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13 Curvy Girl Fashion Hacks and DIY Outfit Ideas

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Hey all you curvy girls out there! We noticed there's only a few DIY videos about how to best accentuate your natural shape, so we answered your requests and made a video just for you. We know that finding the right fashion for your body is sometimes a struggle. If you have a curvy body, these life hacks will make your life easier! And don't forget to love yourself - you are beautiful just the way you are! Subscribe to Crafty Panda channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC03R... Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/craftypanda Visit Bored Panda website: https://www.boredpanda.com Puking Rainbow iPhone Case: https://shop.boredpanda.com/products/... Sleeping Panda Pillow: https://shop.boredpanda.com/products/... Loved the music used in this video? We find our music on EpidemicSound: https://bit.ly/2JcUlBa For sponsored content contact us at [email protected]
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Text Comments (7892)
E E (3 hours ago)
Why do you do the only thing that helps is sport and lose weight
Carrie Harris (3 hours ago)
She is the perfect size. She has a flat stomach, no holster hips, no side fat. She has curvy legs and ample breasts and her arms are a healthy size. She is perfect. She is also absolutely gorgeous. I love her. The slim brunette has her own allure too.
غدر الزمن (11 hours ago)
تف أماكن يلهيالك
Gwenie Sardon (14 hours ago)
When you thicc af but still have no boobs
🌟 MORNING STAR⭐️ (15 hours ago)
So she just chopped up her boyfriends shirt? 🤔
🌟 MORNING STAR⭐️ (15 hours ago)
Yeah cuZ you just randomly have fabric glue at a picnic lol
l p (1 day ago)
They picked the most beautiful girl and you are always beautiful
Ion Plesca (1 day ago)
Saravanan Thf (1 day ago)
So Sweety
Master Taco (1 day ago)
Who else came here for the thumbnail?
Ena Valkaj (1 day ago)
You are fat
SHEEBA B L (2 days ago)
0:30 she is plus size but doesn't have an obesed belly...I think she must b following a special type of diet and exercise
Estada en Pinterest
Boom Boom Gachatube (3 days ago)
Lmao who takes baby powder with them?
Sunita Yadav (3 days ago)
zain imran (3 days ago)
Awesome ideas. .....love it😊😊🤗🤗
최민설 (4 days ago)
0:10 살을빼면되지
Pricolistka (4 days ago)
What's the song called?8:32,8:16
bagel (4 days ago)
5:36 Girl: Hey, have you ever worn that jean jacket I gave you? Other girl: ITS A VEST YOU IGNORANT PIECE OF CRAP!! Girl: Courtney, this is why you’re single... Other girl: *balling her eyes out* HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?!?!? Girl: *walks away*
bagel (4 days ago)
4:57 Mk, you do you. But why the HELL do you have fabric glue and not a shirt??? Body=💯 tho
debbiewebber (5 days ago)
Coconut oil I find works great on my thighs
Katka Hrabcova (5 days ago)
Ou fat🤢🤢
I.J. productions (5 days ago)
There's nothing wrong with the girl in the thumbnail all she has to do is wear a girdle in the day time 'n' during workout/yoga sessions then... ooh ser E 😋 she'd be mighty fun. She already got the hips to prove it like. Damn!!! I Would Love to hit that from the Back 🤔☺
Mujer me encantastes estas como para mi
The BEST life huck: eat less burgers 🍔 and pizza 🍕
Ella Umbrella (2 days ago)
First of all Some people are born with being a little bit bigger and eating less burger burger doesn't make any sense cus there are a lot of healthy ones:)
Amy Degabriele (5 days ago)
The fact she even has such confidence to film this video and wear some of the clothes she does, wow. Even though I’m younger I would never put my self out there..
تفاعل بليز☺💗
Momlife Vermont (6 days ago)
Doesn't baby power cause cancer?
Fitnoe Fitnoe (6 days ago)
Que inteligente.
Florence Kato (7 days ago)
5-minute crafts (7 days ago)
Subscribe https://youtu.be/W908teNBkLc
KAL-EL Of Krypton (7 days ago)
Those thighs.. yummy! she can sit on my face anytime. 😋😋
a l (7 days ago)
Most of these are so useless I'm actually offended
Lollywood fan Queen (7 days ago)
Its not casual dresses its nude dreses Agree hit like👍
G K (7 days ago)
А может лучше похудеть.
Marlon Reyes Miranda (7 days ago)
Oh babe you look like the sunset
Pluvio_ 1110 (8 days ago)
Lulee Tomas (7 days ago)
Pluvio_ 1110 thank u
MAHIR ABRAR (8 days ago)
heavestern (8 days ago)
"Fat" not curvy lol
Darcia Mbaye (8 days ago)
She has an awesome body
Sharon Tackett (8 days ago)
Instant beach coverup with a scarf!!!!!
Kristal Price (8 days ago)
Like she has time to fix a top in a public bathroom OK girl 😂😂😂😂😂👗👗👠👙👛👜👝🛍👒👢👡
Kristal Price (8 days ago)
Thank goodness I found some thing for thick girls I'm tall and a little thick...
leopard Love (8 days ago)
I love this showing a girl with a REAL BODY
velleity (8 days ago)
I mean, I always have a fabric glue with me anyways
pattis Baki (9 days ago)
What is this women's name ?
Tell Show (9 days ago)
Ебать у неё ляхи жирные
Snezhana Sergeeva (9 days ago)
Это миниатюра: для чего сохнуть,кушать лайфхаки
A l i n a t t i (7 days ago)
Дратуй, российский человек
Илюха 220 (9 days ago)
Gay Queen (9 days ago)
5:15 Always have fabric glue while drinking in town.
Helna Oktadyaning (9 days ago)
Baju yang tidak mendidik sama sekali 😧😖👿😈
dimples p (9 days ago)
Thick and beautiful !!!!
guillermus Jz (9 days ago)
The most beautiful woman I have ever seen 😍
ARCHIDUKE OF SEOL (9 days ago)
I want her badly,what a delicious woman
lela chiqovani (9 days ago)
omg this girl is so big
ceyla enər (9 days ago)
5 minute craft?
Karim Barma (9 days ago)
You are very nice
Muhammad Abdullah (10 days ago)
Please please please send me WhatsApp Number Please💞
Muhammad Abdullah (10 days ago)
You are looking so hot and sexy
Dheeraj Singh N (9 days ago)
Mam you look gorgeous in every dress and I hats off to you for your real Dareness with such a cute inspiring attitude 😍😍😍
مو حرام تطاليع ستيانتها من شان فيديو ع اليوتيوب
Djaja mimi (7 days ago)
angilica ma (10 days ago)
Sexy woman 💛💛💛
Fahad Ahmed (10 days ago)
Your figure so sexy ummmmmmm
uyku maskesi (10 days ago)
Zayıflamayı dene
Kayleigh mols (10 days ago)
You are so beautyful
Renu Katiyar (10 days ago)
M in love with this plus size woman... Talent WID beauty..loved ur craft
GG Chan (10 days ago)
You cut my favourite shirt 😠
;•GachaToast•; ‘ (10 days ago)
I got an anxiety attack when that girl was outside in a baby blue shirt and you could see her bra through the shirt
يول كلبي يويل حالي شكد احب مثل هل اجسام من فوك ضعيفه ومن جوه سمينه يول حالي
اكو عرب بتعليقات
Oh Yeah Nahui (10 days ago)
Dilara Özsoy (10 days ago)
Kadının heryeri ortada aq
Мама Папа (10 days ago)
Ой какая пышка И ещё одевается очень открыто фу
Просто все напоказ, постыдно
Mike LP (10 days ago)
Plus size model👍
Abeykoon Preethilal (10 days ago)
So sexy
Mithu Sardar (10 days ago)
Very nice
Русские лайк👍👍👍👍
Zainab Al-asadi (11 days ago)
Wish I got her body.
Sara Karib (11 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCZnM4ym3boW18wXSO41olg Pliz like and abonner
Aliyah Khan (11 days ago)
Anyone else try these hacks and it looks nothing like these end results ??? 😂 😂 😂 😂
не сдыда турсы
Mary Ezekiel (11 days ago)
Crack pot
Katie Grable (11 days ago)
When he said was that my shirt?? I totally thought that that was going to backfire 😂😂
Lady Unicorn (11 days ago)
wow, these life hacks are so cool, I even repeated one of them 🖤🐼👑❤
نصير نصير (11 days ago)
٦:٤٨حته هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه هههههههه
مساج للنساء (11 days ago)
مشكلتي ☹♪ بس احجي انعشگ 🙊❤ بس غير اني ما احجي 👑،،
باسم محمد (10 days ago)
غير اني ماحجي،😂😂
Iik Nurtiana (11 days ago)
Plise list name song :)
Yolanda Wyngaard (11 days ago)
Love it
Viki_ live (11 days ago)
gamer AR pro gs (11 days ago)
Hhhhhkhkhkhkhkh u like à panda
Bon Bon Films (11 days ago)
You are ugly
Nacho Gomez Mahuzier (11 days ago)
Shes so beautifull 😍
Ankur Verma (11 days ago)
Nazia Rose (11 days ago)
Who else thinks she is really pretty??
That girl is so pretty

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