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purple skull trooper makes fun of me for having no skin, little does he realize... (fortnite)

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Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkR2a9lu3FK4ZKF_EqU7OeQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDragod/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/thedragod/ Snapchat: TheDragod This fortnite battle royale video includes a fortnite og purple skull trooper 1v1 in playground mode The Dragod mostly makes family friendly pg clean videos.
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Text Comments (13460)
Zac Heap (20 hours ago)
I'm clapping.........everyone's cheeks. Lol
Super Kadyn (23 hours ago)
If he is trash fo killing him then that means he is super trash
Chris Maize (1 day ago)
Haaaaaaa haaaaaaa default noob
Chris Maize (16 hours ago)
idlehands1111111111 (1 day ago)
How did this game get so popular? The pretty colors mesmerized all the turds? It really doesn’t even look fun...
kamron barnes (2 days ago)
Did both of y’all niggas try rs
Lucky ツ FN (2 days ago)
why is this kid using the pyramid when hes on pc???
Vaqzy EV (2 days ago)
only og‘s using the robot
JackHB 08 (2 days ago)
Both these kids can build for shit
Sparta X (2 days ago)
You literally are trash you cant do even 90s
Daniella Nudel (3 days ago)
I don’t get why people say that people would be better than defaults because I have proof. 1.Tfue is a default and he is good at the game AND it LITERALLY SAYS IN THE SHOP THAT THE SKINS EARN NO COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND DO NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER PLAYER. Like WHAT
supreme titties (3 days ago)
Anyone that plays on na west wanna 1v1 just send me a request on epic my epic is faze_noob234 then join my creative I'll be in a creative
GUZZE_ (3 days ago)
why is the purple skull trooper so bad hahahah
agentdark64 (3 days ago)
Damn teach me how to play. How do you switch so fast between building shape types. I don't even see the menu come up.
Cyrus (3 days ago)
Dude you suck too! You fell off your builds so many times which pretty much counts as an L.
Banana_Bandit 07 (3 days ago)
i love your trash talk and then you get clapped first round and make up excuses and say oo if i didnt lag
its Nova (3 days ago)
What's fortnite
its Nova (1 day ago)
Dark Terroriser (2 days ago)
Battle Royale Game , but there's many mode like the Zombie but is a Monster , Creative mode , etc. Np.
lolz :-P (3 days ago)
i think some of the hate comments and no profile ones is actually the salty dude in the vid that makes tons of account to make fun of him LMAO 😂😂
Earrape Studios (1 day ago)
Did you even watch the video?At the end Dragod says that the guy actually likes to troll people and that hes a chill guy.BOI
Rayshauwn Raymond (4 days ago)
he has 15338320 more subscriber than you you talk to much trash about ali a
lolz :-P (3 days ago)
ikr lol
Malachi King-Gaines (3 days ago)
Stfu cause he has 467090 more subscribers than you
Was this guy going easy? Cus hes bad no offense
Michael Le (4 days ago)
trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash trash
Dukesy Medina (2 days ago)
at least he has an account unlike you fucking troll
Michael Le (4 days ago)
one v one me plllease u trash
Andrew Herrera (4 days ago)
Let me 1v1 you but im not cocky but like , i think i can beat you , im on controller “epicplayer107” yeah ik its an ass name but im decent at the game
Andrew Herrera (4 days ago)
You guys both trash lw
Default Skin (4 days ago)
6:14 pure luck my assssss
faze panda (4 days ago)
MrMcCowLicks (5 days ago)
you know what the real defalt sounds like NUMBER 5 BUGER KING FOOT LETTES/chills
SKTT1Knight (5 days ago)
Go to 7:22 and the suppressed AR went with the beat
Woah it really does
Cool Riven11 (4 days ago)
Damn U Right Boiii
Kaelan (5 days ago)
When you flip a coin say, heads I win, tails you lose
xxxLUCKYxxx BoI (6 days ago)
How do you speak in chat
Lochlan Biram (6 days ago)
xxxLUCKYxxx BoI (6 days ago)
Yo This reminds me when my friends call me trash
Ricky Wilson (6 days ago)
mahdi alwaili (6 days ago)
Cameron Keenan-Bakken (4 days ago)
mahdi alwaili cause u are
mahdi alwaili (6 days ago)
lolz :-P (3 days ago)
i can smell a salty 12 year old and that is so annoying
Alfie Coplestone lmao he just mad he cant afford a ps4 or xbox
Alfie Coplestone (5 days ago)
boring ass comment, it genuinely makes you look stupid, don't comment shit like that.
fire ball (6 days ago)
Yall Both suck omg barstool is better that both of yall
jeshua saravia (4 days ago)
Stop being rude it’s just a game no one has to be better
Connor Hockly (6 days ago)
You guys trash talk alot
Chriss1up (6 days ago)
let me not lie Dragod ur not as good as i thought
Aidan Alviso (6 days ago)
let me 1v1 you
Williplays Troll (6 days ago)
You suck
Oscar Bruins (6 days ago)
That guy sounds proper stoned
Xxdelta16 (6 days ago)
Lol this game sucks but that dude is a fucking spoiled little shit and I wanna fucking kill him irl
Xxdelta16 (5 days ago)
+Unknown Eazy 😂
Unknown Eazy (5 days ago)
BladerDude04 chill nigga got damm
Coach Hawaii (6 days ago)
Yo dragod I ain’t tryna hate in all but you should like 1v1 me I been playin since season 3 and would still smack you u r not good unless u was having and off day today
Julie Bunn (6 days ago)
isn't the default skin the most og skin in the game because it was the first set of skins in the battle royale game
PeanutButterJellyTime (6 days ago)
What a bot
Light E (7 days ago)
Karon Holley (7 days ago)
Pause and go to 4:15
2k squad (7 days ago)
Both of dem are trash
Nitrogen TTV (7 days ago)
dude do u want 1v1 and i dont talk to much so u are fucking bot with roof no floor no wall omfg
Goat x God (7 days ago)
Both of these dude are bad
Cool Riven11 (7 days ago)
guys add me my epic is ArshX71_FNK i play on xbox my gamertag on xbox is ShowyArtist57
Cool Riven11 (4 days ago)
+Karolina Andrade i have alot u wont even wanna know lol
Karolina Andrade (7 days ago)
I'm sure now one wants to do that with some one who is trash and you are saying that cuz you have no epic friends
David Young (7 days ago)
wow watching this made me which to watching ali a
Attard15 (7 days ago)
ur actually trash all u can do is break down the stuctures to kill someone u could never kill someone like me ever...if u wanted to 1v1 my epic is attard15
Attard15 (4 days ago)
+Tony Morris what servers u on and ill tell u
Attard15 (4 days ago)
+ThatMemeGuy69 dumb bitch
Tony Morris (4 days ago)
+Attard15 idk what's your gamer tag
Attard15 (7 days ago)
+Tony Morris what servers u on
Tony Morris (7 days ago)
+Attard15 1v1 xbox then?
K O D (7 days ago)
Somebody ever clap you and you not post it?
VoiD GucciGangDoggo (7 days ago)
is it just me or is this guy complete dog shit (by the way I mean dragod)
Abdulgadir Mohammed (8 days ago)
He was talking shit for some clout
Diego Sandoval (8 days ago)
1v1 if you think you can beat me
quickfive 559 (8 days ago)
Why do people say no skins are bad yet people also say pay to win players are bad wtf do people think buying skins is
343 Guilty Spark (8 days ago)
I agree
quickfive 559 (8 days ago)
If you ask me all defaults are better then skin players because we don't base our skill on our extra payed for in game items
Schweinenacken Marek (8 days ago)
You are both trash...
Noah John (8 days ago)
Both are fucking bots
D'Anthony Kenton (8 days ago)
7:21 the beat in the background went with the suppressed scar shots
Darkify (7 days ago)
Chris Thunder (8 days ago)
D'Anthony Kenton yo thats clean
CAN3 Fresh (8 days ago)
sub to CAN3 Fresh if your not gay
Coach Hawaii (6 days ago)
CAN3 Fresh well then ig u can call me gay 🤷🏽‍♂️🤪 cause I ain’t subbing to someone that buys crackshot when it comes out cause they suck ass
Michael De Santa (8 days ago)
Little Did He Know... You Own The Worst YT Channel Ever....
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
+10,000 Subs with no videos Forecast sit down....and eat a dick
+Sorry Sloppy does you're 0 subs feel the same?
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
Do your 35 subs feel the same
CaveyMan (8 days ago)
yeah he can't be one of us anymore
Mike BCG (8 days ago)
Not dick riding bus that skin is trash trash frfr
343 Guilty Spark (8 days ago)
I agree
lmao dragod is bad dont you see the purple skull trooper uses console?
343 Guilty Spark (8 days ago)
+C Ops Boi I agree
C Ops Boi (8 days ago)
Hes normal player skill not bad wtf
KineticOreo (9 days ago)
you look like nick eh 30 a bit
Myles Mcwillie (9 days ago)
Ur actually so bad for a pc player
C Ops Boi (8 days ago)
Nah he has normal players skilö
Andrew Reed (8 days ago)
Love Potion (8 days ago)
Myles Mcwillie facts
HyperVenom70767 (9 days ago)
Here before 500k, please dont forget me if you blow up!
HyperVenom70767 (4 days ago)
+CyborgGhoul X10 yea im pretty sure
CyborgGhoul X10 (4 days ago)
Not trying to burst your bubble but he probably will.
TheJayBlade456 (9 days ago)
Dragod is the real default here. He is actually garbage if you watch him lol for a PC player, literally skeptic does better than him
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
+TheJayBlade456 so you admit to eating dick damnnnnn Jay.....lame ass sitting back playing with beyblades cornball ass
TheJayBlade456 (8 days ago)
+Sorry Sloppy Is that really the best you can come up with? Really? That is sad. How about you get a life, instead of sitting on your Nokia, bothering people? You are a pile of shit for a person, for you to think calling someone a dick eater is something that will offend me. Go fuck yourself, please. You ain't getting pussy anytime soon so you might as well suck on your tic tac.
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
Dick eater
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
He admits he's not great...now admit you're a hater
Kayla Mair (9 days ago)
Bro that guy thinks that he sooooo good just because he has a purple slot Tupper
343 Guilty Spark (8 days ago)
I hate people like that
Jay Mayfield (9 days ago)
yall doodoo omm
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
Tell yo mama she can get clapped...im talking bout clappin dem cheeks 👏👏
Jay Mayfield (9 days ago)
on god i will smack both of yall
C Ops Boi (8 days ago)
Dont be toxic jeez
Soledad Rivera (9 days ago)
1 v 1 me your a bot you are trash
C Ops Boi (8 days ago)
Treqs YT (9 days ago)
ur some next level bot 1v1 me i play console
Luke Carvers (9 days ago)
Dragod no offense but the people you play with. It makes me think that you hire them. I mean. He dosen't sound THAT salty and i've seen the most saltiest players on fortnite. All im saying is that i think that you pay these people
343 Guilty Spark (8 days ago)
That's a bit harsh ain't it it was only his theory. I'll add that theory to my databanks. [Downloading....] [Downloading complete thanks Luke!]
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
U a fucking clown
020th Neighborhood (9 days ago)
U sound retarded
020th Neighborhood (9 days ago)
Luke Carvers nigga shut the fuck up
GMR Films (9 days ago)
7:24 his shooting goes with the beat of the music
keegan /videos (9 days ago)
343 Guilty Spark (8 days ago)
I hate skull troopers
BoyInFirePlayz (9 days ago)
SniperRifle XD (9 days ago)
dragod lul u have the same keybinds as me lul
hjalte karlsson (9 days ago)
lul lul lul lul lul lul
Clicky Bones (9 days ago)
im trying to offend you but using half edited pyramids makes you trash and it just means you don't know how to edit a ramp fast enough 1v1 me my epic is: ClickyBones .BTW I have x6 your wins your also super cocky.
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
You corny though
C Ops Boi (8 days ago)
Ahh toxiccc
Nayeli Martinez (9 days ago)
Every one here is trash 🤭💯
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
+Diego Sandoval I'll clap yo mama cheeks 👏👏
C Ops Boi (8 days ago)
+hjalte karlsson everyone here is toxic like you
Diego Sandoval (9 days ago)
1v1 me then I’ll clappppppp you
hjalte karlsson (9 days ago)
im good wanna 1v1 add twitch croz1 cya boi
Nayeli Martinez (9 days ago)
You guys are so trash
C Ops Boi (8 days ago)
You are toxic
Mini Gamer (9 days ago)
Dragod you're not the best but not the worst. I only started fortnite at Season 5
Sxn (5 days ago)
Mini Gamer so you have no room to talk
OmeglaWaffles101 (6 days ago)
Sorry Sloppy yea when did you start playing fortnite
Sorry Sloppy (6 days ago)
+OmeglaWaffles101 with myself???
OmeglaWaffles101 (6 days ago)
Sorry Sloppy how long have you been playing
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
+OmeglaWaffles101 🗑⬅thats you
No Name (9 days ago)
1V1 ME UR TRASH ILL WRECK UR TRASH ASS jk I’m not toxic but I’ll like to go against u I can’t build but I hit my shots my epic is leeguzman04 (its content)
Funzani Makwarela (9 days ago)
Let's 1v1 bro I will wrack you
Ozzy Reaper (9 days ago)
Kill yourself
broski (7 days ago)
+Ozzy Reaper shut ya lil ugly ass up
343 Guilty Spark (8 days ago)
+C Ops Boi hello again
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
+Ozzy Reaper corny ass nigga I'll clap yo granny cheeks with her old ass 👏👏🍑👵 👙
C Ops Boi (8 days ago)
Same To you King of toxic
Crovio (9 days ago)
What is wrong with this kid..
assassin 397856 73482 (9 days ago)
I'm quite bad at fort nite I think
TeyGodGaming (9 days ago)
Hey dragod I would like to 1v1 u I'm not trash talking, my epic is TheundertakerGod
Alphatrix (9 days ago)
why pyramids bro wtf
Da Swag Guy (9 days ago)
Hes playing console and talks like hes good lol
No Name (9 days ago)
Uses pyramid on pc wtf 😆
VidBoom (9 days ago)
Oof's in the chat.
VidBoom (9 days ago)
i'm immagining the discord chat as a western saloon with everyone arguing when just some default comes in all like"meet me at noon"
VidBoom (9 days ago)
*O O F*
Jake Savage (9 days ago)
Your kinda bad i like your content a lot
Blaiden Myers (9 days ago)
You suck 1v1 me bitch
Blaiden Myers (9 days ago)
Dragod you suck ass
Sorry Sloppy (8 days ago)
+Crovio bitch open yo eyes
C Ops Boi (8 days ago)
Toxic kid stfu
Crovio (9 days ago)
+FaZeRaZoR YT how was he an attention seeker..
Xx_ItzMehNils_xX (9 days ago)
+FaZeRaZoR YT y u backing him dumbass.
Vicky Diu (9 days ago)
You suck with your mum and that why you want to 1v1 and then you put it in YouTube for subscribe Hater hater hater
Brawler Fox (9 days ago)
Ima clap your cheeks? Do I know you?
Liquid (10 days ago)
Don’t torture him too much he’s not Ali-A
Eazy4x Add me on ig (10 days ago)
You are actually ass😹😹
j2xd (10 days ago)
you trash for a youtuber
Ceeday2.0 using them pyramid ramps *can't spell*

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