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Stihl HLA 85 cordless hedge trimmer- Review-In Action

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We got a special opportunity to work with Stihl products with the help of Blue Mountain equipment out of Mckinney, Texas. They are a Stihl distributor for the State of Texas and the state Oklahoma. In this video you see us show you the new cordless hedge trimmer. Big thank you to the rep at Blue Mountain Equipment Distributor for Stihl products for letting us learn more about Stihl products and the new line of cordless equipment. Blue Mountain Equipment website: http://www.cdcbmestihl.com/ Stihl site: https://www.stihlusa.com/ Stihl Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stihlusa Stihl YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/stihlusa?sub_confirmation=1 Stihl Twitter: https://twitter.com/intent/follow?source=followbutton&variant=1.0&screen_name=stihlusa *********************************************************** ✅ Please SUBSCRIBE! ✅ Leave us a COMMENT / Hit LIKE. Share your story with brands you use & tell us what you think! _______________________ Visit Our Website: ✅ http://www.mowermanlawnservice.com Check Us Out On Social Media: ✅ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MowermanLS ✅Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/MowerManLS ✅ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/MowerManLS Contact us for Promotion: ✅ Email - [email protected]
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David Hamilton (1 year ago)
Iv had this machine for nearly 2 years now and its awesome, one battery can last a full day of cutting and cleaning up
David Hamilton (1 year ago)
Mower Man Lawn Service i have 2 of these now and the hand held ones to which are dam good
David Hamilton (1 year ago)
Mower Man Lawn Service i have 2 of these now and the hand held ones 👍subscribe bud
David Hamilton Great info to know on longer use! Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram @MowerManLS : www.instagram.com/MowerManLS
Courtenay Hansen (7 months ago)
*Heavier than I thought but love this!>>>**t.co/1IrHmbyWaU** Should have bought one years ago!!*
Cordless have come a long way that’s for sure. How was the battery life?
Truly feel the future is battery power. Looks like a light easy machine. Great video brother.
Lot of battery left after trimming 3 hedge trees like this one in the video. It only went down down one bar.

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