write an entire song and album about it? Maybe they went there themselves.... They had enough money to buy a spacecraft and they certainly had enough LSD and other drugs to fuel many journeys to visit there. Hehe
Izzy Kah (5 days ago)
Wtf are these tards saying?
Star Energy (5 days ago)
Lets trust some adult playing with a kyte in the middle of nowhere....
Charles Myrick (5 days ago)
thank about it it is realy simple thank of a bucket where the moon is the bucket and the earth is holding a rope connecting it to the moon it spins the moon around so it would have more mass at the back or bottom of the bucket how hard is that to fig why do they not look at it that way
Derrick Schafer (6 days ago)
Earth's gravity would have caused molten lava to flow in earth's direction .
Danny Lay (6 days ago)
Total ballshit
Jerome Goodwin (7 days ago)
There is NO dark side of the Moon all sides receive light at one time or another. The proper term should be The Unseen side from earth.
antony Pizarro (7 days ago)
Or we can think of magma as water and since the earth gravity effects only one side of the moon all the "magma" gets pulled toward earth, living it with a thinner crust and a thicker crust in the other side
ok this is just lazy science.
J Gunzler (8 days ago)
I don’t see how this theory of 2 moons combining could be accurate at all considering the reason why we only see one side of the moon. If that was true then wouldn’t it be the opposite side of it that’s stuck facing us? The heavier side of the moon has to be the side facing us because earths gravity is what locks it in place. So unless this merger of moons somehow adversely changed the center of mass (which sounds impossible) then this theory makes absolutely zero sense.
V. Z. (10 days ago)
LOL! What horse manure. Crust of my underwear. Lava? Thickness of this side and thickness of that side... Science? Science Fiction.
Indrid Cold (10 days ago)
I hate the term, "Dark side of the Moon." There is no dark side of the Moon. There is a far side of the Moon. All sides of the Moon get Sun light.
sapna Shrikumar (10 days ago)
How can ripple keep posting useless assumptions which are so senseless
BILLBILLH (10 days ago)
science channel, sci channel, travel channel, his story channel, discovery channel network, all liars and propagandists. how you have so few viewers pointing this out amazes me.
Spanky Harland (10 days ago)
the dark side of the moon has acne scars, that is why it only shows the earth the better side of it's face.
Linda Vilma Ole (11 days ago)
One of Koreans past television Drama series is talking about two moons. The two moons theory to explain the different thickness of the crusts of the moon's bright and dark side supports the idea forwarded by the Koreans Tele Novela... I just wonder if the ANCESTORS of the present day Koreans were really able to observe this..... Geologic time tells us that no humans were able to observe the two moons merging into one... well...?
De'vaun Williams (12 days ago)
To be honest the moon probably got some big black face or something like a face on the other side that's why when they speak on the moon they always say the face of the Moon they never say the face of the sun they always say facing the sun and the face of the Moon
Rose White (12 days ago)
Big shallow craters and craters with central peaks were all made by gobs of fluffy frozen water blasted out of Earth at the star of The Flood 4,350 years ago. Small deep craters were and are made by single chunks of earth crust from the flood. The big rays are made by dust falling off UFOs as they travel from crater to crater to get inside the moon.
mofoyouknow B (13 days ago)
Doesn't the other side of the moon face the sun? So the side that faces us is the dark side, no?
james smith (13 days ago)
soar tustus (14 days ago)
Theorize all that you can, postulate and suggest, but they are all not true. ..liars...
Art Vandelay (11 days ago)
what the fuck are you talking about asswipe?
Walt Right (14 days ago)
Who are these people, and why was a black guy stuck in at the end to repeat what the other guy already said? I hate this type of dumbed down delivery. Instead of showing relevant pictures or graphs along with the announcer's voiceover, we instead are shown a woman talking and flying a kite. I don't care what these people look like, or what sex or race they are.
Damian Arnold (15 days ago)
Decepticons and autobots got to the dark side of the moon why can’t we 😂😂😂😂😂
Marvin Nawal (17 days ago)
Mashaa Allah
Gladamgone (19 days ago)
Venom Asaytono (19 days ago)
Why nasa go again to the moon
Brandon hall (21 days ago)
Ok before I watch this I have to this is not transformers ok
andrew raymond (24 days ago)
Really ? Well if that were the case, then the 'far side' should be heavier; then wouldn't the Earth's gravity pull that side towards us? Those Ass tro Nuts know not what they say. And really ? Lava ? One more thing, "we only see one side..." is incorrect; it should be 'we see only one side...' . Different meaning. It's a mistake those reading the news to us on TV and Radio make very often. CBS's Gayle King, Norah O'Donnel, and all the others there, are many of many who get paid to speak, and they make a mistake every 2 minutes. They also mispronounce words and names Every Minute. Imagine if the average person made a mistake at work every 2 minutes, what would happen. Yep, there's the door > > >
Dale Bronniman (24 days ago)
Does that mean the moon we see is unchanging ,does not rotate in our perspective? Because if you look at the moon in 2019,and compare to 2017, the bright impact crater at 6 o'clock, has moved counterclockwise to the 8 o'clock position. Is this normal? I don't remember ever seeing this before and I watch the skies nightly.
Sebastian Rogers (26 days ago)
If you revolved around the earth for millions of years. I'm sure one side would be heavier than the other side.
Yves Boutin (28 days ago)
Interesting theory! Like other theories they remain to be proven.
Pacific777 (28 days ago)
Fill a ball with water attatch a string swing it in a circle around you.the water of course pools at the farside due to gravity.... simple why the farsides thicker.if it had a molten core slowly cooling it would harden more on farside.. boom mic drop
Yves Boutin (26 days ago)
In fact, the opposite is true. If you pierce a pear whit a rod in the center, the side with the bulge will slide toward the side where the gravity is pulling. In a manner of speaking, the Moon is showing us is big and heavy butt!
doh1959 (28 days ago)
because it has been constructed its not real
Michael Bellamy (29 days ago)
If these people are the dumb scientists that we have to rely on for information we are up💩💩💩💩💩💩 Creek!!!!!!!!!!
AaronElysium Vlogs9 (29 days ago)
Darth vader's house
Bingham Guevara (30 days ago)
the moon's ass
Justin Thinkerbit (30 days ago)
Just think a bit, what about the gravity from the earth pulling the lava through the side that's facing the earth or the way I like to see it the lava flowing towards the path with least resistance, like less dark matter between the earth and the moon and more on the other side, makes more logical sense than a second smaller moon chasing it and it just so happens to hit the back side, come on ,just think a bit
Jason Schnereger (30 days ago)
do you know how far the moon is? now make sure you can still jump? yep, gravity isn't that strong. Maybe the moon is closer.
Masoud D A (1 month ago)
Why big black spot on the other side of the moon is low or no exist?
Bing bing bong bong
Coco Ashley (1 month ago)
As stupid as a sound I believe the moon has life
James Clukey (1 month ago)
Nazis on the dark side of the moon ! See Iron Sky !
Thomas Grzadziel (1 month ago)
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
Brings up the issue why is it hot in summer in the winter and hot in summer in summer and colder in the winter what a joke believe me when I say scientists have their head stuck up so far up their asses that they can explain the difference between I heater
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
to think for one second that The Far Side of the Moon and then the sun Side of the Moon is hotter than colder than the other is your own observation of taking that the world is hot and cold in the summer and hot and cold in the winter it's because of the moon or the Sun
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
The Other Side of the Moon does not have a harder crust it's just colder there you comprehend the idea of like being hot and cold does it make the difference between of what is going to be a solid and a liquid
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
If it's cold 100 degrees and if it's hot on the other side does that make a difference I think not because it's in outer space freezes and does it freezes what's the difference only what your mind will comprehend and what is comprehend in the mind of a human
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
Not true Dark Side light side is the same the temperature is so close that you can't describe or comprehend the meaning of dark and Light it's hot and cold
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
There is no difference between the dark side in the side that the sun the idea of the sun creating crust and then the crust is absurd
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
Darklaw that has a splendid itself all over the map and to think that one for her one second that it hasn't is absurd
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
It is not uniformly compelled it is astronomically purse effective of what they want you to believe the idea of the moon is a joke
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
The idea of a cicada me that would be understand by an individual means that do you believe only what is told to you
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
The surprises you believe only what you hear they are lying to you only to expect you to believe the unexpected
johnny newnum (1 month ago)
Bill s***they are lying it's only a concept
Morris Williams Junior (1 month ago)
And then NBC created a new homosexual late night show. The host was non other than Kevin Hart. Fans go wild. Justine from the Cosby show sings to Theo. Donald Trump tweets a tweet. It was super redundant. Cosmic Slop was remastered by Doctor Dre. Arnold is resurrected from the dead as Coleman. It was fucking insane. Then out of no where 100 nude homosexuals attacked a heterosexual vegetarian for eating a fresh fruit salad on YouTube in his YouTube vlog. They sent the KKK to convert his black family to white. It was so fucking mysterious and confusing to the children. I was like wtf is the picky ninne shit before my eyes.
King Rez (1 month ago)
It’s artificial
jabba da hutt (1 month ago)
Everybody knows da moon is hollow! Whaaaa?
Luna’s Art video’s (1 month ago)
jabba da hutt I don’t
jabba da hutt (1 month ago)
Mike rowe, dirty jobs
heaven in hell (1 month ago)
Moon is the shield of earth
Yahushua Jahweh (1 month ago)
Cgi shit baphomet style
Yahushua Jahweh (1 month ago)
Space is fake wake up sleeping apples
x Jostro (1 month ago)
Where they on acid when they came up with this?
Worldstar Braveheart (1 month ago)
It merged? Really now🙄.
Arif Arif (1 month ago)
3 person 😂😂🤣🤣
ThaUrbanDisciples (1 month ago)
How much of this crap do YOU believe??
SaintZombie1 (1 month ago)
"Let's just make stuff up." - Dr. Modern Science
Indrid Cold (10 days ago)
Global warming anybody? Or, is it climate change? Maybe it is the impending ice age of the 1970s and early 1980s.
Indrid Cold (10 days ago)
I agree. Theory is not science. Theory is nothing but another word for, "guess." Science is fact that is repeatable under the same perimeters of a test. There is nothing scientific about a guess. However, some theories can become science after they have been repeatedly proven under the same perimeters.
SaintZombie1 DSM is made up that’s one example
Aa Chan (1 month ago)
May be somebody just created the moon as a shield for earth!
NAGESH H (1 month ago)
Don't go to school! This is what they will teach YOU.....
Wayne Tarry (1 month ago)
pink Floyd the dark side of the moon
pitbull pitbull (1 month ago)
Lunicait is in my head. Hh, ha, hhhhhhh.
Everyday Astronut (1 month ago)
Godtard central
Carlos Rosario (1 month ago)
Two objects of that enormity just smushing tgether? Where's the logic?
Carlos Rosario (1 month ago)
It doesn't make any sense!
Jack Richmond (1 month ago)
Is the moon pear shape too?
Jack Richmond (1 month ago)
Come on people wake up wake up dont let these people lie to you
Jack Richmond (1 month ago)
Jack Richmond (1 month ago)
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa IDIOTS
kentoy Lintoy (1 month ago)
Darkside vs Superman
In Quran the book says that there are other creatures lived before us and before dinosaurs
MegaSkilla (1 month ago)
You know the best thing about the Quran...in a pinch, you can wipe your ass with it.
Moraru Ana (1 month ago)
there are the protector .......of terra
The Reckles1 (1 month ago)
The lava won't come out on the dark side of the moon is colder
gargi das (1 month ago)
Now,this is perfect!☺️
Acc 1 (1 month ago)
Dumbasses..... the gravity on the near side is stronger so the lava will exit the near side. Also the outside is exposed to space so gets more impacts
50SubsWithoutVideos? (1 month ago)
Acc 1 🤦🏼‍♂️
Daniel Ake (1 month ago)
Pseudoscience!!!!! Fairy tales!!!
Mark Dack (1 month ago)
The reason why the dark side of the moon has a thicker surface or crust is due to equilibrium forces when the moon was young and pushed a great deal of the motlen rock under the surface to the out side of the dark side of the moon,forming a thicker crust on the side with the most force being place on it, simple explanation for a simple problem.

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