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Nude in NYC

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A group of young man/woman dancing butt naked in NYC (Union Square). The point of this was to show the World that we must be confortable with our own skin. They claim that clothes are made with Chemicals, that are destroying the world never the less the girl on the interview had her period and had a Tampon on. How is that TAMPON made? If she was was really serious about her Cause: She would have used leaves instead of Tampon
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Text Comments (291)
ALEANDRO Vella (17 hours ago)
daniel Baptist (1 day ago)
Am I fucking gay right now
Dave Montgomery (2 days ago)
The white girl looked like she had someone in the head lock with all that hair under her arms
Goku Ramen (5 days ago)
I would like to see the speaker pelosi naked
Baraa Younes (7 days ago)
They are cute
Dingleberry McTurdson (10 days ago)
Too many idiots on this planet
吳仕堯 (10 days ago)
Is it necessary? I really feel sick when I see the behavior of you! shameless! Is it so fun to see your body naked?
z 1n Zak (13 days ago)
Nice sweet and sexy 👍 💘
Shazelle Dixon (16 days ago)
to tell you song
Robert Brown (18 days ago)
Love. To. Eat. Her. ASS
Carmen L Monterroza (21 days ago)
jamesb7777a (1 month ago)
these people on the street naked are mentally ill, they should be hauled away to a mental ward. the public doesnt want to see them nude. if they want to be nude go to a nudist resort or a nude beach, dont go on a city street.
Robert Brown (1 month ago)
Like. To. Eat. Her. ASS
Sketch Drawer 4 life (1 month ago)
0:53 omg it looked like she was pooping
Wadalla Abogabl (2 months ago)
Fucking degenerates
Kelly Brown (2 months ago)
How amazing
Kelly Brown (2 months ago)
Oh my
Kelly Brown (2 months ago)
I see butts
Kelly Brown (2 months ago)
Oh my goodness
Le Serbe Acerbe (2 months ago)
Perfect ass 🥒
Nancy Siquiej (2 months ago)
I love your butt
Justin and mason gaming (2 months ago)
Hi why did you want to do this
MICHAEL PUMPHRET (2 months ago)
What happens what you freeze to death in winter
Joeybabbs .BABBS (2 months ago)
one dude missing c next dude tiny c and chubby girl no thanks.. give these people some clothes
Kyle Mylo (2 months ago)
...this made me asexual
Light Wolf (2 months ago)
Wow you women are beautiful
Noor Almoosawi (2 months ago)
Those ladies are thick
Rip Whathell (2 months ago)
When stupid people trying to be smart..
ROSHAN Negi (2 months ago)
Willow Dolan (2 months ago)
Mahcyah S. (2 months ago)
Mahcyah S. (2 months ago)
WTH? This world is completely lost! Children are seeing these deranged Beings?
Glen Bulkeley (2 months ago)
Mighty fine art
Василий П. (3 months ago)
Michael Robb (3 months ago)
The black woman's butt looks loose like she been stretched out with a ton of anal js
Taraschand Gungabissoon (3 months ago)
Female in power
farle menesgalBes (3 months ago)
Comment Comment (3 months ago)
Nude lady: we don’t need clothing, it’s unnecessary and harmful Me: I dare you to say that in fall and winter
Tiffany Bess (2 months ago)
Tiffany Bess (2 months ago)
Kaki Kaki (3 months ago)
You could see the man's ding dong 😚
Ozzy Barber (3 months ago)
Jojo Ate All My Beans! (3 months ago)
*WE DON’T NEED CLOTHES* a man that froze to death is shaking his head.
Abdul Latif (3 months ago)
Tornado you
Rafael Biaco (3 months ago)
Brasil ?????
Shazad Hussain (3 months ago)
Green knickers got nice ass
David Colantuono (3 months ago)
What happened to the sound at about halfway through this video?
Richard Browne (3 months ago)
Nudity was outlawed back in 1969 after Woodstock concert in New York. The only State that has very little Nudity Laws is Vermont. You can go naked in Vermont no problem. Just don't do it inside a City limits. I remember traveling through Vermont back in 1994-5 and a group of bikers passed me and went to the first exit and disappeared. 5 minutes later they passed me again totally nude on there motorcycles. True story from my experiences driving tractor-trailers. Another time back in 1995 in Vermont, I was traveling from Vermont to Maine and had to get to I95. I used the Vermont/New Hampshire state road 100. One day I was driving on 100 and had to take a double take. A man was walking on the shoulder on the on comming lane wearing nothing but a hat and saddles holding a walking stick. "Crazy!"
the weird ones 4 life (3 months ago)
that little girl must be scard for life
Khloe' Norwood (3 months ago)
Khloe' Norwood (3 months ago)
So grows
Khloe' Norwood (3 months ago)
Qasim Khan (3 months ago)
No body there to stop thses insane people, no religion on this earth allows to do such act before public. Shame on them.
Trippy Bob (4 months ago)
I love that black girls big honkers . Swinging around omg
christin keating (4 months ago)
is dat a tampon string hanging she ain't dripn no swag but she's turned up
Dimas Novandika (4 months ago)
Wong edan
eddyvideostar (4 months ago)
*Disgusting.* At 4:02 minutes: Stop and take a still picture. Look at the little girl child and her disgusted father! Where was the police or law enforcement? There is a sordid and sad move afoot by society to strong arm the police with countless, wonton demonstrations regarding doing their jobs. Law enforcement is forced to take their foot off the gas regarding even basic principles in society until it runs amok and in the muck.
Izaak Vigil (4 months ago)
Every one has the right to be free
Qasim Khan (3 months ago)
what about religion bro? If you are free that means go naked on street.
Sanusi Shaffry (4 months ago)
Bubba the Great (4 months ago)
Gacha Alexa (4 months ago)
It doesn’t matter if you where clothes or not because the story of Adam and Eve they where both naked!
CountryBeautiful (21 days ago)
That was only because they didn't know what clothes were. Also if we were meant to be naked then we'd already be doing it.
Qasim Khan (3 months ago)
they covered their sensitive body parts
krystle Adams (4 months ago)
Karen Mathews (4 months ago)
Exactly in the bible it says people were meant to be naked.
darkwzrd4 (4 months ago)
Exactly. One could argue that we are meant to be naked and the only purpose of clothing is to stay warm when it's cold out. But, to each their own.
YOU NEED SOME MILK (5 months ago)
the kids are out there... who thought of this
Класс по нашему
Moises Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Sexy girl and women nude can I have sex with 1 of you
Juancarlos79 Giovanna20 (5 months ago)
They need help they don't even got a clue what they're talking about or doing
vayamban narayanan (5 months ago)
It's good to see people In human nature. Expose in public is a social activity. Nudity is very common everywhere.
Joyce B (5 months ago)
New York...the brother to California is filled with wackadoos and degenerates so why would anyone be surprised by this lunacy.
Respawn (5 months ago)
Makes no damn sense. She is also nasty for doing this and with her period pad showing. Put on some clothes!
Love lay (5 months ago)
Raffyn (5 months ago)
This is just being a public nuisance, trying to get people to look at your naked body is quite rude.
Ron Harris (5 months ago)
privacy in privacy
Come Play Cricket (5 months ago)
Jeffrey Patilla (5 months ago)
ew wtf they should be arrested like what if they're is little kids omg..
Phillip Henson (4 months ago)
We All seen dick and pussy. No reason to ever be ashamed.
dedley01 (5 months ago)
But why tho?
CaneFu (5 months ago)
I still can't believe that in the 21st century it is against the law for people to be in public in their natural state.
Brandon Fox (2 months ago)
Children that’s why
CuPidon (3 months ago)
CaneFu porno e
Frank - and honest (4 months ago)
New York. Your natural state!
Sathi Sadia (5 months ago)
Doug McKay (5 months ago)
Nice, I wish nudity was legal everywhere.
CountryBeautiful (1 month ago)
+darkwzrd4 If It's really that hot outside then you shouldn't be out there to start with ( unless you're going swimming) or you should just carry a water bottle with you because It's not as bad if you're drinking some water.
M Baber (1 month ago)
Then people could see your daughter, sister, mother, and wife naked. And you would enjoy that very much.
Nick Lewis (4 months ago)
Totally. Makes me think about nudity and guns. When has nudity ever killed anyone? Makes me think we've got our priorities wrong.
eddyvideostar (4 months ago)
Darkwzrd4: If you are nude and sweating in the 90-degree heat, where would the showers be in the middle of the public?
Matthewlax26 (5 months ago)
rob r (5 months ago)
I would not want my kids too see this in public.Also isn't this ILLEGAL
CountryBeautiful (21 days ago)
It is but there are places like nude beaches, nudist resorts, naked restaurants, and even nudist events where nudity is allowed. However I agree with you on this one because because a lot of parents put restrictions on nudity and especially when their kids are at that age where they're being taught about their body parts. Besides that if you tell a kid that nobody should touch their private parts and explain that their private parts are anything covered by a swimsuit and then they see people walking around naked then the child won't have any idea what you're talking about.
Slass Rrts (6 months ago)
Bunch of nasty hippies
MarshRAM (6 months ago)
Gon Gehu (6 months ago)
Si bangle dasar
Oliver Barrett (6 months ago)
dd dd (6 months ago)
Sexy girls
Melriah Copeland (6 months ago)
Yall dixl pussy and shit out bitch thats nasty
FAKE GLOBE (6 months ago)
John Cena (6 months ago)
long hair small hairy dick & lugs lol that's that NY shit
John Cena (6 months ago)
NYC is wild lol creeps all over that city
immortalhive (6 months ago)
That's fuckimg sad their are kids
Top ShaggerWillne (6 months ago)
I want to get stuck in to them
Knight 504 (6 months ago)
🔥 👧
Kabiro Nginyayu (4 months ago)
Girl kissing mother private part
Squad 4 Life (6 months ago)
Hailee (6 months ago)
They hide behind their “freedom” agenda yet dont understand that these people are fucking ill.
Entony Della Ratta (6 months ago)
Entony Della Ratta (6 months ago)
Grazie,Gregory Hill.
Gregory Hill (6 months ago)
Entony Della Ratta u4 0 n and
Shahadat Emon (6 months ago)
Any random guy watching it like pron!
sean gutman (7 months ago)
Gianluigi Sechi (7 months ago)
Nude is good. This is ridicoulus
nudist0885 (6 months ago)
Yeah, SOME of it is. I would say MOST that it's the EXACT location they're in. If they were doing this in the middle of Central park or Van Cortlandt Park it would be OK.
Gabriel Pontes (7 months ago)
Mendigaiada do krai
Erik. (7 months ago)
Amazing how you talk about the chemicals that are in clothes that are hurting us yet don't talk about the unnatural chemicals inside that unnatural dye in your hair, and paint that is literally all over your body. Retards these days. Smh
Qasim Khan (3 months ago)
great bro.............love you
Erik. (7 months ago)
CountryBeautiful (7 months ago)
They don't put chemicals in clothing because if that were true then we'd all be dead.
S Alajmi (7 months ago)
Thought only White ppl do this kind of shits.... nvm she's bleaching
nudist0885 (7 months ago)
To a large degree in western societies that is the case. In under developed societies it's anybody that either can't afford to or don't want to waste any money buying clothes. Backwoods Indians all over South America and numerous tribes in Africa are 2 specific general categories of people who are like that.
Imran Khan (7 months ago)
Is they earn money for doing that?
Eman Emyy (7 months ago)
Wtf ..the wold become crazy !
Eman Emyy (7 months ago)
nudist0885 so why that ? I dont understand ?!
nudist0885 (7 months ago)
Yeah, but not because of PEACEFUL public nudity.
FAN LOVER hazell_ (7 months ago)

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