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Subtle Signs He's Into You (Body Language SECRETS)

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http://www.CoachNorth.com - Subtle Signs He's Into You (Body Language SECRETS) Like women, men don't always say what they're feeling, but you can get an idea of what he thinks about you by reading some subtle body language. Hi, I’m Amy North, relationship coach from Vancouver, BC, and if there’s one thing that I’ve been asked on many occasions it’s how to tell if a guy’s into you. So today I’m going to share 10 subtle signs to look for to get a sense of what he’s thinking. Before I get started I just want to quickly say that if you like what you learn here today then please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos on dating and relationship and issues. Now, let’s get started. 1. His pupils are huge. Since pupil dilation is a brain response that happens when you like and are attracted to something, a man’s eyes can be a great indicator to let you know if he’s into you. 2. He shows his teeth when he smiles. This one sounds odd, but believe it or not most guys stop grinning with an open mouth well before their teen years. If the man you’re into shows off a toothy grin while casually flirting with you then it could mean that he’s having loads of fun or that he’s into you.. Or both. 3. He makes eye contact with you How a man looks at you can reveal what he's thinking and feeling on the inside. This means that even if he never approaches you or is too shy or insecure to act on his feelings, he still could be interested. If you want to know whether or not a guy likes you, then look in his eyes. 4. He smiles above the mouth. Or as Tyra Banks coined it, smizes. Similar to my previous point, when a guy smiles with his eyes you can bet that he’s genuinely into you. Simple as that! 5. He licks his lips in a cute (not creepy) way. Science has proven that when you're attracted to someone, your mouth produces extra saliva. If you notice him licking his lips or pressing them together anytime you’re around… well, he may just be into you. 6. He leans toward you when you talk. In a noisy bar, this sign might not hold much weight, but if you’re in a situation where he can hear you perfectly fine and he still leans in closely when you speak then chances are he's interested in you. *** More from Amy North: *** How to Get A Man: http://www.coachnorth.com Love Learnings: http://www.lovelearnings.com Google+: https://plus.google.com/116823069948654495789 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amy.north.798
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Text Comments (911)
Fonzy Rivera (1 year ago)
Brief and yet Real Thank You Miss Amy 💕💕💕
Amy North (1 year ago)
You're welcome, Fonzy! 💛 Don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tips! 😊
Annamaye Romero (18 days ago)
So me and my crush dated for a week and he said he was going threw a lot so we broke up and he said he’s not over me ... Why does my crush keep starring at me ??!
mdaqeeb mdaqeeb (22 days ago)
I love you
Chvile (1 month ago)
Lmao, I'm fucked
Michelle stevenson (1 month ago)
I noticed that my boyfriend is always playing with my ring on my finger when hes holding my hand or I have went to sleep I feel it sometimes. What does that mean
AccurateShooter (1 month ago)
Man posting now. #1 ladies — you should be getting dating advice from MEN not a woman who, herself, can’t find a husband. As for this video, the eye dilation thing is real. But honestly, if a guy is into you, it’s simple: 1. He will say “you look nice/pretty” etc. or otherwise compliment your appearance. At some time he will say “when can I see you again” or say “let’s do XYZ activity”. Finally, when date is over he will give you a hug, and if you’re receptive, a kiss. That’s what we do. There’s no frigging mystery. If a guy likes you he will always try to set a meet in the days ahead.
Sorry to break it to you ladies but guys couldnt be more clear cut and dry
Amy North (6 days ago)
Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts on the topic, Gandalfur is Otherworldly!
ROBLOX- Eternity (2 months ago)
Me and my crush made eye contact, and I looked away after I felt it was getting awkward.
Amy North (14 days ago)
Thanks for watching my video, ROBLOX- Eternity! :) Don’t forget to subscribe so you won’t miss out on my upcoming videos! ;-)
Ishbabe79 Bryant (2 months ago)
I’m going thru the same thing. I’m talking to this guy I’ve known for a few months and he’s so bad about texting me back. Which he isn’t big on the phone but it takes forever to get back with me and it does bother me. I mean we’re still just talking and getting to know each other. But when we’re together we always have stuff to talk about. He’s always making conversation and he looks right at me and I can tell he really enjoys being around me. But it just seems he would want to see me more but then I think we’ll no we’re still in the getting to know each other stage I mean we have been doing something about every week but I’m just confused and I really enjoy being with him. I’m not ready for another relationship yet but I will be down the road some. I’m prob over thinking it but it’s been so many years since I’ve had to get to know someone new so I’ll just sit back and let him text me and see if he want to go do something.
Amy North (14 days ago)
Clearly, he's interested in you. Just don't force yourself when you're not ready and just enjoy the moments.
Cows Moo (3 months ago)
1: Whenever my crush looks at me or wants to make eye contact, I either don't look back till he looks away or look at him and bear the pressure or look at him and look away because I can't bear look into his eyes :o. They are blue so I can see his pupils but I just get so nervous. 2: He rarely smiles with his teeth showing. 3: When he talks to me or when he wants to exchange a look, yes. He even stares at me when I'm in the hall talking to my friend for idk what reason. 4: I don't really look at his eyes heh heh. 5: Nope 6: Sometimes yes. 7: He usually tries to high five me and I just stare at his hand thinking *WHATDOIDOWHATDOIDOWHATDOIDOTHISISSOAWKWARDAHHHHHHHHH* because I don't really feel comfortable high fiving boys sometimes. And there was this time when we were partners for something and when I missed something, he was literally right behind me and reached over my shoulder to touch my paper. And that was when I was a LITTLE sick (not really, just a cold and coughing). I didn't think he would do that, especially not that close to me, since I coughed a lot. 8: I don't look at his shoes. 9: Nahh, he usually walks with his friends. 10: My original crush does that, a lot, and a lot of other stuff on the list. My crush now doesn't really. It depends on what the conversation is about. So yeah, I highly doubt that he likes me back but it will be hard to get over him because how I got over my former crush after I recently messed up and switched classes was that I got a new crush which overpowered my old crush. Wahhhhhhh I need serious help.
Cows Moo (3 months ago)
Tanvi Sontakke (3 months ago)
Why does my boss asks me personally not to write on public platforms on dating and relationships? Kindly help.
Amy North (1 month ago)
It's hard to give a proper answer without more details. Generally speaking, the best way to know is to ask him why.
Luna Gacha_Chan (4 months ago)
Luna Gacha_Chan (3 months ago)
Amy North ill try,thanks
Amy North (3 months ago)
If you look long enough. You just might. :)
Fame Fox AJ (4 months ago)
I really wish I could just carry one of these relationship experts on my shoulder while I’m talking to me crush so that I can be able to notice all the signs!! I can’t help but forget.
Amy North (3 months ago)
Hi Fame Fox AJ! Don't worry, I have covered this extensively in my Text Chemistry program so you might want to pick up a copy or at least watch the full video presentation on my website: www.coachnorth.com/texting
ZayyFPS (4 months ago)
Well then....
ZayyFPS (3 months ago)
Amy North it was, it just felt a little invasive by how accurate a lot of this was
Amy North (3 months ago)
Hope you find my video helpful, ZayyFPS! :)
Chat Punz (4 months ago)
Some of these aren’t what my crush does. But he gets nervous, looks, stares at me. And he’s single
Yaani Adi Shakti (4 months ago)
what's the point in all this...all my life i've met men who's body language loudly screams at me they r into me and then they won't admit it and treat me as shit if i ask about it.
Sarah Pereira (4 months ago)
2:20 Ehhh he actually stands in a ballet stance now that I think about it... Lmao
Akrem Ghades (5 months ago)
I'm here to know more about myself Amy , to know if I acted like I'm into a girl 🤣 and maybe to reverse these things to show that I'm interested ..
OMG I FINK MY STALKER LIKES ME sign 5 he licks his lips OMFG ((SEND HELP))
Ioanna Demetriou (5 months ago)
How to make the boy I like to open when he's shy???
Joey Stratner (5 months ago)
Can we date you
Philosophy BA (5 months ago)
most seem false or inconclusive
Nash SkyFox Channel (5 months ago)
What if he winks at you? Is that a sign? Today lets just say I had my head in my desk and he would lean from HES desk to say hi to me I WAS SO HAPPY but what does it mean?
WTH, i do like my friend (As a friend), but i do some of these signs?
La casa de papel (5 months ago)
1. Idk? Don’t stare in his eyes.. 2.yes 3.yes 4.yes 5.Idk 6.I don’t like to get close often 7.yes 8. I don’t look at his shoes 9. Never walks with him 10. Yes and no Help! I was madly in love with him before. He sad something mean and was rude Now he is always watching me and when I look at him he switch the direction. He is more polite than before and so much kinder then I talk to him for one year ago. I don’r like to be thouch by anyone anymore since people had being so mean to me I’m angry at him for what he sad and did, but when he talks to me I can’t resist smiling. He is the most handsome boy in school and already is with someone (his is player too) When he’s showing his arm«boost» he’s always looking if I was looking at him. And if I laugh, he laugh. Why? Do he likes me? I have known him for like almost 10 years.
Chartreuse Maiden (5 months ago)
This video is useless. The pus signs are the dlsame as he sees you as a friend.
Darko Luketic (6 months ago)
It's funny to see the reverse side of the videos, where girls are shy and confused as opposed to guys that are shy and confused. :DAnd as a guy I think "why don't you girls just say something".And the same is probably true for girls.But the fear of being rejected is real, right? On both sides.
Amy North (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching my video and sharing your thoughts on the topic, Darko. :)
DMZ 2114 (6 months ago)
Amy North (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching, DMZ 2114! :) I hope you find my video helpful. If it’s not too much to ask and if you haven’t done so yet, please like, share and subscribe to my channel to keep you updated on my new videos. I’d really appreciate your support!
Alvin Kertanegara (6 months ago)
If he does, he'll just tell you.
Airies Lee gan (6 months ago)
Now my crush is my boyfriend . Lucky
Irene Puza (6 months ago)
Number 9 is very underated
Magical Mia (6 months ago)
The boy I have a crush on called me Mommy ;~; it was funny tho
Quina Rivera (6 months ago)
We have been flirting for 8 months at work but he hasnt asked me out Yet he is really direct w the flirting So much tension He said lets meet up then few mins later he changed his mind Urg i need help
Jenna Marmalade (7 months ago)
so like.... What does it mean if a boy (who at the time i had just called by a "nickname" that I made up for him after he made one up for me) winks at you as hes leaving?
Maki Makica (7 months ago)
are you real ...who to hell in the world looks in to guy eyes to see are his pupils large or small,and he smiles so what ...is he suppose to cry .. or how he seats under the table ..so you go tell hem "move the table i want to see how are you seating" and you are opposite...or you hire private detective to find out how he seat...what if a guy is tall and there is not enough space under the table ...people lick lips when they eat...yea i like this he points his TOES toward you ...so pay attention to his TOES not guy
Deepa Nath (7 months ago)
How to know the guy is single or not without asking him?
Juliana (7 months ago)
So I really like this guy but I do t know if he is flirty towards other girls also. What should I do?
sus v (7 months ago)
Welp. My guy friend definitely liked me. Past tense because I haven't talked to him in forever and I think he moved on.
Annabel Barker (7 months ago)
There is this boy I like, we go to separate schools but the same club. His friend told me he liked me but I’m not sure. He makes a lot of eye contact and when he does something funny he looks to see if I am smiling. His feet point towards me but we don’t really speak. If he spots me in the street he will ruffle his hair and look in a different direction. I really like him but not sure if he likes me. Can someone help??
Manda Moase (7 months ago)
My ex has told me wants to b with me but hes worried about trust please tel me how to deal with this
Selenay Flanigan (7 months ago)
I'm in a really weird spot with one of the guys in of one my classes, I glanced over at him, and he was looking at me, and he actually winked at me. after he winked at me, he looked away, I don't understand what's going on. his name is Harrison Nelson I don't understand what's going on.
hicham cameraman (7 months ago)
thanks for telling to womens about us
Faye (7 months ago)
Why am i here i think im lost
Sairy Bear (8 months ago)
Aw a man he walked in front of me but we had just met. I’ll keep my eye out
Kaian凯安 (8 months ago)
Number 8 "his feet point towards you"? If you're talking to each other more or less face to face, where else would his feet be pointing? 🤔
Rajashri Roy (8 months ago)
What if any of the points is missing like is there still a chance he does like you because I think he does but cannot tell at all
Amy North (7 months ago)
It's okay if he's not hitting everything on the list, Rajashri. He may be a bit shy or does not have the courage yet. How about you try to initiate the conversation and see how it goes. :)
Power Director (8 months ago)
A guy came in my tuition and stares me, show his teeth , his toes are towards me but he doesn't talk to me, walk behind me and the guy is also very confident about himself so there's no chance of shyness . I can't understand him please help me
Amy North (7 months ago)
The guy is probably into you. See, there are a lot of guys who show confidence in front of a woman, and often times, can't find the right words to use or the courage to do so. In this case, you can try to initiate the conversation. :)
Katharina (8 months ago)
I don't get this 'smize' thing. The picture wasn't very helpful either. To me the guy at 1:23 seemed neutral/bored/staring?
Amy North (7 months ago)
Hi Katharina! Thanks for watching my video. You can search the internet on how to smize. ;)
swati j (8 months ago)
rest all points are fine but if not do much conversation than? what need to do 🤔
swati j (7 months ago)
Amy North ohk... thanks for reply and suggestions. i will definitely try this .. hope will work.. ☺️
Amy North (7 months ago)
You may start with his interest; even better if it's a common interest. Sometimes, being too shy won't help, so I hope you'll try it out. If the feeling is mutual, you don't even have to exert much effort as everything will fall into place.
Lulu 21 (8 months ago)
7 оut of 10. I have watched a ton of those vids to make sure he likes me back. I'm madly in love. How should i tell himm i'm so scared for some reason
Amy North (7 months ago)
Hi Lulu! It would be best to hold off for a little bit. Let him be the one to pursue you.
Purple Girl (8 months ago)
Last night my crush texted me saying he loves me. I've come a long way with him and all his other girlfriends. So ladies, don't give up! #2yearsstrong
Amy North (7 months ago)
I'm happy for you, Purple Girl! Thanks for dropping by and watching my video! :)
Apple Banana (8 months ago)
Hey Amy North! Thanks a ton for your advice :)! Just a lil thing though... I've noticed all the 9 signs in my crush except the last one about "conversation"... Does that mean that he's just stressed out about that or is it because he's just not into me?
Amy North (8 months ago)
He's probably shy, Apple Banana. Initiate the conversation so he'll be more comfortable talking to you.
Lettice Travels (8 months ago)
Great video. Straight to the point and good tips! Thanks
Amy North (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching, letticetravels! Glad you find my video helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep you updated on my new videos! ;-)
Vasilina F (9 months ago)
What if the guy I like displays all the signs and even though when I text him he always replays, he never textes first.Does that mean he isn't interested ? Ps I love your chanel ❤
Vasilina F (8 months ago)
+Amy North Thank you so much ❤
Amy North (8 months ago)
I appreciate your support, Vasilina F! He may be interested but he could be shy. Although it doesn't hurt if we do the first move. However, if you're always the one initiating, then perhaps it's time you pull away a bit. Let him be the one to put in the effort. Remember, you should be the one pursued and not the other way around.
Uzra Shaikh (9 months ago)
Happy.. He is completely into me. Thank u . God bless u
Amy North (8 months ago)
You are welcome, Uzra Shaikh! If it’s not too much to ask and if you haven’t done so yet, please like, share and subscribe to my channel to keep you updated on my new videos. I’d really appreciate your support! :)
Hailey Hixson (9 months ago)
Well.. He likes me... But he denies it...
Amy North (9 months ago)
Hi Hailey Dancer05! It's tough understanding certain situations sometimes. Does he know you like him?
TEE (9 months ago)
Yes he passed all 10 💕.. Thank you girl
Amy North (9 months ago)
Thanks for watching my video, TEE! Don't forget to subscribe! :)
Magdaléna Laciková (9 months ago)
0:44 what if his eyes are t darkish brown?
Esme R. (9 months ago)
The pupil tip would be great if only my crush didn’t have dark brown eyes so I could actually see the irises 😭
Liana Abdul (9 months ago)
My crush tell me he likes me ... Eventho aft we both fight 😆
Amy North (6 months ago)
Good for you, Liana! :) Thanks for dropping by! If it’s not too much to ask and if you haven’t done so yet, please like, share and subscribe to my channel to keep you updated on my new videos. I’d really appreciate your support! 💜
jonah levi? (9 months ago)
hella agree
Amy North (7 months ago)
Glad you agree, Jonah! :) I hope you find my video helpful! If it’s not too much to ask and if you haven’t done so yet, please like, share and subscribe to my channel to keep you updated on my new videos. I’d really appreciate your support! 💜
Kortney Ranucci (10 months ago)
Ok so I went too this ice cream place and a guy was looking at me and smiling and I thought he was cute 😊 then I was blushing and he almost ask if I could sit with him but I couldn’t:(
Amy North (9 months ago)
Thanks for dropping by, Kortney! :) It’s okay to be shy, but remember that a simple smile can go a long way. Here’s my video on how you can get a guy to approach you: https://youtu.be/j6u1D6ETfYE I hope you find this helpful! ;-)
Taylor Brooks (10 months ago)
i have a question for you. how do I deal with marriage with a autism boyfriend and how do I make him stop talking about the future? please help me out
Taylor Brooks (8 months ago)
+Amy North me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years and he talks about our future non stop I talked to him about this before I don't think he understands because he has autism
Amy North (9 months ago)
Why do you want him to stop talking about the future, Taylor? Are you unsure of your feelings for him? If yes, then I suggest you let him know this as early as now so he won't have false hopes of having a future with you. How long have you been together?
Lufanlove (10 months ago)
I really like a guy at the moment, so badly but I’m so unsure if he likes me too, just 3 weeks ago we were playing on the Wii together at a social group we both go to and where we met, and I had to move over to the other side of him and he put his arm around me and then moved his hands to my waist and then my lower back, and moved me to where I had to stand, he also smiled at me and has stared at me sometimes, he stands close to me but we don’t talk very often and for the last 2 weeks he hasn’t really noticed me as much :( which has made me upset, it’s like he’s giving mixed signals towards me, he did hold a door open for me just last week but the communication wasn’t there, we are both autistic but I just really like him and I am so confused as to whether he likes me back (he knows I like him too) my best friend told him
Lufanlove (9 months ago)
Because he already knows I like him, I have initiated a lot with him, I feel there's nothing much more I can do. It's really hard for me to confront him too as I have autism. Socializing just doesn't come easy for me. I just don't feel comfortable with the situation anymore, especially since he's not been taking me on or noticing me like he did before. I have known him for almost a year now. :) August 2017 ^^
Amy North (9 months ago)
Why don't you initiate and ask him how he feels towards you, Lufanlove. Sometimes it won't hurt if we make the first move. ;-) How long have you known him anyway?
Hunter Markey (10 months ago)
Amy North (9 months ago)
You're welcome, Liberty! :) I hope you find this helpful. Don't forget to subscribe for more dating advice videos! ;-)
Linda Uche (10 months ago)
How can I stop having too much sex with my boyfriend
Linda Uche (9 months ago)
For five months now
Amy North (10 months ago)
Hi Linda! Instead of having sex all the time, why not focus on other physical activities such as hiking, going to the gym, running and so on. How long have you been together anyway?
TheUnknown (10 months ago)
What if the guy you like displays all these signs and when you tell him you like him he says he sees you AS a friend?
TheUnknown (10 months ago)
Amy North hi, yes we are still friends and I did apologize for coming to strong. I felt like I had to tell him how I felt because 1) he is everything I ever wanted both physical and personality wise 2) since he is a co-worker and he was gone for the day I kinda went through his desk and found a notepad journal where i read: “Oh lord that feeling when Jackie (me) compliments me”. There were a few sentences that seem like he’s kinda obsessed in me so I thought he would be easy.
Amy North (10 months ago)
Hi TheUnknown! Perhaps you came on too strong that's why he rejected you. You also have to check if he also acts like this with other people because if so, then that could just be his personality and it isn't something special. Are you still friends though?
Liane Li (10 months ago)
Hmm ok so the new guy likes me.. but I’m not sure whether he is ok .. got too many psychos in my life so far .. thx for jumping right into the 10 signs and not blabbing too much boring intro stuff like other YouTubers 😍😘
Amy North (10 months ago)
You're welcome, Liane! :) I hope you find the video helpful. If it’s not too much to ask and if you haven’t done so yet, please like, share and subscribe to my channel to keep you updated on my new videos. I’d really appreciate your support! 💜
Lisa Marie LeGrand (10 months ago)
I KNOW WE ARE DEFINITELY INTO EACH OTHER, (( BUT )) #9 he does tend to walk ahead of me ( when I’m in high heals & I end up struggling to keep up with him & I have to either call him out on it or Literally hold his arm or hand to walk together ) how could I fix this problem without coming of as needy or clingy... or having to playfully suggest he wear the high heals and try to keep up ( to see it from my point of view ) hehehe...
Amy North (10 months ago)
Hi Lisa Marie! First, he should walk slowly especially if he knows you're wearing high heels or at least offer his arm for support. Second, if you're struggling with high heels, why not wear something comfortable so you can enjoy walking with him without the added struggle? Don't sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to clothing. :)
tasnim sumaiya (11 months ago)
these signs matches with my boyfriend :) thanks for sharing
Amy North (10 months ago)
Anytime, tasnim! :) If it’s not too much to ask and if you haven’t done so yet, please like, share and subscribe to my channel to keep you updated on my new videos. I’d really appreciate your support! 💜
Maiuli Teirney (11 months ago)
What if we always smiles at each other and he always includes me to something.
Maiuli Teirney (10 months ago)
In fact, he does. He sometimes compliments me but then teases a bit as well. If I'm being honest, he treats me a bit differently to his friends... AND he looks at me a lot.
Amy North (10 months ago)
Hi Maiuli! If he treats other people the same way he treats you, then it could just be his personality and he's not really into you. Does he treat you extra special?
Chris Garcia (1 year ago)
When in doubt ask it out, it's that simple.
Amy North (11 months ago)
Agreed, Chris! :) Thanks for watching my video! 💜
Rica Abad (1 year ago)
What if a close guy friend put his arms in your shoulder infront of everyone
Amy North (11 months ago)
Hi Rica! Have a look at this video to know if your guy friend likes you: https://youtu.be/O0J7zNMr0IU You may find some helpful tips! ;-)
Laveena Gupta (1 year ago)
some more If a guy is trying to gain your trust by opening his phone gallery and telling you about the stories behind those pictures... If a guy is holding your hand in public
Amy North (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching my video and sharing these two more signs, Laveena! 👍 I'm guessing this is based from your own experience? 💜
Grace Nelson (1 year ago)
I like this guy but I do not know if he likes me back Can you help me.
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hi Grace! Have a look at this video: https://youtu.be/1IA1wPegbHw These signs can help you further. ;-)
Aada Wulli (1 year ago)
Amy North (1 year ago)
You're welcome, Aada! :) Don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tips! ;-)
reviews pro (1 year ago)
Amazing body language tips,
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching, reviews pro! :)
Canna White (1 year ago)
anyone who's name is Amy must be awesome.
Amy North (1 year ago)
I'm sure you're awesome, too, Canna White! 😉 Thanks for watching my video! 💜
Kimberly Foster (1 year ago)
I did no contact and he contacted me after 2 months. All those signs are there.
Kimberly Foster (1 year ago)
Amy North i am. Its going well. We communicated about our expectations and agreed to friendship with benefits. He is a great guy and a super supportive friend
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for dropping by, Kimberly! :) Are you still in contact with the guy?
Lisa Silber (1 year ago)
So I watched this video & the guy has all the signs except the last one... he cannot keep a conversation going and if he does all he talks about is himself. So I don’t know if he’s nervous & just feels more comfortable talking about himself or what.
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for dropping by, Lisa! :) You may want to watch this video if his behavior does not match his body language: https://youtu.be/1IA1wPegbHw
Lélize Bronkhorst (1 year ago)
I love a guy and it sounds like he likes me but i am single and i would like to know what to do
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for dropping by, Lélize! :) I've discussed the techniques on how to get the guy you want and make him commit in my Devotion System program. You may want to consider signing up on my website: http://www.CoachNorth.com/ Of course, every situation is different and for me to give you a proper advice on what to do I'll be needing more details about your specific situation. If you'd like to chat further, please choose the personal coaching package upgrade that will presented to you during your registration for the Devotion System program. :)
Yte Bread (1 year ago)
If the two like each other, then forego texting. They should talk on the phone. So much is lost when conversing through text. The sound of the other person's voice reveals so much more than text messages. Texting is impersonal, in my view. Of course, the means of communication is dependent upon the situation, but actually speaking to one another always trumps texting. That is this man's view on the texting subject.
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts on this topic, Yte Bread! :)
decaying roses (1 year ago)
what if he was laughing at something you did, and kind of giving you that half smile showing his teeth a little bit and was giving high eye contact? (and when he DOES stare at you he still keeps eye contact but never glances or anything, it just comes?)
Amy North (1 year ago)
What exactly do you need help with, decaying roses?
Shweta Mishra (1 year ago)
Omg he shows like 6 of these but won’t ask me out bye
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for dropping by, Shweta! :) Don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tips!
Sara Liu (1 year ago)
these signs matches to my co-worker who i may be slightly interested in:')... but the thing is, he's a really bad texter or is really blunt but i don't know now
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching, Sara! :) I hope you find this video helpful! Don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tips! ;-)
Neve Stephenson (1 year ago)
Wow the guy I like does most of those things but he's dating MY FRIEND
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching, Neve! :) I hope you find this video helpful!
Simin Luta (1 year ago)
Hey people, I need some advice. I have a big crush on a guy from school, he is not in my class but I see him walking around the school sometimes and when we have 15 or 30 minute breaks i see him very often and it seems like hes an introvert or not social because he's always alone. He sometimes looks at me and than smiles and looks back at his phone.. i recently found his instagram and i made my friend follow him but he didnt accept her request, than another friend followed him and still not accepted; i followed him too also not accepted.. i dont know what to do, i want him to like me too because i really like this guy. I am too afraid to walk up to him and speak to him. What should i do? Should i just leave it?
Simin Luta (1 year ago)
Amy North Thanks for the advice! I'll try :)
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hi Simin! First, you have to make sure that he's not yet taken. He may be in a relationship already so he isn't showing interest for other women. Once you've confirmed he's single, then you may try to approach him and initiate the conversation. Sometimes it won't hurt if you make the first move. ;-)
Cheese Dog (1 year ago)
Your a good person
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching, Cheese Dog! :) Don't forget to subscribe for more helpful tips! ;-)
Allira Allen (1 year ago)
Id love a video on fwb tips
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hi Allira! Here's a video that may help you: https://youtu.be/C0JkTH2z3zo I hope you find this helpful! :)
Valorose RX (1 year ago)
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching, Wild WarriorWolfgir1! :) How did you fare on my list?
Miesha Williams (1 year ago)
I have a question.... there's a guy who won't date me because I'm an inch taller and refuses to because I'm taller. But still wants to he friends. I also have this guy who seems to talk about himself a lot but is really really nice...
Miesha Williams (1 year ago)
Amy North hi there so when guys only reply with one word in texting and the conversation doesnt go anywhere. What can do about that?
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for dropping by! :) What exactly is your question, Miesha?
Fav (1 year ago)
please guide us when the guy is not around us physically often ....more like distance but still in touch...thank you
Amy North (1 year ago)
Hi Fav! Have a look at this video about long distance relationships: https://youtu.be/SLwgEcayy-s You may find this helpful! ;-)
Dessi (1 year ago)
Omgawwd!! My crush is shy but he always licks his lips when looking at me and he makes eye contact 🙊😆😆❤
Dessi (1 year ago)
And I smile sometimes...am I giving him enough hints 😯
Dessi (1 year ago)
Yes I always hold my gaze when we meet eyes does that show him?
Amy North (1 year ago)
That means he likes you, destiny everett! 😊 Does he know you have a crush on him?
Logical Human (1 year ago)
My crushes eyes are like really dark though
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching, Logical Human! 😊 You still have 9 other signs to look out for though. ;-)
Antonia Izabella (1 year ago)
Shit now I'm scared
Amy North (1 year ago)
Thanks for dropping by, Antonia! 😊 Care to share why you're scared?
cuppyc8 (1 year ago)
There's a guy that we usually tease to our other girl friend who's interested to him. But this guy never strike a conversation to my friend instead whenever I talk to him he will start teasing me and things. He's a quiet type of guy and I'm the type of girl who's usually loud yet gentle. His actions confuses me especially that my friend likes him. A few days ago when we were teasing each other he suddenly bump his shoulder to me. I don't want to assume things but this situation's confused me especially now that I am starting to see him in a different way.... I hope you will reply to me. Thank you Amy
Amy North (1 year ago)
What exactly is your question, cuppyc8? Perhaps this video may help you: https://youtu.be/O0J7zNMr0IU
nomika brown (1 year ago)
Omfg This boy fucking like me I like him too
Amy North (1 year ago)
Good for you, nomika! :) How did you fare on my list?
blep blep cat (1 year ago)
I think my crush likes me..
Amy North (1 year ago)
Good for you, Lali! :) Did you get a 10/10?
Betty He (1 year ago)
Omg I thought he didn’t like me but he is doing it!!!!!
Betty He (1 year ago)
Amy North when I say hi to him, he doesn’t hear me, and he found out a year ago that I like him. But he doesn’t talk to me anymore but he used to talk to me everyday. So idk
Amy North (1 year ago)
Good for you, Betty! :) How did you fare on my list?

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