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Girl swims in jacket and jeans

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Fliplip Land (1 month ago)
please video back floating and wet hair !
dr. dutosvarc (1 month ago)
Proč mi tohle yt doporučil?!
Hhhd Gty (3 months ago)
Класно купатися в одежі.
Not Here (4 months ago)
Beautiful with the jacket off!
Daniel Elliott (4 months ago)
Wish u would do the same in mud
Daniel Elliott (4 months ago)
Rod Tillett (4 months ago)
You look amazing all wet! God I wish I had a woman like you!!!
wet in Dallas Rich (4 months ago)
Been a lot hotter if she’d left her jacket and shoes on!
pisciatto (4 months ago)
I would love to swim with her while i wear my business suit.
Michael Yassie (5 months ago)
Who is the girl swimming in her jeans she is nice do more videos of her swimming
Daniel Elliott (4 months ago)
Michael Yassie (4 months ago)
What is her name
Michael Yassie (5 months ago)
Is she on Facebook I would like to add her
You should also do a video of a woman in shorts too.
Delamos Waterloo (5 months ago)
Zdravim, to je ten jez v Mokropsech? Dekuji za odpoved. Jinak krasna holcina ;)
Aleš Tichý (3 months ago)
+Delamos Waterloo Je to takový nejtolerantnější místo v Čechách a tyhle věci jsou tam celkem běžné. Nebo alespoň bývaly.
Delamos Waterloo (3 months ago)
+Wetlook Gossin tam musim nekdy asi pristi leto zajet :D
Wetlook Gossin (3 months ago)
Ano, je to jez v Mokropsech.
Rod Tillett (5 months ago)
George Grierson (5 months ago)
Really enjoyed your video! Wet jeans are amazing
anso99 (5 months ago)
wow wonderfull - love wet jackets and jeans... hope to see more og this wonderful woman
Milan Martin (5 months ago)
This video is perfect. Girl, jeans, water!
Pontiac GTO (5 months ago)
VERY VERY Nice what a BEAUTIFUL girl
Dat Nordlicht (5 months ago)
Great! Some more leather clothes would be so nice. Thank you for the video! 😍
John Edwin Bird (5 months ago)
And who is this lovely lady?
Kukuryku Kogucik (5 months ago)
46/5000 Radostné koupání v oblečení. Roztomilá dívka.

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