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We visit Stihl for a sneak peek at their NEW Kombimotor KMA 130 R Battery Backpack

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Rob meets with Mike from Stihl, Inc at the 2018 GIE Expo to discuss the 3 different levels of battery options in the new 2019 Stihl lineup, including the AP, AK and AI series batteries. We also get a sneak-peak at the battery backpack and KMA 130 R light cordless KombiEngine for all KombiTools. Learn more from Stihl: https://www.stihlusa.com/products/battery-products/ Check out more power tool news & info at http://www.CopTool.com Thanks for watching!
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Thrifty Garage (2 months ago)
The compatibility with the existing Kombi system is HUGE! Should make the conversion factor much easier from gas units for those that already own Kombi attachments.
em forty (4 months ago)
the first product is a dead product
Thanks for sharing video
Travis Heim (5 months ago)
Having multiple battery platforms for the tools seems almost as bad an idea as having another lineup with internal non replaceable batteries. The best thing about going with a cordless platform is being able to use the same batteries from the manufacturer in all of their tools. I can sort of see the point in their backpack style, and one lineup with smaller removable batteries but two modular battery platforms, plus the backpack system and the internal battery tools makes no sense to me.
MONO KATHARO (2 months ago)
if you use an AR backpack, with an AP adapter , you can use any tools. you don't need the AP batteries (except lawnmowers, i think)
David Mm (5 months ago)
Using internal, non replaceable or non changeable batteries in any tool is stupid. Not only does it limit the user but sooner or later that battery is going to go bad then it's going to cost more to have it replaced.

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