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(NOT FUNNY !) Something you don't see everyday!

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Please support me on patreon https://www.patreon.com/131216 CREDITS AND LINKS : Euro Wars Alternative news channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FADX1_oBYTg MDK https://vk.com/videos-57846937?z=video-57846937_456260407%2Fpl_-57846937_-2 Альфа канал https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ3rkEdbdcY takethetoaster https://imgur.com/smwHorj Leandro Ideno https://www.facebook.com/leandro.ideno/posts/1534341493338074?__tn__=K-R rookee deedee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Sqdvrb8Ye8 Xtreme videos https://www.facebook.com/xtremevideosHD/videos/1903944666388195/?hc_ref=ARTk0APmnhHGGWlzQ3N8-tO3wYX0ySsYi6r4gN2vJk9f0VTk1QsoEVEsLR2_ZEI7JUM&fref=gs&dti=1452427145040370&hc_location=group Serge Demesh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_ukDjzU1xM @whatyouhaventseen https://me.me/i/cam-2-704x480-whatyouhaventseen-22043065
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Text Comments (168)
131216 (4 days ago)
Thank you this music brings back my memories. That's why I pin this comment.
Cava (19 hours ago)
Wut omghm
Desti 191204 (1 day ago)
jadi tontonan orang luar negri ini mah :V
Gabriel Gallo (2 days ago)
I like this kind of videos. Upload more!
Skotoze (3 days ago)
Eheh finally
Purple Crow - TOH LPC (3 days ago)
Chaos is doing just fine.
Jerzy Fabjan (4 days ago)
0:10 our national anthem...100 years of independence. Great day! 😊 Edit: btw love your vids bro!
Century Fox 69 (4 days ago)
Wow amazing compilation
Girts Fridbergs (5 days ago)
Worth to waste 3 minutes out of your life for this video. Title says as it is. No clickbait. Keep it up mate!
elige brown (5 days ago)
that music fit the video. well done.
elige brown (5 days ago)
hi. I'm here to get gas
Watch it they say it will be funny they say
FINZ 1 (5 days ago)
The one with the flares at the start was pretty badass tbh
manusia cerdas (5 days ago)
Edaaan subsnya rata' org asing 👏👏👏👏
Truthguy73 (5 days ago)
Whoa, was that a crowd of people catching fire in a city I saw?!!!! Scary. Anyone know what that was?
Piotr Magpie (5 days ago)
O kurła!
Nobody (5 days ago)
Kekevi 6 (5 days ago)
I laught ...
vasif Kadri (5 days ago)
Haight the Great (5 days ago)
Thank Gawd I live in America.
Mr. Shadow (5 days ago)
How the actual fuck is that dude at the end not dead after those blades hit!!!
Ichtaka (5 days ago)
We in the end days, so expect shit like that frequently in the future.
Dark Skies Smile (5 days ago)
What was happening in the second clip?
little rock (5 days ago)
Gak rugi gw subscibe, selera lu memang bagus. Btw klo upload pake bhs inggris aja biar banyak view sama biar gk dibacotin jg ahaha
Marsleader88 (5 days ago)
if you slow that last clip down you can see that guy standing under the copter get spanked by one of the free flying blades... but i think he is ok
A Joy Forever (5 days ago)
U nailed it with music...
Nikolai 512Bit (5 days ago)
2:14 when u bump into your ex
Marshal General (5 days ago)
It is funny about some stupid moments anyways great video
Andi M Safwan Rais (6 days ago)
so hurt seeing last clip, 2 helicopter in one place is dumb
aku dia (6 days ago)
Cie yang mau ulang tahun
Isamic (6 days ago)
Im afraid
ZERO FILMS (6 days ago)
Wow that was so terrifying
Matt Goss (6 days ago)
1:14 was up the street from my house. Girl was high on medication driving 100 mph in a 40 mph zone
Primal Instinct (6 days ago)
This channel is awsome.
I'm a fuckin rock. (6 days ago)
Haris Alus (6 days ago)
I like the backsound actually.😅😅 Can you tell me the song, please ?
CoolGuy830 (6 days ago)
Wow those were some crazy clips. The sidewalk or whatever that was that are those girls was crazy.
Neon Crane Trent (6 days ago)
Music is: Devildog by Mike Relm Watch "Devildog - Mike Relm - Youtube Audio Library" on YouTube https://youtu.be/QoH_7undoj8
Fernando Mirarios (6 days ago)
You're so Fucking good!
Brad Schmidt (6 days ago)
reality hit, it hit really hard
Polish Prince (6 days ago)
Bright red Fireball was Poland Rising🇵🇱
Rodrigo Music (6 days ago)
Yes not funny OMG 😰😱😱 like
michael phillips (6 days ago)
Fire /Phantom Forces (6 days ago)
0:22 Is That a Normal Fire Or What?
CoolGuy830 (6 days ago)
Fire /Phantom Forces "Poland rising". Flares maybe?
TYN (6 days ago)
Wow the music is dope! 👍😎
CoolGuy830 (6 days ago)
TYN - song is called Devildog https://youtu.be/QoH_7undoj8
Bling Bling (6 days ago)
Excellent content, best random videos on the net.
Gffg Bgxh (6 days ago)
i live in iraq the first one i watched every day
Minak jinggo laskar (6 days ago)
Maaf telat hbs ngojek
Jose Garcia (6 days ago)
Esta bestial😐
Jogl tt (6 days ago)
Wow wtf !!!
richgg2 (6 days ago)
Wonderful video fuckface! Lol
Oti Killer (6 days ago)
To bad is short😂😂😂😂😋
trick chins (6 days ago)
Yea, that shit is not funny omg
da broncobabe (6 days ago)
And very stressful!
FreddyB 2K4L (6 days ago)
Great video!
Krystal Myth (6 days ago)
0:13 Can someone tell me what is happening here? Please?
CoolGuy830 (6 days ago)
Road flares used to make the red glow
Mudas (6 days ago)
Polish Independence Day 2018 Warsaw!!
Jordan Colon (6 days ago)
great videos thanks
Traxt de Géminis (6 days ago)
Fuckin hell nice Hard copilation dude!
The Amazing One (6 days ago)
only wow
lonewolf kelly (5 days ago)
Wow what was that second video?
lonewolf kelly (5 days ago)
+CoolGuy830 ohhh ok
CoolGuy830 (6 days ago)
lonewolf kelly - "Poland rising" event. I think they used road flares.
TickTock Bam (6 days ago)
2:03 And those girls there just staring like nothing happened. Nice.
Japoneses Ninjas (6 days ago)
0:14 Greek football matches be like, and every europe football match
Mudas (6 days ago)
Polish Independence Day 2018 Warsaw!!
ZeeC (6 days ago)
more ..
Delmus Dugan (6 days ago)
Helicopter Hiccups
McSkumm (6 days ago)
Why I don't like leaving the house, in a nutshell.
elizabeth s (6 days ago)
What's insane is the number of people that walked away.
Rajneesh Mishra (6 days ago)
What was the second video ?
Ah-ha (6 days ago)
Credits & Links are in the description: Euro Wars Alternative news channel | Poland 2018 independence day march & anthem https://youtu.be/FADX1_oBYTg
Sever Zee Zombi (6 days ago)
What was second clip. Lava?
CoolGuy830 (6 days ago)
Sever Zee Zombi road flares at the "Poland rising" event
Hasan Basri (6 days ago)
Nice video man!!.. Hope you make more like this 👍👍👍
James Livingston (6 days ago)
Thank you 131216 again! I hope all the people survived! Especially 2 lady felled down on the sidewalk! This was excellent and exciting too!
banana brain (6 days ago)
I dont know what to say.............except Holy Cow!
Lol Man Öl (6 days ago)
You are the best man 😀👍👍
krzysiek r (6 days ago)
Haruglory131 (6 days ago)
Regi Sugi (6 days ago)
Arthor fookin Shelbey (6 days ago)
2:14 he is outta here.
Roga Supandi (6 days ago)
Terus tampilkan video-video seperti ini bro. Sukses untuk chanelnya
veecky games (6 days ago)
Does your chanell means 13.12.2016????
Owen Jackson (6 days ago)
0:40 😲
Ridwan Gejul (6 days ago)
2:16 fu*k this sh*t I'm out
Rodd Wayne (6 days ago)
Wow! Crazy!
Bro Daber (6 days ago)
so sad
em1o smurf (6 days ago)
vid would be better without suck music. screams, skids, tearing metal, impact sound only, please.
CoolGuy830 (6 days ago)
em1o smurf - lots of people liked the music. Majority says it is not "suck music"
Largo Charles (6 days ago)
Who says its not funny??
Outland (6 days ago)
What's the music please?
Neon Crane Trent (6 days ago)
Music is Devildog by Mike Relm. Watch "Devildog - Mike Relm - Youtube Audio Library" on YouTube https://youtu.be/QoH_7undoj8
ILogic 1 (6 days ago)
I hope the Muslim women is ok and all
Main Yuu (6 days ago)
2:13 and this funny
Main Yuu (3 days ago)
0:50 see the people under bridge
CoolGuy830 (6 days ago)
Main Yuu - I didn't see him at first, but it is crazy that he walked away from that.
Manoj Sai (6 days ago)
1:51 idiot
Igor Mišić (6 days ago)
and also another biker saw the accident and didn't want to stop to help ...
Heikon (6 days ago)
Nice Video man
jimmy fortrue (6 days ago)
Me_ TluanG (6 days ago)
grabir01 (6 days ago)
Tanky Executioner (6 days ago)
This fuckin idiot in all in the blind spot of the truck🤣 1:31
Tanky Executioner (6 days ago)
Imma always find something to laugh at
wind dry (6 days ago)
Wow i wanna see that Seruuu
jono ableh (6 days ago)
Mas durasinya yg panjang dong lg asik2 taunya udh beres

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