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YOOX Men's Try-On Haul | How to Wear a Sports Jacket [2019]

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This is my 2nd mens try-on haul for 2018 because this Fall you are going to look dapper AF. I unboxed my haul from YOOX and tried on 5 different sports jackets/blazers and showed you which shirts to match with them. All of these items were purchased on sale from Yoox (and I have similar items on sale from ASOS/ZARA for you to shop). There's nothing women love more than a man in dressed sharply, and these sports coats will turn their head. The key to styling these outfits is to keep things simple. If you're wearing a sharp jacket, you don't need to wear a wild pocket square or a contrast collar, just wear a simple shirt with them. I wore a pair of jeans with all of these jackets, and you can just as easily, but you'll want to wear jeans with no rips, that are a nice dark blue and are crisp. Despite these jackets being off the rack and not made to measure, they still fit like a gem. I am a 36 short and ordered all of these in size 36. Since they're made of more relaxed fabrics, they fit really well off the rack. Since YOOX has free returns, my advice is to buy all these jackets, try them on and see how they fit you. Return anything that doesn't fit like it's made for your body and keep the rest. So let me know, which of these sport jackets are you keeping in your cloest? // Shop this Men's Try-on Haul from Yoox Note: some of these items may be out of stock, but they show similar items to make shopping this video easy. The links below are affiliate links and give me a small commission at no cost to you, thanks in advance for sharing the love. YOOX Blue and red double breasted blazer https://fave.co/2NAVs3T YOOX plaid double breasted blazer https://fave.co/2x8n1bm YOOX AT.P.CO cream linen double breasted blazer https://fave.co/2O8LuUl YOOX Officina 36 double breasted blazer with brass buttons https://fave.co/2x0Hr6f YOOX 8 seersucker double breasted blazer https://fave.co/2OcheYR Ledbury seersucker shirt https://fave.co/2NBmRTv // Great shirting options for these sport jackets from Forever 21 Mens Forever 21 Men Diagonal Striped Shirt https://fave.co/2x6U7HL Forever 21 Men Grid Print Shirt https://fave.co/2NIkhLC Forever 21 Men Levi's Denim Western Shirt https://fave.co/2x7gfmj // ASOS Men Blazers & Sport Coats that are dapper AF ASOS Men Noak Skinny Double Breasted Blazer https://fave.co/2NvshPZ ASOS Men skinny double breasted blazer in grey pinstripe https://fave.co/2Nvsi6v These are the jeans & loafers I wore in every outfit... DSTLD Skinny Slim Denim https://fave.co/2x3cnCY Tom Ford chain suede loafers https://fave.co/2x7GvvY We've got some awesome videos coming up, be on the lookout for: Men's Try-On Hauls from ASOS, ZARA, Forever 21 Men How to Dress Like Josh Sullivan, He Spoke Style, One Dapper Street, Marcell Floruss, TMF, etc.
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Text Comments (19)
Yabav Dev (4 months ago)
can you reviw zara next?
i did zara fall 2018 before, but for 2019 i'll do one
Mer Zouk (4 months ago)
just subscribed to your IG
hope you enjoy, say hi on there
blanc elisabeth (4 months ago)
where can i get that blazer?
checkout yoox.com they have a sale going on now (they seem to always have a sale)
hossine attouali (4 months ago)
yoox has a pretty good sale going on now
Virginie Bohn (4 months ago)
u doing any reviews for 2019?
have a mrporter review coming up
Annick Bugnot (4 months ago)
bro your clothes are totally wrinkled and a mess
ah you caught me, i need to use my steamer
Laver Holy (4 months ago)
love this andrew
thanks Laver!
Tatum Cooperstein (4 months ago)
that floral shirt is crazy man, where's it from
Loraine Zammiello (4 months ago)
your wife is beautiful, nj
Mick Eamsureya (8 months ago)
Where's that floral shirt you're wearing from??
it's from proper cloth
colin macdonald (8 months ago)
The white DB at 6.11.........but please do that inside button up xx
good call! forgot to button those

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