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Style Of Eye - Girls

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Sin Palabras....
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Text Comments (203)
Akerio (1 month ago)
Lady Gaga's interlude! ;)
Pope missopan (1 month ago)
I like the industrial feel..
Elena Flores (8 months ago)
Lady gaga
Jireh Ekol (1 year ago)
Always wonder if there was a longer version, I found it but I wanted the Gaga style on it, still cool.
Mirin.Aesthatic (1 year ago)
Im here becauce of BBC RADIO ONE ESSENTIAL MIX 2007 JOHN DAHLBACK AT HOUR 1:31:40 -------------------- https://www.mixcloud.com/essentialmixcollection/playlists/essential-mix-2007/
Loïc Deville (1 year ago)
Shieeeet man, so many feelings coming back. This was just fabulous
Andrea Scorsone (1 year ago)
first time i heard this track it was about 5 years ago...i loved it because it was a new kind of electronic sound. NOW i see lot of people writing shit like : " this is the gaga song"....WHO THE FUCK IS GAGA????? People like "Gaga" never meant to exist whithout electronic music producers, brains that extract a sound feeling that bring life to celebritie's songs from "GAGA" to Rihanna and others...David Guetta included. so dont speak withouth knowledge about music world and RESPECT TO ARTISTS LIKE STYLE OF EYE
Chris _ (1 year ago)
LMAO if Gaga didn't exist the half of the views wouldn't either
Ruben (1 year ago)
who hurt you sis? gaga can do every genre and she has production credits on all of her songs. respect to artists like GAGA. dont ever say gaga never meant to exist without producers because gaga sure as hell knows how to produce a song by herself.
Blue Mulsanne (2 years ago)
Woki Poli (2 years ago)
lady gaga brought me here
Mehdi Germanotta (2 years ago)
Lady gaga interlude at Monster Ball tour 💗😍😍😍
Ricardo Peixoto (2 years ago)
True :)
Dragonfly 1834 (2 years ago)
der schaut was so ungesund aus wie ich im winter immer^^ ganz eigner sau cooler musikstil. .
db (4 years ago)
Dat drop tho
squibbelings (4 years ago)
Sounds like David guetta's song grrrr
ike ike (1 year ago)
Ouch. Guetta is good but Style was discovered by Claude Von Stroke. Another creative genius in the golden age of techno
DontStealMyPenguin (3 years ago)
Like David guetta has ever made anything original XD
Hun Electro (3 years ago)
+Milton Diaz HU: Mikori ez a dal? GB: When this song?
Milton Diaz (4 years ago)
this song is way older than Grrrr
Ester Ted (4 years ago)
this is too much, its not the music, its a feeling...
richard head (5 years ago)
someone tell him he can move if he wants
ozgeozkurt (3 years ago)
+richard head He is not moving? :))
Pavel Kyselka (5 years ago)
I'm here because i have good taste in music
Jordan (5 years ago)
Gaga made this song sound better than it actually is
Otto Hans (5 years ago)
Im here because of Osheaga 2013
Jm O (6 years ago)
*unh* *orgasm eyes*
jordantiste (6 years ago)
If you haven't noticed, many people do. And although it is true that they have the right to say whatever they want, I also have the right to call them out for littering the Youtube comment section.
jordantiste (6 years ago)
There are limits as to when a comment is acceptable or not. Do you really praise the "DROP LIKE A B0:55" or "LIKE IF AOKI SENT U HERE" or "THIS IS FILTHIER THAN MY FUCKING A PREGNANT ORANGUTANG"?
MrJotDog (6 years ago)
"Lady Gaga is using my track "Girls" in her show as an interlude, not sure what to make of it.." -Style of Eye
Ivan Perez (1 year ago)
jordantiste (6 years ago)
Actually, fuck you. the guy is right.
jordantiste (6 years ago)
Who the fuck is Gaga
HappiEp (6 years ago)
what do u mean?
Anonymous Alliance (6 years ago)
i do
soh loh (6 years ago)
victormonsterrr (6 years ago)
fuck you -.- no1 cares about ur opinion
Andres Guerrero (6 years ago)
im here because of Style of Eye
Federico Severin (6 years ago)
New style of eye remix in my channel! ;)
Federico Severin (6 years ago)
Check the brand new SOE remix in my channel! esxclusive track!
Lucas Henrique (6 years ago)
This beat is sick... and I love it!!! <3
Pedro Capa Pereira (6 years ago)
hard rock sofa-quasar
soh loh (6 years ago)
fuck gaga -.- no1 cares where u found it
TehXInfuze (7 years ago)
3:09 *_*
Finally i found this song, i hear it on Lady Gaga's Radio and it's AMAZINGGG!
77littlemonster (7 years ago)
0:00 replayreplayreplayreplay
77littlemonster (7 years ago)
This song is awesome it just makes me want to twitch
Micke Nyberg (7 years ago)
Hard rock sofa Quasar ripped from this
Christopher Gonsalves (7 years ago)
it makes me wanna wear my star glasses and do the two step down a road with burning buildings on either side while i snap my fingers to the beat :P
AlexWoodGarbage (7 years ago)
This is trance music the way Platipus Records meant it to be. What we nowadays like to call techno.
Die Antwoord France (7 years ago)
Amazing !
Richard B. Riddick (7 years ago)
from 2:40...i'm crying...sorry but it reminds me somehow of something that is really hard to understand...sorry...
g0dLike (7 years ago)
@dumarino GTFO THEN
Felipe Marino (7 years ago)
Gaga brought me here ! :D
Mads Weibull (7 years ago)
This is mind blowing! Still one of my all time fav tech house track :)
mabm123 (7 years ago)
dada life podcast brought me here!!!
joshtoddification (7 years ago)
It doesn't even matter what genre it is. Its style of eye - girls. Thats it. I don't care if Lady Gaga uses this in her interludes either. Comment appreciating the song or shut up.
Alessandro Puglisi (7 years ago)
@TraXXXtar Lady Gaga used this song in one of her interludes at her tour
Adrián Erre (7 years ago)
In my channel you can see my own video of this song, it's called 'Autorretrato'...I did it 'cause I love it
jesicandy (7 years ago)
joshtoddification (7 years ago)
Tech house? Are you on crack??
Nicki Black (7 years ago)
@TraXXXtar ... she used it at her awesome concert-shows for the raven forest intro ... the intros are short films between the songs at her show, they are so creative ... ^^
TraXXXtar (7 years ago)
what does this song have to do with lady gaga
elesegerardo (7 years ago)
this takes me back to the raves I used to go to in high school... Matt Trolfey, Mark Romboy, Stephan Bodzin, Nathan Fake, James Holden, Pier Bucci... the good techno-housey-minimal times :)
this is fuck
guiguideg92 (7 years ago)
omfg the whol song is just pure sex to my ears...
mojitostinson (7 years ago)
@kjpasi3mpre techno
Eric Skarsgård (7 years ago)
wow, amazing, i listen this on the Monster Ball, Apocalypse Film love it...
hollywoodrecordspage (7 years ago)
thumbs up if the Monster Ball bring you there! <3
Cody R (7 years ago)
@kpcenti I know that all these people helped put the interludes together. Universal though said it was fine to use the music. People shouldn't get mad at her for using it, get made at the company for allowing her. Thats what I was saying. I love that it was used. But I get youre trying to say that Universal didn't pick the music out. They just approved and disapproved what was brought to them. I gotcha!!
kp_centi (7 years ago)
@barichson FERNANDO GARIBAY picked out the music, he did most of the music in the show interludes, with exception with a few
Johanna Jakob (7 years ago)
fka-eros (7 years ago)
this was in the Raven , Gun, and City interlude right?
Fredo5227 (7 years ago)
dave courn (7 years ago)
just discovered that artist and i can tell you he's a genius :)
@Bruce17 and the raven interlude and the gun interlude
Gaoben87 (8 years ago)
@barichson tech house doesnt wanna be associated with Lady gaga..
MrDaylightz (8 years ago)
@malevolgix slipping over to techno
meyjior (8 years ago)
@gercy123 the guy is very well know for several years in the electro industry...
josh nicholas (8 years ago)
Thumbs up if your Here cause of Gaga!
bruc3mdna B17 (8 years ago)
Schaschlick112 (8 years ago)
the break iss just awesome....getting a gooseskin ;o)
mrsmart989 (8 years ago)
@kjpasi3mpre i´d say its music, purely fantastic music !!!
Cesar Medina Juarez (8 years ago)
henrikhens (8 years ago)
PERF! I almost died when this song tuned in at the Monster Ball. Super combination.
khmer wolf (8 years ago)
@kjpasi3mpre It's just house music.
Adrian Pimentel (8 years ago)
@kjpasi3mpre Tech House
Adrian Pimentel (8 years ago)
@kjpasi3mpre Tech House
kjpasi3mpre (8 years ago)
is this tech house or minimal??
fka-eros (8 years ago)
lady gaga used this in her raven/city/smoking interlude
sor1a (8 years ago)
9 people don't have style in their eyes.
Bailea Anne (8 years ago)
@JaDiEiJuSo she used it in one of her interludes at her concert. it's mixed with her other songs too.
nyo267n (8 years ago)
I realize that the whole track is awesome (it really is) and that just referring to just one part might seem stupid; I didn't mean to imply that I preferred a certain part - just that the track explodes from 2:40. To me, when you reach that part, you kinda go "so everything in this song was building up to this moment." Minimal can be great. Less is more and more is more.
omgnuub (8 years ago)
@nyo267n uhh..everything before that is even better. let me guess you don't really like minimal do you?
nyo267n (8 years ago)
From 2:40 and on, this track is EPIC!
crafty.youth. (8 years ago)
@supersags Amen to that. The mainstream needs to get off of our house music's nuts. I'm tired of people only liking house music because they think it's a trend; it's our culture, and it's being destroyed by the mainstream.
Cody R (8 years ago)
why are people bashing Gaga she's bringing alot of attention to this song which is great for style of eye plus she didn't "use" the song universal when helping the haus produce the monster ball used it so your getting angry at the wrong bitch love you gaga and style
gringoinGDL (8 years ago)
unliking videos is the new big thing, all the cool kids are doing it ;) TRUST ME!
Monster Ball! :D
Kazoodude (8 years ago)
3:09 Fucking amazing !!
Kazoodude (8 years ago)
@arsenalpono agreed
Frank Grimez (8 years ago)
Catch Style Of Eye At Dim Mak Tuesdays! December 7th 2010 @Cinespace Hollywood!
Carlos H Barcenas (8 years ago)
why all of u are here thanks to gaga? i'm here for good music!
Xavier Zayas (8 years ago)
were do i get a cover for this song i hate not having a cover for my ipod
DerRentner818 (8 years ago)
this suxxx
ZeroXcz (8 years ago)
absolutely amazing song. I discovered it thx Lady Gaga's concert :)
Chikomborero Jeso (8 years ago)
Gaga? What the fuck? I'm here because of Vakkuum.
flyingIrish (8 years ago)
mega tune heard at lady gaga interval
flyingIrish (8 years ago)
mega tune

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