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John K (1 year ago)
Did John or Ken gave u thumbs down? ...just asking
John K (1 year ago)
No live chickens have ben harmed not suffer in anyway.
Brad Herring (1 year ago)
another great segment!
TheMemoryOfAllThat (1 year ago)
Love the chickens! Just ordered the book on Amazon. Looking forward to it. My dad was on a tin can in WWII.
Jalu3 (1 year ago)
Perhaps a green screen would be good as a background, as that way, you can add different background images in post.
Tom Edgar (1 year ago)
My Dad was in the army as part of the Phillipine liberation, he hated McArthur
Bruce Williams (1 year ago)
They would have had to have seen Trading Places to get the "Jive Turkey" reference.
SmedleyDouwright (1 year ago)
Mr. Suits is a coyote problem solver.
That would be me... (1 year ago)
FYI... The picture had far better resolution before you turned on those two floodlights. Especially the forward pointing one.
B Moon (1 year ago)
"Greeeeeen acres is the place to be... !" Should be "Dry Secret Place" now... ;)
Dale Admire (1 year ago)
Is that a wetterlings axe on the wall that I see?
Kellyannk308 (1 year ago)
I hope you be on Conway tonight
Wade Haynes (1 year ago)
Bryan, I love the scary picture , that is awesome . too Munch! keep up the good work! https://goo.gl/images/V5mhOO
Frank DeSalvo (1 year ago)
@ 20:00 time to heat up the Barbie!
Jim Terracall (1 year ago)
John and Ken don't want you on because they prefer being ignorant. They have a whole shtick centered around stupidity. They still think KJU is a fat, crazy moron. You might say something intelligent and ruin their "brain".

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