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Coop Guitars T-Style Thinline

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A custom-color thinline built specially for Luke Meisenbacher of the band The Antics (https://www.facebook.com/theanticsnj) and inspired by Ian McCulloch's (Echo and the Bunnymen) distinctive tele . An incredibly light, tonally balanced, versatile guitar with a finish and subtle relic'ing the way only Pat Murray of Coop Guitars can do it.
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Text Comments (14)
CJ99 (4 years ago)
Cool playing n cool guitar.
JustNickMusic (4 years ago)
+CJ Willingness Thanks!
Paul Graham (4 years ago)
That's some real nice playing Nick. Great tone also. Sounds great.
JustNickMusic (4 years ago)
+Paul Graham THanks!
Pxxl (4 years ago)
hi nick. im genuinely interested with sound you played on this guitar. i personally have a 68 tele thinline. im wondering what amp or pedals are using on this one? thanks a bunch. 
JustNickMusic (4 years ago)
Thanks, glad you liked it.  The lower gain dirt is a Dusky Toasted Drive. I later combine it with an ARC Effects Soothsayer. The delay is a Flashback with my own toneprint, and the reverb is an EQD Dispatch Master. Let me know if you have other questions.
iNK (4 years ago)
The way you talk... Its so relaxing to hear you hah c:
JustNickMusic (4 years ago)
Heh, thanks!
Bas Vredeling (4 years ago)
Nice playing Nick, great tone!
JustNickMusic (4 years ago)
Rusty Hertz (4 years ago)
Thanks Nick! Btw, I believe the exact weight is 5.3 lbs, and from what Pat told me, it's the lightest guitar he's made. 
JustNickMusic (4 years ago)
+Luke Meisenbacher Thanks, great comments Luke!
Rusty Hertz (4 years ago)
+JustNickMusic Since I'm in a band with another guitar and I sort of need that jangle like I get with my rickenbacker, I can have a little of that, although it is not NEARLY as scooped as the rick. It sounds like a normal tele with a slightly better balance in places where I don't want so much obtrusive grind. I think it sounds amazing clean, especially in this video. However, I can also get and have gotten "shards of glass" gang of four tones with the bridge pickup. I've also used it with sort of a "just nick" minor 7th funk vibe as you'll be able to hear on my upcoming EP (although intentionally not played with as much spank in this particular instance. Not that it can't spank) 
JustNickMusic (4 years ago)
Thanks Luke! It sure is light but it doesn't SOUND light at all except in the good ways.

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