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Text Comments (36958)
Salma Diaa (22 minutes ago)
i wonder what urban actually did with the books
Kalistar 20 (52 minutes ago)
Garrett is a BABE! 🤴👌🏻
BreBerry (2 hours ago)
timmyturner XxX (3 hours ago)
Okay but Garrett looks sooo good
Sumfee (3 hours ago)
DUDEEE GARRETT LOOKS SO HOT IN JEANS!!! If he was straight 10/10 would go on a date with 👌🏻. Any boy would be lucky to have him!❤️🙂
Rkt Rkt (4 hours ago)
I thought he was hot before but now
pastel dreamer (6 hours ago)
I'm super gay now this is like my 3rd time watching this
Juicy Jesus (6 hours ago)
Garret looked like a gay roman Atwood
Alyssa Luongo (6 hours ago)
sIp On My WhAt LiKe NeCtAr
Noelani Diaz (7 hours ago)
*Garrents jawline can kill someone and i luv it* 💕🔥
Lila Bbb (7 hours ago)
he's so hot goddamn
Saturday Subliminals (7 hours ago)
I found my lollipop
Violet Hunt (7 hours ago)
3:38 no no I seriously look like a mom going through Costco going like *ooh that one’s nice*
George Ezra has left the chat
Ella Cline (8 hours ago)
i have a really hot edit of this and i wish i could post edits as comments.
Emilia Rose (11 hours ago)
15:08 = a teenager throwing out their mum/mom’s food so that they can order a pizza
Emma Calvo (11 hours ago)
Why does shane wearing glasses look like Simon cowell?!😂🤗
Gracie -Lou (12 hours ago)
My airpods are more than that jacket
Deez Nutz (12 hours ago)
he looks so hot omg
PATTYY L (12 hours ago)
Omg Garret is so hot!!!
Mia McInerney (12 hours ago)
let Urban Outfitters burn in hell
Gacha Holiday Magic (13 hours ago)
That lady just throwing those books out is amazing!
Graceann Ford (13 hours ago)
shane after the big reveal: omg you look good! me after the big reveal: omg you look STRAIGHT
Willow Frenzel (22 hours ago)
i’m convinced Garrett is actually the cutest. like how do people think he’s not good looking?😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Nikki Reynolds (1 day ago)
Ryland in the background 😂
Calee B (1 day ago)
all of these videos would have been so better with andrew’s laugh
Lattie 120 (1 day ago)
Shane: *puts His "best selling book" on table Garrett: *puts harry potters book
Mm (1 day ago)
Garret is a smexy beast rawr so *thicc*
chrissy m (1 day ago)
someone get me a soda
Hailey Gaskins (1 day ago)
Every tic tocker will know this part from 2:42 to 2:56
Emily Marquez (1 day ago)
This video makes me wish garret was at least bi.
Blue Picklez (1 day ago)
He looks like Casper Lee
Erika Temple (1 day ago)
did they really throw away the books.
Emily Pollard (1 day ago)
The glasses the hair- TESSA BROOKS IS LIVE ON ISTAGRAM!! Oh she froze...
Andrea Robles (1 day ago)
11:21 dang!👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😂
Saoirse Carruthers (1 day ago)
Does anyone else not understand how he's still single?!
Pizza Pug LPS (1 day ago)
sipped on her what for necter
Eric Harlon (1 day ago)
By a distance he looks like Colin key
Jasmin Gomez (1 day ago)
Anime Slut (1 day ago)
11:22 omggg
Kyia Wolf (1 day ago)
2:49 I love how you can see Ryland in the background
pumpkin pie (1 day ago)
who totally date him if he wasnt gay .
Laila Calderon (1 day ago)
Why does garret look like Stefan from the vampire diaries
Tessie Serkin (1 day ago)
9:40 Andrew laughed before we knew him
oh my god if any of my friends would ever set up a blind date for me and only tell me 10 minutes before my anxiety levels would be so high i would literally pass out... good thing i don't have friends
Gigi Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Flippin Urban Outfitters threw away Shane's books at the very end, how rude
woke memes (1 day ago)
I wanna know why Garret doesn't have a boyfriend.
Mariel Hinojosa (1 day ago)
OMG he looks so good!
Hannah Fortenberry (1 day ago)
Garrett's honestly so amazing
Tanja Zimbakova (1 day ago)
3:22 concrafter luca hes a german letsplayer an vlogger
they literally threw the books away lmao
Nevaeh For real (1 day ago)
2:59-3:00 Garrett:I’m not upset Me: honey I am😂😂
Nevaeh For real (1 day ago)
2:24-2:30 I was dying
Pix (1 day ago)
Is the last clip for real xdd
Sage Martin (2 days ago)
take a shot every time they cover their mouths and giggle
DaBurnt POTATO (2 days ago)
My aunts name is Becki offended but laughing at the same time
DaBurnt POTATO (2 days ago)
His intro sounded like his conspiracy intro
Hadley's fan Squad (2 days ago)
who else would love to spend a day with them
Dru stur (2 days ago)
Garrett Watt is HOT!!
River Garrett (2 days ago)
I love Garrett playstation shirt
ellie ison (2 days ago)
Spill the T (2 days ago)
Garret is really handsome tbh
Jos Lucier (2 days ago)
can we talk about Garrett’s straight voice in the beginning when he says ‘fixed’ lmaooo
KadenceNicole2005 (2 days ago)
Madison Jeul (2 days ago)
I choked on coke when you said “cheetoh is shook cheetoh are you shook..........he’s gonna attack me
TheGamingAngel 2006 (2 days ago)
shane you look like your 26 but.. your 30 rip ;-; XD
I AM JUNGSHOOK (2 days ago)
hEy SoMeOnE gEt mE a sOdA
Bre Dirzanowski (2 days ago)
I wish Garrett was straight 🤣
Maddy Crystal Gem (2 days ago)
I just realized how fucking tall Garrett is. A smol bean in a bean stock
Blythe Beach (2 days ago)
Garret trying to be straight but it's really funny
Brianna Gibson (2 days ago)
Alyssa Hoffman (2 days ago)
Garret looks better now 😺I have cats an my can with bad bad bad! Rashes 🐈
Yuzuki Honosai (2 days ago)
At the beginning of the video with garret u said hey what’s up u guys yes in the future u will find a compilation of u saying that and u promise u will never say it again
bella edits (2 days ago)
i swear to god garrett is the most beautiful pure sweet amazing guy and he deserves so much happiness
xx_monarch_xx (2 days ago)
I love the PlayStation shirt...
Eliza T (2 days ago)
8:52 omg Garret’s so cute 🥵😍I can’t
Everlee Mae (2 days ago)
sooo is it just me of does Garret’s final look make him look like the american version of Casper Lee😂🤩
Reynolds Hefner (2 days ago)
My last name is Hefner.... Frik
Erin Ohandley (2 days ago)
Every time my best friend gives me the tea 12:01
Jalyn B. (2 days ago)
Best friends always says they hopes their friend dies
Your such a good friend ❤️
ruby x (2 days ago)
Garret: If I wore this I’d look like someones aunt called Becky. Me: My aunt is called Becky- *hM*
Saimah Mir (2 days ago)
F*ck you urban lol
Nobody Nobody (2 days ago)
Kiwi Koala (2 days ago)
Tana: She dipped on my ***** like nectar Garret: ShE sIpPeD oN wHaT LiKe nEcTaR
Cheyenne Morales (2 days ago)
Garret is so hot...
thais s. (2 days ago)
garrett is adorable and hot at the same time ngl lmao
Muskaan P (2 days ago)
Why is garret so hot though ❤️💕🔥✨
Sanaa.r_d 03 (3 days ago)
When garret shaved and got his hair done he looked like the dad dude on Meet The Robinson's that was allergic to peanut butter
Sofia Barrera (3 days ago)
“TESSA BROOKS IS LIVE ON INSTAGRAM” This is why I love Shane 😂
yo (3 days ago)
Im in love with two gay man,a straight cameraman ,a bisexual queen pig,and a girl who always falls 😂😂is that weird??
Glossy Bby (3 days ago)
He looks a mixture of Canadian and stefen from vampire diaries
Kameran B (3 days ago)
I have an aunt Becky and she is satan also sorry that this is 184739273 years late
Makayla22 (3 days ago)
9:52 😂
Lowri Hughes (3 days ago)
Is it just me or does Garret loot like Stefan Salvatore of the vampire dairies ( the part when Garret comes through the door showing off the outfit) xx love you Shane And Garret
MadisonKenzie (3 days ago)
Okay but garrets jawline is sharp as hell im attracted to a gay guy 😂💕
Star gaze (3 days ago)
I can't stop laughing and I have no soul So I'm confused
Anushka Uniyal (3 days ago)
Why does he look so much like 'Stefan' from 'the vampire diaries'
Emma lynch (3 days ago)
Looks like Paul Wesley
Maddie Finkel (3 days ago)
10:01 best hair for him honestly

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