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쇼챔피언 - episode-146 Jun Hyo Seong - Into Me (전효성 - 반해)

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episode-146 Jun Hyo Seong - Into Me (전효성 - 반해)
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Text Comments (104)
xxonspotlight (3 days ago)
This is what LIVE sounds like, people.
Mifa Mifa (7 days ago)
2019? Thumbnail 2:32
sl6006095 (11 days ago)
This dance routine is super sexy but super cool at the same time
Drives The Car (3 months ago)
Absolutely breathtaking!
Hanh solo (5 months ago)
Her live vocals❤
FoReVeR FaM Of UnB (5 months ago)
mama help me why i am here😭
Tiffany lau Liu (7 months ago)
HowCome Seriously (9 months ago)
Fremy Gonzales (9 months ago)
I can fap to this.
Moonlight Carnival (10 months ago)
ahh oh my god oh my god ahhHHHH
ゆーかちゃん (10 months ago)
玲恩 (11 months ago)
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Peter Parker (1 year ago)
rendy revianza (1 year ago)
come to jember please..
Charry Heart 42 (1 year ago)
she cant sing but shes a great entertainer
Jay ジェイ . ZARD (1 year ago)
Nice boobs. Love you 2017
sebxstian1993 (1 year ago)
Queen of dancing in heels
Aldrin Manalastas (1 year ago)
That short haired girl is so lucky HAHAHAHA
ATIRA HUMAIRA (1 year ago)
Omg sexy
林家祥 (1 year ago)
勝村のゾンビ (1 year ago)
林家祥 日本人?
Bader Al-Madani (1 year ago)
I had a boner after this... GOD QUEEN HYOSEONG IS SO SEXY
Myoi Mina (1 year ago)
Bastian BilzZ (1 year ago)
Jhey Bustos (1 year ago)
Sophie Kamp (1 year ago)
I take this as a birthday gift cause it was posted on my birthday
Julia Wilson (1 year ago)
She can't sing lol She just shake her boobs and ass wtf
변빛 'ᄉ' (6 months ago)
Spy Door Man (1 year ago)
Hyusung, Hyuna, Hyomin, why do all hot KPOP girls have to start with an H.
Meng Meimei (8 months ago)
Because hot starts with an 'H'. It's done on purpose ;)
Amara Haywood (9 months ago)
Jung Hana from Secret!!
Suzu Hirose (1 year ago)
Because they HOT
Rin Riu (1 year ago)
Hyosung Hyuna Hyomin Hyorin Hyoyeon Hyeri Hwasa Hwayoung(Apink)
Xxxsorrow (1 year ago)
Naughty thumbnail, MBC. ;)
miss kamoto (1 year ago)
She inspire me to workout!!!!! BODY GOAL!
Jhe Travz (1 year ago)
joga joga baby!
She should lip-sync, I think. It is good just to watch but her voice is not good to hear ~~
Muhammad Prima (1 year ago)
adult content warning! LOL 😅
ナル棚原 (2 years ago)
into youですね…
勝村のゾンビ (1 year ago)
ナル棚原 ですね
Tung Nguyen (2 years ago)
angel's body  :)))))
Daxxon Jabiru (2 years ago)
"Melon?" more like *"MELONS!"*
Daxxon Jabiru (2 years ago)
+Chan Lee Clever rebuttal ... ;--)
Lim (2 years ago)
It's not just me that thinks most parts of the melody is the same as Hyomins my body right?
Ur465 (2 years ago)
it is nice body
Larry Wilson Art (2 years ago)
Zia one (2 years ago)
somehow resemblance of Wendy (rv)
Skie Gaming (9 months ago)
Zia one RVV
danturbo316 (2 years ago)
She's such a boss!!!!! Go Secret!!!
애자양성 (2 years ago)
You can even hear her live singing voice.
애자양성 (2 years ago)
Wow. Into Me? Messed up the title because the uploader claimed it.
Son Ly (2 years ago)
OMG! Jun Hyo Seong! I love her boobs! Wanna enjoy her boobs every night! <3 <3 <3
Berry blossom (2 years ago)
Her outfit is too sexy .-.
S R (2 years ago)
I've always hated her in those types of heels. They make her feet look clumpy and her legs overly twiggy.. Stylist, switch her shoe game up! PLEASE!
Sofía Aranguren (2 years ago)
+Shaloma Raymond I was thinking exactly the same!
Kn Dtn (2 years ago)
She is perfect
Raisky Garcias Feliz (2 years ago)
Bahga Hajii (2 years ago)
for some reason she reminds me of apink hayoung
Bahga Hajii (2 years ago)
+Haley Park I think the way she looks as well
Haley Park (2 years ago)
The way they talks
go vegan (2 years ago)
This song reminds me of Hyomin's Nice Body!
N A Yuditya (1 year ago)
네, 맞습니다. ^_^
Joshua Bom (1 year ago)
this song is way better tbh :)
Gita frz (2 years ago)
yaass, i think the same too
enoch (2 years ago)
Title Name "Into You" Right ?
me me (2 years ago)
thought it was intro.
sharifah nabilah (2 years ago)
Tom DeGrandis (2 years ago)
Lucky background dancer
Sone #CatchGG (1 year ago)
female dancers are so lucky !!!!
iYunQy (1 year ago)
female dancer XD
N A Yuditya (1 year ago)
Ikr!! lol
Charisma2 (2 years ago)
Spice Girls?
slinkyatrest (2 years ago)
spice girls?
Vivien Leow (2 years ago)
+Obeynickky oh i seeee
Obeynickky (2 years ago)
+Vivien Leow hmm I don't know... I just think the melody is same
Vivien Leow (2 years ago)
+Obeynickky oh i see. Thxs for the info :) is it becus both songs r written by the same composer?
Obeynickky (2 years ago)
+Vivien Leow he means the song sounds like one of the spice girls song
Vivien Leow (2 years ago)
Shes from secret
Nishae Rin (2 years ago)
She is so beautiful!
Noisy Boy (2 years ago)
nice boobs , lol
Noisy Boy (2 years ago)
nice boobs , lol
OTheHoe (3 years ago)
Hyo r u sick tf??
chacha dina (3 years ago)
her boobs lol
SVT 4EVER (3 years ago)
she cant sing , just saying
moomoo tin (1 month ago)
at least shes sing live not lipssync.
rafael asis (1 year ago)
at least she sang it live
EJC Music (1 year ago)
This dance isn't really that fast, she just has to work on her breathing
Boo (1 year ago)
She can totally sing. It's a fast dance style and its not like girl groups where each of them only have a few lines. She sounds winded but you can tell she is trying her best.
Moso Ls (2 years ago)
+EJC it's just her voice, she has not a big range, but she can sing, she has a nice tone. And she's a really good dancer, and obviously dance and sing it's hard.
jenjenoct7 (3 years ago)
anyone get reminded of spice girls?
+Luis gerardo avila how old are you
Tiffany P (2 years ago)
+Luis gerardo avila Then check out Spice Girls - You'll Be There ;)
Luis gerardo avila (2 years ago)
no .-.
mmika (3 years ago)
i wanna be that background dancer who's allowed to touch her boobs
i love you jun Hyo Seong...
Terry Zhang (3 years ago)
wanna be her hand, yours truely, lol
Angie Reza (3 years ago)
she sing like if she is pain... D: Are you okay, Hyo?
Nishae Rin (2 years ago)
Prolly her heels...
Spice Girls

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