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Text Comments (36920)
Mrs. Philly (1 hour ago)
Wow damn
Aubsterino YT (4 hours ago)
Can we get the old Garret back pls? Like please. I dont like this new Garret. If hes going on a date be yourself boo. Not someone your not and this chick dont like you for you hon. *LEAVE*
Hi Andrew *Hi camera man*
Hi Andrew *Hi camera man*
Lepricon Zebra (13 hours ago)
Shane: did you do it yourself? *whup*
Ranch Bottle (1 day ago)
Lmao I love when they played Tana’s song
Syd West (1 day ago)
Queer eye: Shane edition
Lauren Headrick (1 day ago)
Okay Aunt Becky tea
Callum O’Neill (1 day ago)
Garrett looks like Mikey way *im shook*
Julia Daye (1 day ago)
Ryland’s in love! 😂
Elizabeth B. (1 day ago)
y’all talking about garret being gay but hot.... but let’s talk about how urban outfitters didn’t have shane’s book, and they threw them away. FUCK them.
Hexagonagal rules (1 day ago)
s1mulus (2 days ago)
kaylasometimes (2 days ago)
“I might have a Harry Potter neck tattoo” OMFG DEAD 💀😂
Angel Behanna (2 days ago)
Shane: thank you devan for fixing my "boy". Me: CORRECTION!!! girl 😂😂
JANE CENTUAR (2 days ago)
Literally no one: Shane; this video
Future Widow (2 days ago)
Garrett should be an actor. Plus, I would LOVE to hear him do a voice of a cartoon. Shane..work your magic.
unicorn & leprechaun (2 days ago)
He's looks so cute
Alexa (3 days ago)
garrett is SO GORGEOUS and this was just a different version of what was already there. love love love
Alexa (3 days ago)
ryland stuttering was me jkdflhdskfj
Alexa (3 days ago)
watching this and waiting for andrew's laugh and then being reminded that he was'nt exposed yet when shane calls him "cameraman" lmao tragic times
Jam TOONZ (3 days ago)
Jasmine Flare (3 days ago)
15:04 ............ OMMGG
Lynaxo (4 days ago)
is no one gonna talk about that lady throwing out Shane's books in the bin omfg
Boi An (4 days ago)
Shane. Here me out What are u doing ur not putting me in this I rather die What I like about this outfit is the confidence Which I don’t have that NEXT😂
“Sad rags” 😂
Ghabe Magrata (4 days ago)
Looks like JB❤️
Kalaya Curl (4 days ago)
Garrett took Lance Bass' place in N*Sync! Honestly, I'd listen to them even more if he did.
Hadley Robinson (4 days ago)
Your not putting me in this I'd rather die
Rorowlaku Rorokuro (4 days ago)
A S (5 days ago)
I actually have crush on Garett 😂
Rorowlaku Rorokuro (5 days ago)
sOmEoNE pLS tell ME WHAT is the name of his haircut calledd.... i need it
Rorowlaku Rorokuro (5 days ago)
Of all the men pics theyve shown Garrett is still THE BBBBEESST and HOTTEST
Tawni Lamb (5 days ago)
He lowkey in sunglasses looks like Stefan Salvatore. xD
chloe coder (5 days ago)
hey someoneget me a soda
Gyde Oneal (5 days ago)
Garrett was the sexiest youtuber before the make over and after.
Raptor102 (6 days ago)
I have that same lobster shirt
a_CHICKEN (6 days ago)
I was drinking Diet Coke and you said "He's gonna attack me", directed to Cheeto, and I spat all over my laptop. God dammit.
Bloated And alone (6 days ago)
0:43 to 0:47 what the heck is going on with that movie poster
Luna Lucile (6 days ago)
Guys... *I swear these gay men will be the death of me* 😂
Malicalt _M (6 days ago)
15:04 Bitch Go suck a dick (This is a joke But For real Did she really have to Throw Them away she seriously Could have donated them or Brought them to family Or even Brought them home and set them up online)
Heather Plastow (7 days ago)
Rewatching that now and crying at the aunt Becky line 😂
Krissi Mazon (7 days ago)
Adult Rugrat- omfg lol
Dawan Sheriff (7 days ago)
Gf: You can put it in my butt Me: 5:16
Chantal Drehobl (7 days ago)
Even by 2019 standards...
Chantal Drehobl (7 days ago)
Seriously stylish and entertaining montage. Thanks, guys! Garret man, amazing and transformative makeover dude!
Yamili Gallegos (7 days ago)
My sister saw your book at target
April Forney (7 days ago)
This is also the best video I've ever watched of theirs lol
April Forney (7 days ago)
Garrett would never have to worry about being single if he were straight. Lol buuuuttt.... It happens. You're attracted to what you're attracted to lol
Juli-Hannah (7 days ago)
Honestly never thought about it because it didn’t matter lmao but didn’t know he was even gay?
Hannah Groth (8 days ago)
Brad Pitt
RealRozeWWE (8 days ago)
“My little ass”
Ibrahim Khamaiseh (8 days ago)
girl staahp (8 days ago)
I need me a Garrett please
Daniel Bermudez (9 days ago)
Daniel Bermudez (9 days ago)
Now I feel bad
Mckinley Iger (9 days ago)
Who thought it was julien in the thumbnail
Keisha Spaulding (9 days ago)
8:36 Tana song garret & shane 😂
1 Suzy W (9 days ago)
I wish Shane was my friend
Dani’s Dollies (9 days ago)
I’m uncomfortably attracted to garrett right now 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈🙈
llama kitchens (10 days ago)
11:50 kills me
fa1ry gguk (10 days ago)
Shane: *gives garret a good makeover* Also shane: *wears only one shirt*
Jeff Wahl (10 days ago)
Garret and Shane are best friends
Whispering Jack (10 days ago)
*Girls in the comments* : crying cause they'll never have Garret. *Me, a gay guy* : Hes ours...
Nicole Tran (11 days ago)
I can’t believe how urban outfit just throw out the books. That girl could of kept the two book but she didn’t.
DGAMET (11 days ago)
Garrett looks so good with this makeover❤️
Briana Cunningham (11 days ago)
He looks amazing!!!
Erin Wilcox (12 days ago)
I was going for cds in barn and nobles and i saw your books i looked threw them and felt you more love you shane i found them in Stockton ca.
Erin Wilcox (12 days ago)
I love Garrett but now hes hotter wish he was straight but still love him
DOGS IS THE BEST (12 days ago)
Bea (12 days ago)
Me here like bitch let me get my Harry Potter wand and watch the video while Shane regrets every decision because his comment section is filled with harry Potter fans
Laila Snyder (12 days ago)
When Garrett said “SIPPED ON MY WHAT LIKE NECTAR” that’s my mom when I put on music that says the n word
Catarina Oliveira (12 days ago)
priceandpride (13 days ago)
You need a new hairsylist
Chimchim got no jams (13 days ago)
Raygan Brittain (13 days ago)
Tbh i love it 😂
BattleScars (13 days ago)
When he came out from behind that door lets just say i wish he was straight
BattleScars (13 days ago)
I. Freaking. Love. Garret.
BlueApples_What (13 days ago)
Okay but I love Garrets ps shirt
The Atkinson Family (13 days ago)
My auntie is called Becky 😂
miranda molano (13 days ago)
Garrett is perfect the way he is and i would date him if he wasn't gay If anyone is offended by this comment then there should be no reason to be
MyLifeAsBethany 56 (13 days ago)
Poor Andrew he had to be quiet
Luxellot (14 days ago)
okay, 13:03-13:07 is just pure hilarity. Garrett's just doing a tap dance on that thing 😂
Emily Winne (14 days ago)
Goddamnit you guys are so funny. I loled too many times.
ASMR Baby (14 days ago)
https://youtu.be/zt1PpHClFQc watch my first video , ily Shane you inspired me ;)
Arace Gomez (14 days ago)
When I saw Garrett's makeover results, I thought "He looks straight." Now im wondering, what would have Morgan thought :thinking: XD
Sarah Cofiell (14 days ago)
At 2:24 I’m dying of laughter omg that’s like my sister when she see me naked... okay uhh tmi lol
Violeta Zapata (15 days ago)
I always knew garret was very attractive but now that he really tried he looks amazing!!💘😂 love u guys
Landon Haynes (15 days ago)
Brrooooo when Garrett walked out all I can imagine is Stephan from the Vampire diaries... wtfrick 😱
Katina Powell (15 days ago)
Katina Powell (15 days ago)
shane watch garrets videos plz
Arakquin H (15 days ago)
This is what best friends do. Shane is such a great friend oh my goodness.
Tade Omasta (15 days ago)
Queer eye s4 lookin good
7Kadenza7 (15 days ago)
He looks like the vampire diaries dude.
Cuban Doll (15 days ago)
Hey y’all please follow my channel!!! Shane I love u
Dezz Amuro (15 days ago)
Omg Ryan Cabera on the way down! Lool
Rabbaruu (16 days ago)
8:52 jeez Garret really is a mom lol
Katerina Damyanov (16 days ago)
After Garrett said 'I like earth tones' This was his face 😀. I actually see no difference
Aramis Tan (17 days ago)
His face is too long when he got shaved for some reason
NicoleLikesGames (17 days ago)
Shane: "I'm gonna turn you into the beast!" Garrett: "Oh he's handsome!" Was that a MrBeast reference? 😂

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